Barbados Government Minister Lynette Eastmond: “Unfortunately within our Caribbean society preying on minors is not viewed with the same disgust as within other societies.”


“Unfortunately within our Caribbean society preying on minors is not viewed with the same disgust as within other societies. The fact that in our societies the abuse of children is often referred to simply as “interfering with children” indicates that we still have a long way to go. Worse than that we often blame the children.”

… Senator Lynette Eastmond, Barbados Minister of Commerce & Consumer Affairs

Quite the controversial position taken by Minister Eastmond at her St. Philip West Community website.

First off, I don’t think that there is a single “caribbean cuture”, but aside from that I don’t know what to think about Lynette’s article which centers around the Akon debacle.

Check it out for yourself at her website here.


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10 responses to “Barbados Government Minister Lynette Eastmond: “Unfortunately within our Caribbean society preying on minors is not viewed with the same disgust as within other societies.”

  1. bajejun

    What amazing comments by Ms. Eastmond, and she is a representative of the people of this country. Can she be more further from the truth. “Interfering with ” is a bajan term, it is a term that is not used in an complimentary fashion, and usually brings with it scorn. I challenge Ms. Eastmond to show me the man or woman who “interefere” with a child and was greeted with politeness and cheers. We really need to stop casting the impression that caribbean people are still so far behind the times on issues, especially from persons who hold positions of responsibility who should know better.

  2. Verdana

    Lynette is a lovely woman, further more she has the courage to say what the truth is.

    A big kiss to Lynette.

  3. True Native

    Does she also have the courage to wash her hands of the bunch of crooks she is associated with? And if so, why hasn’t she done so?

  4. littleboy

    Change your hair spray Lynette! It is clouding your thinking!
    OOps! Sorry! I forgot that your head is already in the clouds.

  5. de gap

    The Hon lady hit the nail squarely on the head. Far too many perverts are allowed to prey on our girls with impunity. From the ZR scum to the hardback men on the block to Jippy Doyle to the fancy men in fancy cars who hang around schools, it’s an epidemic.

  6. Clangers

    I agree wholeheartedly with what Ms Eastmond says. Too often you hear comments if a young girl has run away from home and how ‘wuffless’ she is, yet it is never brought to anyone’s attention that maybe she is suffering abuse in the home. One of the biggest indicators of child sexual abuse is that children become sexually active at an early age. The ‘grooming’ of young girls by hard back men in this society is not viewed with the seriousness it should be. In other countries they are called Paedophiles but here we view the schoolgirl as being at fault. The laws for sexual crimes want changing. When I can read in the newspaper an act of rape being described as being ‘ravished’ I know something is wrong. Using the word ‘ravish’ to imply rape takes away from the forceful violent act that it. In the same way the term ‘Unlawful Sex’ is used to describe the rape or molestation of a minor. It is a bizarre use of language to cover up the true horror of the crime.

  7. Observer

    I have recently heard of a term from a US doctor called “Precocious Puberty”, so I caution you to be careful in the belief that “One of the biggest indicators of child sexual abuse is that children become sexually active at an early age”, because early sexual behaviour could be caused by “Precocious Puberty” which is a condition in which a girl child’s body starts to go through puberty prematurely, sometimes as early as eight years old and if recognised early by the parent can be treated with drugs that can help delay the process. Even in encountering this phenomena in an underage girl an adult man should be more responsible not to get involved with an underage girl.

  8. Warrior

    We have condoned the act of sexual child abuse with our silence as well as with our laughter.

    How many times in growing up did we hear the term brother-daddy, grandpa-daddy and uncle-daddy. We all knew what was going on in the village yet we condoned it we laughed at it, heck we even congratulated the perpetrators about it.

    This is our monster that we have created and fed, now no one wants to bell the cat.

    Minibus men should be locked up for rape, with or without the victims/willing participants testimony or cooperation.

    Fathers and or mothers who sexually molest their children should be exposed and given a sentence that exacts upon them the same humiliation and torture that they inflicted upon their young wards.

    Protection and cover up should be removed from the school teachers who “interfere with” their young wards.

    Mothers who send their children out or allow men to come in and sleep to make money so that bills can paid must be brought to account, swiftly.

    Fathers who want to “start” their young girls and boys because they spending money to raise them must be brought to account.

    Mothers who refuse to testify, or protect their children must be brought to account.

    We wonder why our children so angry, if they can’t get no justice and we want to turn blind eyes and think that all our young ppl “hot” or “wuffless”.

    This is a matter of grave importance yet we skirt and flirt with the issue for a few political and brownie points when in actual fact we seem out of touch and powerless to effect change in any sphere.

    Where is the legislation? Where are the penalties that would serve to deter child molesters and abusers. Is there legislation to deal with the international child molesters that will begin to gather.

    Right now if we take an overview of this country we are likened to a dying man in the desert and all the stinking vultures are circling.

  9. laurine

    hi room may god pless us here and there and other family too

  10. Clangers

    The comment from Observer is just the sort of thing I am talking about when it comes to attitudes towards child sexual abuse in this country. I too am aware of a medical condition where young girls reach puberty prematurely. But this doens’t cause them to go out and have sex does it! When I hit puberty at the age of 13 I didn’t become sexually active because I was educated by my parents to have a mature and moral attittude to sex, and to understand that it is a very serious act with a lot of consequences. We aren’t animals are we. Nearly every human being has an innate sense of right and wrong and we also have a more developed brain to make decisions. That is something we have over and above the basic animal population wouldn’t you agree?

    A parent of a precociously pubescent child would bear even greater responsibilty to educate that child to cope with their new situation and ensure they have the mental and moral reasoning to make the right decisions, as well as the supervision, guidance and rules set in the home to ensure they aren’t given the opportunity to have boyfriends and be alone with other children of the opposite sex (as unfortunately now seems to be the case in schools and homes. Where is the supervision? How are these young school kids able to film themselves on cellphone cameras in school classrooms? Where are the teachers?)

    It is the attitude held here by so many people that wayward girls are inherently wicked and entice older men to have sex like some latter day Lolita’s. Sure, there may be a very few young girls who behave in that way despite having supportive parents. But children only learn by the example that is set them or by what they are allowed to see and hear in the family around them.

    Sex with a minor is abuse and a child who had developed at an early age should be entitled to even greater protection from the adults around them as they may be even greater targets for the perverted adults around them.