The New Mugabe: Hugo Chavez Will “Nationalize” Venezuelan Chicken Farms If Farmers Refuse To Sell Their Product For No Profit


Mia Mottley’s Friend Chavez Shows True Communist Heart

Steel, petroleum, telecoms, electricity, oil – like any good communist, Hugo Chavez has taken them all.

Now that those horrible farmers are refusing to work and slave to sell their products for nothing under government regulated pricing, Chavez is going to fix them… by simply taking their farms…

“Some people are trying to create a food crisis,” said the president, in response to criticism of shortages of a number of products in the market. “If they do that, I will go after them too. If chicken farmers and ranchers refuse to take their animals to the slaughterhouse, we will seize the cows within the framework of the constitution and the country’s laws.” (from

This reminds me of an old definition I heard somewhere. Here it is from memory…

Communism Explained

Before the communists came, our family owned a cow. We each took our turn getting up early before school to milk the cow. Mum would use some of the milk for our family, and the rest we sold.

Then the communists came and told the us that the cow belonged to everybody, and that we would have to give them all the milk each morning. We were forced to line up for a cup of our own milk in the afternoon – when there was any at all. On most days there was none for us because we were late lining up. We couldn’t line up with everyone else because we were busy milking “everyone’s” cow.

My father finally said, “If the cow is owned by everybody, then everybody can milk it.” We stopped getting up early because what was the use?

Soon “everybody’s” cow stopped giving milk because nobody milked it.

The communists learned of this, took the cow away and slaughtered it. We never received any of the meat, and the village never had milk again because all the cows stopped giving milk.

And that is Communism explained.


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12 responses to “The New Mugabe: Hugo Chavez Will “Nationalize” Venezuelan Chicken Farms If Farmers Refuse To Sell Their Product For No Profit

  1. Karl Marx

    Socialism is such a wonderful ideal, isn’t it?
    It fills the human heart with emotion and hope – much like religion does!

    Essentially of course they are the same thing: head-games for the masses to play, in the absence of opium and other such calming narcotics, so useful to pacify the soul!
    Thus Lenin’s cutting statement(and he was and remains entirely correct)
    that “religion is the opiate of the masses”,
    and God knows Barbados is a shining example of how well that opiate works, for we are sheeeep!

    When Grenada was happening, I availed myself of a copy of V.I.Lenin’s literary work STATE & REVOLUTION. (U.W.I. Bookshop – go buy one)

    Amazing stuff! I read it and came away filled with glory and insight, but also smart enough to realize that Lenin himself was in such a tearing hurry to get to Communism(which the USSR ended up being farthest away from, quite paradoxically!),
    that he clean left out one of the most important stages of society’s slow and gradual evolution.

    Let me bore you.
    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov reckoned that it goes from 1.Feudalism(the stuff of Czar’s,Kings/Queen’s/Monarchy,
    to 2.Capitalism, that essential base upon which is built the infrastructure so necessary for progression
    to 3.Socialism, where education -REAL education- starts to change the human heart(read: mind) away from the gross excesses of nasty materialist capitalism, in preparation for the ultimate
    stage number 4.Communism where The State and money “wither away”
    having become quite un-necessary in an enlightened communal state
    where people are happy to work for the common good
    and barter replaces Trade as we know it,
    with no money passing hands, no nasty little ‘store-of-wealth’ money-system to foster greed, etc.

    In his blind rush out of Feudalism, the Czar’s family was murdered to ensure no reverse gear, and Pow! the United Soviet Socialist Republic was born…straight from Feudalism, into Socialism
    – with NOT ONE DAY’S WORTH of Capitalism!!

    Hurry hurry make bad curry,boy!

    After some time it all started to go horribly wrong, evolving instead into Stalinist Totalitarianism which is what the USA shoulda labelled it,correct in that terminology, but no..the USSR called it Communism and so be it.

    Eventually the whole sorry 70 yr. old mess toppled in 1989,
    and today we are left with Putin pretending to be cool,
    when he is a leftover of the KGB! (how cool is THAT?)

    So essentially, V.I.Lenin screwed himself and the brilliant new system-experiment he sought to bring forward for the betterment of mankind,
    died Jan.21, 1924, long before it could get going properly, and it was downhill all the way,
    in the process giving TRUE theoretical(desirable) Communism the worst name EVER!

    Fill your little head with idealism, and then come out and get into your capitalist air-conditioned Toyota
    and thank your lucky stars for Capitalism in its late stages.

    What Lenin didn’t bank on…is the reality that each of his 4 stages of social evolution will probably take on the order of 500 – 1,000 years, per stage,
    so you can believe me when I said he was in one tearing rush!

    Hope this amuses and educates you, but be warned that, like religion, socialist idealism is best taken in small doses. Very small doses,
    and definitely not to be taken too seriously!
    have fun with your one short life,
    but don’t take it too too seriously.

  2. Crusty

    It helps to know a bit about the current situation
    in Venezuela. There are widespread rumours that
    the government will be changing the currency to
    remove three zeroes from the denominations.
    There is a related fear that a devaluation will occur
    at the same time.

    So it is typical human behaviour to hold onto
    physical goods and get rid of cash in anticipation.
    Already the street value of the Bolivar is about
    half the official rate.

    Currency devaluation and price inflation are two
    sides of the same coin.

  3. james

    Nicely put Karl – haven’t seen a better explanaition of where it all went wrong for years. They went for evolution rather than evolution and we can see how bad that turned out. Still, hisotry repeats itself and Mr. Chavez now seems less worried about his people than his own hold on power. Oh dear.

  4. Economix

    “Currency devaluation and price inflation are two
    sides of the same coin.” he says…

    but that means, then..
    that the Barbados Dollar DONE devalue these last 3-5 years, judging on what it’ll buy you!!

    I faced that reality, long time,
    but there are many who still reckon it’s worth 2:1 viz a viz the US$

    On the ground here on this island, the Barbados Dollar is worth precious little more than the T&T Dollar is worth, in Trinidad !

  5. reality check

    its all about power, money and greed!

    This is exactly where a Republic will take us. A tyranny of the few over the many.

    The only thing that will save us, is people of integrity who are prepared to stand up and be counted. This includes strong integrity and accountability legislation. So far neither party seems the slightest bit interested. What does this tell you?

  6. Karl Marx

    Does rabid Catholicism eventually lead to socialist totalitarianism?

    Look at South America closely; MOST of it is Catholic,
    and MOST of it is socialist/left-leaning !


  7. J. Payne

    Actually having a pegged dollar and nationalised healthcare would be consider by the US to be socialism too. Socialism = anything to do with helping the poor get something to eat. If you want to be like the U.S. You have to tell the poor to get up and work for what they want…

  8. J. Payne

    If Barbados got rid of the peg. That would free up millions in reserves that it takes to peg….

    I archived something on Barbados pegging from years ago…

  9. J. Payne,

    Thanks for the link to that ol’ article. Very informative.

    Here’s one for you, an article on the Ludwig von Mises Institiute (austrian school of economics.)

    Panama Has No Central Bank:

    The Bystander.

  10. J. Payne,

    Thanks for the link, here’s one for you Panama and the fact that they don’t have a Central Bank. From the Ludwig Von Mises Institiute:

  11. yatinkinkiteasy

    Chavez is a poor but perhaps more powerful incarnation of Fidel Castro(because of Venezuela`s Oil Riches)…almost evrything that Castro did after taking over Cuba some 43 years ago , Chavez is now doing in Venezuela…..elected under the guise of Democracy, Chavez quickly has arranged no political opposition, nationalization of major Companies, curtailed freedom of the press,(RCTV will have their licence revoked this month, )Chavez now rules by decree(not very democratic)…the result so far after Chavez`s rule…total personal insecurity, increased poverty, increased crime, including murders, robberies, kidnappings, in all areas of Venezuela….no new investments, capital flight, a loss of some 300,000 educated and professional citizens(mostly moving to the hated US) He is quickly turning Venezuela into a hell hole….perhaps similar to Cuba unless he is stopped…..but by whom?…..Caribbean leaders should distance themselves fromt his communist maniac!

  12. Rumplestilskin

    ”That would free up millions in reserves that it takes to peg….”

    Oh, so thats why the Government does not appear to be in the least worried about our foreign debt position.

    So when is it scheduled?