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Why Can’t Barbados Government Hotels Do This Well?


“Peach and Quiet, our small hotel, is a 2 star plus budget property but we have still managed to win several awards including Fodors First Choice and Best Bargain Caribbean Trip Advisor. From 1st January until 30th April this year our average occupancy has been 96%…” … Adrian Loveridge, owner of Peach & Quiet Resort

Government Doesn’t Understand The Difference Between “Investment” and “Scheme” – So They Should Stay Out Of “Business”

We hear government Ministers talking about “investing tax dollars” in this or that, but we never hear them talking about “return on investment”. They always try to talk as if they are in business, when one look at the sad state of government “investments” should tell us that the typical government minister knows zero about running a business.

Having a never ending bank account of tax dollars to cover up mistake after mistake is not being “in business”.

More often than not, our elected representatives seem to think that the act of being elected confers some extraordinary business wisdom upon them overnight.

They behave like children experimenting in the sandbox and forget that the sand they play with is ours.

So when I read Adrian Loveridge’s comment above (link here) about his excellent occupancy rate in the middle of the poorest March and April that the hotel industry has seen in years, all I could think of was the GEMS Hotel debacle. Millions and millions of our tax dollars stolen, wasted and poured into a bottomless pit of a government “hotel business”.

Too Bad Adrian Loveridge Isn’t Black

Adrian Loveridge has proven his ability to run a business – to survive without government help, to run a “two star” establishment in such a manner that he keeps a full house and attracts awards from all over the world.

In the summer when his place closes for a month or two, he can be seen with brush and roller in hand, dressed in cut off pants and an old shirt – personally painting his front wall. He is not afraid of hard work and knows how to cut expenses, to run lean when times are bad.

He is an honest, hard working man who would be a tremendous asset to this country if he could be persuaded to be elected to public service…

But that will never happen.

Despite all his knowledge and proven love for Barbados, Adrian Loveridge is not electable.

He is white.


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Gardin Democracy From…



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