Japan Struggles With Societal Changes… Like Barbados

Good evening friends,

I was surfing the net and came across an article about Japan struggling with crime and social changes.

Whatever you think of Japan, my first thought is STABILITY.

I’ve flown into Narita International Airport a hundred times. I have been turned away from hotels because I am not of the proper race. I have paid US$20 for a coffee and a sweet. I have seen miniature Japanese women dressed as customs agents grow wide-eyed as I descend the rear airstairs of a 727. (I am twice their height) and I have even seen a Tokyo “tube” apartment. (A living space of 7 feet wide by 12 feet long containing a “living area/bed” and a toilet/shower)

In twenty years of touching down in Japan for a day here and a day there, for all their faults I remain attracted to the Japanese.

Japan. A society where everything is in it’s place…

… except, things are not so stable anymore.

Much like Barbados.


Reference: Outbreak of Violent Crime Unnerves Japan


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