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Flyover Files Missing From Barbados Government Corporate Affairs Office

Same Old Same Old: Government Cover-ups & “Misplaced” Files

A solid source informs Barbados Free Press that the company files for Structural Steel Solutions LLC (3S) flyover project have disappeared from the Barbados Government Corporate Affairs & Intellectual Property Office.

Yesterday morning, May 15, 2007, a senior official from another government office attempted to locate the file and was told that the file has been “astray” for “some time”. The official requesting the file had been following up on an internal complaint that NO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT has been done for the flyovers. Further, the official has been unable to find any details of the plans for the highway.

How Much More Of This Corruption Are We Supposed To Take?

The entrenched thieves do as they please and answer to no one. Members of this self-appointed royalty ignore their own laws with disdain. When it suits their purpose they change the constitution as if it means nothing – with two day’s notice and zero public debate.

Oh, but they can’t pass any integrity legislation for decades, can they? “Needs more study” they say, or like the Prime Minister says “It’s not needed because Barbados politicians are honest.” (paraphrase)

Even the opposition doesn’t pass integrity and conflict of interest rules for it’s own members. They wouldn’t want to spoil their own gorging at the piggy trough would they?

Thieving worms, all of them.


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Actor Joseph Phillips Discovers The International Legacy Of American Black Culture – Zimbabwe Teens Call Each Other “Nigger”


Zimbabwe American Style

During my recent visit to Zimbabwe, I had the privilege of visiting a vocational school for at risk kids located in Chitungwiza, a large city neighboring the capital city of Harare. I traveled to Harare to perform in a production of the new play, “The Blue Door.” The play, by Tanya Barfield, examines the Black double consciousness – the struggle for self-definition while treading the waters of history. While enjoying a break from rehearsal, our small company of actors was invited to tour the school and speak to the students…

… from the blog of Actor Joseph C. Phillips (continue reading here)

More and more frequently than before, I wonder what Barbados would be like without the influence of our most powerful neighbour to the north.

God help the man who ever calls me “nigger” even in friendly talk between people of dark skin.


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Barbados Underground To Name Barbados Cabinet Ministers Who Purchased Land For Cheap – On The Inside Track

BU at the right time will name those Ministers in government who received lots in the Bakers Wood Development in St. Peter. Then there is Apple Grove Plantation which was sub-divided and sold to top Ministers at “rab land” price as well, located above Mount Stinkeroo with a panoramic view of the West Coast and the Sandy Lane Estate. BU is willing to bet that the Ministers know something that John Public does not. It is interesting that Apple Grove was sold by Bruce Bayley who is a Director in CGI along with David Shorey and Peter Harris.… from the Barbados Underground article Barbadians Want An Equitable Land Policy

Barbados Government Ministers Used Their Position For Personal Gain?

Nah… No way.

Never happen!



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