Caribbean Airlines’ Very Strange Fare Schedule


Is There A Logic Behind Regional Airfares?

The lowest fare that can be currently booked online to St. Maarten from Barbados with Caribbean Airlines is US$436.55, a distance of 840 miles return.

Yet you can book from Kingston to St. Maarten, a distance of 1,794 miles for US$334 return.

Or Barbados to Kingston (2,396 miles) for US$395, return which actual travels via St. Maarten.

Is it the additional taxes and services fees that are making the difference?

Apparently not, as all taxes and additional charges are included in the above quoted fares.

Perhaps, Peter Davies the CEO of Caribbean Airlines can explain why it is cheaper to fly 2,396 miles and stop enroute in one destination, than actually travel to that destination itself.

Adrian Loveridge
1st May 2007


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23 responses to “Caribbean Airlines’ Very Strange Fare Schedule

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  2. Jay

    Yes, Adrian, it’s nice to see you posting something logical for a change.

    All you have to do is just don’t fly with them. I know a few people who fly AA to SXM via SJU.

  3. ??

    Adrian, yet again we seem to agree. The fares currently being used seem have no logic. I don’t see that it can be a case of demand.. leaves one to confirm CAL is really BWIA in disguise, and destined to fail.

  4. No-name

    CAL’s Corporate Communications Manager recently resign. All is not well in that organisation.
    They are still arrogant and not as customer friendly and accomodating as BWIA.

    The fare structure is absolutely rediculous….I am assuming that the current rates have to do with CWC. Otherwise…I predict that if nothing is done that company will close in about six months. Customers are not exactly breaking down their doors to fly with them.

  5. Marcus2

    Adrian, tell us how you price your Guest rooms? They seem a little high to me.

  6. Adrian Loveridge


    Good One!

    They are moderately priced to offer value-for- money and that is why they are full.
    Check out TripAdvisor (2006 Winner) Frommers and Fodors (2006 highest rating on Barbados) and the many comments from our guests if you have any doubts.

  7. Wishing in vain

    Marcus 2 with your dishonest schemes sure you can afford the rates go spend a weekend there you will love it, actually do us all a favour and spend as long as you want there minus a computer and save us from having to read your nonsense everyday.

  8. Marcus2

    Wishing in vain, you are waiting in vain!

  9. Wishing in vain

    You better speak nicely to Mr Loveridge if you want a room at his place because unlike your GEMS project his rooms are always full and hard to come by, with an occupancy level of around 45 to 50 % at the GEMS properties I am sure you can get a room there anytime.
    So be nice to Mr Loveridge and he may grant you your wish to stay Peaches and Quiet and the stress is on QUIET.

  10. Bajanboy

    Fares have little to do with physical distance and everything to do with competition. There is no competition on the Barbados to St. Maarten route (unless you want to fly LIAT via Antigua and spend four hours doing so). However, you could fly to Jamaica on Air Jamaica (direct?) so CAL are competing against AJ on that route.

  11. Anonymous

    WIV what is Adrian L’s year round average you seem to know these things GEMS are open year round what about P&Q. Maybe you are adrian in disguise.

  12. Anon

    It is simply no competition and supply & demand working. I am sure some of you did economics!

    The sad thing is that there is no competition now…really. Look at LIAT. The fares have now sky rocketed and the same airline is flying the same way… no major changes have happened in their structure.

    The public is now paying for the service at the cost of a company that runs inefficiently and is doing nothing to fix their problems.

  13. laughing barbadian

    caribbean airlines is a joke a fiasco like the cwc ,actually its worst than wat it was as bwia

  14. Marcus2

    Adrian Loveridge, tell me if this breakdown of your “moderately priced” rooms per day is correct.

    US$109.00 per day

    Maid US$10.00 per day
    Gardener US$5.00 per day
    Cook US$6.00 per day

    Profit US$88.00 per day

  15. Adrian Loveridge

    Marcus 2…

    Silly Boy… now you have given your true identity away.
    With those figures you can only be the current Minister of Finance.

    Now I can see how Hotels and Resorts (GEMS) Ltd
    has built up a debt of somewhere between $200 million and $300 million!

    And as you are so WELL informed, where have the proceeds from the sale of Eastry House and Silver Rock gone?

    PS: You havn’t allowed for my massive salary and BMW.

  16. J. Payne

    Caribbean Airlines = One of the worst ideas ever.

    You take an airline (BWIA) “BWEE” instead of fixing it. (Like Jamaicans did Air Jamaica.) Instead— you close BWEE have to pay tons in severances.

    Then, you cut back on the routes offered driving much of your loyal base to begin shopping around from competitors. You create a flight structure which is no longer able to work with Barbados (one of the 4 MDCs — Most Developed Countries of CARICOM) and you make it so that Barbadians in order to fly to Miami would have to stay overnight in T&T(because that day’s planes already left Port of Spain) and so on. On top of throwing away a brand like BWIA which was known all over the world you now have to pay to remarket another airline using almost the same money losing structure and worst of all it has a name close to other Airline Carriers already in exsistance so as to confuse the International traveling public. E.g. (Caribbean Star, Caribbean Sun, Caribbean Airlines.) Those all sound the same to a person not from the Caribbean which would be best or distinctive to you???

    Then you give up various landing rights in Toronto or the UK which many airlines today wont be able to get… NOR— will Caribbean Airlines probably ever be able to buy back if it were a success. And voila. What do you have?

    Another money loss making venture that will probably lose money faster than BWIA…. Caribbean Airlines probably wont be in the air long at all. Barbados already has designated Air Jamaica their official airlines for tourists so Caribbean Airlines can right off Barbados for the immediate to medium term future… Guyana is now looking to run it’s own airline again so too bad Caribbean Airlines you’ll have precious little loyalties there. All it has is a population of 1.4 million which mind you… Not all of them travel every year. Is that an industry or risk you would invest money into?

  17. John

    May 1st, 2007 at 8:11 pm
    Adrian Loveridge, tell me if this breakdown of your “moderately priced” rooms per day is correct.

    US$109.00 per day

    Maid US$10.00 per day
    Gardener US$5.00 per day
    Cook US$6.00 per day

    Profit US$88.00 per day


    Are you familiar with such abstract concepts as upkeep of an asset, taxes, utilities, VAT, interest, etc.?

    Guess not!!

    Oh yeah, Adrian has also thrown in his massive salary and BMW to help you understand!!!!

    He really is a very considerate man!!

  18. Disgusted

    Someone said a more appropriate name for BWIA would have been ********************


    edited out by BFP’s Auntie Moses

    Yo watch you tongue there or you gonna get wa for!

    Auntie Moses

  19. Mark3

    Why put in the BMW and the salary…………

    ……………..when you can get it from the public treasury?

    Mark2, if dat is u, answer dat one, becozin I comin next!

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  23. well i am very annoyed at the treatment we receive at piarco airport in t&t. we were on our way back to toronto, when this young indian man ask us to open our bags while he check it. this is the first time this has happen, so it was two people travelling and we travel very light,while there were other travellers with huge large baggage, but it appears he was checking who he felt like, I think that is very unfair , if you check some, why not check everybody else who is travelling on the same exact flight. anyway for enquiries the date was 18th september, caribbean airlines bw 0610 which departed 9:30 am from pos trinidad. We pay our money to enjoy your flight not to feel down all the way back home toToronto.
    Thank you, for the time to view my comment, and I do hope that everybody is treated the same way in future flights.