A Casual Attitude About The Unmitigated Disaster Of Cricket World Cup 2007 – What Are YOU Going To Do About It?


The Patron Saint Of Cricket World Cup – Charles Ponzi

My fellow citizens,

Barbados Free Press does not have much that is new to say about the train wreck that was Cricket World Cup 2007, for the simple reason that we have been pounding home our warnings of rape, pillage and financial disaster for about a year now.

This very morning, just as we and others predicted, the world’s media is full of stories covering every embarrassing misstep, and every outrageous abuse of those poor citizens whose politicians were stupid enough and/or crooked enough to buy into one of the largest ponzi schemes ever seen in the Caribbean.

The absurdity of the final game, the boos from the crowd and the pathetic invisibility of the Prime Minister and the others who drove the disastrous agenda was a fitting end to the tournament.

We Citizens Will Continue To Pay The Price Of Politicians’ Folly

The rainy insipid finale of Saturday’s game did not end the financial and public relations damage that will be our burden for the next twenty years or more. We will continue paying in so many ways for the politicians who used Cricket World Cup as their excuse for an orgy of public spending on things that didn’t matter.

Half a billion dollars and more to host a cricket party – while our children’s teeth rot for lack of a school-based dental hygiene programme.

Owen Arther and company widened a few roads while people died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for want of a working heart monitor. We were told that the new flyovers were crucial to traffic management during Cricket World Cup for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who would descend upon Barbados – so we left our only library closed and rotting.

We spent millions to paint old chattel houses to fool the world, but built no new public housing. Now we have newly-painted rotting old chattel houses. We blew $50,000 dollars A MINUTE for the closing ceremony while our abandoned elderly citizens still haul water in pails.

The government allowed BMW to import autos for CWC bigwigs and forgave all duties – while criminal gangs stop tourist cars in the north and demand tribute to pass their gang territory. And our best and brightest police officers are abandoning Barbados because the government doesn’t consider them important enough to pay a living wage.

A body is found here and another found there and the police don’t respond for two hours because they are stretched to the limit. There was a time only a few years ago when you could walk anywhere on this island at night. Not anymore.

But by God we had cricket!

Moving Barbados Forward

Our politicians have never instituted the accountability checks and balances into the system because such laws would prevent them from corruptly taking money from the public purse.

Our Prime Minister can get caught red-handed depositing a $750,000 “campaign donation” cheque into his PERSONAL bank account – and nothing is done because this corrupt thief and his gang never instituted conflict of interest and integrity legislation.

Nor will they institute integrity legislation. Never.

The leader of the opposition who should have been pounding away at corruption issues for 13 years instead makes a “fatted calf” speech to his band – promising that when elected the DLP will take their turn to feed at the piggy trough of corruption.

These are the two leaders of Barbados. Both corrupt and both unbound by any rules of integrity.

What can one person do? Plenty!

A few weeks ago, some folks called Barbados Forward sent us a manifesto demanding various changes to our laws and asked that the government and the opposition band together to introduce these changes BEFORE the next election.

This Barbados Forward manifesto is far from perfect, but it is what we have now. Your local politician needs to receive a copy and be given an opportunity to sign it as is – or else lose your support.

As our corrupt system now stands, each newly elected government can feast at the piggy trough of corruption without fear.

We have to break this cycle. We have to call out these corrupt leaches for what they are – both government and opposition politicians and their supporters.

We have to demand that the system be changed BEFORE the next election. And we have to start making life difficult for those criminals who refuse to implement integrity legislation.

Read Barbados Forward. Let’s talk for a few days, and then let us take back our country.


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44 responses to “A Casual Attitude About The Unmitigated Disaster Of Cricket World Cup 2007 – What Are YOU Going To Do About It?

  1. Chas.Ponzi

    Ah..’progress’ I see!

    “while criminal gangs stop tourist cars in the north and demand tribute to pass their gang territory.”
    – how nice !

    Jamaica? – we REACH,yes?

  2. fil

    no lights to watch the closing ceremony.
    the people booing Chris et. al.
    when it rain, yah get wet.
    when the sun is shining, you get roasted.
    all in all, a wonderful year spent.
    we will feel the pain in the wallet, for a bit, and promptly forget.
    Until the riots start.

  3. Old Timer


    Please don’t use the “r” word. I was a child during the last one in 1937 and I sure as heck wouldn’t like to live through that again.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    One of the images that will linger long in my mind
    is where cricket fans had adapted black plastic bin liners to help protect themselves from the elements, and knowing those persons had ONLY paid US$300 for their WORLD CLASS seats.

    Come to think of it, I didn’t spot the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Malcolm Speed or Chris Dehring under a bin liner. Did I miss them?

  5. Wishing in Vain

    But of course not Mr Loveridge these folks would have been drinking the ESA Field see thru from nice real glasses in the air conditioned comfort of their armchairs in their corporate boxes, you must be kidding, you would not expect them to suffer the elements like we rabs are expected to do.
    It was an educated decision for none of the bastards of the BLP to appear on the stage at the closing ceremony I for one would have enjoyed the moment to hear the reception they would have encountered my guess it would have been worst than that of Dehring and company were subjected to.
    I remember well Lynch’s stupid statements at the end of Golf world cup what an idiot he proved to be with his comments but nevertheless both he and Arthur where up front on the television at that event funny how they opted not to take the photo opportunity at CWC it is worth asking Tony Cozier if they declined the invitation to be there or did the CWC opt not to invite them???

  6. passin thru

    A legacy of incompetence and banana-republic corruption is what the world will remember.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    A 16 000-seat temporary stand erected for the World Cup will boost capacity to 27 000 for the tournament. It will later be removed to reveal a grassy spectators’ hill and pool, providing what Arup Associates lead architect, Dipesh Patel, describes as ‘an echo of the coastal landscape of Barbados’.
    The official capacity of the old ground was 15,000, although more were crammed in on occasions. In more recent times, the locals were often outnumbered by tourists (Barbados being a tourism centre) never more so than when England visited. The pitches at Bridgetown are generally fast and bouncy, but generally favour the batsmen.
    The ground was closed down at the end of the 2004-05 season and demolished in order that a new stadium could be built at a cost of $135 million in time for the World Cup, with the capacity being raised from 12,500 to 28,000
    the above are extracts from cricketinfo.org however my point here is that pior to CWC our stadium seated 12,500 persons with as they said above being crammed to 15,000 what we have achieved with the redevelopment of the oval with a new capacity of 28,000 if we remove the temporary stand which is stated to hold 16,000 people we now have a stadium with a capacity of 12,000 persons the figures suggest that we have spent over $ 300 mill and we have not achieved a single increase in the seating, how can this be allowed to happen???
    Is this really what we set out to do or are we just so stupid that these politicans can take us for a ride like this??
    In summary we spend $ 300 mill on a stadium and ended up with not one single seat more than what we destroyed the old one for in the first place.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    We actually have decline in overall seating by 500 persons.

  9. John

    Wishing in Vain

    Don’t make too much noise or the politicans will realise they can spend another $100 million to build a new stand when the temporary one is gone!!

  10. Wishing in Vain

    But am I wrong to get flustered that they can waste our money like they have done and get away with scott free.
    This is mind boggling that we spend $ 300 mill and loose 500 seats in the outcome?????

  11. John

    Wishing in Vain

    Of course you are not wrong, I am just using sarcasm, the lowest form of wit!!

    Being realistic, they will probably tell you that because of the redevelopment, all they have to do is lease the temporary stand again and increase the seating by 16,000, or rather 15,500.

    But your point is valid, for that money we should have our first Bajan on the moon, or Mars.

  12. Bakkra Johnny

    As far as I know, two stands are to be built on either side of the mound (which would include the pool) in place of the temporary stand.

    So I dont quite understand how you get that there will be 500 less capacity….

  13. True Native

    BFP: “These are the two leaders of Barbados. Both corrupt and both unbound by any rules of integrity.” Well, we know for sure that one is corrupt because we have the evidence. Please explain to me how you arrive at the conclusion that the present L.O. is corrupt if he hasn’t had a chance to prove that one way or the other. Or have I missed out on something? When Owen Arthur was declared P.M. of Barbados, someone said to me, “Ah, boy, now you going see bare corruption.” I replied, “Well, that’s hardly a fair comment because you haven’t given him a chance yet.” I think it’s a bit purile and premature to presume that Thompson is corrupt. It’s like saying, “I’m not flying in that plane because it’s sure to crash”!

  14. Marcus2

    BFP and its sad band of Doom and Gloomers really have quite a job on their hands. Great cricket world cup and I just don’t know how you are going to convince the people of Barbados and The Carbbean otherwise.

    Tell Andrian Loveridge to go take care of his Guests and leave the important stuff to those who know what they are doing.

  15. Lady Anon

    like who? You, Marcus 2? please.

  16. True Native

    Another one living in La La Land!

  17. ??

    True Native, Finally coming around to the fact that Fiction Loveridge is in La La Land… good for you

  18. True Native

    ?? Oh, ha-ha!! Very funny. You know only too well that I meant the Marcus 2 character!

  19. True Native
    April 30th, 2007 at 7:05 pm
    When Owen Arthur was declared P.M. of Barbados, someone said to me, “Ah, boy, now you going see bare corruption.” I replied, “Well, that’s hardly a fair comment because you haven’t given him a chance yet.”
    ha but the pragmatist in you wanted proof, now you have gotten it you are upset?, why? Apparently suspicious actions and or activities could be attributed to David Thompson or at least the BLP thinks so with their many classified government documents that they have now mysteriously made public on their blog. I believe our system of government is corrupting at is very core, and this alone makes it very easy for anyone who understands it, to make “premature” statements that pragmatist finds troubling in the short term and can never remember when they are shown to have reach maturity in the long term. Yes we must work with what we have, ever committed to be always involved in the process with it’s many shortcomings, voting them in and voting them out until a light bulbs goes off in their heads that until the system is changed to bring accountability to governance via legislation, via the make-up of our government, via rolling back some the present concentration of power, that their will be no let up, no pulling of punches, no give-way to all the tools the establish media, the landed gentry, academics , language mavens like Louis Tull and Albert Brandford and others use to attempt silencing change, and to prop-up the status-quo. When the opposition becomes the government, and the government becomes the opposition, and the metamorphosis takes place, as it sure will if serious changes are not made, i will still be here unchanged, and armed with renewed skepticism, ready to tell all and let all for a government can never be anything more than a necessary evil, formed to do on our collective behalf those things that we as individual men and women cannot accomplish on our own due to the human condition.

  20. Adrian Loveridge


    Just please remind me which are the ones who know what they are doing?

  21. Marcus2

    There is none so blind as he who will not see! The crowd on this BFP must surely be blind as bats. “Speed hails tournament as a qualified sucess” that is white Malcom Speed that is not black Noel or black Owen speaking. How is it that such a wonderful piece information escaped you doom and gloomers. You can still go out somewhere and grab a copy of today’s Nation newspaper and go straight to the back page at the bottom under heading “CUP PRAISE”. I am sure most of you on this forum can read!

  22. Hants


    Success for the ICC ( tv and Advertising revenue )and debt for Barbados and the other participating Islands.

  23. Rumplestilskin

    Err…. note that there may be an ICC motion to remove Malcolm Speed re the CWC.

    So I would not be so keen to quote him as a source of beneficial comment.

  24. True Native

    That must be why they put in on the BACK page at the BOTTOM!

  25. Wishing in vain

    Absolutely we can read and we are not as stupid as you idiot marcus 2 there is not one single thing that you and your party can rave about regarding CWC it has been a disaster on all fronts you can try to put all the spin on it as you want but there is only one story a doomed failure by you and your ministers including the
    PM and deputy PM

  26. reality check


    everytime you write your disinformation I can’t help but think of Joeseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi Reich during the Second World War

    or more recently the “shock and awe”
    campaign by George Bush ending with his famous line on the aircraft carrier “The US Abraham Lincoln”
    “Mission Accomplished”

    Just how long do you think these big lies or whoppers will work?

    You need to be taken out to the proverbial woodshed with your fellow propagandists or simply locked up.

  27. jinx

    Reality Check,

    The link above is fascinating and informative .
    The world has not really changed
    Different year… same ___t!!!

  28. liz

    They have built us an oval that suits an English climate.
    What next?
    A water park that suits New York?

  29. Marcus2

    When this forum first started out it actually was fun but now it has been hijacked by the haters.

  30. Adrian Loveridge

    Still waiting for the list Marcus2!!!!

    ‘and leave the important stuff to those who know what they are doing’

    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?
    6. ?
    7. ?
    8. ?
    9. ?
    10. ?

  31. Mark3

    Mark 2
    It is hard when things don’t go your way. In your posts above you state your opinion, but you do not post any sort of fact and logic to back it up. I sympathise with your frustration, but in this case one must side with the posters who use actual instances to back up what they say.

    ICC Malcolm Speeds says ‘tournament a success’? Why not, they made megabucks?

    I heard someone ask who were the jokers who read and signed the contracts that we the LOC’s and locals bought into to bring this event here? They went on to ask were they in any way in their right minds? Did they read and modify it?

    Holding the proverbial plastic bag.

    Please come again and let us know?

  32. Wishing

    when you come to the reality that you and your party have shafted us and robbed us you will get the message in the meanwhile you clown can you please respond to Adrian’s questions ???

  33. Hants

    Our most successful aspect of world cup. 2400
    Bajans will learn the joys of Cruising.

    “The low rates ranged from $1 850 for the interior per person to about $3 250 for a suite plus taxes and gratuity.

    Freida Nicholls, head of marketing and public relations at Barbados Port Inc., said the cruise was an immediate legacy and benefit from the Cricket World Cup.

    Malik was right.

  34. Adrian Loveridge


    Do the ‘low rates’ take into account a proportion of the US$15 million taxpayer subsidy?

    Remember, ‘The Government (categorically) has not borrowed any money to charter a ship’.

  35. Justasking

    Hants, that comment by Freida Nicholls (cruise was an immediate legacy and benefit from the Cricket World Cup) is hilarious. Is she employed as head of PR and Mktg. at The Port or with the LOC/Government?

    Actually Barbadians going on the Carnival Destiny (4 day cruise / BBD$1,850)have been ripped off compared to those who went on the privately chartered Celebrity Galaxy (7 days/BBD$200.00) a week or two ago.

  36. Warrior

    I notice that Owen,Barney and all of the 40 thieves are on about this “legacy” ain’t it cute how they all hold on to one buzz word. awhhhhh!!!!! stupsssee

    According to one definition from the free library legacy – gift – something acquired without compensation.

    All we got for CWC was mauby pocket returns and champagne mout debt.

    Who in there right minds would construct a stadium and not put lights to accommodate the events it would host, or am I to think that it was only built to host a few day time matches/events.

    Mr. Arthur said that he was going to move heaven and earth, he seemed to have moved so much earth that he uncovered hell.

  37. kilowatt

    Warrior they cannot say that people did not argue against the conditionalites of wc before hand. The cadres poll clearly stated Barbadians felt too much money was being spent on WC. I remember DLP arguing long and strong about sunset legislation and the neo colonial impositions of ICC. Interestingly ICC is saying they were guided by LOCs. Of course we are hearing very little about this ICC counter charge from our meek, gob lackey media. But that is an angle I would like to see explored fully. How much input LOC had on prices, restrictions and all other things that turned off fans.? I recall many people asking why were lights not being installed when the project began. Now Decaires comes with a downright idiotic explanation. If they could bring illegal workers all the way from India they could’ve used same ingenuity to put up lights. Brancker warned them Dehring operating as a czar. No one listened. The list of early red flags is endless. GOB has to tell us their side of this jokey wc. Billions of our money is involved. They better come good. The time for excuses long gone.

  38. Warrior

    What amazes me is that supposedly some of the keenest minds were on Board at the LOC. Stephen Alleyne who is an Actuary, Vancourt Rouse is supposedly one of the best Managers Barbados ever had, remember him he is of the CDS fame and Francine Charles, recently she looks a little rattled – who knows – her conscience is kicking in.

    Mia is supposedly a top legal and political brain, perhaps her testosterone level dropped beyond its usual limits and she could not properly read and dissect the contracts that were being offered by the ICC. I can’t say much about Barney Rubble and Owen, they…. I just don’t know. They are….I’ll just leave them out.

    When I consider these things I become baffled as to why the CWC was so badly organised and presented it is if all brains left the head for wearing the hat and jumped in the pockets to receive the Ill-gotten gains.

    All of this obvious mental talent and you can’t put them in a barrell, roll them down a hill and get a monkey to pop out.

    SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Warrior

    Here is some information on What is an Actuary?

    Actuaries are experts in:

    * evaluating the likelihood of future events,
    * designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events,
    * decreasing the impact of undesirable events that do occur.

    The impact of undesirable events can be both emotional and financial. Reducing the likelihood of these events helps relieve emotional pain. But some events, such as death, cannot be totally avoided.

    So, reducing their financial impact is very important. Actuaries are the leading professionals in finding ways to manage risk. It takes a combination of strong analytical skills, business knowledge and understanding of human behavior to design and manage programs that control risk.

    Actuaries love what they do. Their work is intellectually challenging and they are very well-paid. Actuaries are key players in the management team of the companies that employ them. In a fast-changing world, with new risks and the need for ever-more creative ways to tackle them, there is the constant opportunity for personal and professional growth in an actuarial career, and the pleasure of life-long learning. Most actuaries work in a pleasant environment, alongside other professionals, and enjoy the respect of their peers.

    Now tell me with Mr. Alleyne at the head of the LOC could this not have been a better CWC?


  40. John


    Maybe the job description specifically precluded the use of actuarial skills!!

  41. nicole

    A few things that I seem to escape the writer
    1. The fly overs were never suppose to be for world cup cricket.
    2. If corruption is rampent now wait till we have that change that all of you want. the money will disapear and after the 10 years we still would not have nothing much to show for it.
    3. Mr Gloom & doom sorry Mr. Loveridge if tourism is sooo bad and no one is comming why dont you get out of it now.
    4 Mr. Loveridge why is it evertime you say the season is bad I see a real tourist? I have come to judge that it is a good season when you say it is not. I see tour buses full of diffrent tourist and during the world cup I thought I was living in a diffrent country every week.
    5. Mr Loveridge will tourium improve over night when that change comes about?

  42. Anonymous

    Business in April was HALF what it usually is. And that was with 500 MILLION SMACKEROONIS of investment.

    Smoke that.

  43. Warrior say, “Mia is SUPPOSEDLY a top legal and political brain.”

    Are there any independent authorities to confirm this? She is no doubt academically qualified, but if she is so smart why does she have to waffle on so?

    Physically she is imposing, and her hectoring manner would intimidate all but the fainthearted. But to judge by her string of dubious achievements (Glendairy fiasco while Attorney General, aborted attempt at Fishing Agreement coup, chaos in handingl CWC visa and security arrangements), she may be less of a hotshot than she would like us to believe.

    Can anyone list any specific triumphs she has to her credit, or is she the resounding tub of redundant verbiage that comes across on television?

    She is, after all, destined to be our Numero Uno, probably the StrongMan of our Republic into the indefinite future. Does she have the moral character, integrity and ability that such responsibility entails? I fear not.

  44. Thistle

    Pandora, she is just a blabbermouth full of hot air. I wonder if she’s related to Rosie O’Donnel.