Barbados Underground To Name Barbados Cabinet Ministers Who Purchased Land For Cheap – On The Inside Track

BU at the right time will name those Ministers in government who received lots in the Bakers Wood Development in St. Peter. Then there is Apple Grove Plantation which was sub-divided and sold to top Ministers at “rab land” price as well, located above Mount Stinkeroo with a panoramic view of the West Coast and the Sandy Lane Estate. BU is willing to bet that the Ministers know something that John Public does not. It is interesting that Apple Grove was sold by Bruce Bayley who is a Director in CGI along with David Shorey and Peter Harris.… from the Barbados Underground article Barbadians Want An Equitable Land Policy

Barbados Government Ministers Used Their Position For Personal Gain?

Nah… No way.

Never happen!



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6 responses to “Barbados Underground To Name Barbados Cabinet Ministers Who Purchased Land For Cheap – On The Inside Track

  1. littleboy

    There is a need for integrity legislation.
    There is also a need for a few “reserved” prison cells for crooked politicians and their cronies.
    A little birdie,a civil servant, has told me that a few days before this talk about integrity legislation, Rawle Eastmond and the PM had another disagreement.
    If my memory is correct, the PM said there was no need for that type of legislation…so Rawle has now contradicted him.
    Could this be a dare? Could it be a reaction to the positioning of Sandra Husbands to challenge Rawle for the St James North seat?
    We are in for interesting times!

  2. Zulu

    Rawle Eastmond was the person that should have been appointed AG rather that Dale Marshall. All these things could take their toll on a man. Always thought that Rawle was always a decent man. Interesring times indeed. Looking forward to see how this plays out.

  3. Howdy All,

    For what it’s worth, I’ve interacted with Mr. Eastmond before, in a classroom setting.

    My impression (based solely on those interactions) is that he is a good fellow.

    The Bystander.

  4. Adrian

    Bystander tell more. Eastmond taught me Geography at St.Leonards for one term.

    ……………Anyway it would seem to me that the BLP is having some difficulty presenting that unifying image of the past. There are a lot of disgruntle parliamentarians in the BLP camp and it is zapping the energy needed for a vigourous fourth term election campaign.

    Eastmond “diabolical forces” needs to be remembered. He came very close to telling of the “Axis of Evel” relationship known as Arthur, Shorey, and Nicholls. Where the two’s and threes are gathered, land, money and power, are acquired, split, and exercise.

  5. henery george

    fellow barbadians the B.L.P ARE FALLING APART and i would say elections are coming very shortly watch these election gimmicks look what was done in the house yesterday the bill was pass for the soldiers pass and present to get pension after all this time 13.000 homes are going to get natual gas, many members of the diplomatic corp were in barbados for world cup cricket look and you would see that most of them would be back in bim by the end of this month, so something is up and that is elections, beaware there was a fight with alleyne arthur and a minister when he got a hard slap a minister resign and the mp wont take the regisnation there is in fighting in the party so he is force to call election tell me i lie rawle eastman is venting his feelings be cause he got unfair take there money and dont vote for them because it may be the last time you get to vote used your vote wisely

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    Nation News published 1/12/2004

    ‘A meeting of the board of CLICO Holdings Ltd yesterday took the decision to terminate the services of both chairman David Shorey and chief executive officer Mariano Browne’.

    Nation News published 7/12/2003

    ‘Elbow room: Eastry sale would free up funds’

    ‘The sale of Eastry House could lead to the provision of 130 more rooms for Barbados. According to David Shorey, chairman of Hotels and Resorts Limited (HRL), that’s the strategy behind the proposed sale of the sprawling St Peter property for BDS$11 million’.

    So what has become of the BDS$11 million?

    Certainly, no extra rooms have been added to the GEMS group and the 30 rooms plus still remain derelict at Blue Horizon.

    Also what has become of the proceeds of the sale of Silver Rock?

    What happened with the loan granted by Caribbean Commercial Bank to Hotels and Resorts Ltd while both David Shorey (Chairman) and Mariano Browne (CEO) were both officers of that bank?

    Has this loan been repaid or was it transferred to
    the financial institution that acquired CCB?

    So many questions, so few answers!