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Barbados Tourism Minister’s Lies, Lies and More Lies

It seems like the Minister of Tourism cannot keep away from issuing dubious figures!

Sunday Sun 6th May 2007

‘inclusive of the 11,000 who were accommodated on the 11 ships when Australia played Sri Lanka in the tournament’s final on April 28th’.

The Barbados Advocate 6th May 2007

‘In terms of the floating hotels, on the day of the final we had 11 cruise ships in Barbados that accounted for just over 14,000 visitors. Every cruise ship except the one that was guaranteed by the Barbados Tourism Authority had occupancies upwards of 80 per cent’ he (Minister of Tourism) noted.

Let’s list the ships (or yachts) that were actually berthed on either 27th or 28th or both according to the Bridgetown Port Inc. I have started with the small ships showing their passenger capacity in brackets ( )

1. Windjammer Legacy (244)

2. Polynesia (244)

3. Mandalay (144)

4. Yankee Clipper (128)

5. Pacific Explorer (100)

6. Yorktown Clipper (138)

Now the larger ships:

7. Coral (Louis Cruise Line) (676)

8. Topaz (1050) described as ‘maybe one of the oldest cruise vessels in regular operation- built 1956)

9. Carnival Destiny (2,642)

10. MSC Lirica (1,560)

11. Norwegian Crown (1,104)

12. Galaxy (1,890)

13. Maasdam (1,258)

14. Norwegian Dawn (2,224)

The Minister went on to state ‘that on those 11 liners berthed at the Bridgetown Port, occupancy was an impressive 80 per cent level’.

Well the total capacity on the 13 ships/yachts excluding the Carnival Destiny is in fact only 10,760 passengers, so 80 per cent ‘occupancy’ would mean 8,608 people.

The Minister ‘revealed the losses derived from contracting Carnival Destiny were because the ship had only 40 per cent occupancy whilst in Barbados’.

So add 40 per cent of the 2,642 Carnival Destiny capacity which is 1,056 passengers to the accumulated total of 8,608 and you get a grand total of 9,664 and not the 11,000 quoted by the Minister.

So, 14 ships/yachts instead of 11 and 9,664 passengers instead of 11,000 or 14,000!

Adrian Loveridge
6 May 2007

(Note: The title of this piece was provided by BFP editor Robert. Everything else is unedited.)


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The Disaster That Will Not Die – Noel Lynch Admits Carnival Destiny Was At 40% Occupancy And A Financial Loss


The Minister Obviously Never Heard Of Asking For Payment Up Front From Folks Who May Or May Not Show

$15 Million Dollar Gamble Was At Our Entire Risk – Owen Arthur Government Arranged It So Tourists Could Cancel At Any Time

We at BFP are aware that the Cricket World Cup disaster has been beaten to death, but we feel compelled to counter the continual lies that the government is still feeding Bajans and the world.

Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch and his compatriots proved themselves to be but children playing with the family chequebook. Now they are still crying “We didn’t know. Don’t punish us.”

Only trouble is, thousands of citizens who have never been in business saw it all going wrong a year in advance, but the Owen Arthur government AND David Thompson’s pathetic “opposition” party would not be deterred when all the signs were there.

They turned over our country and our sovereignty to special interests and failed to protect us. They set it up so all the risks would be borne by we the citizens. They set it up so that even when Cricket World Cup was a resounding disaster for the country, the special interests would walk away with fat pockets and no liabilities.

Both Arthur and Thompson Did This

Lies, excuses, pathetic twisting of statistics don’t change the reality and magnitude of the disaster.

No matter how often those incompetent children repeat the lies at press conferences…

Carnival Destiny Venture “A Loss”

GOVERNMENT’S DECISION to contract the mega cruise liner Carnival Destiny for the Cricket World Cup proved to be a financial loss.

But according to Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch, there was nothing that could have been done in foresight to prevent the big-money bust.

In fact, Lynch believes Barbados’ cruise line industry continues to be the guiding light of the Caribbean, as there were 11 cruise liners berthed at the Bridgetown Port when the World Cup Final was held on April 28.

“We managed effectively in the best and worst of times,” Lynch said yesterday at his ministry’s first post-event Press conference regarding the Cricket World Cup, held at the Sherbourne Conference Centre.

According to Lynch, Government suffered losses from contracting Carnival Destiny because most of the people reserved to use the vessel as a hotel were from India and Pakistan, two teams which were unexpectedly dumped from the tournament in the preliminary stages.

“The fact that India and Pakistan were eliminated early did create a few headaches, but the fact is that we stepped up to the crease and batted,” Lynch said. “The way that problem was handled by the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA), the private and the public sector, averted a serious crisis,” the minister concluded.

“We were still portrayed to the world in a positive light, and huge tourism gains, both in the short and long run are still expected.”

According to Lynch, cruise tourism in April alone had seen 97 000 people set foot on Barbados’ shores, inclusive of 11 000 who were accommodated on the 11 ships when Australia played Sri Lanka in the tournament’s final on April 28.

The minister noted that on those 11 liners berthed at the Bridgetown Port, occupancy was at an impressive 80 per cent level.

He revealed the losses derived from contracting Carnival Destiny were because the ship had only 40 per cent occupancy whilst in Barbados.

“Sixty per cent of the people to have been on the boat were from the Indian market, but I have to commend the BTA for attempting to fill those rooms for the remainder of the tournament.

“They should be given credit, and it was worth the effort,” Lynch commented.

He said that within the next five years, the BTA would be attempting to bring at least 1 000 Indians to Barbados every year through charter flights.

“This is one of the fast-growing economies in the world, and there remains tremendous opportunities for Barbados in terms of commerce and e-business since our systems so mirror each other,” the minister concluded. (BA)

… read the original online at The Nation News (link here)

Photo: SEVERAL government and non-governmental officials turned out for yesterdays post-CWC Press conference. Here are chairman of LIAT, Dr Jean Holder; Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism, Senator Rudy Grant; Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch; Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Clyde Mascoll; and Minister of Sport Anthony Wood.


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Where In Barbados Are The World’s Most Intelligent Toilets Being Installed?


Ask Mr. Dung!

Yup… that’s his name: Mr. Phan Tri Dung of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Mr. Dung put out a press release informing the world that twelve of his company’s hitech toilets are going to Barbados.

The toilets do everything, and they should because they cost US$39,000 each.

Hmmmm…. with that kind of price they must have been sold to some foolish Sandy Land trust fund baby or …. Horrors! Could this be a government project? Don’t say “no way” too quickly!

Intelligent Vietnamese Toilets To Go To Barbados

Twelve intelligent made-in-Vietnam public restrooms will be shipped to the Caribbean country of Barbados, said a local producer at a forum in Ho Chi Minh City Saturday.

Chairman of the HCMC-based Petech Electronics Company Phan Tri Dung told yesterday forum on the use of high-tech public restrooms in urban areas that the restrooms to be shipped were among his company’s most up-to-date, each costing US$39,000.

The restroom offers automatic flushing, deodorizing, ventilation, automatic door, automatic bidet lid, music, a TV monitoring system to see outside, greetings and reminders of automatic functions.

The restroom also wipes the floor, cleans and dries the bidet seat, washes and dries the user, dispenses toilet paper automatically and charges money with a coin slot.

Dung said that business contracts stipulate that the company would supply both foreign and domestic markets with 150 restrooms of this kind, worth a total of US$2.3 million, from June 2007 – June 2008.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the restrooms been placed at four locations – the Youth Culture House, Me Linh Quarter, Bach Dang Park, and Nguyen Du Sports House.

Source: Thanhien News.com


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Sidebar Change – Top Posts Added

Good Sunday Morning Friends…

We have added a list of top posts under the “Recent Comments” section on the sidebar, and you will see this vary on an hour to hour basis as reader’s interests change.

Cliverton hopes you like it, but you’ll have to wait until this afternoon before he sees your comments because he was a very – very – naughty fellow last night. Don’t expect to see any signs of life much before 3pm this afternoon. 🙂

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Dutch Woman Looking For Long Lost Sister In Barbados


Dear sir,

I am looking for my sister please help me to find her. Her name is Gwendolyn Carmelita Iffel and she was born in Aruba on may the 18 1953. The above photo is the only one we have for her.

Her father took her when she was an infant to Barbados. Her father name is Fitzerald Iffel. He was born in Barbados.

I will like to know her or anyone related to her.

Our mother’s name is Mina Simmons and she is still alive and wants to see or get into contact with her daughter before it’s too late.

Thank you,

Carmen Simmons
my e-mail adress is; c.a.simmons@orange.nl
My address is; Merlijn pad 18, 3077 NH The Nederlands. My phone number; 010-8853632

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