Did The Barbados Media Report Visit Of British Warship To Our Fair Republic?


Maybe we missed it in either the Nation News or the Barbados Advocate, but we can’t recall reading about the visit of the warship HMS Southhampton to Barbados last week. According to the ship’s website, over eighty “local dignitaries” attended an official shipboard reception on May 10th, and our Barbados Defense Force rugby team defeated the ship’s team 3-1. Several members of the ship’s crew also participated in a local Legion project to assist with some charity work at an elderly lady’s home.

Not one word in the media that we saw.

As was the case with the recent visit to Barbados by HRH Prince Edward, the Barbados media now goes to great pains to NOT report any reminders of our historical linkage to the United Kingdom.

Except slavery, of course. Slavery is the one exception to the “No reporting about British connections” rule.

The Barbados media happily reports such events as a lady who received a new waterjug from an MP, or how students felt about their 11+ exams, but God forbid that they should report which “local dignitaries” sipped British gin and tonic while representing Barbados on board a visiting British warship. God forbid that Barbados papers should report that British sailors helped out a senior citizen with house repairs.

They hate the British so much that they wouldn’t even report that our BDF rugby team trounced them fair and square.

Just what is the agenda here, folks?

Are Barbados political elites so insecure that they don’t want to acknowledge our historical connections to Britain? Or does the Queen stand in the way of those who would make Barbados into a real sugar republic?

Maybe we’re all wrong here. Maybe the media gave full coverage to the visit or did up some human interest stories that we missed.

Let us know and we’ll set the record straight, but for now we speculate that stories of visiting royalty or British warships just don’t fit in with the agenda of making Barbados a republic.


How I fear that word. You think that Barbados has been raped now? Give Arthur and Mia their republic and see what will happen then!


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48 responses to “Did The Barbados Media Report Visit Of British Warship To Our Fair Republic?

  1. imagination

    forgive me but this sounds like a conspiracy theory and downright paranoid. have you no other real issues to report on today? i am sure with the amount of corruption by our leaders there must be something to talk about.

  2. True Native

    We have been talking about that all day, nearly every day! Where have you been? We get a little tired of the same subject day after day and need a little lighthearted diversion at times.

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    I don’t know if it is lighthearted or not, but I agree with True Native. I get tired of corruption stories and we need a break sometimes. Barbados free press raises a valid point about the Barbados newspapers. They don’t report stories like this. How did BFP find this story?

  4. Britt

    Perceptive article!
    – you’re on the ball, mate!

    Yes, we must disembowel ourselves of all things and associations British. How else can we be “independent”?

    We have “broken free” (they let us go?) of the British,
    and have now rung headlong into the Americans,
    our arms outstretched towards them.
    Big Shiny New RICH America! Wheee!
    (out of the frying pan, and now into the fire?)

    Yes, I agree entirely.
    There is a very obvious public perception program in place
    to dis-aassociate Bajans and Barbados the New Republic
    from any former Colonial associations.

  5. Britt

    Had I known, I woulda be glad to go on board,
    ….assuming they’d let civilized British subjects on board on public days, if any.

  6. Justice

    Pray tell, BFP, how will being a republic differ from the present dispensation?

  7. Jerome Hinds

    May 18th, 2007 at 1:13 am
    Pray tell, BFP, how will being a republic differ from the present dispensation?

    Under the REPUBLIC….BLP style Arthur and Mia would continue to TIEF & BITE their way respectively !

  8. I knew about the warship, I couldn’t make it – so it was like “big frigging deal”…. BTW: we should be a republic, no flippin monarchy, just leave Nelson alone as I do not want MY tax-paying bucks to move the old geezer

  9. Canadian comment

    Your comments about hating the British should be applauded, it’s time someone recognised this type of “stinking thinking” for what it is, what will happen to Barbados when the British public “get the message” and stop coming to Barbados?

    The French sepratist politicians have been beating a similar drum here for several years, and as a consequence big business has moved out, who wants to invest in a place that is hostile to all things english. If you go to Montreal, the place is crawling with beggars, empty storefronts, derelict buildings and has an air of despondency and decay.

    Perhaps the politicians want the same result in the Barbados republic?

  10. If Bajans would wake up and develop IT and cinema then we would not have to depend solely on Tourism, n’est-ce pas?

    If a UK group want to drop off their pounds while here and so forth, I would not refuse it…

    But does this mean I have to genuflect and scrape as a warship tips ashore or when the grandson of a hereditary leader whose type of rule no longer applies to Britain and its FORMER colonies decides to snog/shag at a West Coast hotel? Bloody hell, NO! As a calypso from Tony “Commander” Grazette says – “Tell dem, slavery done”

    Visit all you like & remember your days of glory, but if you expect a spit-shine like the old days? Tek a long walk off a short pier, dearie – Doan let um hit ya where da Good Lord split ya! Peace

  11. reality check

    Ian Bourne

    those British citizens that land in your country everyday help pay some of those exhorbitant taxes

    do you really want to drop all ties with yor past and rush headlong into a RobertMugabe/Ida Amin styled Republic?

    The real taxes you are and will be paying in terms of devaluation and incredible debt has gone to our
    esteemed politicians through incredible incompetence and stealing.

    My friend, you have much more serious concerns than a Rebublic.

  12. Get In The Action


    If the hundreds of thousands of British who visit our shores and invest in Barbados each year, decided tomorrow “they dun wid dat” our economy would look like Zimbabwe within a year.

    We cannot change our history no matter how much some would like to. There are other tourist destinations that would love to have our position in the British hearts and minds. Why are some people so hell bent on throwing this away. We can retain this unique historical position while still charting an independent national course.

    I dread the thought of what will happen if we push further towards a banana republic.

  13. Rumplestilskin

    Ah. What IS happening in the colonies these days old boy.

    One might wish a cup of tea and crumpets (the biscuit kind) and a relax on the porch having a natter with the wife, don’t you think?

    Hmmmm. Jolly good that is.

    So, why can’t we just accept the ‘Rule Brittania’ anthem and enjoy things?

    Quite abrasive these new high rise things that you are building. And as for destroying the quaint island atmosphere with these flyovers.

    Just plain ugly.

    I mean really old boy.

  14. Yogi Bear

    reality check

    Best to ignore Augie Doggie, he was brought up by Doggie Daddy. I don’t need to say no more.

  15. Adrian Loveridge

    I wonder if the local media will report the imminent arrival of the Royal Navy’s largest warship, the HMS Ocean, which has just seized one (if not the largest) cocaine hauls in the Caribbean, with an estimated street value of over UK Pounds 50 million.

    The Royal Navy has an amazing website (www.royal-navy.com) where you can watch a film extract on this ship.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I welcome the visits of these ships and the incredible work their officers and crew do to help protect my children and their friends from the evils of addictive drugs.

  16. Bakkra Johnny

    Whats wrong with the British ?? Much better people then the Yanks … jus thank ya lucky stars that Nelson prevailed and the French didnt come here ….
    Sometimes I feel we dont appreciate how nice we got tings bout here …

  17. True Native

    Bakkra Johnny:

    I see you have no hang-ups and can use that name happily. More power to you! The Frogs (French) are definitely not my favourite people (arrogant and rude), but you have to ask yourself how come Martinique, Guadeloupe and Sint Martin have all opted to remain under French domination. It is well known that the French treat their Colonies well. I’m still glad we had the British influence though.

  18. GoodQuestion!

    What’s wrong with the British?
    ‘Certain Elements’ at Cave Hill had probs. with them during their youth,
    and decided to dedicate their lives to hate-mongering.
    Cave Hill has done its work well, as evidenced by young Bourne’s attitude. I know other young whites of similar anti-colonial attitude, adopted during the black schooling process, where young Bajans of all shades are inculcated accordingly,
    and we are now seeing the evidence of this neo-education.

    It’s an odd thing,really, but I know one thing…it’s all going to end in tears,
    and it won’t be England that’s crying,
    it’ll be a lonesome hate-filled little rock!

    By the way, how’s Cave Hill doing with that murder case in Jamaica,involving the petulant son??
    No one’s heard a WORD about that!
    Man, do our local Press keep us informed or what, huh?!
    Barbados turning funny as shite, yuh!

  19. Anonymous

    when i think of black rule, i like to look at successful countries like Liberia, Guyana Jamaica and Haiti for examples of models we could follow.
    most of Africa also shines. they do a great job, don’t they?

  20. Bush Tea

    Yea Anonymous, and when I think of black rule i also think of those and other similar countries- and of the GREAT white ruled countries that created these models when they happen to have the military power to do so.
    Actually in the circumstances one may well argue that they DO do a reasonable job.
    Who are the real criminals here?
    And where does having some national self-respect and being ‘friends of all and satellites of none” lead to Brits no longer coming here for holiday etc?
    What warship what! That is news?

  21. Hants

    When a major hurricane hits the Caribbean one of the first countries to respond with help is the UK so entertaining a visiting warship is just good manners.

    Barbados is an independent country with the Queen as a leftover from a colonial past.
    Barbados is a de facto Republic just like Canada.

    The UK does not even want the responsibility for colonies anymore and would gladly get rid of the rest.

  22. Anonymous

    Barbados is NOT an independent country.

    It cannot and does not feed itself.
    It cannot finance itself (we’re in CONSTANT debt).
    We cannot fuel ourselves.
    Amnesty International, the IMF and other outside bodies govern and rule us.
    get real.

    We are as ‘independent’ as a 15 yr.old teenage boy, still living Home wid his parents and getting pocket money every week,
    while his mother feeds him and does his laundry,
    but when he goes out with his similarly “independent” teenage friends, likes to pomapsette and pretend he’s a big MAN,now,
    especially since the hairs-count is now up to forth seven – 47!!
    dude! imagine DAT! Nuff respeck,den!
    I only got 38, but I see a few more sprouting, so check back next week.

  23. justice

    Jerome Hinds, and what happens under what we have now? Since we are only a “monarchy” in theory (but not practical reality) because we are not a constitutional republic, and we have to be something; would any one of you contributors support a movement for us to become British subjects again and repeal our Independence? I’d be interested to hear.

  24. John


    Any change needs to be piloted through parliament by our politicians.

    Just remember that!!!

    I understand you are talking theoretically …… but don’t make opportunities for our politicians.

    Let sleeping dogs lie, …. oops!!

    On second thoughts, i’ll leave the lie with both meanings possible.

  25. Brabsoda

    Everytime I think about Barbados becoming a republic I think about examples of republics in our own Caricom region: Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago. The next thing that comes to my mind is crime.

  26. Yogi Bear/Old Time/Gnat you are such a twit, anyone who really knows the difference between myself and other relatives KNOWS they are are so for the monarchy it’s a wonder they have feet they are so far….

    Anyhow! Besides, what do my objections have to do with who my family are – everyone says says the current leader of the opposition is really the son of of a former leader of the ruling party so what do you know that really qualifies you on genealogy?

    I think you better stop before ppl genuinely assess how stupid you are!

    At least I come out in my own identity, you are a stinking peevish little coward who looks for non-entities to rebut debates…

  27. Gnat

    Ian Botsy thinks the SHIrTE he spouts is debate! He even invents words like ‘devance’ to introduce into his ‘debates’ when the perfectly respectable ‘regress’ is handily available. My, does it make him seem clever. TWIT TWIT TWIT. Keep spouting mate. Hold on, I just invented a word for Ian. “Dweeb.” Suitable, n’est-ce pas?

  28. Friday Nation

    Barbados getting a whole new Navy, BOY!

    Chaawww,den! eleven boats an dem,den!
    Money enuff,den! – REAL million$.

  29. Anonymous

    And 19 cave dwelling rag-heads with Stanley knives could sink the lot.

  30. Friday Nation

    True… true!

    wun’t take much,indeed.

  31. Rumplestilskin

    Yeah, Barbados is a de facto republic.

    Till (IF!!!) we find oil and then everybody and their cousins going want a piece.

    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, you gotta have something, to be with me….

  32. All Gnat can do is call names but that is what is expected from cowards, real heroes are Reudon Eversley, who after his experiences at the Advocate, still dares to speak his mind in today’s Nation, but I think he should tread carefully after what happened tonight – let things lay low for another day… As for Gnat? Well they’re meant to be squashed – pity I can’t witness it!

  33. samizdat

    Expanding IT makes sense.

    But cinema? C’mon, get real. Of course, it’s cool to see Bajan movies at the Bridgetown Flim Festival, and I applaud and support the film-makers’s efforts, but the quality of the stuff I saw (including the ridiculously over-hyped Hit for Six! ) is still many many years away from being marketable to foreign distributors, and thus earning foreign exchange. A laudable long-term goal, for sure. But as an alternative to tourist dollars any time in the forseeable future? Not a chance.

    Ian Bourne can’t seriously mean what he says.

    Or maybe his little part in that fun but very amateurish film (From Barbados With Love) has gone to his head…

  34. Wow, dare to disagree… sigh! I am talking about Kite Flyer and the same Hit For Six, of course they will be amateurish as we are just starting – anyone ever look at DW Griffith’s “Birth Of A Nation”? Massive cheese, but because nothing like it had been done before it is still deemed a classic as he was pioneering! The Hit For Six that gets so many licks is done by a firm that is very well connected at all levels (corporate and Govt juice) so don’t be surprised if it gets to Birmingham or Miami and maybe even Kolkota or Mumbai?

  35. Justice


    It might go to all these places and political correctness will dictate that it be treated with kid gloves, that it be called a superb first effort, groundbreaking, innovative; but we have to be honest, it is grossly overhyped. As they say in Texas, all hat…no cattle.

  36. Anonymous

    A nice notion..this making of movies in Barbados thing, but not too practical

  37. Having read through all this, 3 comments:

    The new tourist markets in Asia will no doubt become a reality – they are already on the Euro Grand Tour. I suggest you start learning Mandarin.

    Regards crumpets, both kinds are most enjoyable.

    By the way, 3:1 is an impossible score in rugby. It is the greatest social game in the world. If you’re finding it difficult to get into it, then the truncated format ‘Sevens’ is a terrific ‘diet coke’ version.

  38. Gnat


    Gnat and their IP are now banned.

    bfp george


    Sorry folks, my bad. “Dweeb” is already in the dictionary.
    dweeb |dwēb| noun informal: a boring, studious, or socially inept person.
    DERIVATIVES dweebish adjective dweeby adjective
    ORIGIN 1980s: perhaps a blend of dwarf and early 20th-cent. feeb [a feebleminded person] (from feeble ).
    And if I am coward, so are 99% of the posters here. So lets just say that discretion is the better part of valour. And as for your threats Ian Botsy, remember, I know who you are. I might send my ‘Janissaries’ after you.

  39. Lollipop

    Hold that thought, Gnat – you may be in for a surprise!!

  40. Justice

    BFP, Why is Gnat being allowed to carry on whith his juvenile behaviour of name-calling and personal attacks on this message-board ? Is that what we have come to? There seems to be something personal there between himself and Ian, but it should be settled consensually in private between them.


    From bfp george… gnat has now been banned.

    Remember please that we are not always here moderating, nor do we always have time to read every comment posted. It is also our policy to allow people enough rope to hang themselves.


  41. Justice? I am not disagreeing with what you say, it’s just that we have to face reality – if you look at my News Blog, you’ll see that I did not agree with most of the awards presented in the BFF.

    It was only afterwards I realised I may have stepped on some toes as the creative consultant and the production assistant for “Hit For Six” are also involved in the BFF (still have a programme and only recently scoured the whole darn thing – oops)!

    Apart from that? Mia has given it her full support, which means there is no stone to be left unturned in its favour (again, check BR as this nugget was ignored by all local media)!

    As for cinema being an ambitious alternative plank of industry for B’dos, I am sure that decades ago so did WI beating UK in cricket when they first began to clash…

    Finally & BTW, Justice – thanks for your appeals for moderation on threatening comments (at least it’s on public record if anything weird happens in reality – if it isn’t moderated at this point now); but please remember I dared to say not all Islamics are bomb-toting and evil in the Hamas Mickey thread, plus, I said there is no big deal on a UK warship docking here…

    Detractors **against BFP** have their IP’s tracked and threatened or have themselves banned!

    In my Bajan Reporter, I have seen many nasty things attempted to be said about the subjects I deal with or other posters if they’re at variance, but they do not see light of day – but that’s just me… Perhaps I have to do like Kairos and have selective vision in my replies when posting here, LOL!

  42. Squashed Gnat

    Justice, you are right. I have been acting very juvenile and I also have been very unkind to Ian. Ian I apologise. It is impossible to take back unpleasant things said, but I am repentant nonetheless. And to all those I have upset by imposing my vitriol on this thread, sorry.

    I am reminded of a quote I found on another blog, which I and others here should take to heart.

    ‘It is much easier to be critical than it is to be correct.
    The greatest of all faults is to be conscious of none!
    When an argument flares up, the wise man quenches it with silence!
    Anger and vexation lodges in the bosom of fools.
    Don’t be thin-skinned, take criticism as well as praise with the same grace!’

  43. justice

    Well spoken all, Gnat, Ian and BFP. Now let’s get on with making this a better society…and polity.

  44. Grace is a terrific virtue, and not the easiest for most of us. Well played sunshine.

  45. Zulu


    Very well said. Your stature has been raised to that of an elephant.
    Could you speak to Maria, Stealth Bomber And Royal Rumble?
    Forgot. They seem to be the same person. Perhaps you may want to pass the message onto Sylvan Greenidge. Did I hear someone say that six of one is half dozen of the other? All de same ting.

  46. JohnD

    HMS Ocean is now in port and a
    Barbados select XV will be taking them on at Rugby at the Savannah at 7.00 pm Thursday 31st May.
    Should be a cracking game ,come and support us and have few beers after.

  47. Best of luck with Thursday John. Please come back and tell us how it went. I am based in UK so can’t make it. Am still struggling to deal with Australia beating us in the last play after the hooter went last Saturday.
    Am normally happy to take the rough with the smooth, but the Aussie press are SO chopsy. It would have been nice for Wales to make them eat their words.
    Pob lwc (good luck)

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