$1.5 Million For Cricket World Cup Closing Ceremony – That They Admit To


1.5 Million For Final Show – Nation News

CWC “Tremendous Success” Says Owen Arthur – Nation News


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  1. Adrian Loveridge


    Or $100,000 a minute or $1,666 a second.

    Now just remind me who actually saw the closing ceremony?
    The Kensington Oval attendees in the dark?
    CBC TV viewers?

    Or the BILLIONS of cricket fans and potential visitors to Barbados across the globe?

    Was it carried on Global TV at all?

    If I remember correctly the holder of the exclusive TV rights ‘cut the feed’ due to poor lighting?

    And yet so much money seems to have been spent on lighting!

    Light System $79,000
    TV lighting plan for band and stands $18,840
    (No reason given for this charge) $8,500
    Supervisor lighting and sound $6,000
    TV lighting engineers $10,000

    Also I cannot see any mention of costs for accommodation for any of these people.
    Did they all just fly in for the day, or were they accommodated in our hotels, villas or onboard the US$15 million chartered Carnival Destiny.

    Did they but there own food, arrangement and pay for their own transport.

    Are we sure that ALL the costs have been stated here or are some missing?

  2. Justice

    This is bigger than the Great Train Robbery! Legal fees- US$5,ooo? Minshall must be laughing all now…BDS$1M and he did not have to sleep with anyone.

  3. Bajanboy

    Under what circumstances was Alison Peacock forced to resign from CBC? How can someone leave one job under a cloud of controversy, and walk straight into a big fat consultancy contract?

  4. Jay

    What exactly is the problem with the closing ceremony? Why are you people blaming the government for the game running late? I don’t understand it at all.

    Jamaica spent much more for the opening ceremony. See the Jamaican Observer.

  5. cs33ca

    Mr. Loveridge:

    The feed in North America was cut by Bell Express Vu (VDSL High Def.) and on private dishes. Review of old games were shown instead. We got all of 8 minutes…then it was cut.

  6. BK

    cs33ca that is the angle I think that is worth pursuing. The PM apparently extended the closing ceremony from 15 to 45 minutes. However if we are to read between the lines it appears that the closing coverage was not to be featured prominently but more so the cricket commentators would do their rap-up with the closing playing a secondary role.

  7. Wishing in vain

    Whatever the outcome one thing is certain it has cost us dearly and what did get from it was a Trinidadian rehashed Moko tired Jumbie show are we not yet tired of these stilt walkers they have been around for many years now.

  8. True Native

    Wishing in vain: And replace the traditional stilt dancers with what – “we culture”? Wuk up/dub and all that crap? I hope to heaven you wouldn’t want to replace the Land Ship!

  9. Bored

    I am with you WIV the stilt walker/moko jumbie baloney tiresome and difficult to watch to put it mildly. Barbados sent them to opening ceremony and they were just as infantile and mediocre. A three hundred strong tuk band a more interesting option. This blind aping of boring Trinidadian carnival and costumes is sickening. In addition to our flying fish Trinidad gifted $1.5 million of our taxes for nothing. Minshall, Ian Estwick, Leacock, Charles should be made to refund the treasury..

  10. cs33ca


    Thanks…It was promoted by the feed as a special closing ceremony many weeks before. The source problem [they said] was inadequate light to transmit inHD quality. It was always slotted as a 45 min. show.

  11. John

    I see we are to get a new monument to the labour of Barbados.

    This is becoming more and more like Animal Farm, where the pigs gettting up to the end decided to have the Animals build a statue, …. forget who it was to!!

  12. lawrence loughlin

    I am only a resident of Barbados but have had a strong association with Barbados for over 45 years. Therefore, I remember all the pundits complaining about the waste of money for a deep water ship terminal in which the late great PM Errol Barrow recieved major criticism for wasting money. Also, Our other fine PM Tom Adams along with Errol Barrow again taking criticism for expanding our airport for being able to recieve the jumbo jets of the future. The first time I arrived in Barbados in 1957 the airport was just a tiny single wooden room.

    Now we have critics/pundents vociferously complaining about the cricket stadium which is a Trophy property in bringing more business to Barbados. If you check out the 2003 or 2004 Barbados Economic and Social report which is available to anyone at the government press office you will see a increase of 80,000 visitors to Barbados in August vs previous year. Why !! In reading the asterisk I saw that the reason for this incredible increase was a cricket match between Sri Lanka and Australia. Perhaps many people are now looking at the tree’s and not the forest ? I remember in history, what they called Stewarts folley since he had the USA buy Alaska for 7 million dollars from Russia. He was laughed out of the US Senate for such folley/stupidity. Perhaps the Hotel Ass. could band together with others to offer inducements to have major cricket games played in Barbados. After all they could fill up there rooms during the slow summer months. The players would than have a lovely environment to play cricket. Many of these countries also have cold climates and would jump at the chance to play in our wonderful country.

    Wether we were for or against the stadium does not matter presently since we have this trophy property with us for many years. What is important is to put everybody’s heads together to make the most productive use of this asset. Not making it a political football which will only tarnish its image and hurt the general populace’s economic interest they have already vested in this property.

    Nobody likes to talk about the intangible/hidden value of sponsoring the WCC. FREE ADVERTISING !!! Barbados was all over the TV in many countries. I was traveling overseas during the games ( Asia ) and nobody ever heard or knew of Barbados. Fortunately, Barbados was blanketed on foreign TV which gave me the opportunity to proudly show to my foreign friends where I live. Believe me , they were very impressed !!This is a intangible value which is hard to quantify but I can guarenntee it is worth many many millions. Another example would be our zest for the great sport of polo. Inevitaly, I have to visit high end homes or apartments in which they have all these glossy magazines ( personally, I prefer to chill out on the east coast wearing just shorts ). In perusing these publications I always see polo sections which have the Williams family highlighted along with Barbados. This only cements or burnihes our image as a high end tourist destination. A advertisement in these publications usually cost $30,000.00 US per page but we get a freebie. I would not even hazard a guess how many times I have seen the Barbados polo teams publicized. I do know the target audience is a bullseye.

    I will make a prediction for our future. The financial services industry will overtake the tourist industry within 10 years. I was formally in this industry and know many fund managers would love to give Bermuda a shot across the bow since they have been raising their fee’s willy nilly as if they are the only game in town. My only suggestion would be to take Bermuda’s well respected financial services laws playbook and copy them. This would enable us to get a fast start in capturing assets in this industry that total many trillions of dollars. If Bermuda can do it why can’t we !! I believe we could capture 10% of these funds just as a protest vote. I get this figure through my own due diligence with fund managers who are very vexed with Bermuda. Besides, this industry requires people going up in elevators so it does not require large land developments for our limited land areas. Before, it was enlarging the harbour and airport, now it is fiber optics to address the infrastructure needs for this new open ended opportunity of mutual and hedge fund managers.

    Fortunately, we have been blessed with former and present PM’s that have had strong economic backgrounds. Believe me we did not get where we were for no reason at all. God bless Barbados !!!

    Lawrence Loughlin

  13. Wishing in Vain

    It appears to me that we apparently gave these folks an open cheque to do as they wanted this is a dangerous act with most things but made even worst by having the PM the deputy PM and minister of tourism given a free hand is a formula for disaster as we have seen.
    How dare Owing come to the people of this island and try to fool them with his nonsense that it was a wonderful world cup is he living in la la land or what?
    These people have taken advantage of us the taxpayers in no small way either.

  14. Lady Anon

    I heard that the lighting was cut from the initial kensington proposal because it was too expensive…that is why there was “temporary lighting”. Don’t know if it is true. Can anyone clarify?

  15. Jay

    It is true Lady Anon

  16. Wishing in Vain

    Lady Anon this absolutely correct this was part of the original plan, so to a museum but your PM removed them from the program because it would be to costly.

  17. Bored

    my post should read“A combined three hundred strong tuk and tassa band a more interesting option“

  18. John

    Lady Anon
    May 2nd, 2007 at 1:55 pm
    I heard that the lighting was cut from the initial kensington proposal because it was too expensive…that is why there was “temporary lighting”. Don’t know if it is true. Can anyone clarify?
    Wishing in Vain
    May 2nd, 2007 at 2:12 pm
    Lady Anon this absolutely correct this was part of the original plan, so to a museum but your PM removed them from the program because it would be to costly.

    Sometime when you are passing UWI, look and see if you don’t see a whole set of unused stadium lights.

    Also, Ellerton playing field was probably ablaze with lights that night as I am sure were other playing fields elsewhere.

    Can’t buy the too expensive line!!

  19. Lady Anon

    i guess it worked…moko jumbies only come out at night.

  20. J. Payne

    A $1.5M show in de dark????

    But wah de jail is dis???

  21. No-name

    Owen was just on the 12.30 news talking about he hoping that out of CWC will come a resurgence of volutarianism. How does Owen expect volunteers to feel about working for free when he and he friends get all the money. That is why hundreds of them left without a trace after receiving training. You must learn to treat people good when they volunteer.Volunteers are no laP DOGS!

  22. samizdat

    I second the query about Alyson Leacock. What’s the deal with her? She’s clearly incredibly well connected.

    Is she another cousin of Mia’s…?

  23. samizdat

    John, I been saying this for a while now in other threads.

    Barbados is becoming more and more like Animal Farm.

    UWI need to put on their stage adaptation of the book again…

  24. Duh

    As expected Owen resurfaced yesterday to proclaim CWC a tremendous success. Bloggers asked about his whereabouts during the booing of Dehring, Gordon etc. Owen knew the heckling they got was childs play to what was in store for him and MM Lynch. Like the tricky politician he is he laid low.
    It is amazing the entire world deemed CWC a disaster he says it was a tremendous success. Malcom Speed barely called it a qualified success. Owen is back in all his Emperor Mugabe glory. Easily influenced Bajans will accept what he says and its business as usual. Oh for a few with backbone to challenge the dictator.

  25. Jay


    The lights at UWI are utilised during campus football games if you must know,

  26. J. Payne

    If BFP really wants to put the squeeze on the BLP. They should apply for a TV and or a Radio license in the country. If they are denied. They will have all the proof they need to run to the International media and no doubt win.

  27. Lady Anon

    But the lights at UWI should not be included…they are paid for (among other things) by the amentities fee charged to students.

  28. Get In The Action

    The $1.5M does not seem to include the fireworks display which goes at $10,000 plus per cluster. You can easily add another $1/4M for the fireworks.

    And how much again was that dialysis machine that the QEH needed? We have destitute elderly Bajans living in rat infested open air shacks and we find the money to throw $2M away on a ceremony that only nocturnal animals can appreciate. Unbelievable!

  29. Justasking

    Lawrence Laughlin, good comments and advice regarding the financial services industry. Hopefully someone will take note and action your suggestions.

    However you are off base with regard to the benefits of CWC and enough has been said by other posters to contradict your assertions of tremendous benefits and a worthwhile investment.

    Are you the Lawrence Laughlin/water park financier/investor that was on Brass Tacks on Sunday July 16, 2006?


    If you are can you give us an update on what is happening with regard to the Water park application to Town Planning. There was a comment in the press a few weeks ago by the Chief Town Planner to the effect that he had made his recommendations to the Minister and a copy went to the developer but he could not make them public. Do you have any information you would like to share?

  30. reality check

    just asking


    spin doctor and lapdog of the BLP with respect to the justifying of a half billion of wasted and stolen citizens dollars on CWC 2007

    Will the unholy and unconscionable pact between Owing, Nurse and Kierans be honoured at the cost of ecological disaster and the wishes of over 6,000 citizens who signed a petition for a National Park?

  31. Get In The Action

    Have a read of Patrick Hoyos’ analysis of the Central Bank’s first quarter report on the Broad Street Journal site. Long stay arrivals down 6% to lowest levels since pre 2004, cruise arrivals up 10%. If not for a doubling of net long term in-flows, and short term capital in-flows including loan proceeds from the prison and airport projects we would really have felt this decline in tourism revenue. No small consolation that we have used borrowed money to finance this short fall.

  32. John

    May 2nd, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    The lights at UWI are utilised during campus football games if you must know,

    Which ones Jay, the ones around the cricket field or the ones around the football field!! ….. or the ones around the basketball and tennis courts!

    I somehow suspect that Prof Beckles isn’t going to let any football get played on the cricket field. Maybe the lights around the cricket field are used to light the football field but I have a sneaky suspicion they are not.

    I mean, if Owen didn’t install them at Kensington because they are too costly to use in a World Cup final, I find it difficult to understand the economic justification of using similar lights for campus football games!!

    Jay, do you know if the semester has ended?

    Lady Anon

    So what’s wrong with renting the lights from the students? Weren’t temporary stands with seating for 16,000 in place at Kensington, and then removed?

    There can’t be any big technical deal in moving the fancy lights around the cricket ground at UWI down to Kensington for one day of cricket as insurance for just such an eventuality as we saw occur.

    I wonder if provision was made for lights to be installed at Kensington? For the hundreds of millions reputedly spent I would think so.

    Maybe it is that the ones at UWI are not powerful enough for Kensington, but so what, just means they can’t play cricket.

    The closing show did not need much light, in fact it seemed not to require any!!

    There has to be a simple explanation, and it is most likely a technical one.

    How did Malcolm Speed describe the lack of lights, …. fundamental error I believe.

    I just hope it isn’t so fundamental as to require a whole set of work to correct!!

    Now that would look bad, … real bad!!

  33. John


    Wuhloss, I only now realise what you said!!

  34. John

    I’ve been thinking a bit more about the lights.

    I wonder if the template for the base of the light poles at the 3W’s Oval at UWI is different from that at Kensington?

    Wow …. that would explain it!!

    Maybe it is as simple as that!!

    Making an adaptor would be possible but it would take time to get approvals of whatever design was proposed to meet safety and insurance requirements.

    So if it was realised too late in the day that light might have been a problem, there would have been nothing that could be done.

    Maybe that is why Malcolm Speed called it a fundamental error!!

  35. J. Payne

    Town and Country Planning’s website.


  36. 12 overs per hour?

    A 20/20 or 30/30 between Sri Lanka and Australia would have been nice.

    Maybe Legacy can start to try and host a couple of tournaments, and bring some teams in.

  37. Fuzzy

    Mr. Loughlin:

    It was “Seward’s Folly” not “Stewart’s Folly” associated with the Alaska purchase.

    And, as you pointed out with Seward, don’t you find it ironic that those with vision are often the ones most abused by those with money and political connections?

    Would you regard those men and women who support the formation of Graeme Hall National Park as heroes?

  38. Maat

    Mr Loughlin wrote..”The financial services industry will overtake the tourist industry within 10 years. I was formally in this industry and know many fund managers would love to give Bermuda a shot across the bow since they have been raising their fee’s willy nilly as if they are the only game in town. My only suggestion would be to take Bermuda’s well respected financial services laws playbook and copy them. This would enable us to get a fast start in capturing assets in this industry that total many trillions of dollars. If Bermuda can do it why can’t we !!”
    Why is Bermuda raising their fees to the point of risking losing some of this ‘trillion dollar’ industry if it is so good for the country?


  39. Kem


    The lights at UWI are utilised during campus football games if you must know,

    Actually wrong!! The lights at the 3Ws Oval were only turned on about four times since they were installed and were not even used in any of the warm up games. The football field has their own lights which are much smaller than the lights around the cricket field.

    The lights at the 3Ws Oval are more than powerful enough to light Kensington and were actually used in the last World Cup in South Africa.

  40. John


    Thanks for the clarification. Something seems not right about the whole light situation at Kensington.

    Guess the question remains, why didn’t the LOC seek permission to use these lights?

    and another two arise, why did the South African owners sell these lights?….. and why did the purchaser (UWI) purchase these lights?

    May all be perfectly logical and simple but it would be nice to know the answers.

  41. Jay

    The semester at UWI ends on May 11th, next Friday.

  42. John


    How many students play football when end of semester exams are on?

  43. SimpleSolutions

    ‘Leacock also noted that a foreign company highlighted in the Midweek Nation yesterday as being contracted for a certain sum of money to provide lights for the event, was not the case.’

    Persumably, the Nation, got it all wring (again) and the figures quoted yesretday were all wrong regarding the company name, its President, the lighting engineers etc.

    I am sure the NATION is going to do the right thing and print a retraction in the same bold headlines as the story carried on both the front page and page 3.

    Why is it I get the feeling that its everybody’s elses fault and the blame cannot be directed at the organisers.

  44. Adrian Loveridge

    What exactly is going on here?

    One day, a company in Miami is named and specific amounts are quoted for providing the lighting for the CWC Final ‘creative presentation’.

    The next day, the consultant executive producer, Dr Allyson Leacock is denying that company or its President are involved.

    ‘It is important to clarify that this is not accurate and that the company identified in the article was never contracted’.

    So where did the Nation obtain the names and figures?

  45. John

    Todays Nation page 5

    LOC letdown by Cup Error

    “The board of the LOC, with the knowledge that stadium lights were not required for CWC 2007 given the player regulations, made the decision to maximise the stadium capacity for the tournament.

    The erection of lights is within the budget for the post CWC development and are expected to be in place within the next few months.”

    So there we have it. The lights were not too costly to install and operate, they just weren’t installed because they weren’t needed.

    Wonder what the “budget for post CWC means”?

  46. Justice

    AL, perhaps they were not CONTRACTED but were SUB-CONTRACTED; which opens a new kettle of rotting fish as to who were the main contractors…

  47. Wishing in vain

    Now if the fireworks were not listed in the expenses in the Nation yesterday can someone tell me what these costed to put on at the finals? Not that they were worth anything but I am sure they were very costly and just another expense that is added to the growing list of mad money that has been spent on the world cup for that feel good factor that Owing wanted to carry him into elections next month so much for elections or the feel good factor we are all feeling rather awful at the moment with this fiasco of world cup cricket debt around our necks.

  48. True Native

    Yes, well, while all these things are adding up, I would like to know when the DLP is going to start holding some political mass meetings to let people who don’t have access to BFP know what is going on, before they start believing the lies the Nation/Advocate and Owing et all are putting out.

  49. J. Payne

    Re: Bermuda. Look at the cost of living in Bermuda though. It is WAY higher than Barbados. Then again their standard of living is higher than even America. If Bermuda were an independent country their standard of living according to I think the Nassau Guardian(Bahamas) would put them something like 3rd in the world on the United Nations Development Index. (Barbados is 31st.)

  50. J. Payne

    Re: Re: Bermuda. Tax wise Bermuda can get away with a lot of things globally which Barbados cannot. Remember Barbados is an independent country. Bermuda is still attached to the EU/United Kingdom which will protect them.

    Barbados, and many other independent global jurisdictions are under-pressure not to erode any tax profits from the Industrialized countries in the form offshore sector revenue.

    Countries in the OECD can place direct sanctions on Barbados if they gang-up but they cannot directly place sanctions on Anguilla, Bermuda, BVI, the Cayman Islands, Montserrat nor the Turks and Caicos Islands which are still technically an extension of Britain herself.

    If you notice, the forementioned countries are the ones which tend to be the “trouble makers” in the Offshore sector. The scandals which caused soo much bachannal involved these countries.

    Arthur Andersen in Bermuda.
    Enron in Cayman Islands.
    Halliburton in Cayman Islands.
    Parmalat in Cayman Islands.

    And the result.

    Article: EU to target Caribbean havens following Parmalat scandal
    Friday, February 13, 2004

    Those states are making it tougher for everyone else. I would distance myself from Bermuda.

  51. Wishing in Vain

    It has amazed me that we have not seen on this site the exchange that MM Lynch and a member of the public had while at cricket a few days ago, it went something like this while he Lynch was in the Party stand with a male friend of his, this male friend linked up with Marlyn Rice Bowen and they exchaged hugs etc meanwhile a male bajan passes by and said to Lynch that his ministry messed up the cup, low and behold if you had heard the response from Lynch a fish vendor would have learnt a thing or two about swearing from him he told the chap to go F__k himself what a C__T he was, and the cursing went on between the two of them for a long period.
    Now honestly this is a minister of the crown that we are talking about here that we pay to do our work and if he has messed up surely he should be man?? enough to take his licks and not blow his fuse in public as he did.
    It was in very poor taste and was done in front of Bajans and Tourist alike it was vile and disgusting to say the least and ought not to have happened in a public domain such as the CWC.
    Owing you need to sit Lynch down and have a chat with him and explain to him as a minister of the gov’t he will be faced with those challenges but how he handles them is more important than the challenge itself and his method of cursing and flying off the deep end at private citzens has no part to play in the politics of this land, then again Owing asking Lynch not to curse someone maybe hard to swallow coming from Owing as he to has the penchant for doing the same of cursing people when their views differ from his dictator style of gov’t.

  52. Old Timer

    You mean Lynch could cuss worse than the pistol packing mama who nearly shot Bolden some years ago?

  53. Fred

    old timer never heard that one before who was she and why did she want to shoot man?

  54. Old Timer

    The best I can do is give you a few hints, without getting censored! Think of billy goats and suchlike. I don’t remember what was the cause, but it happened during a debate in Parliament and the “Mama” lost her temper (which she did regularly in those days), pulled out a pistol and fired a shot, allegedly at Bolden. That’s the story as I heard it.

  55. Fred

    Wow millar was terrible in her days they was a story making the rounds some years ago that she raised her dress to show that she was a woman however the verdict is still out on that one!!!

  56. Wishing in Vain

    Shots fired and skirts raised put two and two together here!!!!

  57. Old Timer

    Now, now! We’re getting a bit raunchy! Behave!

  58. THe whole thing about World CUp stinks to the high heavens. THe BLP politicos involved will pay a high price at the polls. But what about the other power folks like Stephen Alleyne, Chris DeCaires, Allison Leacock, Emerson Holder, Vancourt Rouse, etc …… they are the ones who lied and mislaed us as well. They must not come out smelling like roses. We must expose any and all business connections involving them and all and any suppliers of goods and services to Kensington and WCC.

    I am sick of these puppies spouting thier verbal garbage like misguided intellectuals. Someone says that thye are bright and we believe them. I hope that they too are exposed and never again involved in any major national event. Their reputations are damaged beyond repair….. just kike our economy.

  59. Lawrence Laughin needs to get compare apples with apples and stop making the farsical excuses for the BLP Government. All major Government projects, especially physical ones, are not without their share of detractors. Some folks even felt that we should give free secondary education to the blacks! After all, who would tend the plantations?

    However, this ICC/WCC speaks more to bad planning and even worst execution coupled with mass coruption. Unlike the other projects LL mentioned, this one had little social development focus and was guided by many an external force, despite the initial claims of the local organisers. They lied, lied, lied ……. and you cannot now come and ask for them to be rewarded. Owen Arthur, try as he may, is no Eraol BArrow and never will be. He is no Michael Manley and should stop trying to be. He needs to be himself …. an arrogant, misguided, visionless, controlling political clown, leading an even more clueless but as corrupt pack of political hooliguns!

    Last 3 times they got my votes ….. never again. This is not personal, it is political.

    THompson and the DLP needs to step up to the plate and show what they are made off. Bajans deserve better.

  60. Sorry LL ….. Barbados does have good legislation for Mutual Funds and other financial services products. However, we lack efficiency, too much bureaucracy, silly decision makers and a good size marketing budget.

    Also, our office of Supervisor of Insurance, et al is woefully understaffed both in quantity and quality. So please do not compare Bermuda with Barbados until you ar eprepared to lay all ofthe facts on the table.

    Arthur doe snot take International Business seriously. HE even demoted it from a Ministry to a department under Mia Mottley … who takes no interest in the industry except for personal gains … just like Dale Marshall.

  61. cat eyes

    You can believe me when I say that the behaviour displayed by Lynch is not new to him. A few days after his encounter with David Ellis he was by the cold storage area at SuperCentre Warrens godblining to his heart’s content. I remarked to my companion that he was probably discussing the radio incident with the person. All who were passing heard and noted. I was tempted to hiss “Lynch, behave yourself,” but did not. The worse they behave, the better. Let them self-destruct.

  62. cat eyes

    Adrian, they were not contracted, but they were CONTACTED. The paper trail is there. However, their proposal was rejected. It would still be wise to research whether or not they received any payments – in error! But they were not hired. Locals did much of that work.

  63. Wishing in Vain

    I was so dissappointed that a minister of my gov’t could behave in such a wreckless manner unbecoming of his role in gov’t.
    From what you have said it appears that this is a regular happening with him other than just being a crook he can also now add that he is a lout as well among a few other things that can be said about him as well MM.

  64. Justasking

    Are we going to see financials for these 2 companies?

    Number 25360
    Date Registered / Inc. 2005-05-24
    Category Company

    Number 25359
    Date Registered / Inc. 2005-05-24
    Category Company

  65. John

    May 3rd, 2007 at 11:50 pm
    Are we going to see financials for these 2 companies?

    What do you think?

  66. Rumplestilskin

    ”The erection of lights is within the budget for the post CWC development and are expected to be in place within the next few months.”

    So there we have it. The lights were not too costly to install and operate, they just weren’t installed because they weren’t needed.

    Wonder what the “budget for post CWC means”?

    Yeah, build it without lights that every little and big stadium internationally, particularly with day/night matches, has. Even the little playing field at Holders has lights.

    Come on. But, we like we got a little slush fund to spend now on digging up again and putting in lights after the fact.

  67. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘The organisers refused to comment on the huge expenses’

    The Gulf Times
    Times of India
    3 May 2007

    ‘REFUSED to comment’

    Is no-one accountable on this island?

  68. John

    What does maximise the stadium capacity mean?

    “The board of the LOC, with the knowledge that stadium lights were not required for CWC 2007 given the player regulations, made the decision to maximise the stadium capacity for the tournament.”

    Could it be that in order to fit in the temporary stand for 16,000 spectators the lights could not be installed?

    This then begs the question……

    What is the capacity of the stand that will fit once the lights are installed?

  69. Rumplestilskin


    I tell all you baj-ans, we spending too much mo-ney
    Hundreds of mill-ions on Greenland
    We did not lis-ten, to Goddard about spen-ding
    So much on a cracked up a-re-a

    Too much we spending, without account-ing

    Then we spent on the hotel fias-co
    A fancy name with so much mo-ney
    We still do not know (melodic,still ‘up’ and know ‘down’), where it all went
    But all said and done, it already been sp-ent

    Too much we spending, without account-ing

    We spent on the office building in Warrens
    That still aint get set-tle
    Digging foundation and all we making is a hole
    Is like all major proj-ects, too much concrete and me-tal

    Too much we spending, without account-ing


    Now look, we spend more at Kensington O-val
    On a big fancy stadium that will barely be used at-all at-all
    So much on the closing cere-mony
    All for the sake, of a cricket ball

    Too much we spending, without account-ing

    Is so much money that the taxpayers got a right to see
    How so much get spend, and still so much we need
    I ask for an investigation of records and deed
    Where is de powers of de auditor -general, who is supposed to work for we

    Too much we spending, without account-ing

    Still aint no hospital get fix
    Not even a bit of concrete get mix
    All de surgical wards out of com-mission
    Because de Government dont lis-ten

    Too much we spending, without account-ing

    The prices soooo high and the poor suffering
    The middle-class non-exis-tent
    Cant even save a little bling-bling
    And cant afford to buy, gotta rent

    Too much we spending, without account-ing

    Too much we spending, without account-ing

  70. Get In The Action


    Get in a studio. You are heading for the Pic-o-de-Crop Finals.

  71. Chase

    Sounds good Rumple…..too bad it will never hit the airwaves in this country….then again there is Youtube.

  72. Get In The Action

    Exactly how much was Alison Leacock paid as a “consultant” for both the launch ceremony for Kensington in February and for the entertainment in the CWC closing ceremony, while still a board member of the LOC. DeCaires today stated in response in a press conference that there was no conflict of interest.

    What rot! It is OUR TAX MONEY and we have a right to know. I have heard a figure that I cannot believe.

  73. Denmark rotten

    Is Decaires of sound mind? What does he mean that Allyson Leacock being LOC board member and a consultant hired by same board is not a problem? Why doesnt BLP pimp Albert Brandford write about this corruption, conflict of interest and abuse instead of pimping looking to pin something on David Thompson while being a lapdog for Owen Arthur and traitor Mascoll. I challenge Branford to investigate LOC board member Allyson Leacock allowing payments to herself as employee of same board.

  74. samizdat

    I ask again: what is the deal with Allyson Leacock? How does she manage to land plum executive jobs, one after the other (Collymore Hall, CBC, now Kensington Oval)? What is her connection to the BLP?

    Someone here must know…

  75. Wishing in vain

    samizdat she is of the same ilk as Mottley the bi.

  76. Rumplestilskin

    Firstly, a Board member also having a consultancy contract is a clear conflict of interest and ‘those that be’ must know this, anything ‘published’ is to mollify the average citizen who knows no better.

    Secondly, I see our ‘disciplinary forces’ will be getting helicopters, according to Dale Marshall.

    Do you know how much it costs per hour to keep these in the air? Fuel is also foreign exchange.

    More poorly considered expenditure.

    Would be better spent on more patrol vehicles, communications etc. and better SALARIES for officers.

    Question: Will ministers also be travelling on these, locally or inter-island?

  77. Rumplestilskin

    If so, will two be bought? Such as with Burnham who used to have two waiting and choose one so no one would know which he was travelling on?

  78. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘Ministers to review CWC’

    TODAY at Sherbourne (no time given).

    Ministers, Anthony Wood, Noel Lynch, Joseph Atherley and Clyde Mascoll together with key officals from World Cup Inc., will also be in attendance.
    They ‘will address various issues during a Press conference at Sherbourne Conference Centre’.

    I hope some BFP people will be there to question the Minister of Tourism to see what happened to the ‘90,000’ long stay visitors plus the ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’ and the ‘700 yachts’ and
    explain exactly how much the Barbadian taxpayer lost chartering the Carnival Destiny and what is expected to be the legacy benefit of the $1.5 million
    (plus) closing ceremony that was viewed for all eight minutes globally?

    I would like to be there but I am sure that the Mr Lynch would not permit me to be in the same Conference Centre.

    David (Ellis) don’t be intimidated!

  79. Rumplestilskin

    I saw it too. What a laugh. Are we going to get a ‘full transcript’ of the discussions or is the Nation or Advocate going to print tomorrow such as

    ”Lynch says CWC had minor errors but a tremendous success otherwise”

    ”Wood says money well spent”

    ”Atherley says he took out his garbage yesterday morning”


  80. Wishing in vain

    This press conference will be an exercise in time wasting until our reporters can remove the shackles that Owing has placed on them we will have these conferences and nothing meaningful will be reported, our press are cowards and I amshamed of their lack of substance or backbone.
    When a gang like these crooks can bamboozle our reporters and leave them with their lies and these lies are reported we have real problems.

  81. Jerome Hinds

    Reading the news link below how could Owen Arthur declare CWC 2007 a success ?


    When the vulnerable groups in our society had to endure such inhumane conditions !

    Is this the type of ” First World ” legacy Owen Arthur speaks about ?

    Where was Owen Arthur on the night of the final when it was an opportune time to say ” Thanks ” to the Barbadian public and the world at large ?

    Dr. Keith Mitchell & Mrs Portia Simpson – Miller thanked their citizens and the global audience when the games came to Grenada & Jamaica respectively ?

  82. No-name

    Decaires is a man well versed in corporate governance….but he is obviously a lap dog. Notice that he said ” the Board” did not have any difficulty with Leacock’s contract. But how could we expect any difference when Alleyne’s wife was also awarded a major contract along with the friends and relatives of board members. Ask them to print a list and make public who was employed and who got contracts and also state the relationship to Owen, Gov’t Ministers, Senior Gov’t Officials and Board members.

  83. Wishing in vain

    Right on No name if this were done I think that if this were provided we would very clearly see the ties and cross ties to politicians associated with this project.

  84. No-name

    Fellow Bloggers,
    Did you hear Noel Lynch on CBC TV tonight? He is sucha liar! You might remember that he had statred during the interview with David Ellis that there was no loan for the Carnival Destiny!

    Well believe or not the said Lynch is now admitting that the occupancy of the cruise ship was way below expectations….40% to be exact. Finally he says that what this low occupancy translates to in dollars and cents is a convergence to a LONG TERM LOAN.

    He is a real spin doctor. Even if there was no loan and only a guarantee from the begining we always knew this was a high risk transaction.

    I also have my doubts that the occupancy increased by some 13%. How does this square with the central bank’s statistics?