Hamas Mickey Mouse Teaches Jihad


According to Spiegel Online, a Palestinian television channel is broadcasting a children’s show featuring a Jihadist Mickey Mouse doppelganger.

“The people firmly stand, singing this to you. … Its answer is an AK-47. We who do not know fear, we are the predators of the forest,” Farfour squeaks in one episode while miming the throwing of a grenade and the shooting of a rifle. In another, his mousey voice warns: “Oh Jerusalem we are coming. Oh Jerusalem, it is the time of death…”

Full story and video at Spiegel Online


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  1. What about Jim Jones in Guyana; Dave Korel in Waco, Texas; Tim McVeigh in Oklahoma and on and on and on? Were they not Janissaries? Did they not perform Jihadist deeds – yet not for the glory of Allah, rather for the upliftment of their version of God? If you do not agree, then woe betide wunna heathen botsies!

  2. reality check

    this is part of the Palestinian problem

    preaching hate and intolerance to youngsters instead of the love and tolerance only engenders
    generations of future terrorists. Sometimes you get what you preach and deserve.

    On the other hand, in many cases, Israelis have treated Palestinains as second class citizens in many respects ( ie property, water rights etc. ) in their own land. Sometimes you reap what you sow.

  3. Old Timer

    Heathen botsies, huh? Well now we know why father and son were called Doggie Daddy and Augie Doggie. Two peas in a pod.

  4. ariel_terrorist

    israeli settlers who live in the occupied palestinian territories in violation in international law as set out in securitry council resolutions and the decisions of the international court of justice and general assembly resolutions teach their children the same hatred and act out their violence on a daily basis against palestinians. this doesn’t get mentioned in the media though. neither does the systematic oppression nor the subjugation of the palestinian people by one of the mightiest armies in the world which is in turn backed by the super power. ask how many palestinians have died and ask how many israelis have died and i rest my case. of course religious people will speak about god and god’s chosen people and justify israeli action on the basis of some warped religious text.

  5. Old Timer, be brave, come out and reveal your identity or just go and quietly get stuffed – picking at the gnat of my using a regular Bajan word yet ignoring the listing of host of so-called “Christian” terrorists – what do you think of that? They are just as bad as any Mickey Mouse organisation, pun intended!

  6. Old Timer

    Ta ever so, but I think I’ll remain a Christian coward. (Bet yuh like da!)

  7. What a pity to live down to my expectations… Sad thing is, I am not in the least surprised! By the way I left out Rasputin and the Torquemada as Christian terrorists…

  8. ariel_terrorist

    reality check you do reap what you sow. hamas was created by israel to undermine fatah during the first palestinian intifida. hamas repaid them the favour by turning against israel.

    the us created the taleban monster by funding bin laden in the 1980s during the soviet invasion of afghanistan. that backfired too when bin laden and his boys turned against their former paymasters!

  9. ariel_terrorist

    I bet you Spiegel Online doesn’t talk about this sort of thing:

    Raphael Eitan: “When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle.” — Raphael Eitan, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces, New York Times, 14
    April 1983.

    Vladimir Jobotinsky : “Zionist colonization must either be terminated or carried out against the wishes of the native population. This colonization can, therefore, be continued and make progress only under the protection of a power independent of the native population – an iron wall, which will be in a position to resist the pressure to the native population. This is, in toto, our policy towards the Arabs… A voluntary reconciliation with the Arabs is out of the question either now or in the future…..If you wish to colonize a land in which people are already living, you must provide a garrison for the land, or find some ‘rich man’ or benefactor who will provide a garrison on your behalf. Or else-or else, give up your colonization, for without an armed force which will render physically impossible any attempt to destroy or prevent this colonization, colonization is impossible, not “difficult’, not ‘dangerous’, but IMPOSSIBLE!…Zionism is a colonization adventure and therefore it stands or falls by the question of armed force. It is important…. to speak Hebrew, but, unfortunately, it is even more important to be able to shoot – or else I am through with playing at colonizing.” [Vladimir Jobotinsky, ‘The Iron Wall’ (pub.1923)]

    Rabin memoirs: “We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us. Allon repeated his question, ‘What is to be done with the Palestinian population?’ Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture which said ‘Drive them out!'” –Yitzhak Rabin, leaked censored version of Rabin memoirs, published in the New York Times, 23 October 1979; Rabin’s description of the conquest of Lydda, after the completion of Plan Dalet.

    Heilbrun: “We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.” — Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

  10. Bravo, ariel! Ditto Saddam & Manuel Noriega – all of USA’s Janissaries have a habit of turning, to their view, into Judases…

  11. BTW: dictionary-dot-com… Janissary? “…a member of an elite military unit of the Turkish army organized in the 14th century and abolished in 1826 after it revolted against the Sultan.”

  12. True Native

    Hi Bimbro! Sorry, but I barely glanced at your comment earlier today before I had to rush out, and I’ve only just got back. Now I can’t find it. I think your main point was, how could we host a CWC event with folks who can’t say “please” and “thank you”, or something like that? Good question, but I honestly can’t answer it. I would imagine that a lot of visitors returned to their respective homes with bad tastes in their mouths, but I think that’s what happened in any case, given the fiasco the event turned out to be!

  13. Gnat

    Thats ‘David KORESH’ Ian Botsy. And you refer to a handful of misanthropic Jesus freaks who have had little impact on the global scene. Muslim jihadist, on the other hand, are legion and their influence vast. Luckily for us ‘Christians’ in the West, they are all doomed to failure by their very own bachward medieval nature. Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t face them locked and loaded.

  14. P.T.Barnum

    someone said “this is part of the Palestinian problem”

    NO! this is part of the human-religion problem, or to be more specific the perceived need of humans to indulge themselves in silly feelgood headgames called religions,
    behind which they can hide all manner of RH such as “My religion doesn’t allow that” or “My religion says…” what utter krappe!
    you sound like a seven year old and you should be ashamed of yourself for ever uttering such stupid words!

    – this has been my thrust recently, to point out to you and all of mankind generally that this religion nonsense leads to serious foolishness like this palestinian marketing of hatred etc. based on nothing else but my religion versus your equally inane religion, both of you believing in various childish fairy stories, and ea.of you believing them to be dead-true,too!

    the whole thing is utter childish rubbish and yet here we are, at ea.others throats, in the name of WHAT? – a headgame?

    are u guys serious? – yup! they’re dead serious about this fantasy crap tied in to an alleged life after this one, despite a lack of evidence generated over 3,000 yrs to the contrary.
    muslims believe that if they die in allahs name they get 17 Virginians (that’ll larn them) – what patent nonsense. even if you get 17 virgins ..whatcha gonna do with them? cloak their beauty in sackcloth and ashes?
    THAT’s what you do to your beautiful womenfolk? you gonna screw yourself to death?
    u think you can keep up with 17 virgins? dude I wish u luck !

    and you twit christians who think you’re somehow superior to this middle eastern stuff, you are precious little better coz u2 get drawn into this nonsense.
    its time to GROW UP,fellas time to re-educate yourself away from the tortures of childhood you were subjected to, by your parents and the doctrinaire upbringing you suffered at the hands of ministers and priests who fed you a long line of BS:
    and in your childish innocence, with the aid of your equally-brainwashed parents, you fell for it.

    well you’re a big boy now and the time is come to start scientifically examining this weird manufactured coping mechanism that poses as REAL, when in fact it is not.
    you and the muslims need to get over this stupid headgame hobby that has plagued mankind with nonsensical beliefs for far too long.

    what are you? intellectual lightweights of the lowest order?
    come ON,man! start to THINK.
    turn off the danged radio and start thinking about what is going ON with humanity generally over this appallingly stupid RUT we have fashioned for ourselves.
    find some personal backbone and go stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself ‘I AM MORTAL and when I die, that’s it: I go 6ft. under like everyone else, and that is no big deal’.
    Face up to the REAL reality and get off the psychological hook you were placed on, since age 5.
    you have been suckered from childhood, and goodness knows i’ve said it enough times,
    “there’s a sucker born every minute.”
    are you one of them ??

    i dare you to prove to me that you are not a feeble-minded sucker for religions of any sort, and stop screwing up MY WORLD with BS American-promoted security paranoia when i have to go thru security checks at airports, for no other reason than BS RELIGIONS!

  15. reality check

    ariel-terrorist and PT Barnum

    I am in agreement

    religious and territorial fanatics are the root of our problems and the US has created many of its own demons for its own selfish interests.

  16. P.T.Barnum

    you tell them gnat! i like the “locked and loaded” stance.
    the only way to rid the body of CANCER is to excise it! – and frankly islam is THE cancerous religion, out of all of them. the rest are mild by comparison. we are in seriously deep caca only we aint know it yet. and until we get past this playplay thing we call religion, we are doomed to continue repeating the sorry past. in other words this Crusades II,The Sequel
    shall indeed be followed by Crusades III, verily i say unto you. just give father time another few hundred years and de same same shiRte gyne boil up and boil over one more time,
    thus confirming the the one thing we learn from experience, is that we DON’T learn from experience.

    nothing NOTHING has held back mankind’s intellectual development like religions – the whole goddam lot of them!!

  17. somebody


    1. Allah is the same as the Christian and Jewish God. It is simply the Arabic word meaning “God.” If you ask Arab Christians and Arab Jews they will tell you they refer to God with the same word.

    2. Jihad does not = terrorism. Jihad has to do with spiritual struggle, most often within oneself, and only very rarely having to do with physical warfare against others. The Qur’an prohibits killing innocent bystanders and noncombatants and also prohibits committing suicide. I’m really, really tired of people using the word “jihadist” instead of “terrorist.” If you’re not going to bother to get yourself informed about the basics of what Islam teaches then you really aren’t qualified to talk about its apostates either.

  18. P.T.Barnum

    just to clarify among those of you who may think that p.t.barnum is a godless communist, i say that nothing could be further from the truth. i very much hope there is a more intelligent life-form out there, than you miserable humans who cant think your way out of a religion foisted upon you,
    for if we Homo sapiens,L.1758(go figure!) are the smartest thing in this universe it is in big trouble!

    i rail only against idiot human religions of this planet, that seek to capitalise on a superior intellect of sorts, by devising a theoretical god-concept that spins itself round and round in an ever-decreasing circle (just like the Greater WackWacka bird and we all know where he ends up!!)

    have you ever been in a living room where ‘devout’ christians are discussing god and what She is or isnt?
    it is the most patently-inane discussion
    -if it can be called that-
    you’ve ever heard! – talk about BS concepts: its worse than an idealistic marxist-leninist think tank and thats pretty darned bad

    fortunately for other planets out there with basically-intelligent life forms, they have evolved past the need for a$$hole religions, and are thus free to develop and handle their problems without silly stuff getting in the way

  19. True Native

    Somebody (Not Nkhuda, by any chance?) It was you who called Brass Tacks today?

    “The Qur’an prohibits killing innocent bystanders and noncombatants and also prohibits committing suicide”. I have never read the Qur’an, so I’ll take your word for it. Just do me a favour – TELL THAT TO THE TERRORISTS, please. Don’t tell it to us here, we’re not the ones who need the advice, we’re not a bunch of savage killers! Thank you.

  20. Anonymous

    “somebody” said…

    I’m really, really tired of people using the word “jihadist” instead of “terrorist.”

    Um…. the people who are defining the word “jihad” as armed struggle are… the Islamists… not the west.

    Where is the mass resistance among the Muslims to the hijacking of their religion? Answer: there is no mass resistance, and the few Muslims who have stepped up to the plate face death.

    No Christian would ever say that Koresh, Jim Jones or any of their ilk are “Christian”, yet millions and millions of Muslims believe that the terrorist Jihadists are indeed very Muslim.

  21. Marcus2

    How is it that BFP is always on the wrong side of issues?
    What is it that you have against Muslims?

  22. True Native

    Marcus2: “What is it that you have against Muslims?”

    Go and draw a cartoon featuring the prophet Mahomed and you’ll soon find out. You might be walking around with your head tucked under your arms.

  23. Gnat, have you ever heard of the Crusades? In the 1300s?? Where “Christians” went to reclaim Jerusalem for “God” (nothing to do with the gold & treasures, we are too PURE for that, eh? Let us praise goLd – uh – GOD), when they were losing against the “Godless” Saracens, then they sent CHILDREN to do their dirty work? Ask Sting, he wrote a song about it in 1985! (Nevertheless, does any of it sound familiar? Heaven forbid! Not like what Sandinistas or Israelis AND Palestinians do with their young’uns???) so I suggest, “Gnat”, that you carry your …. I’d finish it but then I’d be as stupid as you!

  24. True Native

    Congratulations, Cliverton. Well done.

  25. True Native

    Uh-oh! A Jesus freak has emerged in the U.S. Jim Jones and David Koresh all over again? Followers are donating thousands of dollars to this poppet (he says he’s better than Jesus!!) and some have even bought him a house in Texas. But Christians and others are speaking out against this imposter, as they rightly should.

  26. light

    The BFP needs to be careful, you are beginning to seem Anti-Muslim. Prove me wrong, the truth always has two sides. Show us both, not just the negativity of the Muslim world, because God knows millions have been killed in his name, by the so called Christians of this world.

    P.S. By the way Barbados is not a Christian society, we worship the almighty dollar, we are capitalist at heart.

  27. Educationalists

    Children become much of what you teach them.

    The other blog was saying that if we in Barbados allow the fundamentalists to educate a fraction of children here, we will end up with Bajan fundamentalists, or worse still, extremists.

    What strikes me in this report on education of Palestinian children is how much an upbringing can influence the future politics of a country; or in reverse, how much politics can influence what kind of future adult. In this case there appears little hope for peace in that region.

    No, of course we do not want this here in Barbados, it is so far removed from our western, progressive society. And so we request confirmation that this will not happen.

    But we hear nothing, so we conclude that some growing number could end up being educated along these lines right here in Barbados, which is disturbing, to say the least.


  28. Old Timer

    And the frightening thing is that Immigration is letting them in daily. If you wish to find illegal Guyanese immigrants, go up St. Philip. You can easily spot them because they all wear large straw hats, rubber boots and ride bicycles on their way to work in agriculture. They pour out of houses by the hundreds early on mornings. They are doing a good job with agriculture, but the fact remains that many of them are in Barbados ILLEGALLY. Just now mosques will be springing up all over Barbados.

  29. Zulu

    The Gyanese we have in Bdos do not go to any church. They work hard every single day. I have had reason to interact with some of them and I wonder how they got into the island. Many of them are fairly illiterate.
    I said “fairly”. Some are quite illiterate indeed.

  30. Chase

    Please dont bring up the Palestinian conflict…plz ….plz dont……..BFP cant handle this right now!!

  31. Chase

    I am confused…True Native says….Go and draw a cartoon featuring the prophet Mahomed and you’ll soon find out.

    What if I was to take the book of Revelation seriously and take down the picture of the white jesus with the long flowing hair and skin white like milk and replace it with a person with the colour of his skin like bronze burnt in the furnace and his hair like sheep wool…….do you think this would go down well with the Church?
    I think not.

  32. IT master

    Hello Chase

    the point is that the muslims riot and kill over a drawing of Muhamad. The Christians do not act the same way over god knows how many “artistic” displays of crosses upside down in urine, or any other insult.

    try putting a Quaran in urine and see what the response is from the Muslim community in Barbados, I agree it will not be pleasant.

  33. Yardbroom

    May God give me a modicum of uncertainty so that in time I may be certain.

    There is so much certainty on this thread, that our minds are closed to everything, we are not listening to each other, we are only speaking.

    Listening does not mean agreement, it simply infers addressing what has been said.

  34. Educationalists

    You will note that this writer is trying to look at the ‘we’ and the possible implications.

    Any writer, and there are several above, that refer to ‘they’ and ‘them’……….

    Constantly one must return to the ‘we’, use the facts to foresee, and to chart a course that will be beneficial to Barbados. Addressing and changing what is happening now is easier than cleaning up the damage if and when an extremist event(s)occurred.

    We need to look at the education and to change what is being taught early, which in Barbados is also the now.

  35. BFP format clarified…

    Muslim = Satan

    BLP = Corrupt

    DLP = Stupid

    West Coast whites = USA’s South, pre-MLK Jr

  36. Inkwell

    The Palestinian parents don’t have to teach their children much. They get their education daily from the Israelis occupying their country. They see the suffering at the check points, at the hospitals, at the schools. They see the arbitrary arrests, the targeted killings and they learn that they are worse than dogs in the land that used to be theirs.

    Then they are formally educated that with the support of Britain and the USA, their people were driven from their homes and land, crammed in their millions in Gaza and the West Bank or made refugees when Israel was created in 1948.

    They learn that in 1967, Israel’s army occupied even what was left to them and since then has continued to take their land with their ever expanding settlements. They learned how futile it was to stand up for their rights… indeed they learned that they had no rights and they learned the futility of resistance to the occupation.

    They learned that The United Nations, by Resolution 242 since November 1967, ordered the Israelis to give back the occupied territory and that the Israelis replied ..screw you. They then learned that one country, the greatest Godliest Christian country has since then been vetoing every UN resolution which sought to rectify the wrong.

    They learn that their inhuman condition is perpetuated by the guns and money of the greatest and godliest Christian country on earth, the USA.

    They learn that even when they espouse democracy and elect a government, they are still ostracized. Yep, they have every reason to love Israelis and Americans. It has NOTHING to do with religion. It has to do with justice, right and wrong.

    The Arab world has for years been telling the west that the roots of “terrorism” lie in the Palestinian problem, but the west can’t accept that, because it would mean breaking ranks with Israel.

  37. Straight talk

    Spot on analysis Inkwell, the downside is it may startup another [name of banned poster] racist diatribe.

  38. Educationalists

    That is only one side of the total perspective, and it leads one to conclude for only one side, and that is probably not going to make the way to peace.

    How will one-sided perspectives affect us when extremism is here in Barbados?

    Will this perspective justify it, and the fact that children here are being educated a certain way?

  39. Gnat

    Ian Botsy, why did you not invoke the crusades in the first place if you wanted to make a point from a position of strength? And besides, have you never heard of the muslim invasion of Europe, long before the crusades, when they made Spain their occupied home for over four hundred years? The Crusaders were’nt the only ones galloping around teifing land in the name of God. As for me being ‘stupid’, well that may be your opinion based on one blog comment, but the rest of Barbados has years of evidence of your monumental idiocy from your ‘TV days’: Mundane small talk between news stories, inability to read & pronounce properly, innapropriate jokes; all now reinforced with your endless dribbling, dictionary-dot-com reinforced blogging career. Well done idiot.

  40. While I understand that BFP is making the point that fundamentalism is being drilled into Palestinian children’s minds, I think that that particular post was rather irresponsible. In making this post, they only presented the information from the website but did not comment on, it did not give any reason or opinion.I suppose, we can assume however that they are trying to make the point that that same radical strain of islam could possibly find or possibly has found its way into our small island nation and also that people while tolerant in this country of disrespect of Christianity outcry against or shy away from critisizing any aspect of Islam.
    I think that it must be remembered that the Muslim community in Barbados is in the severe minority and has never shown any serious mass fundamentalist views, and, in my opinion and the opinion of the wider Barbados populace, is unlikely to do so.Because of this I think Barbados Free Press should be wary of creating and animosity that is currently non existent or at the lowest level.

  41. Anonymous

    I suppose that bfp would report it if some group of Muslims called for reforms to the textbooks used by the Islamic schools on the island, but so far Bajan Muslims have been content with their textbooks that call Christians and Jews “pigs and apes”.

    The only time we have heard from a Bajan muslim on bfp was when they said that women have to be carefully watched or they will “fornicate with anyone”.

  42. jude

    Really interesting site … broaden your minds …


  43. Chase


    Thanks for that link.That was interesting to say the least.
    Really makes you think.It sure clears up a lot of the misconceptions that are in abundance on this blog.

  44. Pity that ppl have to resort to name-calling (justified or not) I have to just ignore it all as it’s clear that BFP is not moderating as such – punishment for not agreeing? Pity!

  45. Chase

    Why are we always picking on the Guyanese who come here,beat the system and work hard to send back money to feed their families.

    All of us by some extention,have relatives who do the same in America,England Or Canada.
    We all do it.Years ago there was a huge exodus to the same Guyana by Bajans.

    What I find ironic is that as a technician,I come across them on a day to day basis…they are some that are illiterate yes but they can save $1 from 75 cents.They live as basic as one could….we can learn a lot from this.

    The funny thing is that they are employed by some of the biggest contractors on the island.Go figure……..if you were in their shoes wouldnt you do the same?

  46. Chase

    Whoa…..being moderated now.

  47. Educationalists

    Maintaining focus on the education of young people, here is a non-BFP link that leads to antion News article from Fe this year. Your comments please.

    Nation News Feb 6 2007
    Senegalese should have had proper Muslim burial

    Date February 06, 2007
    Brief Senegalese should have had proper Muslim burial
    The Foundation for Islamic Development Inc. has previously gone on record as opposing the practice of multi-faith religious services in any form. The Islamic position on such matters is that no Muslim sho

    THE FOUNDATION FOR ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT INC. has previously gone on record as opposing the practice of multi-faith religious services in any form. The Islamic position on such matters is that

    no Muslim should worship in any manner not prescribed for us by our own religious teachings.

    The presence of Muslims at a Catholic religious ceremony is therefore an affront to the entire Muslim community in this country. Senegal is a country having 95 per cent of its population following Islam as their way of life; why then should the so-called leaders of the Muslim community consent to this disregard for Islamic practice?

    It is now clear to us that those in the Muslim community who were responsible for accepting this outrageous activity are prepared to enter the entire Muslim community into Allah’s displeasure, rather than stand firm for Islamic principles. We wish, therefore, to make it clear to all Barbadians that while we do not condemn anyone for the beliefs they hold, as Muslims we cannot join in worship with any other group.

    We at the Foundation for Islamic Development Inc. take this opportunity to state categorically

    that there are Muslims in this country who are not prepared to compromise our religious beliefs

    for the sake of acceptance from the wider community.

    We further state for the record, that the funeral services which were held on January 31 for the Senegalese nationals was an insult to them as Muslims as they were not given the benefit of proper Islamic burials.


  48. Yardbroom

    It is very difficult to absorb Muslims into a multi faith Country, Islam is a religon that does not travel well, unfortunately, it is an all or nothing religion.

    Muslims in many ways run away from the troubles that often abound in their native countries, where they are in the majority and branch out into quieter places. However when they are firmly entrenched and have increased in numbers they wish for a Muslim tranquility they never had, if they did, they would not have left their Muslim homelands.

    In most of the countries where the Muslims are in a majority there is conflict, one has to ask if the religion is so “peaceful” why does conflict follow it around.

    I am not anti-Muslim have never been, and seek only to live in peace with my neighbours, but it appears that to live at peace with Muslims you have to be Muslim and that is not enough, you have to be the right branch of the faith.

    Another point they hold dear is that if only you read the Koran you would see the light, they cannot imagine someone not seeing the light having read the Koran, a certainty that most people cannot understand, I certainly cannot.

    Muslims always seek a change to suit their faith, if you do not accede to their changes you are anti-Muslim, which is often not the case, your wish is simply to carry on your life as you have always done, in the same way as Muslims seek to carry on the Muslim way in Muslim countries as they have always done, no complaint from me on that score.

  49. Marcus2

    This the real problem I have with BFP, they are just taking stories from whatever sources and just running with them.
    More often than not they are wrong or just plain one sided.
    If BFP had done even a little bit of research they would have discovered that HAMAS was more or less an Israeli Government creation. It was allowed to form initialy back in the the eighties as a religious counterbalance against the PLO led by Yassar Arafat. The Israelis were trying to use the old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Over time the Palestinians saw through the whole Israeli trick and switch their anger from against each other and rightfully toward the Israelis.

  50. True Native

    As we say in Barbados, “if you say A, you have to say B. The Jehovah Witnesses are similar to the Muslims in that they are very persistent, and it is their way or NO way. They will let someone die rather than allow a pint or two of someone’s else’s blood to enter their body. But, I don’t believe I have ever heard of anyone from the J.W. faith killing someone for their different beliefs. I once had a dear friend, who, after joining the J.W.’s, decided we could be friends no longer, and she referred to me as the “opposition”. Religion can ruin friendships, if you let it.

  51. Yardbroom

    We have to be fair to BFP they are not being prescriptive as to what we should read, they are saying this is in the public domain, what do you make of it?

    By debate we come to a conclusion, or perhaps we have a conclusion before debate, it does not really matter, if we have clarity in our own minds, we might, just might influence others.

  52. Peltdown Man

    Inkwell, you have nailed the problem.

    Yardbroom, your apparent pleas for tolerance run counter to some of your contributions on other threads. For example: if you don’t like seeing grown men peeing in public, then you don’t have to live here. Or words to that effect.

    Could it be that an effort was being made to offer a decent farewell to those unfortunate souls? Does apparent ignorance of their beliefs (and there was no way of knowing what they were) remove the sentiment that was expressed? Are you saying that Islam is so intolerant that it cannot accept that a group of people were just trying to do the right thing?

  53. Yardbroom


    My reference to another contributor and the comment if you do not like seeing grown men peeing in public do not live here is being taken out of context.

    A poster said or implied a lamp post outside his residence was being used as a urinal, I suppose by men.

    On the following night he said that he saw a woman raise her skirts and relieve herself in public.

    He said that he understood this was “our culture”, I took him to task on that and said it was not, he had given a list of bad behaviour which he said was common fare in Barbados and was the general norm. I explained that there were instances of bad behaviour which was true but could not accept that those instances accounted for the behaviour being “our culture.”

    Within that discussion I said that if Barbados has so many disadvantages and you are undoubtedly unhappy, why are you here.

    I stand by every word I said.

  54. Jerome Hinds


    May 10th, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    This the real problem I have with BFP, they are just taking stories from whatever sources and just running with them.
    More often than not they are wrong or just plain one sided.
    If BFP had done even a little bit of research they would have discovered that HAMAS was more or less an Israeli Government creation. It was allowed to form initialy back in the the eighties as a religious counterbalance against the PLO led by Yassar Arafat. The Israelis were trying to use the old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Over time the Palestinians saw through the whole Israeli trick and switch their anger from against each other and rightfully toward the Israelis.



    Your recall of the old Israeli TRICK is akin to your BLP leader ” Politics of Inclusion ”

    His use of Clyde Mascoll was the perfect example !

    By the way was that the same Clyde Mascoll at the CWC 2007 press conference last Saturday !

    The same Clyde Mascoll Owen Arthur referred to in the extract below ?

    Excerpted from: http://www.nationnews.com
    MAY 9, 2003 – Prime Minister Owen Arthur responding to statements by Clyde Mascoll that he had been promised a Cabinet position to join the BLP.
    “What would I do with Mascoll in my Cabinet? I am serious! What would I do with Clyde Mascoll in my Cabinet?”

    Wuhloss !

    No wonder the people LOST faith in Arthur & the BEES !

  55. Brabsoda

    The offending Hamas Mickey Mouse character has been removed from the childen’s show.
    I guess there is still hope for peace in that region.

  56. Citizen First


    I too stand by every word I said.

  57. DFX


    I’m not sure if you are Abi Akil Mapp or if you are just quoting him, BUT.

    Having had a conversation with a close friend who is a Muslim that was involved with the preparation and burial of these poor souls the decision was made to hold a multi-faith service as there was evidence that some of the dead were in fact Christian. While I have argued on behalf of the Muslim community before I cannot support what was implied in the Nation article . I would like to know one thing. Is The Foundation For Islamic Developement, Inc. the “organisation” that is or was located in the Hart’s Gap area?

    The answer to the above question is YES I will bring further questions to this blog



  58. DFX


    If the answer to the above question ….

    Brain working faster than hands tonite.. So you know I’m typing 1 letter a minute 😉


  59. Educationalists

    DFX hello, and do please convey wishes of sincere concern, along with goodwill to your friend(s), a few of which may be Muslim.

    The previous post only quotes the words of the letter to the editor. Click the link and you’ll see the exact same thing at the nationnews website.

    The whole community was sorry to hear the plight of the refugees, their hope for a new life, and the final resignation of the diary entries. It was a tragedy of epic film-worthy proportions: the hope of renewed life defeated by slow starvation and death.

    Here is the relevant part of the letter in the post: “We at the Foundation for Islamic Development Inc. take this opportunity to state categorically that there are Muslims in this country who are not prepared to compromise our religious beliefs for the sake of acceptance from the wider community. ”

    We all know that Muslims have participated in the multifaith services; but Abu Akil Mapp does not like it. Why not? Why not bring Bajans to gether for the sake of exchange, communion, or grief and blessing/burying of the dead?

    Re your question about an organisation at Hart’s Gap, that would be the Islamic Teaching Centre, would it not? This is where Salafi Manhaj came from.

    Brabsoda, it would be so nice for peace. Yes indeed.

    Here is a website that is called Centre for Monitoring the Impact of Peace. Please, if you are reading this blog, take time to go and read the reports on education contained within. Here is the link:


    Of interest to this thread are both Saudi, wherein lies the Wahhabi, and much about Saudi, though the report is old, it is relevant:

    and the reports on The Palestine Territories;
    and the reposts about Israel;
    and others eg Iran.

    Please take an hour or two, or more, and do this research. This is important.

    Now I am going to tell you a story. Hope it helps everyone to sleep.

    Let us go to Hiroshima. The day was August 6, 1945, when the bomb dropped. The city was inciinerated. Many who survived the blast later died of radiation poisoning, and later the dreaded hidden giant, cancer.

    I want you to take a look at your family, take a look at your religious community, take a look at the wider community. You cannot envisage a day coming where your group, your family, your society, whichever one it may be- Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Christian- where a holocaust will happen?

    Now think again, as we consider a holocaust happening to each of our own respective religious or local communities. How could it be? This is not what was taught in religion- aren’t we all safe and protected? How could HE/SHE allow this?

    Tonight I want everyone to go to bed and to think about a holocaust to their own respective interest groups, to the Middle East, to Africa, to North America, to Europe, even South America. Don’t believe for one minute that it might not happen to one or more of these- to maybe a Muslim civilisation, maybe a Jewish one, or maybe even a Christian one.

    Can we afford to retreat into extremist positions? If we do can we be certain that a holocaust may not happen even to us, or to someone who is in a group we know, that we maybe care about, maybe not?

    Sleep well everyone. Peace be unto all. When we awake tomorrow you will know what to do.

  60. DFX


    I thought so. I think this is where the problems are coming from in some cases. This is the same “group” that is allowing members to have more than 1 wife; which up to 9am this morning was illegal in Barbados.

    These are the guys that we need to watch.


  61. partying

    yes the entire arab/muslim world and the immigrant populations are full of terrorists, bearded men and veiled women. just check these videos:

  62. uneducated iddiot

    Wait dfx,i am not defending the muslims,but is having a legal wife and then 1 or 2 outside women legal in bdos{[i think no]in this christian society its called adultery}.that must be good for society..i guess thats why people here carry their mother’s name instead of their father’s.
    As far as i know ‘bulling ‘ is still illegal,yet i have NEVER seen a man went to court for that yet.and i mean consenting adults.
    Prostitution is still illegal,never see a raid up bush hill yet. and the list goes on….and this is up to 6.00pm.

  63. DFX

    I’m not talking outside woman. I’m talking WIFE and is openly supported by the senior members of the “organization”. I also have been told of a case in this same “organization” where one of the 2 “wives” gave birth to a full term infant on a date that would have put the date of the conception smack in the middle of the time when true Muslims would have been abstaining.
    If you want to have a religion that says you have to swing around Nelson’s Statue twice a day I have no problem with that, but if you are claiming to be a Muslim then at least live by the rules of Islam.



  64. Get In The Action

    I hope the Ministry of Education is monitoring the curriculum of these madrassas in Barbados.

  65. True Native

    There are madrasses in BARBADOS??! We’ve reached that stage? I am shocked.

  66. Get In The Action

    How else can you describe these Islamic (muslim only) schools they have allowed.

  67. uneducated iddiot

    get in the action…. as far as i know the islamic school teaches mostly secular subjects[eng. maths ,hist.geog etc.] with the exception of islamic history or maybe arabic as a language. and i’m quite sure the ministry knows the curicular and i’ve been told that retired bajan headteachers/teachers teach there.
    dfx.. as u said its illegal to have 2 wives, the only way they could have got around that is by marrying by religious rites/vows and not by legal[bdos law] means.{in islam u can marry up to 4,but people forget the fineprint where it says that if you marry 1 it is better for you} .
    as the matter with the birth ,there is no time in the year where they have to abstain.only in the month of fasting they do not eat drink cohabit from before sunrise till sunset.which mean u can eat drink have sex after sunset.
    peace man..

  68. DFX

    uneducated iddiot,

    My bad on the abstaining. But it is my understanding that there are certain rules in Islam under which a man may take a second wife. And in this case the second wife was not the widow of his brother or even a widow at all. Just a female he wanted. Maybe he had his way with her and was forced to marry her? I don’t know. But it’s still not 100% legal either way and therefore I don’t think should be supported by the leaders of the organization. It’s just my opinion. If he can support both of them equally, then more power to him. But I guess he now owes the 1st wife a child LOL

    Peace and thanks for the education


  69. Educationalists

    The lecture put on by Foundation for Islamic Development, on Sept 1 2006, was held at Clement Payne Centre. This was the lecture before the Slafi Manhaj one.

    What is the relationship between FID, Islamic Teaching Centre, and Clement Payne Centre?

  70. Jerome Hinds

    May 13th, 2007 at 2:34 am
    The lecture put on by Foundation for Islamic Development, on Sept 1 2006, was held at Clement Payne Centre. This was the lecture before the Slafi Manhaj one.

    What is the relationship between FID, Islamic Teaching Centre, and Clement Payne Centre?

    Relationship ?????……David Comissiong !

    It used to be David Denny also !

    So much for the ” Politricks of Intrusion ” !

  71. DFX

    I guess Jerome knows more than I do. Honestly I didn’t know. Makes one think though. Thanks again for the education


  72. Maria

    DFX (destitute fatalist (e)xile)

    Things are very BADDD wid u that u had to depend on Jerome Hinds fuh education.

    Jerome Hinds got a salary under false pretence – that he was teaching the nation’s children in Water Street. Shim’s time was spent at de BFA…no I did not say he spent the BFA’s money. Even when he was at school he was not teaching. He was engaged in pilferage of the school’s stationery….cause he was using it for his election campaign.

    Now he getting MP salary under false pretence, cause instead of administrating constituency matters, he administrating Barbados Free Press.

    Clearly, this born man, likes to lie ……wonder what the suspenders are keeping up…his appearance?

  73. Stealth Bomber


    Stealth Bomber.. you and your IP are banned.

    We will not put up with you BLP agents again attempting to highjack this blog through foulness – all for the purpose of driving away readers.

  74. Jerome Hinds

    Maria & Stealth Bommber……same personality interchanging names on BFP site !

    WHY ????

    The weight of the TRUTH so hot these BLP nitwicks have to resort to their CHAMELEON characters !

    Owen Arthur could not find a better BED PAN !

    After 13 years its the BLP in the dock !

    Up from 45 %……..89.2 % ready to CHANGE the BLP !

    This no CADRES poll……we know how that fooled Kenny Anthony !

    This is the poll from the poor attendance at the BLP recent public meetings….!

    The one in 6 roads had more……ROADS than people !


    Hello Jerome

    BFP Robert here. We banned Stealth and Maria as they were ramping up for the same sort of attack on this blog as happened before – with the goal of lowering the discourse to drive away ordinary citizens. They did not have the same IP, but they were co-ordinating the attack with each other – as they have done previously under different names but with the same IPs. I would guess that they call each other and set up a meeting to get together for an online attack. Always in the evening after work.

    Desperate folks, don’t you think?

  75. BFP

    Hello Jerome

    BFP Robert here. We banned Stealth and Maria as they were ramping up for the same sort of attack on this blog as happened before – with the goal of lowering the discourse to drive away ordinary citizens. They did not have the same IP, but they were co-ordinating the attack with each other – as they have done previously under different names but with the same IPs. I would guess that they call each other and set up a meeting to get together for an online attack. Always in the evening after work.

    Desperate folks, don’t you think?

  76. Jerome Hinds


    Well I am sorry you were forced to take such action.

    But as the defenders of Balanced, Fair & Pragmatic ( BFP ) discussion…..someone had to draw the line !

    Keep us in check whenever the need arises.


  77. True Native

    BFP: Thanks a million! I was so upset when I read that garbage I nearly vomitted! They viciously attacked John when he diplomatically tried to steer the discourse in a more healthy direction.

  78. True Native

    Jerome, my friend, you can become a wee bit raunchy at times too, so you’d best watch out you don’t get banned too! Use a little more decorum and don’t go down in the gutter with those slimeballs!

  79. Zulu

    Maria and Stealth Bomber will be back b4 the end of the week. All like now they are “strategising”. With elections vitually around the coner, they cannot afford to miss out in any area which has mass appeal such as BFP.

  80. Zulu

    I believed that Maria and Stealth Bomber were paid to carry out such attacks. How else could they be so full of venom whenever someone opposes the BLP? Talk about being blind? Or better yet, brainwashed??

  81. Get In The Action

    uneducated iddiot

    I may have been a bit over-zealous labeling the Al-Hudaa Muslim School a madrassa. My point is that we should learn from the experiences of other countries where radical Islam gradually penetrated their societies through indoctrination of the youth. The UK Government turned a blind eye to these radicals and tried to accomodate them for years. Look at where that ended up. After the bombs in London they have now cracked down on them. We cannot be so nieve as to think radical Islam cannot reach our shores, when just a few hundred miles away there are fundamentalists in Trinidad.

    We need to keep an eye on what these children are being taught.

  82. True Native


    Of course we know that Stealth Bomber and Maria will be back with new names, but at least we know that BFP will no doubt block their filth. We on here stirred them up and they are desperate.

  83. True Native

    My comment is awaiting moderation?

  84. DFX


    “DFX (destitute fatalist (e)xile)”

    LOL. Now that’s funny! I don’t know who Jerome is. I had no knowledge of the connection and therefore what he said was an education for me. Where is the bad in that?

    “Destitute” Don’t think so, still had a few $2 bills in the wallet and woke up with a roof over my head and for walls around me, only burglar bars to block the view and keep out the un-wanted.

    “Fatalist” maybe, I do think that our path is set out for us. We are born and we will die. What happens between that time however I think is our doing (guess I differ from the fatalists there). We can chose to enjoy life and accept others for what they are or we can be pig-headed and bang our heads against brick walls. It’s my choice to accept people and try to understand them and co-exist with them. I’m sure Chase and a few others will agree with me. If tomorrow Chase decided to tell me the sky was brown and I decided to tell him it was green I am pretty sure that we could sit down and we could sit down and enjoy a couple cold ones under a brown/green sky and agree that we both like beer. Let’s stop harping on what we dis-agree on and work on what we do agree on. Maybe after a while we will figure out that what we had disagreed on it the first place was not important or that maybe we were both wrong.

    “Exile”? I go to work most everyday, I was born here. I haven’t been banned from here. I don’t think I’m an exile.

    Sorry that you got yourself in trouble along with Stealth Bomber. But maybe if you had been more tolerant you would still be here. Robert, Marcus, Cliverton and I have had differing opinions in the past, and I’m sure that we will in the future, but THIS IS THEIR BLOG. LIKE MY MOTHER ALWAYS TOLD ME, HER HOUSE! HER RULES! Our differing opinions are what life is all about, we grow as individuals by being exposed to other opinions. I will continue to post my opinions and I will continue to respect Robert, Marcus and Cliverton for theirs. These guys are giving us a forum to make this little rock a better place, it’s sad when intolerance buggers it up.

    So BFP thanks for the defense, thanks for the great site and one of these days when this free country is a little more free I hope we can all meet in person and share a meal and laugh at how “good” 😉 the old days were.

    Until then “Happy Mother’s Day!” I’m off to make breakfast for the family (Chase, wish them luck lol)


  85. DFX

    Same here True Native. But in view of what happened before…. I can’t blame BFP

  86. True Native

    DFX: Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with what BFP did, but what I wrote was, I thought, quite inoffensive. I was merely agreeing with Zulu. Guess I’ve been kicked off. I wish they would tell me the reason!

  87. DFX

    True Native,

    I think it’s just the way the system works. Certain words are flagged and they go straight to moderation. It’s Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day I’m sure that the posts will show up later. I don’t think we have been kicked off. BFP is just enjoying a family day which is what I’m about to do. Food on the table catch ya later.


  88. Anonymous


    FYI Hamas Mickey was at it again on Friday. The video is on LiveLeak. When I saw it there was no translation yet.

    Wishing you and you family a blessed day.


    If this is a double post sorry. Firefox kept messing up.

  89. DFX

    OOPS! Hit the wrong button. Mickey was at it again on Friday last.

    This is really sad that an icon like Mickey can be twisted for violence and intolerance.




    True Native,
    If you are having problems posting try dumping your cookies. I tried to post this 3 times before. Dumped the cookies and it worked this time.

  90. True Native

    Don’t know if this will “await moderation”, but happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

  91. True Native

    Thanks a lot, DFX. I’ll give it a try.

  92. FYI? As far as I recall, only if a man can afford it, an Islamic may have UP TO 4 wives… He does not have to get the whole quartet – just as many as his budget allows! I do not understand some of my fellow posters hypocrisy in saying outside women are legitimised when in all reality, many Caribbean males do this like breathing – in this sense, Caribbean men and Islamic males differ in one sense only – we does eat souse [pig] and drink ’nuff rum [no booze]!