Barbados Government Still Allows False “AIDS Cure” Scam. Minister Lynette Eastmond Fails To Stop Nation News Advertising Campaign


As reported in our April 2, 2007 article Nation News Runs Advertisement Claiming To Cure AIDS, the Nation News continues to run an advertisement for a product that claims to cure HIV/AIDS. On April 3, 2007 this was brought to the attention of Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Lynette Eastmond – who has a standing post at Barbados Free Press where she communicates with citizens. (See Government Minister Lynette Eastmond Volunteers To Answer Question By Barbados Free Press Readers)

On April 10, 2007, Minister Eastmond acknowledged the concerns about the advertising of a cure for AIDS and she stated that she would be passing on the information to the “FTC”. You can read Minister Eastmond’s April 10th statement here.


One Month Later – AIDS Cure Advert Still Runs At The Nation News

Here we are over one month later and the Nation News continues to run the advertisement (we copied the above yesterday – May 13, 2007) so we can only assume that in this lawless banana republic we call Barbados, even a Minister of Government can’t stop fraudsters from cruelly targeting AIDS victims.

The Nation News should be ashamed of themselves.


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11 responses to “Barbados Government Still Allows False “AIDS Cure” Scam. Minister Lynette Eastmond Fails To Stop Nation News Advertising Campaign

  1. cat eyes

    The Nation Newspaper has to take responsibility for its actions and stop behaving like money grabbing desperados. The decision-makers in the company need to exhibit some level of decency and common sense and pull the advertisement on ethical grounds. Good gracious! it is not that lucrative an ad. Pressure the greedy, insensitive persons responsible to pull the darned thing.
    I don’t know why we keep poking at Lynette. After reading Hallam Hope’s review of the FTC’s pathetic performance on behalf of Barbadian consumers (via their non assistance to the intervenors), I have come to the conclusion that the Minister is as ineffectual as the departments she preens over.

  2. Anonymous

    an u wonder y white ppl doan tek wunnuh serious ?

  3. Zulu

    Money at all cost. Does not matter from whom it comes.
    Remember, the only interest which the shareholders have is the important bottom line, and it better be black.

  4. Anonymous

    The Nation loves to prey on people….
    This could cost someone financially, hurt others feelings..but 8 months ago i saw the Nation try to ruin a man’s reputation…they stop at nothing and don’t investigate any facts…I happened to see the actual accounts of the incident the Nation was reporting on 8 months ago and found out that what was printed was some cock a may me crap (hoever you spell that).
    It is a shame we are programmed to believe something once it is printed.
    They should be accountable for their actions…I hope they are given their comeuppance sooner rather than later.
    We say the Nation but it is important to remember that these are individuals who should be accountable for their actions publishing anything they want without references.
    Nasty…nasty nasty…shame on the Individuals working at the Nation because the paper don’t publish itself.

  5. Wink!

    believe none of what you hear!
    and only half of what you see,
    and be aware that only feeling is the naked truth!

  6. Jerome Hinds


    Let us recognise that it is Senator Lynette Eastmond we are speaking of here !

    So when she says ….” On April 10, 2007, Minister Eastmond acknowledged the concerns about the advertising of a cure for AIDS and she stated that she would be passing on the information to the “FTC. ”

    It is the same Senator Lynette Eastmond who has ignored readers on this BFP site re :

    ** RDC connection with her constituency Office !

    ** Would the removal of CESS reduce the cost of living in Barbados !

    ** The unpleasant goings – on at the SBA !

    ** The BLP poor attempts at e – governance / e – commerce !

    ** The repeated resignations at the FTC !

    WHY ????……..after….One Month Later – AIDS Cure Advert Still Runs At The Nation News…..?

    For Senator Lynette Eastmond & the BLP anything that seems consumer RIDICULOUS…call upon the FTC strategy !

    For Senator Lynette Eastmond & the BLP the FTC…….simply means…….Fool The Consumers
    ( FTC ) !

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  8. J. Payne

    That appears to be a book. You can’t bann anybody’s book as long as the book claims upfront that their claims have not been investigated or certified thought the US FDA(Federal Drug Administration).
    Their book is covered under free speech.
    This is where the Nation link carries you.


    bfp george say:

    Golly… It is sooooo good to see the Nation News protecting free speech!


  9. Observer

    WHAT IF . . . . ?

    What if it is really a cure. Do you folks really trust the drug corporations and the FDA?

    Drug companies have been in cahoots with the FDA for years. The only time the FDA puts a stop to drug companies products is when the drugs start killing people “faster”.

    It is really not in the FDA or drug companies’ interest to find a cure for AIDS or any other disease for that matter, so any real cure would be naturally be attacked and discredited.

    What people need to do is call for a study be done to determine if the so called “Cure” has any merit before saying it is false.

    Think! – What the drug companies would really like is a drug that allows people to live with AIDS but must be taken for a long period of time if not for life, so as to maximise the profits of these pharmaceutical corporations and the donations they make to the FDA.

    Certainly not a cure as that would not bring in large enough profits.

    A cure is simply not profitable.

  10. Warrior


    You also forgot the number of ppl who would be out of jobs and out of pocket for all the tax free money that is collected from Benefits, Fund Raisers and Grants all in the name of AIDS research and assistance.

    Ever stop to count those millions of dollars and who is getting money. Even here in Barbados, sad really, if there really is a cure the world would never know, there is too much money to be made and had – tax free and without a paper trail for this AIDS epidemic/pandemic to ever end.

    The love of Money is the ROOT of all evil. Money really makes a mare fly.

  11. john mason

    heres a little bit of what i know. I have been researching fir about ten yrs. To say theres a cure would be a death sentence. There are proffesionals out there that have stated such a cure. I for one believe this to be true. I feel if someone stepped forward and said they found a cure they would be killed. the goverment would not allow this to happen. I have a friend who has the virus heres the shocker. his counts were low So he decided to try a holistic type of therapy that cost him say ten dollars. results counts went up and signs of virus to low to detect. Gets you to wonder….. well i said more than enough but do your reading and google everything…. you will be amazed