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All the police officers who have been widely known to engage in beatings and other abuse of prisoners are still serving members of the police force. No one has been dismissed for abusing his or her office. Presumably, they still have the confidence of the Commissioner. Could it be that police officers still function under the mistaken belief that a confession beaten out of a suspect is dependable, and the basis of a sound conviction.”

Anguillan blogger Don Mitchell speaks of a recent conversation with Anguilla Police Commissioner Keithley Benjamin

Can you imagine a high profile Bajan lawyer lawyer saying something like the above about the Royal Barbados Police Force?

You can’t?

Neither can we. Whatever problems Anguilla has with corruption, at least citizens are able to talk about the subject without threats of lawsuits from government ministers like our own Noel “I am not a millionaire” Lynch.

OH….. Noel didn’t deny that he is a millionaire, did he? Forgot about that.

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2 responses to “Corruption-free Anguilla – Blog By Don Mitchell CBE QC

  1. NO

    Do people know that St. Regis backed out of managing Temenos in Anguilla?

  2. David

    This is a very insightful blog post on the state of things in Anguilla