Nigerian Islamic Justice For A Thief – Barbados Wants To Get Closer To This Government?


The initiative of the Barbados Government to bring closer ties with Nigeria through the Commission for Pan African affairs and its government appointed pot-smoking Director, Ikael Tafari, has to stand as one of the most idiotic projects undertaken by Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his gang.

Is there something we are supposed to learn from Nigeria, Mr. Prime Minister?

Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and especially Ministers Gline Clarke and Noel Lynch had better hope we never institute barbaric Islamic Sharia law here in Barbados!

BBC News: Sharia stoning for Nigerian man


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13 responses to “Nigerian Islamic Justice For A Thief – Barbados Wants To Get Closer To This Government?

  1. jerryfalwell

    check this. maybe we should severe ties with jamaica also:


    BFP Comments

    Content warning on this video! It shows a man being beaten by a crowd in Jamaica because he is allegedly a homosexual.

    Comment to jerryfalwell…

    I see little connection between a crowd run wild in Jamaica and official government policy of cutting off hands in Nigeria. Both are terrible, but unless you tell me that the crowd beating is official government policy, I fail to see your point.

    Robert bfp

  2. reality check

    BFP Robert

    you have to be kidding

    its a form of societal intolerance or lynching—government sanctioned or not—this says a lot about Jamaica and its people.

  3. Barbadian Justice

    In Barbados justice is rarely served until the lawyers have completely milked the cow–which is almost never or at least until the money has run out.

    Then the criminals or even some innocents go to jail which according to the banned Englishman ( petty drug trafficker ) not allowed into Barbados to testify at at a hearing on the prison riots is something akin to “Midnight Express”.

    I am not too sure which is worse, a Barbadian Prison or a stoning?

  4. Chase

    The same thing goes on in Saudi Arabia every Friday in public, not to mention the beheadings.Yet it the USA’s biggest ally and ours by extention.

  5. jerryfalwell

    my point is that barbarism is barbarism anywhere and you are being extremely simplistic about barbados’ ties with nigeria in a globalised and highly interdependent world.
    firstly jamaica is notorious for its deeply ingrained homophobic culture and even though its not government policy to exact violence on people merely because of a small matter such as sexual preference, the jamaican authorities by turning a blind eye tolerate this barbarism. i’ve seen other videos where police stood around and did nothing or waited a long time before half heartedly intervening. should barbados cut ties with jamaica because of its violent norms regarding a certain group in society?
    with respect to nigeria, after two instances of those punishments, the federal government stepped in and has thankfully not allowed states with islamic laws to go ahead with their sentences. nigeria’s government is organised as a federal system and the federal law which is supreme is secular. my take is that you have intentionally worded your article to make it appear as if sharia law is the law of nigeria when it is not.
    realistically barbados would have to live in a vaccum if your analysis became policy. would we cut ties with the us also? their barbaric policy on torture at abu ghraib and guantanamo after all came from the highest levels of the federal government and was officially recorded and defended in legal documents and white papers! should we desert a major ally because its former defence secretary personally approved torture and its former attorney general provided the legal justification for torture? i think not!


    BFP Replies

    Still, there is the little matter of the man without the hand, don’t you think?

  6. justice

    BFP, you are being extremely simplistic…Is the beheding of a person or chopping off a hand any more barbaric than hanging? Are the Moslem punishments exacted after a lawful trial? If so should we cut ties with all countries which inflict inhuman punishment on their criminals…or want to do so?

  7. BFP

    Hi Justice
    First of all, the article does not call for “cutting ties” with Nigeria. It questions the wisdom of the government goal of cozying up to Nigeria, and of choosing a pot-smoking racist like Tafari to head a government agency.

    Realpolitik requires Barbados to hold her nose occasionally, but if you swim in a sewer continually you must begin to stink.

    We believe strongly that there is a duty and an acceptable method for Barbados to promote a human rights agenda while dealing with other countries on the world stage. So far though, Barbados seems to embrace the most vile governments with nary a word spoken against horrendous abuses of human decency.

    As an example, you might want to read our article…
    Gutless Barbados “Abstains” From UN Vote Citing Iran For Human Rights Abuses, Torture, Discrimination and Violence Against Women – AND THEN VOTES TO PROTECT IRAN!

  8. justice

    Point taken, BFP, and I agree that Nigeria could scarcely be described as a shining example of what we should aspire to in terms of governance, but should we not take the moat out of our own eye first?

  9. 419-luckyNumber!

    One has to ask what is the primary basic attraction
    of Barbados’ Pan African Commission
    to flirt with Nigeria, in the first place.?

    What do they have THAT WE WANT or need ?
    – coz we sure as he11 ain’t flirting up with them for nothing less than SOME kinda monetary gain,somehow!

    Do we need to learn Corruption 101 from them?
    Is it OIL?
    Are we to become equally famous for 419 email scams?

    WHAT is the attraction?

    Please don’t write back to say that it’s because “Our People” came from Nigeria, or similar heart-tugging emotional rhetoric,
    because I need REASONS – not excuses and long talk.

  10. Brabsoda

    All I can say is that this Sharia law will never happen in Barbados because we would not get any work done in government. If you ain’t got hands you can’t work or t’ief for that matter.
    I guess you can’t have it both ways.

  11. samizdat

    Just read this thread.

    I know Sharia law’s barbaric and all that, but listen: this freak raped two teenage girls!

    So what if he gets stoned to death? Think I care or will write to Amnesty?

    If any man raped my 12 year-old daughter I’d do far far worse than that to him if I could get my hands on him.

    Does no-one else here think like me?

  12. samizdat

    Oh, and by the way justice:

    you’d need a really gigantic eye to have a “moat” in it 😉