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Gardin Democracy Talks About His Race!



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Barbados Government Licenses Yet Another Gambling Casino – Nation News Treads Oh So Delicately


Lapdog Nation News – Serving Government, Not Citizens

Fails To Mention Billion Dollar Gambling Company Has Connections To Barbados Political Elites!

Worldwide Gambling Business Is An Ideal Vehicle For Money Laundering

You’d never know it from the article in the Nation News, but the Barbados Government has just licensed another gambling casino – this time to a mysterious gambling company that controls the name “Mapau”.

The article in the Nation News is hilarious. Obviously somebody said “Listen, we have to write a promotion piece on this new casino, but we’re not allowed to mention the words “casino” or “gambling”… and we’re not allowed to mention the name of the company. Keep it light, friendly and stress the charitable activities of the er, group of friends.”

So the reporter wrote the article “in code” without mentioning the forbidden words like “gambling” and without asking any important questions.

How is Barbados being served by reporting like this?

Did you ever see an article in The Nation News that looked at the explosion of gambling casinos in Barbados? Did you ever see an article that asked how many we have, who owns them, what the revenue flow is and how this impacts our society? Did you ever see an article in the Barbados media that commented upon the government’s mysterious casino licensing provisions and why everything is kept secret from citizens?

Of course you never saw such articles in the Nation News…

We don’t call the Barbados media “government lapdog” for nothing, you know!

Barbados Free Press looked into the story for about ten minutes and discovered a few details about this mysterious “Mapau” casino organisation. The one thing we can’t tell you is how much of a “consulting fee” they had to pay to obtain the permission of King Arthur. I’d wager that it was a pretty hefty sum!

Who Is “Mapau” ?

The article in The Nation News (Mapau Launched In Barbados) states …

REGIONAL EXPANSION of one Trinidadian company has reached Barbadian shores.

Mapau, a company formed back in 1989 by a group of friends who came together frequently, is a club which has become a place for like-minded people to meet securely and privately for recreation and entertainment. The club raises money through its initiatives in sport and charities.

In 1996, the name Mapau was licensed internationally to http://www.mapau.com.

Mapau was recently launched in Barbados at Hastings Main Road, Christ Church, and while it has a members’ club, it is also open to the public. Mapau now has locations in Africa and Europe, licensed by governments.

We will be targeting people who like to have a good time, fun, from lower class to upper class.

“Our marketing manager puts together different in-house promotions each month to attract patrons to frequent more often and karaoke every last Friday of each month,” said Sherry Persad, public relations officer in Trinidad.

Gaynell Crichlow, the local marketing officer, said there was now a charity team which would be making donations to children homes and other local organisations.

Hey – This Isn’t Only A Trinidadian Company – This Is A Barbados-Based Group!

The Group Has Paid Out Over ONE BILLION DOLLARS In Winning Bets Alone Since Inception!

So Who Is Involved With This Barbados-based Billion Dollar Gambling Organisation?

Let’s have a look at the cast of characters and corporations that we’ve tied into “Mapau”. Such a tangled web indeed…

The nominal “parent” company that supposedly “Licenced” the Mapau name… is a mystery. A WhoIS search reveals that the “owner” of one of the Mapau sub-domain names is…

Lorago Ltd.
46A Independence Square
Port Of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
+1 868 623 4048

The chap who registered the name is Horatio Sutton – apparently of the Sutton family with ties to Barbados, according to Horatio Sutton’s family website (link here) Unknown if Mr. Sutton is a Mapau principal, employee or sub-contractor.

Sunny Group Of Companies

The company licensed by Antigua to operate online gambling under the Mapau name and others is…

Sun Gaming Services Inc.

Weatherhed Office Complex, Suite 5
Redcliffe Street ,
St.Johns, Antigua

as registered by…

Hugh C. Marshall (former Government Minister, Antigua Labour Party – ALP)
45 St. Mary’s St.
St. John’s,
2684623562 fax: 2684623563

(Interesting point… Sun Gaming Services Inc. has only been licensed by Antigua since May 15, 2002. Presumably another front company was used before this date)

However… the Mapau.com website says “Mapau Casino is 100% owned and operated by…

Sun Internet Services Ltd.
The Old Mill,
9 Soar Lane
Leicester, Leicestershire

BUT… the another page on the Mapau site says “Mapau Casino is 100% owned and operated by…

Sun Internet Services Ltd.,

Borehamwood, Hertfordshire,
WD64PJ, England.”

More similarly-named companies are to be found…

The Sunny Group of Companies operates an affiliate marketing programme called “Sunny Diamonds” which shares the same Trinidad phone number at Mapau Casino… but when we research the domain name of sunnydiamonds.com, we find an Antigua company with Horatio Sutton as webmaster (or so they say!)…

Sun Internet Services Ltd.
Mailing Address
Weatherhed Office Complex
Suite 5
Redcliffe Street
St. John’s
Antigua, W.I.

From USA (Toll Free) 1-888-349-3571
Phone Collect or Direct 1-868-623-4048
Fax Direct 1-868-624-1156

The Sun Internet Services website (link here) states that this company processes it’s own internet-based transactions and payments.

And So To South Africa…

Who owns Sun Internet Services Ltd. of Antigua… or England?

The domain name SunInternetServices.Com is owned by…

Net Advertising Inc.
10 Windbeig Ave.
Devils Peak
Capetown, South Africa

Forde, Lisa hostmaster@netadvertisinginc.com

But the domain netadvertisinginc.com has a technical and billing contact of our old friend Horatio Sutton of Sun Internet Services in Antigua!

And On To Botswana!

From reading some of the bios on the Sunny Group’s website, we discovered that a sub-group of companies called “Edutech Group Of Companies” is headquartered in Botswana. Although the website talks about this Botswana company being involved in selling books, there is obviously much more going on in Botswana and South Africa than books.

Sunny Group – Directors & Barbados Connections

John Wallis CEO

Waldo Waldron-Ramsay Chairman (Barbados Attorney – 50 Swan Street, Bridgetown)

Geneve Hall Director, General Manager Live Arts Ltd.

Geoff Atkinson Director

Brian Phillip Director

Ingrid Samuel Director

Gordon Craig Director

Hugh Marshal Director

Cindy Gibbs-Nicholas Manager

Deidre M. Yearwood Arcade Manager

Victoria Brushe Manager – Sunny Investments & FinanceSmart Start Inc. Antigua

Earl Durity International VIP Manager

Colin L. Marshall Manager Fish Net Grill & Co Ltd (Sweet Lime Rest.)

David Sanderson Surveillance Manager

The website of the Sunny Group of Companies has this to say about itself…


Sunny Group of Companies began in Barbados in 1981 as a distributor of educational books. The educational business has expanded over the years to include the distribution and creation of multimedia products on three continents. Sunny Group is now one of the top 4 worldwide distributors of home reference books.

The Group has expanded and continues to penetrate various markets and industries. There are now Divisions in Education, Retail, Leisure, Finance, Property Construction and Management, Software Development and Marketing.

Since 1986 the Group’s Leisure Division has owned and operated land-based casinos. Gambling Licenses are held in 6 countries on three continents. This division has expanded to include restaurants, slot machine route operations and Internet websites. In 1996 Sunny was one of the first to open a casino on the Internet.

The integration of our group’s computer, Internet and casino expertise, ensures that we can deliver to our customers, the most up-to-date technology and customer service in the exciting and dynamic cyber world. Recently the Group has begun Mobile Software Development in Eastern Europe.

The Finance Division specializes in credit card fraud control systems and e-cash processing software. The division also supervises Group Companies’
credit exposure and management worldwide.

The Advertising division specializes in Internet marketing and Public Relations. Having an early start in the field enabled us to become a leader with offices in London and New York.

The Property Management Division is concerned mainly with the in-house management of Group Company properties and rentals.

The Retail Division operates shops in England, South Africa and the Caribbean.

In the face of technological revolution, the Sunny Group of Companies has continued to align itself with innovative ideas and developments. In 2004, Sun – Gaming launched the very successful Sunny Slots T which has now thrust the Group into the global market of Mobile technology.

I Wonder If Any Barbados Government Members Have Shares In This Worldwide Organisation?

So many companies with similar or exactly the same names operating in so many jurisdictions – in England, USA, Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad, South Africa, Botswana. Has the “Sunny Group of Companies” established different companies that use the same names in different countries? That is a red flag for money laundering if ever there was one!

Money Laundering Made Easy!

With the ability of the Sunny Group Of Companies to make “gambling payouts” anywhere in the world (even to your charge card), it is an ideal vehicle for paying off anyone who needs to be “paid off”. Who is to say who won a big online bet and who didn’t? Does the Prime Minister “win” money every once in a while by gambling online? Does Sunny “pay off” his winnings to one of his offshore bank accounts or credit cards? Or perhaps the Prime Minister’s wife gambles and wins big every so often?

We already saw Prime Minister Owen Arthur admit in parliament before all that he deposited a “campaign donation” cheque into his personal bank account. It is therefore no stretch at all to think that Mapau might have made a “campaign donation” into his personal offshore bank account.

As the Mapau online gambling website says… So many ways to win!


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A Piece Of Barbados History: Dr. Jerry Bull’s Assassination, The HARP Gun, Saddam Hussain and Israeli Intelligence


One perspective at Barbados Forum (link here)…

HARP (High Altitude Research Project) was a research project of Dr Jerry Bull who, at the time (1963), was on the staff of McGill University. McGill University has had a long standing relationship with Barbados, both as regards accepting Barbadian students to study in Canada (I attended McGill briefly, 1955-56), and hosting university research projects (Belairs Research Institute, St James, is a continuing example of this relationship).

The objective of HARP was to launch projectiles into space, at comparatively low cost, using a conventional artillery piece. This objective was achieved at HARP, one projectile reaching a height of nearly 100 miles from the earth. Whenever the gun was fired at Paragon, Christ Church, a tremor could be felt in most of the southern parishes ~ in 1963 I lived in Collymore Rock, St Michael, and can clearly recall feeling such a tremor, and hearing the sound of the gun’s discharge, on several occasions.

The cost of the project, at first underwritten by McGill University, was later absorbed by the US military. The project was terminated in 1974 and the guns abandoned at Paragon. Dr Bull continued his work regarding development of large artillery pieces and was later implicated in a clandestine attempt to supply such an artillery piece to the government of Saddam Hussein. This attempt was prevented by international action and Dr Bull was later assassinated in Belgium ~ thought to have been an action of Israeli secret agents.


Another Perspective – By Bull’s Friend Angela Cole (link here)…

On March 30th 1990, Dr. Gerald “Gerri” Vincent Bull had a gun full of bullets unloaded in his body and head outside his apartment in Uccle, an exclusive area of Brussels. In 1994, four years after his death, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), fronting for the National Security Council (NSC), in an effort to cover–up for those who are responsible for his murder, released the news that Gerri, my friend, was not the villain or culprit they had for the past twenty years held him up to the world as and for which the Democratic Government had jailed him for six months. They, they admitted, in a spirit of new honesty, had gone to him in 1975, him whom they had created an act of Congress to make an American citizen, the only man to be so hallowed besides Winston Churchill, and appealed to his patriotism.

“You have to help us in South Africa. Castro’s troops in Angola are beating shit out of us. We need something to kick those communists’ asses. We need your guns in South Africa.” They said they said to Gerri.

Bull was the ballistician of the century as named by Jane’s Journal of Armaments and Defence, the foremost magazine in the arms world. When I met him in 1970 he was in Barbados across the runaway from my office at International Caribbean Airways in Seawell International Airport at his High Altitude Research Project (HARP)/ Space Research Corporation (SRC). Those were the days when the war for space was being fought and few people knew.

Bull, who received his doctorate from McGill at twenty-four, was the pioneer mind behind wind tunnels, rocket designs and ballistics. After, Gerri, a teenage student designed a wind tunnel to simulate the conditions which would have occurred when his uncle, a flyer during World War II, was shot down and killed over the English Channel the Canadian government Research and Defense Institute (CARDI) took this young man under their wing and developed his scientific talents. His lifetime idea and work was force, speed and trajectory. He was one of the only people in the world that had an idea of the mathematics behind high velocity physics – aerodynamically designed projectiles fired from barrel lengths, at tremendous speed and force, boosted with rockets, packed with electronics and Boom! Orbit! Satellites! Space Gun!

The largest gun Bull used, was in Barbados; the HARP gun. This was a prototype of the Space Gun and the forerunner of the guns of the future; from the hand-held Schwarzenegger Eraser electromagnetic rail gun that shoots through solid objects and with an X Ray motion sensor that locks on to the heartbeat; to the liquid gas gun at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories that forms part of the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), American’s attempt to protect the United States from attack by intercontinental ballistic missiles by controlling the space above earth, with just such a weapon as this that can hurl a projectile into space at an oncoming missile. The gun at HARP is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest firing gun; at vertical declination i.e. pointed upwards, it fired a projectile 200 miles into the skies above Barbados.

The Iraqi “Doomsday Gun” and ballistic innovations such as the base bleed shell, a patented over the counter shell, which makes a big gun fire one-third farther, are Bull’s creations. Bull changed the shape of shells to increase accuracy, and designed a gun that could shoot thirty miles and hit a target the size of a tennis court nine times out of ten.

… continue reading this article at Angela Cole’s website here

And from our friend Stephen Mendes…

In the mid-sixties, the Government of Barbados allowed the Space Research Corporation (SRC) to use Barbados as a base for it’s High Altitude Research Project (HARP) in exchange for the installation and maintenance of an advanced Radar system at the Seawell Airport (now the Grantley Adams International Airport).

Officially, the purpose of HARP was to develop an alternative method to launching payloads into space. The scientists were exploring the possibility of using large guns to fire objects into space… instead of the conventional method of using rockets.

The large gun could be heard over most of the island… and just a few miles away, our house began to crack in the walls from the shockwaves.

The SRC had to foot the bill for repairing or relocating homes close to the gun… but the small cracks that we had were never attended to… it was hard
to prove that they occurred as a result of the gun.

At least one young Barbadian, Michael Howard, a brilliant physicist attached to the project… died at age 33 from cancer, believed to have been caused by
radiation from the high-power radar used to track the projectiles. Safety levels were not yet established in those days.

A CIA investigation of the SRC revealed that they were involved in supplying armament and ordinance to the Apartheid regime in South Africa, contravening
the U.S. embargo in effect at the time.

Our government told them to leave the island.

Propping up the racist white regime in South Africa by secretly using OUR airport or the one in Antigua as trans-shipment points for their illegal
cargoes… they HAD to be expelled !

The wrecks of at least 2 aircraft and various artillery left behind by the SRC made this an exciting adventure for us…. I was fascinated by the remains of
the electronics equipment which we found in a cave ! (… continue reading this article here)

Our Thanks To…

Barbados photographer Stephen Mendes for the photo of the HARP gun from his excellent website Barbados Photo Gallery.com

Writer Angela Cole – whose website we have just joyfully discovered and hope to occasionally feature. (link here)

(Side note to Angela… we see and respect your copyright notice and are asking for your permission to quote brief passages from your works and to point our readers to your website. If you wish us to remove your materials and references to your site, just let us know and we’ll comply. Cheers, BFP Robert)


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