Barbados Free Press Top 10 Posts For Last 30 Days

Top 10 Most Read Posts For The Last 30 Days

1 – Murder In Christ Church Barbados. Headless Body In Brush, Woman Had Hands Tied Behind Back

2 – Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!

3 – The Failure of Rayside Construction Limited, Barbados – A Tale Of Sex, Money and Politics

4 – Patrick Hoyos Talks About White Flight To Avoid Prosecution For Racial Slurs

5 – Ikael Tafari Smoking Something Again

6 – $1.5 Million For Cricket World Cup Closing Ceremony – That They Admit To

7 – Barbados Prime Minister Sends Our Tax Dollars As Gift To People Of Antigua

8 – Visitor To Barbados Asks – Why Do Black Folks Receive Worse Treatment From Other Blacks?

9 – Who Will Climb Aboard The Transparency Train? Dr. Duguid… How About You?

10 – Carlos R. Todd, Barbados Native – Appointed President Of American Association Of Anger Management Providers


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2 responses to “Barbados Free Press Top 10 Posts For Last 30 Days

  1. joosy

    The Anger-Management post is my favorite. 🙂

  2. As the person who caused all of the tension regarding Carlos Todd and anger management, let me say that I learned more in one day than I can ever remember from my past. I have been a tourist in Barbados twice but I never learned anything accept how expensive it is to live in your beautiful paradise.
    I hope to come to Barbados as your guest along with Carlos Todd.
    Thanks for tolerating my lack of cultural sensitivity.