World Abuzz With Story Of Machine-Gun Toting Barbados Police Abusing Cricket Captain


“MELBOURNE, May 6: If one thought the World Cup final fiasco was the last in the string of unpleasant incidents at the cricket’s premier event in the Caribbean, reports say Australian players were at the risk of being arrested by Barbadian police when they were celebrating their triumph.

According to Australian daily The Age, an agitated local police officer allegedly “shouldered” captain Ricky Ponting when he asked for at least two minutes to sing their victory song at the centre wicket after their chaotic 53-run win over Sri Lanka in a rain-marred match…” (The Statesman, India)

“The Sun-Herald understands the players were on the centre wicket when local police, two of whom were armed with machine-guns, ordered them from the playing field.

The officer in charge, whom witnesses described as overly aggressive and forceful, was not prepared to listen when Ponting asked that his team be left for two minutes to sing the song. He demanded the team and its support staff leave the ground immediately…” (Sun-Herald, Australia)

Many Papers Around The World Are Carrying This Story

Here are a few of the many (dozens) of stories that a Google search will reveal… 

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33 responses to “World Abuzz With Story Of Machine-Gun Toting Barbados Police Abusing Cricket Captain

  1. Pogo


    Surely our party leaders will do the right thing and publicly apologize and announce they are looking into it and it is not normal Bajan behaviour?

    Or is it the usual where they ignore and obfuscate thereby costing the loss of more tourism business?

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Surely the spin master we have in the blp can handle such a minor case without to many problems it is only when the PM gets caught out with a cheque for $ 750,000.00 that they gaffle and sweat as there is no spinning that one away.

  3. Bajanboy

    You can see the legacy benefits going down the drain.

  4. the plumber

    We (the Barbadian people) are really a pathetic bunch if we think this deserves an apology.
    On the one hand we hear complaints about the lapse in security at the Pegasus (Wolmer) and now there are complaints about a Bajan policeman doing his job in not allowing unauthorised persons onto the square.
    The same security procedures which were in place for the entire tournament would still have been in place on the night of the 28th.
    Also interesting that there has been no mention (except on of the alleged damage done to the new players pavillion during the Aussie’s drunken celebrations that night. Maybe BFP need to get on this case to confirm or dispel these rumours.

  5. Lady Anon

    Question…do members of the RBPF carry machine guns? Don’t think so.

  6. Lady Anon

    But then again, it doesn’t matter…one space, one force.

  7. This incident allegedly occurred a few hours after the match was over. Man by then I feel those Aussies were probably pissing drunk. If the policeman had allowed a bunch of inebrated persons be they players or not to do as they like on the field we wouldnt hear the end of how bajans let foreigners do as they please.

    and as Plumber said why no reports about the damages done to the pavillion by the victorious team? chupse!

  8. Bif

    My understanding is that the policemen were told to “stand down” by their seniors.

  9. Lady Anon

    I am just wondering if this whole incident is being blown out of proportion.

    Was it not the same Australians who were required to apologise to an Indian cabinet minister for pushing him out of the way so they can begin their celebrations at a recent tournament?

    You won at 6:00 pm, celebrations yadda, yadda, yadda. If you are asked to end off and vacate the premises at 1:00 am, don’t you think you were there long enough?

  10. Wishing in Vain

    Do any of you remember that picture in the press with an armed officer at the airport with the arrival of the Scottish team to Barbados i said then and will say it again it makes this country look like it is military state controled by thugs we are contolled by thugs sorry.

  11. Patricia

    After they took off their clothes and was behaving lude infront of staff that had been there almost 24 hours. who in their right mind would blame police for giving some sense of order. west indian team would never be able to do that in australia or any other place for that matter.

  12. John

    If the incident happened several hours after the close of play I wonder what big able adult Australians could be moaning about.

    Personally, I was unhappy to see men with machine guns.

    I understood the need, but it made me unhappy.

  13. BFP

    Let’s get this straight folks… It doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong.

    The damage has been done, and it has been done world wide.

    It was Cricket World Cup “The Third Biggest Sporting Event In The World” as they so often remind us, and yes, the winning team might get a little out of hand. They always do.

    Now, how did Barbados respond? Firstly, we did not care enough or have foresight enough to assign a police security “liaison” to stay with the team.

    Secondly, we had our police acting like thugs in a high profile situation. What did we think would happen?

    (Or was it OUR police… it could have been any CARICOM police)

    Thirdly, no one from the police or Barbados government have come out to say anything about the situation… so the world is getting one story.

    But as we said… it doesn’t matter who was “right”.

    The damage is already done on a worldwide scale.

  14. How exactly were our police acting like thugs though?

    Again we are getting a one sided view of the whole incident. Can we have someone who isnt Australian and who saw the incident report.

    The bigger issue though and I think this is your point, the government of Barbados should issue a statement about this incident. Have they?


    comment by BFP Clive

    Hi Jdid!

    Is the snow gone yet? 🙂

    You are correct about the issue of the government… but our point is also that the government should have had a babysitter for these Aussies. Of course the Aussies were going to get drunk… they are Aussies AND they won.

    We could have had them saying, “You know, we got a little out of hand, but the Barbados police were all really good guys. Made us feel special even when we were a bit out of it. Gave us an escort home and asked for our autographs. Were thoughtful enough to give us a police liaison guy to help us find our way around. Really good people.”

    Instead… they are saying something quite different. “machine gun”, “overbearing”, “shoulder, assault”

  15. Wishing in Vain

    BFP you are right and the longer they wait to see if it will go away the more negative coverage it will receive around the world.
    From the day that pic with the officer holding the machine gun was published I said we looked bad in the eyes of the world, we looked like a military run country, if you review your post you will see what I am referring to it was just not right and just not needed ask it wasn’t me Mottley she was the one responsible for the security details or was she????

  16. “Let’s get this straight folks… It doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong.

    The damage has been done, and it has been done world wide.”


    BFP hit the nail on the end. Do you really think the media/press is concerned with what actually happened out there on the field? The whole world loves a good story and you can bet your bottom dollar that they got a helluva good one with this incident.

    Look at ol’ Acorn, sorry, Akon and his story. The whole world saw his actions and he has suffered as a result. Next time you hear his name mentioned, people will probably associate it with what happened in T&T. Damage has been done.

    If you want to look at it from an analytical/debate point of view, then fine. But face the facts. that sort of bad press in the international media isn’t good at all. As it is, the whole CWC has been one big fuh-cup.

    (Ooops, err, can I say that BFP? My apologies in advance if I shouldn’t have said it.)

    I mean it’s great and all that the little C’bbean had the opportunity to host it, but at what costs? Time will tell and hopefully, a few inside people will reveal some info as well.

    Maybe BFP should have a special CWC section and start collecting related articles (print, web, past, present and future) for easy reference and so that we as Caribbean citizens do not forget no matter how dizzying (is that a word?) the spin gets.

    The Bystander.

  17. Sick and fed up Sylvan

    Is this the legacy of world cup which owing arthur, loud-mouth barney lynch, stephen alleyne, chris decaires and others told barbadians to expect?

    you can bet after reading this story that people will see barbados as a poor choice to do business, live or have fun. this story is very damaging.

    why doesn’t the blp stop fooling barbados that we are world class and heading for developed country status?

    more nails in the blp’s coffin.

  18. Chase

    Lady Anon:

    I have to agre with you on that point.Everyone will always look to cry down the police on this incident …especially those with their agendas.
    The Aussies are the best team in the world right now but they are also the most illmannered bunch of guys you can find.To excuse them because they “are Aussies and they will get drunk”is sheer ignorance,let a rastaman go to Singapore with weed and tell the authorities he is practicing his faith and see what happens.
    This incident did not happen right after the win,so the police had a right to protect the square from a bunch of drunking thugs.
    He was doing his duty.
    What is wrong with police armed with machine guns?Is this the only caribbean country who does this?I think not.I used to find it silly when the criminals have ak47 and Glock 19 ,while the police had 38 revolvers and 6 you the criminals think twice now before engaging them in a shootout.
    Did the Australian government apologised to the Indian people for the way the team handled minister?

  19. Bussa Goddard

    BFP you have hit a new low for me. Any reasonable person outside of Australia reading these articles, the comments from Stephen Alleyne and knowing the Australians’ (and Ricky Ponting’s boozing) history would be inclined to consider that this incident reflectively negatively on the Australians – not on Barbados. After their humiliation at the 3W’s Oval (ICC civilian searches) followed by that at Millenium Heights I am relieved that the police have for a change attempted to command some respect from those who seem to hold our laws and their enforcers in contempt. It is instructive that it was Andrew Symonds, the only non-white who was the voice of reason in shepherding his colleagues off the square. Symonds would be supremely conscious that if he had disobeyed a direct order from an Australian police officer he would have got quite a bit more than a “shoulder” from the cop – a truncheon up his rear end and a few nights away from public view would be more the standard Aussie cop fare, if the Aboriginal experience is anything to go by.

    On the matter of security, while I too was put off by the image of sub-machine gun-toting cops overseeing the arrival of the SCOTTISH team, it would have been quite appropriate and I daresay necessary for a World Cup final involving Sri Lanka and Australian – the countrymen of both territories have been prime terrorist targets. Seeing that BFP would have us believe that every Muslim is a likely terrorist, one would think BFP would be among the first to see the importance of having the Aussies clear off before they are attacked by some of the vile inhabitants (smile) of Kensington New Road, Pickwich Gap and their environs. Does BFP think the Police and/or Defence Force should have maintained a full perimeter security detail around Kensington for the duration of the early morning so that the Aussies could party indefinitely – and so that BFP could hollering about security costs (when/if the numbers ever come out)?

  20. noreligion

    bussa goddard, respects my man! loved your post.

  21. noreligion

    bfp has tabloidish tendencies so this sort of headline/story is expected as is the usual sensationalist diatribe about cuba, venezuela, abortion, islam, caricom, immigration etc.

  22. Jay

    I agree. I have never liked Ricky Ponting. He’s too pompous. He thinks too highly of himself. He has the incorrect attitude.

  23. True Native

    BFP may have their idiocyncracies – like everyone else – (couple of questions I have asked of them and they have totally ignored), but I think they’re doing a fabulous job in making us aware of what is really going on, instead of pulling wool over our eyes. Rawle Eastmond has been talking today about Integrity Legislation – FAR TOO LATE. The DLP already have it in their Manifesto. (Perhaps the Dems are right to keep quiet about other things right now after all). I think Owing and his gang are running scared and in my opinion, much thanks is due to BFP. The money done tief and hide away, anyhow.

  24. Jerome Hinds

    7th May 2007

    Rawle Eastmond says Integrity Legislation coming !

    Owen Arthur says there is no need for Integrity Legislation !

    Wuhloss !

    Looka how the Diabolical Forces does roam in the BEES camp !

  25. Two Sides

    There are 2 sides to every story.

  26. Two Sides

    Why are we not talking about the squash ball in Gilchrist glove. That to me speaks volumes on the bad sportsman-like attitude of the Aussies in general. What about skinny dipping at 9 am the next day …still celebrating? Give me a break . Enough is enough!
    They have to respect our laws.

  27. Ben

    These Aussies are a bunch of unruly, anti-social drunks. There is no way that type of behaviour would be tolerated at the MCG, Adelaide or even Lords cricket grounds, therefore why our Kensington Oval. These thugs should be made to pay for damages they incurred at our new players’ dressing room and for the thrashing of the Lucky Horseshoe restaurant on Sunday morning April 29th, when the Barbados police had to be called in to eject them.

  28. Rumplestilskin

    Has no one thought that the Police may have wanted to get them into ‘safe’ environs asap?

    To have what amounts to VIPs out in the open longer than necessary is lunacy.

  29. Bussa Goddard

    Irony is that BFP (closely followed by the Australian press) would be the first to start ranting about incompetent local police officers and security officials if any harm had befallen the
    Aussies. Yet to BFP our cops, in fulfilling their security duties (and not the drunken Aussies) are “acting like thugs”.

    BFP, you owe our police officers an apology. Do the decent thing.

  30. Two Sides

    I wonder what the press would say if it was the West Indies team behaving like this at Lords or the MCG (which I know they wouldn’t) after they had won a big game. Please people defend your own, cause no one else will.

  31. Wishing in vain

    Mr Marshall has got the PM hot under the collar he may be facing some stiff times ahead as we all know the PM will stop at nothing to destroy him trust me, wait watch and see the days ahead.
    Another note here is that if the real truth would be told about the Aussies the reporting would be very much different when they rough up our policemen they ought to be asking for trouble these ars disgusting ill mannered louts remember their situation in India??

  32. yatinkinkiteasy

    Aussies know how to celebrate, but after 5 hours of drinking champagne, its time to go home lads, pack it up, be nice mates….oops dont vomit there!…Im surprised the cop used his shoulder when he had a perfectly good gun butt he could have used…what restraint!….an overblown non issue, probably to diffuse the fact that Gichrist was cheating when he used a squash ball to help him with his terrific score.(Google :”Gilcrist Squash ball” to read all the articles in the world press)
    The policeman was doing his job and its hard not to be rude to a drunk person at 1am who refuses to obey officials.

  33. cHeRyL

    This incident should be investigated and a report made public. If this turns out to be true. This is the same thing that happened at the immigration march in the USA last week which is now being investigated by the FBI. An overzealous police is a total and unreasonable idiot as he or she feels that armed with a gun makes them supreme. A show of force is necessary by the SSU at times but the police officers are being trained by individuals who come from less than civil societies. The trainers bring their inhumane cultures and behaviours to bear on our vulnerable peace officers who seem to exhibit a confrontational attitude once their are in a black jeep and wearing a SSU uniform. I am a supporter of the police but I think they sometimes forget that a good social and cohesive relationship is important and not a them and we environment. This is the same bullying that takes place here in Barbados daily by our police. Old and common cars are 10 times more likely to be stopped than a luxury car such as a mercedes. That is called profiling. These same police will go in Nelson Street and break down a door of a person who refuse them entry but wait three day to gain entry to Sandy Lane or Fort George Heights. We must demand and call for fair and impartial treatment.