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Our Prayers For The Arthur Family


Marcus Comments:

We at BFP are saddened by the too-short life of Julie and Owen’s little girl. We pray that the Lord will give the Arthur family the strength and comfort they need.

We are also very saddened and appalled by the few people who have chosen to use our community to post hateful comments towards a family at such a time.

This thread is now closed.

Once again, our heartfelt prayers go out for the Arthur family.

Marcus, Shona, Robert, Cliverton, George & Auntie Moses

The Nation News, May 19, 2007: Arthurs Lose Baby Danielle 

Original Article…

Congratulations To Mr. & Mrs. Owen & Julie Arthur: Proud Parents Of New Baby Girl


FAMILY MATTERS. It appears Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his wife Julie have a new baby. While no official statement has been issued from Ilaro Court, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) was buzzing with activity early in the afternoon yesterday after the couple was rushed to the facility and directly to the maternity wing. Though it could not be confirmed, hospital sources said Julie Arthur gave birth to a baby girl, who was resting in the Neo natal Intensive Care Unit. Here, Prime Minister Owen Arthur leaving the QEH yesterday with his daughter Leah. (from the home page of The Nation News)

Our congratulations to the proud parents and family – and our thanks to the staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for their efforts.

Our present to the Arthurs – A peaceful weekend at Barbados Free Press with no articles personally attacking the Prime Minister. We ask our readers and contributors to respect our pledge as well.


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