Verizon Wireless Ends Support And Sponsorship Of Akon

When rapper Akon molested a 15 year old girl on a public stage at the Zen nightclub in Port of Spain, Trinidad, he did not think that thousands of complaints from around the world would result in Verizon Wireless pulling all sponsorship from his tour.

Michelle Malkin has the story and some links at her website here.

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18 responses to “Verizon Wireless Ends Support And Sponsorship Of Akon

  1. Howdy BFP (and readers,)

    Can’t say that I’m surprised that they pulled the sponsorship, because I’m not. Big company like that, big target for special interest groups and consumer advocates, protests, etc. Bad PR all around if Verizon keeps ties to him. Spin/damage control, that’s all it is. They’ll find some other singer/star to sponsor in less than a month, maybe sooner. After all, it’s just business/money, that’s what they care about.

    Molesting is right. When I first saw the video, I told a friend it looked like he was really having some rough sex with her, heck, it looked like he was raping the poor girl. But how poor indeed? Why was she in the club in the first place? Do they not check for I.D. at Zen? Then again, Management may figure: “Pretty girl, guys will follow, drinks will be sold, money will be made. I.D., what’s that? She looked old enough.”

    It’s really disgusting what some people would do to push their image or promote themselves or whatever it was that Akon (acorn?) was trying to do. Also, that girl should’ve pulled away or something.

    All three of the parties are at fault, Akon, the young lady and the club.

    My two cents.

    The Bystander.

  2. jude

    I think Verizon should be commended for it’s decision … whatever the motivation … what it shows to me is how much power public opinion can have ….if we had a stronger public voice here in Barbados (and BFP is a great start ) we could make local companies think carefully before they give precious sponsorship dollars away.

  3. happy

    Other pictures of that night paint a completely different picture the way she was dressed or undressed depending on how you look at it and the fact that she had tatoos and navel ring could trick anybody. As a child she should not have left home looking like that and the Club should not have let in a minor. They should take most of the blame for allowing minors at adult shows. I believe it was closed as a result.
    I dont see anybody checking IDs here either. All we need is a big sponsor to pull their support like Verizon and we will see a change.
    He(Akon)has not done anything that is not done here by at some fetes and shows on and off stage.
    Have any of you seen little children wukkin up on each other and with adults for fun? I have. and it is widely encouraged. This kind of “WUK” is encouraged on our radio stations and at our national festivals. It is how they make their money.Perhaps we are waiting for the americans to label us child molesters and rapists as they did with Akon to make a change.

  4. Is it just because she is 14 or 15 that there is this uproar? And how was Akon to know her age?

    I’m not supporting his actions, saw the video and its pure slackness but at the same time if they want to throw the book at Akon, and they should, they really should throw the book at Caribbean performers who engage in vulgar acts on stage too.

  5. light

    He got what he deserves. He has been hit where it hurt in the wallet, lol.

  6. bajejun

    It is simply a case of promoters not informing these artist about cultural habits . I agree a 14 year old should not have been there, but lets be realistic how would he have known, those of us who saw the video, would never have guessed she was that young. If she was 20 or something like that you would probably have heard how Akon do bad on a woman in Trinidad end of story. He came to entertain, and from the reaction of the crowd they were loving it, unfortunately for him he chose a fourteen year old, and whose father happen to be a pastor. Simply bad luck.

  7. Bajan Youth

    I really don’t see why Akon is to blame for this whole ruckus. Simply put, it is an adult night club, security obviously were not doing their jobs properly, and she should not have been allowed into the club without proper verication of her age. Its only obvious that Akon would assume that by her presence in the club that she was an adult.

  8. “Its only obvious that Akon would assume that by her presence in the club that she was an adult.”


    Bajan Youth,

    No offence, old bean, but you say Akon assumed that she was an adult because she was in a club? If I attend a lamas class, does it mean I’m pregant? No. If I am in an aeroplane, does it mean that I can fly it?No. If I am in a kitchen, does it mean that I can cook? Hell no. You’d probably die of food posioning. If you are in a bank while it’s being robbed, does that make you an accomplice? No.

    If Akon assumed that because she was in the club, that she was an adult, then Akon is an idiot. Plain and simple. The man is a (big?) music star from North America. He knows fully well that there will be girls in the club. Young and not-so-young, i.e., old. He found a young one, very young and proceeded to have, what looks like, his way with her. That is “the life” that many of these music stars are used to.

    Don’t believe the hype, man. Open your eyes. When I used to be out and about (a few weekends ago, LOL) I knew young when I saw it and I stayed far away from it. But then again, maybe it’s because I’m not Akon.


    The Bystander.

  9. “…security obviously were not doing their jobs properly…”


    Bajan Youth,

    I agree with you 100% on that. Security were not on the job or were not interested. Then again, I have a theory on that anyway. Pack the club full o’ good looking girls and the men will follow (and buy drinks.)

    The Bystander.

  10. Lady Anon

    Bajan Youth…all that aside, what about the comment that the young girl thought she was in a dance contest to win a trip to Africa? And Africa turned out to be a trip with Akon?


  11. Warrior

    How she left home at that age to attend that show beats me. Does she have any parents, where was the “guardian” when she really needed guarding.

    I have not seen the video as it is no longer available.

    The girl did not care, to be at that show means that she obviously agrees with or likes what the Acorn does.
    The supposed guardian was aware that she was there.
    The Acorn has no morals or scruples and we the ppl in the Caribbean always look for crap and bring it here any ways.

    Simply put – if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

  12. Akon Fan

    Simply put, I do not blame Akon entirely for his actions. Yes, he should respect women more than he did with the young lady!! However, at 14 years old I dear not even go to the supermarket past 10 mins alone let alone a club. The full story is that her father incidentally a pastor knew she had a pass for the show and allowed the jail bait to go to the show dressed as she was.I guess alot of ppl are not seeing all the photos associated with the incident, because there is a picture out there with the said young lady straddling akon who happens to be lying on the floor.
    My take on it is here is an apparently sexually active young lady, who because of the age has cause a whole frakus because of her actions!!! Give the man a break a man is a man where ever. We stay here and pass judgement and live these lives.

  13. Lady Anon

    warrior…I have a copy of the video if you want.

  14. Yardbroom

    Unfortunately we have reached a stage in the Caribbean and Barbados is no exception when the most lewd of activity even performed in a public place, is said to be “our culture.”

    I do not agree with that mantra and whilst men cannot be excused for participation in such displays of indecency, women have to remember if they wish to be respected, they have to show they are worthy of it.

    This is not to suggest that dancing of a provocative kind should not be allowed, but we all know when such actions go beyond the bounds of common decency.

    I recall as a boy when my mother and I passed behaviour of that kind, she used to put her hand on my shoulder and say “keep your eyes in front young man,” so demonstrating her displeasure. I shudder to think what she would say if she saw what goes on today. Perhaps in her modest way she was saying to me that is not part of “our culture”.

  15. Akon Fan

    Yardbroom. I agree. While its not right for men to disrespect women, we as women need to put our feet down and say no. I refuse to accept the bull crap that she had no control of the situation. There is a point where you say No. From the time she went on that stage she was responsible for her actions.

  16. John

    Hi Yardbroom

    Hope you and your wife are enjoying your holiday in Holland.

    Just remember your mum’s advice, keep your eyes in front. It is alot safer that way.

    The hand on your shoulder can move like lightning.

    I agree with your post 100%.

    Both need to respect themselves.

    Respecting others is then natural as is observing the bounds of which you speak.

    There is then no need to apologise or explain.

  17. Yardbroom

    Hi John
    I have stolen a few minutes to see what is going on. I will not be in harness for another two weeks.

  18. N Waff

    There is no calling his actions “dancing.” Akon is simulating the rape of the girl. She reported that she was pushed on stage and was too much in shock to even act. Maybe in the Caribbean or Barbados a married man raping women is considered acceptable, but no corporation would ever promote such a sick individual.