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Ikael Tafari and Nation News Declare Jesus Resurrection As Fraud – He Had A Twin Brother, Etc Etc Etc.

It’s no problem for me what anyone says about Jesus.

Folks can make the most foul statements or draw the most foul Jesus cartoons. I remain a Christian and am convinced that Jesus is well able to look after himself in the face of all sorts of attacks.

My point is this…

The Nation News has published Ikael Tafari’s African Crossroads: Crucifixion Of Truth (1) in a vastly Christian Barbados – knowing that the article will offend, and also knowing that the sum total of response from Christians is likely to be some letters and phone calls, and perhaps some calls for prayer for Tafari and the editors.

Would The Nation News now kindly publish the Mohammad cartoons or some other article as deeply offensive to Muslims as Ikael Tafari’s article is to Christians?

The editors at The Nation News are Cowardly lapdogs.

About That Government Position Enjoyed By Tafari…

Don’t expect Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s government to remove the government tax funding or Ikael Tafari from the Commission for Pan-African Affairs. Pretty well anything goes here in Barbados as long as you don’t threaten the profits of Owen and the gang.


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Did Secret Barbados Government Offshore Banking Report Initiate Racist Charge?

Warning Of Racist Attack On Region

BARBADOS BEWARE: your offshore financial service sector is being targeted by lawmakers and under serious attack.

This warning has come from a top conservative American economist, Dr Dan Mitchell, as a United States Senate panel takes up three bills designed to limit the presence of United States firms in Barbados, The Bahamas, Cayman Islands and a host of other Caribbean states with offshore financial services sectors.

Citing race, political ideology and economic philosophy as factors driving the attack on the region’s presence in international finance, Dr Mitchell, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, a leading conservative think tank, urged Barbados and other Caribbean nations to take on what he sees as a “pernicious and racist” attempt by some lawmakers in Washington to drive small predominantly black countries out of the international financial services business… (continued at The Nation News)

What Did Our Barbados Government Report To US Senate Say?

Who Wrote It?

We all know by now that Barbados has submitted a report to U.S. Senate supposedly arguing that it is not a tax haven and should be exempt from the three anti-tax haven bills being submitted to the Senate by Barack Obama.

Now we have reports that a ‘top U.S. economist… Dan Mitchell’ (who?) has urged Barbados to fend off this “pernicious and racist” attack.

BFP has been unable to obtain a copy of Barbados’s report. We have looked for it on line, we have asked reporters (who predictably communicated with us on the
basis that their names not be used) and they have never seen or nor do they know anyone who might have.

Our financial services sector is a main source of international income here and yet the people of Barbados have no idea what our report to the U.S. Senate says.

We don’t know who drafted it, who researched it, or whether it fairly represents the interests of all of us in Barbados.

After recently watching our elected officials and bureaucrats bungle the CWC opportunity to enhance our number one industry, tourism, should we be leaving the health of our second industry, financial services, in their hands?

Definitely not!

This is far too important a matter to be left to the secret machinations of a selected few who, as we have recently been reminded, are not astute business people and likely more interested in their own private interests than the financial welfare of the country.

We have some questions including whether the report is accurate, whether it favors some Bajan business interests over others, and whether its flavor actually submarines our interests. Does it draw us into the race issue? Did it initiate the race issue?

Is Opposition Leader David Thompson Sleeping? 

Mr. Arthur, where is the transparency this matter deserves? Mr. Thompson, where is our esteemed leader of the opposition doing his job and howling in protest at the hiding of this document and championing our right to know? We get to see Mr. Obama’s draft bills but not Barbados’ response? Stupid, stupid, stupid. This has all the makings of another national crisis that we find out about too late. Do you realize how many local businesses might be ruined if this goes wrong? How many jobs might be lost? What is our policy? Are you taking this seriously? Please post the report on line and let’s talk about it in the open.


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World Abuzz With Story Of Machine-Gun Toting Barbados Police Abusing Cricket Captain


“MELBOURNE, May 6: If one thought the World Cup final fiasco was the last in the string of unpleasant incidents at the cricket’s premier event in the Caribbean, reports say Australian players were at the risk of being arrested by Barbadian police when they were celebrating their triumph.

According to Australian daily The Age, an agitated local police officer allegedly “shouldered” captain Ricky Ponting when he asked for at least two minutes to sing their victory song at the centre wicket after their chaotic 53-run win over Sri Lanka in a rain-marred match…” (The Statesman, India)

“The Sun-Herald understands the players were on the centre wicket when local police, two of whom were armed with machine-guns, ordered them from the playing field.

The officer in charge, whom witnesses described as overly aggressive and forceful, was not prepared to listen when Ponting asked that his team be left for two minutes to sing the song. He demanded the team and its support staff leave the ground immediately…” (Sun-Herald, Australia)

Many Papers Around The World Are Carrying This Story

Here are a few of the many (dozens) of stories that a Google search will reveal… 

Ponting Manhandled By Police On Final Night (Daily Times, Pakistan)

Australian Captain Ricky Ponting Man-Handled By Barbados Police On World Cup Final Night (Cricket World Cup Latest)

When Aussie Song Struck A Wrong Note (The Statesman, India)

Armed Police Ruin Cup Celebrations For Aussies (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia)

When Cops Played Spoilsport (Deccan Herald, India)

Armed Police Ruin Celebrations For Aussies (Brisbane Times, Australia)

Cup Song Ends On A Final Sour Note (The Age, Australia)


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Verizon Wireless Ends Support And Sponsorship Of Akon

When rapper Akon molested a 15 year old girl on a public stage at the Zen nightclub in Port of Spain, Trinidad, he did not think that thousands of complaints from around the world would result in Verizon Wireless pulling all sponsorship from his tour.

Michelle Malkin has the story and some links at her website here.

Other Caribbean bloggers weigh in with some thoughts. Check out eemanee (What Crazy Looks Like), Karel McIntosh (Caribbean Public Relations) and Titilayo (Gallimaufry)


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Does Bizzy Williams Know How To Party? For Sure!


Courtesy of Kadooment.com


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