Barbados Opposition Leader Asks – $150 Million Tax Dollars Later… Who Owns Kensington Oval?


“Interesting also, (Minister of State Clyde Mascoll) must tell us who actually owns the redeveloped Kensington Oval. I do not want to believe what I am hearing about Kensington, $150 million later, not belonging to all Barbadian taxpayers.”

…Opposition DLP Leader David Thompson in a May 6, 2007 media release about Cricket World Cup

We Don’t Own The Highway Flyovers, We Don’t Own The New Prison… But We Sure Pay For Everything!

Opposition Leader David Thompson asks some excellent questions in his recent press release about Cricket World Cup – questions that will be met with silence from the government.

But I didn’t know about Kensington Oval. How can we spend $150 million tax dollars and NOT still own it?

Oh yeah, I forgot… Owen Arthur’s strategy for filling his own pockets involves selling off our children’s futures.

Well, Mr. Prime Minister?

Do we still own Kensington Oval or not?

The Nation News: Above Our Heads


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21 responses to “Barbados Opposition Leader Asks – $150 Million Tax Dollars Later… Who Owns Kensington Oval?

  1. Jay

    What a load of rubbish. We own Kensington, the problem is that the land upon which it is built belongs to the BCA.

  2. Wishing in vain

    The short man looking to get Marshall fired as President of the BCA because he is fighting the short man on the ownership of the oval.
    This is a very sick man with no guts he can be considered a recent day Hitler putting his hit men out there to do his dirty work.
    Mr Marshall has got the PM hot under the collar he may be facing some stiff times ahead as we all know the PM will stop at nothing to destroy him trust me, wait watch and see the days ahead.

  3. littleboy

    If you construct a house on my land, can you then claim OWNERSHIP of my land?
    Oh ye so blinded by political partisanship!!!
    Why did the “great economists” Arthur, Wood etc. not negotiate all these things before hand?
    Just another wasted bit of taxpayers money…but then again,we have a “legacy”…or is it a debt we are bequeathing to our great grands!!!!!

  4. Pogo

    Thompson just thinking of this now? Where has this supposedly smart man been for the last five years?

    It’s just talk by him, all for show. Election coming you know.

    Want to bet he and his friends have a piece of this pie and we are going to hear nothing more about it?

  5. ?

    Wasn’t Pat Rousseau involved with a pizza restaurant some time back?

  6. Jay

    When did Anthony Wood ever say that he is the great economist? You dems keep missing tje damn bloody point, the BLP has 2.5 economists, the DLP has zilch! We have two Msc’s in Economics and one Bsc so get a life!

  7. Jerome Hinds

    Mr. Thompson’s questions re: ownership of Kensington Oval are right on CUE.

    How could Owen Arthur move ” Heaven & Earth ” to re – develop Kensington Oval and do not know who owned the lands ?

    What does this do for the folks at Six Men’s in Arthur’s own constituency ?

    For the benefit of Pogo & others, David Thompson nor the DLP do not control the purse strings in this country !

    I invite Pogo & others to re – visit HANSARD and see the views of the DLP on the Kensington re – development project !

    Kenny Anthony in St. Lucia paid at the polls for his lies & deception !

    Perry Christie in the Bahamas paid at the polls for his lies & deception !

    So too must Owen Arthur & his BLP gang pay at the polls for their lies & deception whenever general elections are called in this country !


    In a couple of months i will own it,really!!!

  9. anon

    could someone explain the relationships of the various companies involved with the redevelopment of kensington?

    Who owns the land?

    If the government loaned the money to an entity to carry out the redevelopment, which entity was this and did the Government take security for the loan?

    Who will own the new company that will take over the management of the oval? Will this company also own the property or lease it from the current owners whoever they may be

  10. Wishing in Vain

    I tell you Mr Thopmson got Owing chipping he asked a question and Owing is now running around like a chicken with its head cut off, when he asked Owing about the cheque for $750,000.00 it had the same result he ducked and dived and sweated and stammered and stuttered.
    This question of ownership of the Oval is one that obviously has sent shock waves thru Owing when I heard of his reaction and panic in his voice it says to me he knows he has screwed it up big time and is now looking towards his army of men to clean up his situation just as Hitler would do stay in the background and have your people fight your battles for you.
    For one he will attempt to remove Mr Marshall from office and he will install someone who’s strings he can manipulate and then the whole saga of the ownership will be resolved by a grouping of friends and buddies.
    Alternately he will compulsory acquire the land from the BCA and make it gov’t lands simple as that, what a way to go in true dictator style.

  11. anon

    why is my comment awaiting moderation

  12. J. Payne

    “We own Kensington, the problem is that the land upon which it is built belongs to the BCA.”

    Not all of dat… Government was paying to move some of those houses and thing around de Kensington. If de government then gave that land as well to the BCA. That’s up to this administration.

    And as far as building a house on someone’s land. The Lawyers in Barbados tell you you better charge them at least five cents rent because in 7 years they can claim squatters rights.

    Same thing if people start walking across your land. If they wear– a track across your land it can also become public property.

  13. Jerome Hinds

    Owen Arthur is openly displaying Robert Mugabe’s character traits on this issue !

    How else does one explain this nonsense ?

    Over 3 years ago :

    ** Kensington Oval was awarded the CWC 2007 FINAL !

    ** Owen Arthur moved ” Heaven & Earth ” to have the oval re – developed under the purview of his Ministry !

    ** Owen Arthur sanctioned the spending of over $ 150 million of Barbadians taxpayers money on this project !

    ** He visited the facility several times during its re – development !

    ******* How come now that the event has passed he scrambling about its ownership ?

    ******* Does he want to sell Kensington Oval just like he did when the GEMS failed ?

    ******** Why is he now publicly browbeating the BCA ?

    Why is he behaving like ROBERT MUGABE ?

    Can we take another 5 years of Owen Arthur & the BLP ?

  14. Wishing in Vain

    He is out to get Mr Marshall and he and his hachet men will stop at nothing to destroy him to make things happen the way the short man wants them to happen he is a vindictive, dishonest, bastard devoid of any morals hence the manner that he exhibits is one of callus contempt.

  15. laughing barbadian

    i now feel sorry for poor mr. marshall the pm is going to destroy him ………

  16. BK

    Do not underestimate Tony Marshall, he is not a man without support and he also has the support of BFP I am sure! : – )

  17. True Native

    David Ellis is a man with plenty of support, I would say. But he has been gob-stoppered and crippled, like a bird whose wings have been severed. You think the drunkard of Bay Street sweet?

  18. Wishing in Vain

    The short runt from Bay St needs a life outside of politics now that he now has a wife and child from one of the few he has fathered while married to the first Mrs Arthur, he is more damaging than hurricane Ivan and more vindictive the Tom Adams does that sum it up for you he is just downright dangerous and dishonest.
    If we the people allow him back in office again it would a case of not stopping his corruption fueled by he and his allies eg Nicholls, Bannister in the forefront of all his scams.

  19. littleboy

    Like your hero Owen $ Arthur, you avoid the question.
    Why were the negotiations re ownership of Kensington not done before hand?
    It has nothing to do with one’s political persuasion…but red herrings are the stock in trade of many BLP supporters.
    Can I dare suggest again that we should all try to exhibit good manners on this blog?

  20. Bakkra Johnny

    Let muh offer a solution to de problem …
    Government can aquire de land at Kensington (same way it aquired de other lands round it)
    for 24 million dollars (CWC gate receipts )
    Den de BCA could lend de WIBC de money to clear dem debts at no interest at all with the condition dat de headquarters and control of West Indies cricket come back to Bubbados where um belong. Den we would see de rise uh West Indies cricket again .. 🙂

  21. Bif

    “…the BLP has 2.5 economists, the DLP has zilch! We have two Msc’s in Economics and one Bsc so get a life!”

    Well, Jay, there are a bundle of QC’s too but that does not mean squat.