Once Again: The Real Cuban Health Care System

American filmmaker Michael Moore is now under investigation by the US Treasury Department for traveling to Cuba – a contravention of the current embargo – to film scenes for his upcoming “documentary” lambasting the American health care system (Story at Breitbart.com).

Mr. Moore brought with him ailing 9/11 rescue workers, no doubt in an effort to show how wonderful and effective the Cuban health care system is, as opposed to the cruel and heartless American one.

What a hoax! What a joke! This, friends, is the real Cuban health care system:


You can see and read more in the previous BFP article:

If Barbados Needs Cuban Medical Help, Then We Are Really In Trouble

In addition, the Babalu Blog has put together a rather definitive collection of photos and articles here.


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26 responses to “Once Again: The Real Cuban Health Care System

  1. Two Sides

    I suggest that before you base your opinions on those very biased blogs and sites ( really even the names make me smile) you should visit Cuba yourself and see. This medium for info is a potentially a dangerous one and the adage of “…believing everthing you read” is now even more profound. Cuba has always been a thorn in the side of Floridas anti-Castro Cubans and I am afraid their lobby is extremely powerful..remember the elections where Floridas vote put Bush in…promises were made.

  2. No-name

    I have several friends who have either studied, visited or are currently studying in Cuba. I also recently met a young lady who is currently studying medicine in Cuba.

    I also have a friend, a professor from a leading university who have done research in Cuba and who was at one time contracted by the Government of one of our Caribbean Islands.

    This image you have therefore protrayed of Cuba on this blog does not reflect the information I have received. In many respect Cuba is way ahead of the USA in terms of medical care and related matters.

    I know from first hand experience that during the last three years Cuban Doctors have been assisting hundreds of people in SVG and Dominica who have problems with glaucoma. The people of these islands are extremely appreciative of this assistance.

    Manning of Trinidad and Gonzalves of SVG have also personaly benefiited from Cuba’S health care.

    I also spoke recently to a musician who got injured on a visit to Cuba and he had nothing but praise for the Cuban Doctors.

  3. Sly Mongoose

    What I can\’t understand is why the 911 rescue workers got sick at all (never mind that they can\’t get affordable health care in the USA). After all, in the wake of 9/11 the air in NYC was declared safe to breath by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) after the Bush Administration told them to declare it safe (as per media reports). I mean, it\’s not the Bush/Cheney gang has a reputation of telling nose stretchers and being incompetent, especially when it comes to looking after the health and safety of US citizens. Just google \”ground zero air pollution\”.

  4. Lady Anon

    Sly Mongoose…I hope you are being facetious.

  5. Chase

    Smoke and Mirrors BFP…….but I still waiting on this money laundering expose to come out….stop trying to distract us with Cuba ,Muslims etc.

  6. BFP

    Two Sides says…

    “I suggest that before you base your opinions on those very biased blogs and sites ( really even the names make me smile) you should visit Cuba yourself and see.”

    Two sides… This post was by Cliverton, who has actually lived, worked and studied in Cuba. He has certainly spent more time in Cuba than any other non-Cuban person I know.

    I suggest you search “cuba” in BFP’s little search box and read some of Clive’s more intimate BFP posts about Cuba.

    As to the money laundering post Chase, all will become clear soon. Take care, friend.

  7. more

    When you go digging in Barbados you never know what you will find.

    I guess BFP now knows this first hand.

    Perhaps the money laundering research turned up more than anyone imagined it would. Perhaps it turned into a story which needed more time and effort and could not be rushed.

    We will have to wait and see but BFP please do not make us wait too long.

  8. Yardbroom

    The tactics of battle:

    I am not an administrator of BFP, so it is not my writ to say what should or should not be done regarding the money laundering release.

    Personally I would not release the news now, as a tactical exercise it would not be advantageous.

    It would be better to release it when the election has been called,and a date set. Why?

    (1) The freshness of the release would have more impact than if it is released now.

    (2) The release would have the effect of downgrading the effect of any manifesto produced by the Government and would therefore be the topic of conversation and discussion.

    (3) It would give the Govt little time to prepare a line of defence to the charges leveled.

    (4) The point of a major release is effective impact without that the effect of the release is nullified and a great opportunity would be squandered.

  9. Chase


  10. yatinkinkiteasy

    Some of the photos of the back of the cuban hospitals look very familiar…in fact they look much like the back of the QEH!

  11. Propa Ganda.

    I’m sure Cuba has both Showcase Hospitals where foreigners,tourists and travelling musicians are attended to (so they return to their own lands with tales of ‘Wonderful Cuba’)
    – and then there are Kuban Horsepikals (where the photo above was taken) for the plebes, and those who don’t toe Kastro’s line.
    (yes,toe, not tow)

    Cuba is known to have ‘two-faced’ arrangements like this, almost-specifically for propaganda purposes,
    and so it’s very easy for each of us to stridently and faithfully defend that side of Cuba we wish to present
    thus defending either ‘The Glorious Socialist Revolution,Far better dan Yankee USA’ (=Michael Moore!)
    – OR – ‘Kuba the Failing Communist ShitHole’ it really is.

    Cuba – the land of two equal truths – take your pick!

    If you speak to Caribbean (ex. UWI-Mona) Doctors and surgeons, like I do…
    they’ll tell you that Cuba’s doctors are “okay”, but they aren’t quite up to scratch.

    But in a world short of medical skills, Cuban medical personnel are accepted because the price is right !
    So it wun’t be long now til QEH is entirely staffed by Indian nurses and Cuban ‘doctors’.

  12. Two Sides

    Just one question, is that photo one taken by Clive himself? Please excuse me as I do not take things as ‘gospel’ when reported. I like to analyse and digest as most people have agendas…..perceptions ….and opinions. Please let Clive know he is a brave man as I would find it hard to live, work and study in a country where should I happen to get ill I would end up in a hell-hole of a hospital.

  13. J. Payne

    I don’t believe it. These are outdated facts.

    Bush even said Cuba’s labs were advanced and producing “biologicical weapons.” In his state of the union. Besides. Cuba is only under an Embargo from the USA. Almost every other country in the world besides the USA trades with Cuba so they could stand to have nice medical care. They don’t spend their money much on anything else….

    Cuba trains doctors. Then lets other countries higher them. Cuba gets paid directly by other countries. Then Cuba pays the doctors whatever salary they feel is “fair.” BFP is falling for all the one sided rhetoric out of the Cuban community in Miami??? For shame…

  14. J. Payne

    Don’t be fooled the USA actually does trade with Cuba too. They just keep Americans from going there so that they can enforce their rhetoric propaganda….

    China has already proven that a Communist system can work if it is NOT under an Embargo and is allowed to trade with the free market system.

  15. Two Sides

    J. Payne, I agree. However one must feel a sense of sadness for the people of Cuba who do not have the rights and freedoms that we here have and so easily take for granted. I have huge respect for them for staying so strong in Americas backyard.

  16. True Native

    J. Payne:

    Yes sir, the same Cuban community in Miami that devastated that poor little boy, Elian Gonzales a few years ago and did their best to keep him away from his Dad in Cuba. And they ran away from Cuba in order to be free? What kind of democracy did they practice on Elian? Shame on them.

  17. True Native

    Sorry, J. Payne, I meant to write “yes sir/madam”!

  18. J. Payne

    I think the best bet would be to allow Cuba into CARICOM. That would be the peacefully bring about change there…

  19. J. Payne

    –Correction– I think the best bet would be to allow Cuba into CARICOM. That would be the peaceful way to bring about change there…

  20. J. Payne

    Cuba’s medical research is cutting edge. They discovered a vaccine for bacterial meningitis not too long ago.

    World: Americas – Cuba vaccine deal breaks embargo
    Date: Thursday, July 29, 1999 Published at 11:11 GMT 12:11 UK
    Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/406780.stm

    Cuba’s biotechnology industry has struck a deal with an American company to develop a unique vaccine against meningitis, despite the long-standing US trade embargo against the communist-ruled island.

    The problem? The USA would love to use it since meningitis is soo prevalent amongst college students around the country. (It is somewhat of a kissing disease.) The problem. The country America loves to hate- discovered it.

  21. Crusty

    Been to Central/South America, Africa or southeast Asia recently?

    Why pick on Cuba?

    Oh, I forgot, the government there is Communist.

  22. light

    Can anyone say agenda, what is yours BFP, the stories are becoming more and more one dimensionally. First safe the world from the evil Muslims and now Cuba, I can read this bias crap in the Nation or Advocate, what gives?

    Just as Barbados has two health care systems, I’m sure Cuba does, as does America and any place else on earth, there are always two worlds, the one for the haves and the other for the have nots.

  23. I can’t believe in this day and age people are still blinded. Talk to the Cubans who have family there and you’ll find a million stories. Most don’t have the Disney theme playing in the background. I’ll give you a few:

    1- My aunt had her appendix out with no anesthesia because there wasn’t any.

    2- My gay 10 year old cousin has received 9 (yes, 9) shock treatments for being gay and loud. Now he’s also crazy and disassociated from reality.

    3-Yes, hospitals are free, but all the medicine is reserved for the “elite” tourist hospitals.

    I am Cuban. My family in Cuba is suffering but can’t say it out loud for fear of the military. I’ve never been much for politics, but when the tyrant dies, I will be dancing on his grave.

  24. Jay

    Somehow WHO rated Cuba at 39 compared to the US 37 so clearly if the ranking is that close and the US that low in the rankings for having the “best” healthcare system in the world… something is wrong with the cost of the system and the way insurers are billing the patients.

    Maybe the more useful thing to do is research WHO’s method of ranking countries rather than criticizing Michael Moore?

  25. ecfmg21

    Sorry for all of you that believe Cuba has a great or even a fair health system.
    I’m a doctor from Nicaragua, and I have been in contact with several cuban doctors, and I must say their knowledge or should I say lack of it, is very dangerous. Most of them really are a hoax! is no secret, they can say that they have a given neonatal, maternal mortality rate, but how’s going to confirm it…. I now the true because I have seen it with my own eyes, and I will never let a cuban doctor treat a relative of mine.