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Hamas Mickey Mouse Teaches Jihad


According to Spiegel Online, a Palestinian television channel is broadcasting a children’s show featuring a Jihadist Mickey Mouse doppelganger.

“The people firmly stand, singing this to you. … Its answer is an AK-47. We who do not know fear, we are the predators of the forest,” Farfour squeaks in one episode while miming the throwing of a grenade and the shooting of a rifle. In another, his mousey voice warns: “Oh Jerusalem we are coming. Oh Jerusalem, it is the time of death…”

Full story and video at Spiegel Online


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A Public Service Announcement From Barbados Free Press

Fathers … Lock Up Your Daughters! Cliverton Is Coming Home!!

Just got off the phone with a very excited (and somewhat tipsy) Clive. He tells me that he’s finished his finals and if all goes according to plan, he should be home by the end of the week!

Congratulations, my friend.

I’ll start stocking up the bar for the “emergency editorial meeting” I think we should have on your return …. 😉

…George says “you’d best not be acting like a big shot ’round him” .. which I’m pretty sure is his way of saying “congratulations” ….




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