Caribbean Airlines Replies To Barbados Free Press Article


Dear Barbados Free Press,

I would like the opportunity to reply to a letter you published this week.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions (868) 793-6234

Best regards,
Francois Pariseau
Director Marketing
Caribbean Airlines

Media Release

Port of Spain, May 04, 2007. Caribbean Airlines refers to Barbados Free Press letter re: Caribbean Airlines’ Very Strange Fare Schedule, written by Adrian Loveridge.

Caribbean Airlines reply to Barbados Free Press letter re: Caribbean Airlines’ Very Strange Fare Schedule, written by Adrian Loveridge.

In response to your letter referring to Caribbean Airlines as an airline that provides the warmth of the islands to those with lots of money, you would have found that this is not true had you verified our fares and compared them to those of our competitors. Our Marketing Department has researched and monitored airfares over the past week and has found Caribbean Airlines to be the cheapest carrier on the routes referred to in your letter.

Airline pricing is determined based on offer and demand and competitive activities as well as country established taxes. At Caribbean Airlines, we base our fares on how our inventory is performing; that’s why you pay more for air transport to some destinations in the peak periods: summer, Christmas, etc. Secondly we try to stay competitive, and normally follow within a certain bracket, what other airlines are doing. We consistently monitor their pricing, but we also keep an eye on increased capacity on certain routes, the quality of their customer service, and their operational performance.

It should also be noted that distance has very little to do with price. For example, Caribbean Airlines is currently offering fares to Toronto and New-York for USD199 one-way all taxes included. These two destinations supply examples of much greater distance than St-Maarten to Kingston and yet they’re cheaper according to the fares you quoted in your article.

How do we do it? We’ve almost doubled our frequencies on the New-York route and added an additional flight on Toronto . We’ve increased our inventory; our available seats as we say in the business. I hope this letter will be of interest to you and please be assured that Caribbean Airlines is committed to delivering “the warmth of the islands” at a very affordable price.

Francois Pariseau

Director Marketing
Caribbean Airlines


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40 responses to “Caribbean Airlines Replies To Barbados Free Press Article

  1. Bajanboy

    Well, it’s good that they read the BFP and that they took the time to respond. I wonder which of the other media houses will carry this press release?

  2. anon

    yopu need to ask caribbean airlines to specify from where one can obtain flights from Barbados to New York for US$199. I certainly cant find them on their web site. I may be looking the wrong place

  3. Wishing in vain

    I had this misfortune to have to travel to St.Maarten earlier this year on Caribbean Airways and I was robbed with my airfare I paid $ 980.00 for aa 1 hour trip to this destination for $ 300.00 more I could have gone to London on BA and these clowns want we the caribbean people to support them no way!!!!

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    Anon has made an excellent point.
    Go into Caribbean Airlines website and look up the special promotional fares and conditions that apply.
    Then go through the booking proceedure to book one of these special fares and a much higher rate comes up in the fare box.

    It also states valid from, but does not give a date until.

    Over US$400 to travel 880 miles is still ridiculous !

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    Francois Pariseau
    Director Marketing replied…

    ‘Our Marketing Dept has researched and monitored airfares over the last week and has found Caribbean Airlines to be the cheapest on the routes referred to in your letter’.

    Lets take a look at that statement.

    Barbados/St. Maaarten 9 May BW 416
    St. Maarten/Barbados 16 May BW417


    Barbados/St. Maarten 9 May LI754 (1 stop)
    St. Maarten/Barbados 16 May LI503 (1 stop)


    So its marginally cheaper to fly with LIAT.
    Both fares include all applicable taxes/charges.

    Ms Pariseau.. if it takes your whole marketing dept, to come up with the wrong information, how come one individual can prove them wrong in a matter of minutes?

  6. Jay

    lol, fantastic point Adrian.

  7. Anonymous

    straight talk wat caribbean airlines is doing is ripping people off ,,hey we r not stupid u know keep it up and u will lose business and go under just like your predecessor,,,i will never again travel on carribean airlines its **** poor service and rip off airfares


    BFP’s Auntie Moses says…


    Else Auntie Moses gonna have to take you out back near the sugar shack an give you wat for!

  8. Marcus2

    I think it would have been better if Adrian Loveridge has spent his time finding out from BS&T or Simpson Motors how they arrive at their price structure, this would be more relevent to Bajan pockets.

  9. No-name

    Francois Pariseau,
    Perhaps you should spend some time on the ground and hear and see how your employees are treating passengers. Your fares are redicuously high and continue to be the highest. You certainly have continued where BWIA have left off..exemplified by your poor employee attitude/service as well as arrogant attitude have not improved and if your rates are not reduced within the coming months I predict you are going to go bankrupt. I am certain you are not getting the kind of traffic you used to get out of Barbados.
    WhenI look at the way your airline operates I get the impression that the new people who replaced the old think that the persons they have replaced did not know what they were doing. The result is that without proper analysis you have sent fare out of the reach of too many people. I know people who use to shop in Trinidad who not longer do so, not because of your increasing voilence but your rediculous fares. The prefer to make the sacrifice and pay a little more to go to Miami….and of course if you have a USD$199 one way fare to Toronto and NY, why go to Trinidad? This is pure folly!

  10. akabozik

    I tried and tried to find this $199 airfare at the Caribbean Airlines website. I spent an hour with every date and flight for the next two months and I cannot find the $199 airfare to New York or Toronto.

    I will phone them today as I want to book a flight

  11. Que

    News is that another Trinidad airline about to take off. Anyone with more information? Bee wee or Caribbean Airlines makes no difference. Alike Liat poor customer service and exorbitant airfares disincentives to travel. Strangely given the turbulent reputation of Jamaica one hears least complaints about Air Jamaica.

  12. No-name

    Another thing Ms Francois Pariseau, …you better get that Caribbean aspect of your name correct! People don’t see you are Caribbean…you are still very much Trinidadian. What are you doing that BWIA have not done in terms of routes to Caribbean destination? Do you have a plan to penetrate more islands?

  13. No-name

    You are clearly out of touch. You have no idea how these fares impact on people in Barbados. If you don’t know …shut up!.. Are you aware that this issue is so serious that it is an agenda item for the next Heads of Gov’t meeting?

  14. Pogo

    Hey Francois don’t be discouraged. I commend you for engaging us with the issues rather than the usual Caribbean way (which our government uses) of treating us like mushrooms.

    As of today after reading these commmens you have now found out that blogging weeds out the bulls__t so here is your chance to fix things up and give us the straight goods.

    We get the picture. We know flying is expensive and what your routes are; just tell us the truth about the fares and then treat us right when we arrive for the flight.

    Take a lesson from Jet Blue in the U.S. who learned the hard way this winter that this policy is the better way to go.

    We’ll stay with you. But if you try to deceive us or jerk us around at the airport well….good luck. Travellers are too sophisticated these days to fall for evasion and bad service.

  15. Marcus2

    Am I to take it that the sky high prices of Food, beverages, building materials and everything else whose prices are largely set by BS&T is not a serious issue?
    The poor, especially, in this country are reeling form price gouging.
    Do you think that Adrian Loveridge cares about such?
    The Government is extremely concerned about this situation and doing all they can given the resources at their disposal. However we all know that the White monopolies are fighting them at every turn including here at BARBADOS FREE PRESS.
    How about putting in a word for the poor Adrian Loveridge!
    Show us that you are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

  16. Mark3

    Mark2 is the epitomy of insincerity. He is a B and it therefore follows that he has helped, facilitated, and reaped the benefits of governmental associations with the private sector!

    Hyp hyp!

  17. BK

    Airfaires must be about demand and supply. CA is not a charity outfit. I dont like the high fares but if it is the only player in town what should they do, have discount fares?

    The question I have for CA though is that I have inquired in the banking system and none of the two banks which offer e-merchant facility currently provide a service to CA. This means that they are settling transactioins done online in some foreign currency. If this is the case given my limited knowledge it will oush e-ticket fares up bcause of the currency conversions given the base currency their processor might be using.

  18. Lady Anon

    Francois Pariseau,

    I still ain’t flying caribbean airways.

    Explain to me why someone leaving Trinidad to come to Barbados would have to board in Trinidad, fly to Grenada, fly to Tobago, then on to Barbados? Before you uses to fly direct.

  19. reality check


    Thanks for playing the race card. Now we know that this will be the only card the BLP can play in the coming election. There is nothing left to run on, certainly not their record.

    Yes we think Adrian Loveridge cares about the little guy because in essence he has to make a living with his own money and pay attention to peoples needs unlike the BLP who is addicted to borrowing money on a non-accountable basis.

  20. Francois Pariseau

    Dear Mr. Loveridge,
    I am pleased that you take such passion into this matter. I can assure you that Caribbean Airlines is at least as passionate as you are if not more. It does happen, from time to time, that we’re not the cheapest carrier on this route and you found the exception. When these exception happen it is normally because we are flying at near full capacity: offer and demand.
    If you research the same route flying out on June 9 coming back on the June 18 Caribbean Airlines $331.85 – Liat $438 and Liat doesn’t fly non-stop.
    I’m not sure what you agenda is here in trying to discredit Caribbean Airlines but I can assure you that we will be transparent and will aspire to deliver the Warmth of the Islands at an affordable price.
    Francois Pariseau
    Director Marketing
    Caribbean Airlines

  21. Adrian Loveridge

    Ms Francois Pariseau..

    Thank you for the courtesy of a personal responsevia BFP.
    I promise you the VERY last thing on my mind is to discredit Caribbean Airlines in anyway.
    Quite the contrary.

    If you check your records you will see my wife and I were among the first people to sign up for what was the BWIA, now the Caribbean Miles programme (0001933 and 0001941).

    When I held the position of Chairman of the Marketing Committee and Director of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, I championed the cause of your predecessor across North America, participating in travel trade shows and endless road promotions.

    My wife and I, also organise the ONLY annual event entirely dedicated to growing Intra Caribbean travel called the re-DISCOVER the Caribbean Show (see and have in fact been consistently promoting Intra Caribbean travel for three decades.

    This is my 41st year in the travel industry as a travel agent, tour director, tour operator across 67 countries and more recently a hotelier.

    You are certainly right about the passon, but you have to understand how important the tourism industry is across the region from ALL perspectives.

    If you make travelling short distances across the region so expensive, people will opt to travel to Miami or New York.
    This has a dramatic effect of employment, hotel occupancy and tourism ancillery patronage across the Caribbean, especially in the softer eight summer months.
    If you study the tourism arrival growth, especially how it effects Barbados, the Caribbean market has demonstrated the only significant, above inflation growth over the last several years.

    Higher airfares will KILL that growth.

    All I ask that you make a proportion of the total number of seats available as special rates.
    You choose the flights, the days, the minimum booking period and destinations.
    Non-refundable, non-changeable and whatever other conditions you want to impose, but just give us a chance!

  22. Adrian Loveridge

    Francois Pariseau..

    PS: Record Locator #LOLELN demonstrates our support and this is to attend the SMART Tourism Trade Show.

  23. Francois Pariseau

    Dear Mr. Loveridge,
    I hope we can work together towards achieving your goal and understand your concern. I am sure our path will cross and I look forward to meeting with you.
    Mr. Francois Pariseau
    Director Marketing
    Caribbean Airlines

  24. Justasking

    Mr. Pariseau when you say “I’m not sure what you agenda is here in trying to discredit Caribbean Airlines ……”, in relation to Mr. Loveridge’s comments on your airline I think that you may now realise that Mr. Loveridge really is giving you some food for thought andd in now way has any interest in discrediting your airline.

    Listen to what he says and disagree if you must but do not try to ascribe some ulterior motive.

    You may find some here on this blog rather combative but if you are honest and transparent you will earn respect for yourself and airline.

  25. Jamaican

    Adrian is right….the fares on CA suck. I travelled to Bds to get to Tobago, paying just over US$320 to get from KIN to BGI. I then paid US$360 or thereabouts to fly from BGI to TAB. The KIN-BGI leg was on Air Jamaica, which consistently knocks down CA’s fares. There is NO WAY I am planning to use CA until they take a second look at their fare structure. I’ve been to Barbados twice since the year started, and the choice has been Air Jamaica both times, simply on the basis of fare. I head to St Lucia on Thursday….guess who I’m flying? Yup…Air Jamaica….and its not patriotism either….its about the $$$. CA, no Air Jamaica flight I have taken to the Eastern Caribbean has been anything but full. How are YOU doing? And I was a loyal BWee flier…preferred their schedule etc. plus I hate passing thru MoBay. But all the same, I will do it, to save the $$.

  26. anon


    You still have not answered my query as to where can i find a US$199 fare on Caribbean airlines to New York from Barbados on the Caribbean airlines web site

  27. Bajun

    Anon u in fine de fare caws um ent there…daiz called de bait ‘n’ switch.

  28. No-name

    I am sure Pariseau has seen this complaint in the Trinidad Expree from a Trinidadian living in London:

    I haven’t mentioned airfares. I am visiting Trinidad in July, the fares quoted by both BA and CA are over £800, but I can travel via Tobago for £500 with XL Airways. Guess which airline I will be using!

    Suresh Rambaran


  29. observer

    I haven’t mentioned airfares. I am visiting Trinidad in July, the fares quoted by both BA and CA are over £800, but I can travel via Tobago for £500 with XL Airways. Guess which airline I will be using!

    Suresh Rambaran
    Well dah is good de Trini fine a lower fair to get back home. Now I never fly pon this XL airlines so maybe them is the exception, but I does got to tell de Trini de lower de fare de more likely yuh gine fine de seat too small to fit yuh botsy, yuh knees up aroun yuh ears and yuh neighbor elbow in de next seat jookin yuh in de ribs fuh de duration uh de 8 hr flight.

  30. Anonymous

    I’m a Trinidadian living in N.J. and yes I used to be a loyal BWIA supporter, but unfortunately the way in which C/A pulled out of Barbados and other islands on flights to the USA was to say the least, a complete disregard for the Caribbean as a whole. I have looked at flights to Trinidad and there are noticeably higher. I am planning to visit Barbados in January for two weeks to relax and I’m flying Air Jamaica non stop. There is no way I’m flying CA, leaving JFK at 01:00 am to rush to connect in POS to BGI, that’s not happening. C/A made a major faux pax to say the least and kudos to Air Jamaica for picking up the slack.
    The flights out of POS into JFK arrive during the height of the NYC and JFK rush, I did this over Christmas and never again. When BWIA flew the route the flights arrived at 10:00 PM, which was way, way better, it was much easier to arrange for someone to pick you up with no chance of traffic or someone having to leave work early, whoever thought of this “new” arrival time into JFK at C/A should be fired.

  31. Santa Claus says

    Caribbean Airlines will be dead and gone by Christmas.
    Christmas 2007.

    Monsieur Pariseau is already looking around for his next employment post
    because he knows darned well that Caribbean Airlines is nothing more than the Trinidad Government’s way of easing the Trini public off their perceived ‘need’ for a national airline!
    They didn’t have to guts to just DUMP BWIA and say “We done wid dat folly”
    The whole thing is running exactly on schedule.
    It’s just a big Closing Down Sale thing, don’t you seeee?

    If the airline was serious about staying aloft, they wouldn’t have that insane pie-in-the-sky fare structure, and furthermore only patriotic (rich!) fools would pay those fares.

    It’s O.V.E.R. dude!

  32. Wukkup

    Can anyone tell me where this one-way fare quotation came from? How many of us travel one way? Is this a bright Marketing ploy to make us think the fares are cheaper? I don’t like Marketing types very much… they annoy me with both their retarded outlook on life and their retarded output (advertisements).

    And in the same vein, how about that locked-away but well-publicised US$199.99 (one way!)… hey, why not make that Euros? Wouldn’t that sound a lot cheaper?

    T&T made some major mistakes with BWIA over the years. Remember when BWIA owned the Sunjet Houses? When they owned the airplanes they flew? Now the airline is a stripped-down, internationally unknown shell run by foreigners (well, any foreigner know better than us, don’t they?) that rents/leases everything, owns very little and has huge debts.

    If CA’s fares are manufactured out of thin air by the Marketing Department based on competition, somebody’s doing a very poor job. Do they think today’s travellers are the same gullible souls awash in “disposable income” who can’t (or won’t) comparison-shop other routes and airlines?

    Here’s an idea: Perhaps the islands should give LIAT a mandate to operate larger equipment and be the eastern Caribbean’s international carrier. Because the carrier is so widely OWNED (and therefore controlled) across the region we might get some reasonable fares and service.

  33. Machel Smith

    Mr. Francois Pariseau

    Question why has Caribbean Airlines US BGI direct flights and does the airline ever plan on starting those routes are is POS going to be a super hub.

    Secondly let me say on a point that Cagney PLC has done a reasonably well job in terms of the branding of the airline. The print ads that I have seen are best of any airline that has advertise so far. However aspects of the branding need to be refined. While many of picture that are used are bright and colourful one gets the distinct feeling that they are just thrown together because it is the caribbean so anything bright should be used. A perfect example of this is the bright yellow frog that appears one the introductory posters that cubo did for the airline. Another example is the use of the fish as well. In addition if the Humming Bird is in the logo why is there a big parrot in one of the posters.

    I have also looked at the video done by cubo and IMO it looked like it was done by an amature. It needs live shots of Caribbean Airlines aircraft in flight and the humming bird should be more realistic.

    On the mother days promotion I must say that the ad on the website looks very nice and personally I would have prefered if CAL colours were blue and green instead of the purple.

    Finally I would like to suggest to you one thing. I know some years ago BWIA called their jets sunjet. The name was retired in the late 1990s but I thought that naming the jets sunjets would fit in nicely with the whole the warmth of the islands theme. If you do not like that you can name the jets Warmth of Trinidad Warmth of Barbados etc…

    By the way I commend you on your efforts this is a first for caribbean carriers. BTW I do not know if you just happen to like marketing and work for an airline but if you are into aviation and do post on it would nice if you could post in the Caribbean Aviation Forum.


  34. Jason

    Mr. Francois Pariseau

    This is the first time an airline in this region has this kind of interaction with the public.

    My first Question is, How has Caribbean Airlines been performing financially in the first quater of the year.

    Secondly is Caribbean Airlines keeping the schedual with the 5 extra flights for the entire year.

    Thirdly, is one of Caribbean Airlines 737 going to be leased out for the summer and when is the airline going to add new routes to its schedual and add flights to BGI to its international destination like BWIA

  35. Anonymous

    I can’t find a $199 fare on the CA website. Where is it?

  36. Jason


    If you read Mr. Pariseau first blog you’ll see that he is talking about one way fares to JFK and I have found it. Some of you really don’t understand economics of the aviation industry, and this is the main reason that our airlines keep failing. If and when AA has fares to MIA for $500 all of you would not have a problem, but since it is a West Indian Airline, everyone wants to get off their high horses.
    Flights to SXM are full on a regular basis, and when flights are full, all airlines tend to sell their last few seats for a higher price. No two passenger will get a seat in a flight for the same fares unless they travel POS-TAB.

    Right now I booked a summer flight from June till August to JFK for my cousins with Caribbean Airlines for just $385 each.

  37. IT master

    Right now I booked a summer flight from June till August to JFK for my cousins with Caribbean Airlines for just $385 each.

    Is that one way or return? And what dates please, I can’t find it. thx

  38. Jason

    IT master

    If you simply go onto their website, And book from POS-JFK, Click on the option of Flexible; which gives you options of different fares on the date.
    If you want to see all the fares simply click the flexible option.
    However if seats are not found withing a week of a flight with a particular fare it will say unavailable, and I booked this flight since last friday from June 25 to August 29 and its no longer available. But i see that you can now get it for $521 all taxes( VAT in POS takes up most of the addition). Its still much cheaper than flying Travelspan which is asking for $850 all taxes for the same period.

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  40. Anonymous

    Bwee IS ripping people off…..they know they don’t have much competition on most of their routes and that’s why they charge these ridiculous fares…..because they know that more often than not, you have no choice!!

    Been trying to get a reasonable fare for my BF just from Kingston, JAM to Barbados. When you search the fares and find one that relatively reasonable, and you go back to purchase maybe a few hours later, the fare you found disappears and what becomes available is much higher. I think their pricing practices are very unfair and unreasonable. In such turbulent financial times as these, you would think that they would try to be more competitive……they just don’t care. They just want to make as much money as possible, that’s all that matters to Caribbean Airlines! the money, not their passengers!