People’s Democratic Congress Talks About Growth Rates For The Economy… And For The Barbados Labour Party

We received the following article from the “People’s Democratic Congress” (website here). As we stated the last time they sent us an article, we aren’t fans of these folks at all. We publish their articles because we believe that all political and social debate is healthy for Barbados as our country has lacked open debate on so many subjects for too long.

Again, we haven’t changed a word of the article, but we have broken up some of the larger paragraphs and made bold titles for easier reading. The PDC writer(s) need to remember that in this medium – less is way better. The second paragraph is the longest run-on sentence we have ever published, but who are we to insert periods?

Our friends in the PDC need to remember that if a piece is too difficult to read – folks won’t. Simple as that.

We also ask PDC to make any further articles much shorter – or publish them in full on your website and we will do a short intro and point our readers to your piece. And bye the way… your website header still spells democracy as “domocrocy”.

Nonetheless – Take it away, PDC…

How About This One: Measly Economic Growth Rates For Barbados vs. Vast Declines In BLP Voter Support Next Elections!!

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Governor of the Central Bank recently conducted a review of the first quarter performance of the Barbados economy for 2007, and, yes, once again the Political Leader and President, Mr. Mark Adamson, and the Executive and members of the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC), are very deeply dismayed and dissatisfied with what we call: “the very measly levels”, of financial and material growth that the Governor has estimated that Barbados has recorded for yet another period of economic activity under review. Furthermore, when Dr. Williams, in her review, disclosed that there was estimated to have been 3.7 per cent economic growth for the quarter, and that this was led by, et al, transportation, storage and communications, wholesale and retail, with tourism, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture recording modest declines when compared to the first quarter of last year, we arrived at the very vaunted belief that the vast majority of Barbadians on observing those disclosures must have been very seriously concerned that Mr. Owen Arthur and this Barbados Labor Party have once again massively failed to lead the country along a well chosen and directed path of unprecedented, stratospheric, country wide national social, political, financial and material growth and development.

That expressed, we in the People’s Democratic Congress must tell you that we have also come to the very firm position that, even though it is clear she did NOT say so during the review, some of the Governor’s reported announcements, e.g. the statement that Barbados was finally witnessing a slowdown in construction activity; another that CARICOM travelers had put off traveling until the main CWC activity came about, can be correctly interpreted by PDC and many other Barbadians to mean that the country partly because of the absolute failures of Mr. Owen Arthur and this BLP Government to achieve those rates of financial and material growth that are necessary to not only help under-gird and achieve and maintain such unprecedented stratospheric, countrywide development, but also to help the country become a world class society based on its own standards, ideally, that, where those announcements are concerned, there has sadly been for a long time in Barbados the total absence of a logical, coherent, and integrated structure to the financial and material development of Barbados, with whatever shortages of financial and material development that have figured for Barbados, esp. under Owen Arthur and the BLP, being terribly based, win or loose or in between, on some one-off events like the CWC, some seasonal activity like Tourism, Crop Season, JAZZ on the Hill, chronic over-dependence on a few productive sectors like Tourism, Construction, etc., and very serious dependence on import related activity.

Scandalous And Disgusting

Though growth and more growth is needed in Barbados, many of the just mentioned approaches to earning greater national income, we in PDC have to describe as scandalous and disgusting from a developmentalist point of view. For it appears that the supposed growth of the financial and material affairs of this country, on the whole, patently lacks a definite people’s consciousness and ideological perspective, and surely lacks equality, democracy and humanity building structures and processes – socio-political developmental variables – at various levels in the country. So for Dr Williams, an economist, to talk about 3.7 % growth being registered in the first quarter of 2007, but for there to be still too many pre-existing pervasive developmental deficits across the country, but which have to be properly addressed and resolved in ways that future rates of financial and material growth can be better guaranteed, is for her and Mr. Arthur and this BLP Government to be fostering wholly unwholesome elitist, institutional, and restrained growth and development of Barbados’ affairs.

Moreover, what we must also tell you, is this, that you must totally reject the joke presumption by economists in Barbados and elsewhere that economic growth must always come before socio-economic development in the national scheme of things. For, as far as we in PDC are concerned socio-political development must wherever possible come first before financial and material – so-called economic – growth in Barbados, since socio-political development is not only the historical foundations of so-called economic growth, but also this type of development ultimately always produces so-called economic growth, whereas so-called economic growth does not always produce socio-political development. It is clear that Barbados, since the coming about of this BLP Government in 1994, has greatly more been experiencing the latter than the former!! What an inglorious shame, that Mr. Arthur and other BLP elders call the BLP a socialist party!! This BLP Government must be voted out Next Elections!!

What must also be stated by PDC, is that, with regard to the relationship between those two variables (so-called economic and socio- political development) and another very important variable: objective/desirable social change for the better, is this, that it is socio-political development that fundamentally brings about objective/desirable social change for the better, which will in turn fundamentally impact on so-called economic growth, rather than economic growth being fundamentally responsible for objective/desirable social change for the better. Just take mass education in the 50s and 60s, the fairly sweeping social change that came thereafter, and the modest rates of so-called economic growth. Look at now, however, whereby the Nation Newspaper of Tuesday 1, 2007, on the back page, states that the last quarter marked the 11th consecutive quarter of economic growth above three per cent, yet there has hardly at the same time been socio-political development!! (QEH still in shambles, the Fire Service went badly understaffed for a long time, Edutech has recently been scaled back substantially, SSA at one stage in 2005 had about 9 trucks servicing the country, some police stations and some other government buildings including some schools, polyclinics, housing units, have remained for very inordinately long periods of time in very dilapidated conditions, hundreds upon hundreds of miles of road arteries across the countries exist still in serious states of disrepair, and the Kensington Oval remains totally unfinished) And yet simultaneously there has hardly been social change for the better!! ( thousands upon thousands more since 1994 have mortgaged off their lives to financial institutions simply to RIGHTLY feel a little more comfortable: houses, cars, etc; though this BLP Government has put in place a specific poverty alleviation program since about the mid to late nineties, thousands upon thousands live in poverty and misery, with little or no hope for betterment; one social racial group still continues to dominate the other social racial groups, and one social class continues to dominate the other social classes). Again, sir/madam, it is time for necessary political electoral action; this BLP Government must loose tremendous national voter support and be VOTED to hell out of office for these undesirable states of affairs.

Senseless Western Models Of Economic Growth And Development

Furthermore, it is nothing short of being flagrant and objectionable, circumstances wherefore governments being lead by persons like Mr. Owen Arthur, continue to implement and practice a great many highly destructive, senseless and unhelpful western models of economic growth and development (among numerous other things, Taxation; Interest Rates Regimes; making Barbadian citizens and other entities repay productive (investment) loans vis-à-vis their own money; Motor Vehicle Insurance schemes; Exchange Rates parities with the Barbados dollar; importing the prices of goods and services produced overseas, and from entirely different circumstances and with different costs structures, into Barbados, and controlling the money supply to make many thousands upon thousands of Barbadians poorer, esp. when unwisely claim to be searching for and trying to control the invisible, non-existent feature inflation (See our pre-election Manifesto), which themselves are primarily responsible for most of the stagnation and decline in our financial and material affairs, particularly, and primarily responsible for the devaluation and disintegration in many aspects of our social and political affairs in Barbados, generally.

Hence, PDC goes on public record as telling you, sir/madam, that these models of so-called economic development that we have been practicing for so long in Barbados WILL NEVER EVER help bring about those rates of financial and material growth and development that are so necessary to help Barbados become a world-class society, far less helping to bring about the conditions that are necessary for Barbados to evolve into such a status. The evidence is here, including the last quarter performance in Barbados, that these models of so-called economic development will only allow Barbados, at best, to achieve modest rates of financial and material growth and development in the long term, and at worst, the continuous elite/state political exploitation, economic political dispossession, and socio-cultural marginalization of the masses/middle-classes of people in Barbados. It is these models that primarily explain why when Mr. Arthur and others implement and enforce them in Barbados, they WILL NEVER EVER be able to help achieve those rates of financial and material growth, WILL NEVER EVER be able to help achieve those financial and material conditions, help achieve those socio-political development conditions, and help attain those rates of social change for the better, that are on par with what Western countries have altogether been able to achieve when they themselves implement and enforce their own models of development. Rather than often coming up with our own workable, humanistic models of development, too often we adopt western models as our own. PDC says total shame on you, Mr. Arthur, so-called UWI social scientist, for not coming up with, and implementing for Barbados’ benefit, any sound models of development!!


Clearly, by Barbados continuing to register whatever average annual rates of economic growth, say, about 3 % for the last 13 years or so, shows that not only is Barbados STAGNATING and DECLINING ECONOMICALLY, on the whole, in the process of achieving this – because it will NOT be able to reach and sustain better percentages 6, 7, 8, once this political and economic regime continues – but also Barbados is starkly continuing to fail at achieving its greatest financial and material potential possible. For this average annual rate of about 3 %, is being achieved based on the mere reproduction and reuse of the same/similar ideas, products, technologies, skills, markets/processes/results, and within our political/legal/cultural and international relations systems, etc. and to the point of clear exhaustion and to the point of securing marginal diminishing returns (see Governor’s view on decline of the construction sector), altogether within the parameters of these highly destructively unhelpful long-time practiced western models of development, etc. What compounds such circumstances is that, as dealt with earlier, little socio-political development and social change for the better have resulted for the masses and middle classes from such rates, especially when these rates reflect the level at which political control by the state and the elite over those two social categories is dastardly maximized in our circumstances, which if far greater rates than now were to be achieved in Barbados, would lead to the state and the elite losing great control over these two social categories, a situation which the state and elite may not wish for. These are things that the Governor of the Central Bank must understand!!

Sir/Madam, do not worry, for under a SMFD/PDC Government, Barbados shall be achieving average annual rates of financial and material growth of 8 – 10 per cent in the long term, and socio-political development shall reached world-class levels, based on the institution of well managed and seriously transforming and innovative ideas, products, technologies, skills, markets/processes/results, and within our political/legal/cultural and international relations spheres as well. At the same time, too, such astronomical growth and development shall be helped achieved by the timely and careful disposing of many highly destructive and very stupid western models of growth and development in Barbados. Hence, et al, there shall be the total Abolition of Taxation, Interest Rates, Motor Vehicle Insurance and Exchange rates parity systems in Barbados, and their rightful replacement with the appropriate modern, humanistic and indigenous systems; the institution of a system whereby imports of goods and services shall be zero-priced at all points of entry, the institution of a system whereby all exports intended for the external markets, shall be paid for in local currency/prices; no foreigners shall be able to own our lands – only able to lease them for specified, relatively short fixed periods of time. These and other very transforming and innovative ideas and policy measures as outlined in our Manifesto, when properly implemented by A SMFD/PDC Government, et al, will be guaranteed to help take Barbados upwards and onwards to far higher and greater desired levels of financial capacity and material prosperity, and by extension, greater social and political betterment and development than now, and in such ways that at the same time previously held back national energies and talents will be properly released and harnessed in the interest of national excellence and pride and further development.

Therefore, it is totally inexcusable for this Minister of Finance, Mr. Owen Arthur, in particular, and this BLP Government, in general, to, in their respective reprehensible statements, be ever so often making Barbadians falsely believe that 3.0/3.5 per cent average annual rates of economic growth are so satisfactory and acceptable for Barbados, when in fact they are measly and when we in PDC know that Barbados can do far better, financially, materially, developmentally, and otherwise, and when some other countries, esp. those that are so big and therefore with far greater numbers of people, resources, spaces, monies, etc., to manage and utilize than Barbados, are reported to be recording far greater first quarter and year-round real growth rates.. Take for instance, the information from out of Wikipedia (Internet Website) that speaks to Russia achieving an average annual real economic growth rate of 7% for the last 3 years; that speaks to China’s economy having been growing at an average annual rate of 9.4 % for the last 25 years. This said Website is stating, also, that India is the second fastest major growing economy in the world, with a GDP growth rate of 9.2% at the end of the second quarter of 2006-2007. What is clear about these countries is that their rates of growth have been very much related to the individual countries’ revolutionizing and innovating many of their ideas, products, skills, technologies, markets/processes, and their political/legal/cultural and international relations affairs. In the case of Russia, starting from in the late 80s, it went from being a very secretive communist state to being a fairly open liberal democratic/authoritarian capitalist state; in the case of China, starting from the 70s, it went from being communist to being a communist one party ruled capitalist economy; and in the case of India it when from being in the 90s, a democratic socialist state to liberal democratic capitalist state.

VOTE OUT OF Office this joker, Mr. Arthur

It could properly be argued that these countries had to change the previous, old decaying models of development for newer, more productive models of development in order to usher in far greater levels of prosperity and growth in the countries, although the jury is still out on the developmentalist impact of aspects of these more modern models on their countries.

As for Barbados, it is clear what Barbadians have to do Next Elections: VOTE OUT OF Office this joker, Mr. Arthur, and this arrogant, insensitive, beleaguered BLP Government, and VOTE A PDC Government for greater Barbadian financial and material prosperity, for greater national socio-political development, and for better modern social change for Barbados.

Yours truly,


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  1. Zulu

    Whew!!!! Just got through reading this article. Sone relatively good points, but all the ideas could have been put together in a quarter of the space with greater impact.

    BFP, you should have edited the comment for gramar, content and perhaps some relevance.

    By the way, PDC, where can I get a copy of your “pre-election” manifesto?

  2. Ummmm...

    Ah…could the PDC be a bit more explicit,please?

    An article this ‘short’ doesn’t begin to sum up the problem they attempt to outline.
    Anything less than 25,000 words doesn’t bear credence, or so the Marxist-Leninist’s always assume.

    The also assume that Tom,Dick,Harry,Sam Poochy AND The Duppy are interested enough to read short shrift like this,
    and actually neeed and want a longer, even-more-boring dissertation.

    This will probably be one of about six(tops!) comments this thread will generate, simply because no-one will wade thru it (the guy above did -he claims- nuff respeck,Sir!)
    – But I sure as he11 didn’t, and simply won’t.

    as in..who CARES?

  3. BFP

    Hi Ummmmm…

    You make some good points yourself. How can we at BFP “edit” an article of this size without cutting and dicing the writer’s thoughts? Can’t be done and even if it could, we don’t have that kind of time.

    So… Attention PDC… next time, either put up the long diatribe at your own site and we’ll be happy to print a few excerpts and direct folks to the main article…

    Or learn how to say what you need to say in about 10% of the space.

    We are happy to promote political discussion and look forward to receiving other articles from the PDC.

  4. Yawn!!

    Imagine how long budget debates would be if these people get in.

  5. Straight talk

    Did Mia dictate this to the PDC ?

  6. Ummmm...

    – and while at 930 ft. above sea-level yesterday,
    further enquiries were made concerning the allegations that a well-liked?-NOT! Government Minister has “purchased himself a Plantation!”

    Turns out he took advantage of a distress sale, the result of a marital breakup, and purchased the quite ordinary,stone walled dwelling-house
    on about 3 acres of land once forming part of G.Farm, at the immediate top of Turners Hall Hill, and has since spent an estimated 1 million bux ‘dolling it up’ (it probably needed it)

    – but by no means is a 3-acre lot ..A PLANTATION, I’m sad to say, for I was hoping to have come to you offering real juice, not this sad little tale.

    I am no fan of the current BLP Admin., but think it my social duty nonetheless, to inform and educate the gossiping public re. ACCURACY .

    Well children, now you know…and this info comes from a nearby resident VERRRY much “in the know” about such matters, I assure you!

  7. Zulu


    It is not the size house NOR the plantation itself that the public care about, it is THE MONEY to buy and bulldoze and rebuild. Where did it come from. It matters not whether advantage was taken of a marriage gone sour or not. The question is, from whence did the money come? That’s all we the public want to know.
    Ministers’ pay is roughly twelve grand a month. Could this minister have borrowed $2m or even $3m on that salary? Just asking.

  8. Get In The Action

    This guy Adamson his taken some notes from Castro’s weekly 6 hour speeches. Man that diatribe was long winded, but I guess it’s for the proletariat.

  9. soporific

    Thanks PDC

    my sleeping pills weren’t working

    talk about dialectic claptrap