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UPDATED: Where Is Doctor Bailey?


A source who wishes to remain anonymous has advised Barbados Free Press that the young lady in question did go to Dr Bailey for minor surgery for nasal polyps.  It was a procedure which was supposed to last only 45 minutes.  Hours later, an ambulance pulled up to the clinic and the technicians went into the room.  The young lady was on the table bleeding from her nose with Dr. Bailey nowhere to be found.

The body was released to the family this past weekend after an independent pathologist conducted an autopsy.

According to a second source, part of the concern is that there was an exceedingly long period of time where the ambulance was not called, and – Dr. Bailey was not on scene when the ambulance finally arrived.

Once again folks, remember that this is from anonymous sources, however one of the sources is the same person who advised us two days ago – prior to the story breaking in the Nation News.

Original Article 

Barbados Free Press received word a few days ago that a young and apparently healthy woman had passed under unusual circumstances while under a physician’s care. People die all the time, but when they die during or shortly after surgery, the authorities must look into the situation.

That said, a source informs us that authorities were unsuccessful for some time in their attempts to contact Doctor Dennis Bailey. We don’t know if they eventually were able to speak with the doctor.

We wonder if any of our readers can throw more light onto this story.

The Nation News: Mystery Death Upsets Family


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Barbados Ambassador To The United States To Speak Today In Jamaica


‘Business & Sound Environmental Management in the Caribbean – What Makes it Work?’

The third conference of the Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals (JIEP) will be opened today by Michael King, the Barbados Ambassador to the United States and permanent representative to the Organisation of the American States.

We wish Ambassador King well and remind everyone that he is our face in Washington during the current U.S. push to curtail Barbados’ offshore banking industry.

About Sustainability…

Seeing as how Ambassador King will be talking at the Jamaican conference in the context of sustainability, we hope that he is aware that the current government practice of selling off our land piece by piece to raise foreign dollars is not sustainable. An excellent quality of life and progress for Bajans will never be achieved through paving over every last square inch of the island.

We understand that a diplomat often has to hold their nose and push the government message because that is the life they have chosen. It is their duty to present a solid image for Barbados on the world stage no matter what is happening on the political scene back home. Everyone understands that.

But everyone also understands that there are opportunities where diplomats can exert influence and still remain true to their duty.


Ambassador King, Where Do You Stand On The Graeme Hall National Park?

Ambassador King, Barbados needs your help to convince the government and others that this paving over of our island is unwise. That it must stop if our children are to have a future and a decent life. A good start in the defense of citizens would be to get on with the Graeme Hall National Park project.

A National Park at Graeme Hall would put an oasis of nature just minutes away from over 100,000 Bajans – and would even be accessible by public transit. With Barbados rapidly becoming an island of merely sand and condos, we need to take action now.

Ambassador King, will you help your fellow Bajans?

Jamaica Observer – Third JIEP Conference Now On


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Who Is The Professional Journalist Publishing Barbados Underground?


Some readers commented that they are concerned we are trying to “out” Barbados Underground, or that we have revealed some sort of secret. Not so!

Folks (we hope) should know us better than that. Of course we will let Barbados Underground remain anonymous.

We have merely reported something that is being talked about extensively in both the media and government circles. The big story is… the government has lost control, and the people they thought were pawns are rebelling.

Original Story… 

Readers of Barbados Free Press know that the lot of us at the keyboard are nothing more than citizens trying our best to revive democracy in our little island. We write anonymously because the government of Barbados under Prime Minister Owen Arthur does everything it can to destroy those who disagree with it…. and especially those who mention the wholesale rape of the public treasury that has been the rule under King Arthur.

What we lack in professionalism, we try and make up for in enthusiasm and daring. When we make mistakes, we admit them. We try to let everyone have a say even when we disagree with what they are saying – and subject to Auntie Moses’ language and behaviour standards, readers can say pretty well anything in our comments section.

But we are still ordinary citizens and amateur journalists – and that remains obvious to all.

Lately we at BFP have been discussing whether or not the writer of the new Barbados Underground blog is a professional journalist. The quality of the writing plus a few little clues started us thinking.

Then this evening we received the following email through an anonymous email proxy. It says in part…

“Dear Barbados Free Press,

Re: Barbados Underground

I recognise the style and vocabulary. I know who it is. Do you?”

Nope – we don’t know who is writing Barbados Underground.

But we have two guesses. I wonder if we are correct.



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