International Press Institute Will Change Barbados 2007 Freedom Ratings

International Press Institute, the global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists, is dedicated to the furtherance and safeguarding of press freedom, the protection of freedom of opinion and expression, the promotion of the free flow of news and information, and the improvement of the practices of journalism.

An informed source reveals that the International Press Institute is carefully examining how it will deal with Barbados in it’s 2007 World Press Freedom Review in light of several reported incidents of government interference with both print and broadcast media.

While the infamous public threatening and punishment of radio journalist David Ellis is the highest profile case yet noted by the IPI, several other “serious areas of concern” will “likely result in significant changes” to the 2007 review of media freedom in Barbados.

You can read the IPI’s 2006 Barbados World Press Freedom Review online at this link.


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17 responses to “International Press Institute Will Change Barbados 2007 Freedom Ratings

  1. J. Payne

    Watch the investors in Barbados begin to scamper like rats for Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Anguilla and other Caribbean islands that will now prob. rank better.

  2. No - Name

    I personally emailed the Ellis incident to the Press Institute. I am delighted that they are taking some action.

  3. Anonymous

    Hope you take similar patriotic actions re. Transparency International, the watchdog over corruption

  4. Get In The Action

    By embarrasing the GOB and the media owners, this is the only way we can push for change and a true independent media.

  5. Nation of no News

    It would serve us right to be down-graded by a press society like IPI, whoever they are, and it should serve as a warning to the shareholders of OCM that they are far off the track.

    We cannot continue to have the local media outlets censoring and creating false news; or news of biase for one political party. Or non-reportage of important events like accounting policies and how 5-600 million simply disappeared off the books; and the change of our Barbados constitution.

    That is a step towards the one party state.

  6. reality check

    Over the years the Nation News has slowly reduced itself to comic book status or worse bottom of bird cage litter collector. For shame!!!

  7. J. Payne

    I donno. I always believe in keeping problems in de family in de family. Because of the simple fact when that information goes out Internationally it’s going to be out there on documents for no less than the next decade. The CIA world factbook for example would say Barbados has a problem with corruption for probably the next 10 years. And many other forms of media across the world would say the same thing. Don’t forget the US is pushing tough new laws at the OAS and other places for dealing with corrupt places so that may mean Barbados may be shut out of International aid for the next 10 years as well.

  8. J. Payne

    Just keep in mind the chants you yell about Corruption which fall on the regime will come to rest on the people long after that regime is gone. I’d leave it up to the elections to deal with parties you don’t like as oppose to airing all that party’s dirty laundry internationally which will come to rest on the people long— after.

  9. Nation of no News

    Shut up ya mout?

    If we all keep quiet, elections will come and go, and there will be no integrity legislation by either party.

    The is corruption and we want it out. If we don’t get it out we will need the CIA, the IPI, and the unemployment system to help us.

    So silence is not the way. We will get respect from all everfywhere for dealing up front with our problems. Let the incumbants and the prospective bloods both know where we are going and how to get there.

  10. Peltdown Man

    “The CIA world factbook for example would say Barbados has a problem with corruption for probably the next 10 years. And many other forms of media across the world would say the same thing. Don’t forget the US is pushing tough new laws at the OAS and other places for dealing with corrupt places …..”

    Is this the same CIA that operated drug flights and sold hard drugs in the U.S.A. in order to “nail” corrupt regimes? Is this the same USA who’s Congress allows unfettered lobbying with financial and non-financial gifts for law makers to allow them (the lobbyists) to write the laws of the country? Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse! Do we still get aid from the U.S.A.? Do we need it?

  11. Peltdown Man

    Don’t worry, just withdraw it

  12. J. Payne

    Now I not saying cover up. There’s just a difference in opinion of where I would shame dem… I would have gone de route of regional Caribbean newspapers and local newspapers. Or continue on the BFP. But you put it out there internationally which is sure to start running companies… That in turn will no doubt bring about that rise in unemployment that you’re looking for. Barbados’ name is already being dragged through the mudd now because if the Democrats get in they’re ready to label Barbados as a “Tax Haven”. The other thing is once the USA calls you a corrupt place good luck getting that title taken off…. Even if the DLP were to win power Barbados would still be classified as corrupt Internationally that’s all I’m saying. The USA is not quick to update that type of information.

    In terms of AID. The USA controls the purse strings of the World Bank which is where Barbados gets a lot of it’s loans and grants. And if you’re classified as “corrupt” the USA will demand Barbados make changes in terms of liberalisation before that “corruption” title will be removed. Which will swamp Barbados with more American companies in the end. If that’s what you want by all means you’re going the right way with it.

  13. movin forward

    When a people have tried every reasonable avenue and failed to encourage the implementation of transparency and accountability rules and they continue to be oppressed then whatever happens happens.
    That’s how it works.
    When you hit bottom the only way out is up.

  14. Nation of no News

    J Payne
    Don’t know who you are, what party you support, if any. However, many may just let it go when they lsiten to you. Perhaps you might be a ‘B’ and wish to scare comments away; perhaps you are a ‘D’ and don’t wish to bring the integrity legislation. So we have more questions.

    In any event, we out here in the rest if the island will make the difference, but we feel gagged and robbed. We all have to work to make Barbados prosper, and that means persons of both parties, and others, should work together. On this we agree.

    What is one to do? Perhaps enumerating the events on the IPI website, as the IPI do (did you go to the site and check it?) is the way to force the reportage of the news to change?

    This IPI organisation is not going to be the one to do what you have started to try to assert, which is that we will be deemed corrupt- by CIA and American agencies- and the World Bank. It is an international panel of joournalists who hold press freedom dear the their hearts, just as we in Barbados do.

    It is not certain that you can logically link these two things together? It is therefore in yours, and ours, and everyone’s interest to pressure the likes of Advocate, Nation, Starcom and the rest; even government agencies like CBC, of the errors being made, and to give Barbados a fair chance to be cleansed.

    Anyone in any media position absolutely must now start to realise that if it comes to a person’s severance and dismissal over a freedom of the press issue, then so be it. Let the resistance begin. Someone in these areas must start to show forth, and if they read these things, they will.

    J Payne
    Please state your sources of info and site examples to what you say. Where did it happen as you say?

    We seek to change the partisanship of the media, and to create equality of reportge of the news, with a view to exposing at least some of the corruption, and answering the questions that the public burns to know. Burns to know. Deserves to be given… someone. Won’t you agree?

    We seek to eliminate corruption in high places, and the masking of such…. by whomever. We seek to re-make Barbados ours, and not the property of the politician/media/vested allies. It is OURS, the hundreds of citizens of this honest, hard-working island.

    Now we are calling the employees of the media corporations to stand up for OUR, and their, rights to report.

    Do you believe that this is possible by shaming the reportage companies, or not?

  15. Nation of no News

    Hundred of thousands, I meant to say, third to last paragraph.

  16. Rumplestilskin

    J.Payne:”Barbados’ name is already being dragged through the mudd now because if the Democrats get in they’re ready to label Barbados as a “Tax Haven”.

    Seems so, although they have Vermont (industry growing every day) and Delaware (I was told recently that you can set up a company in Delaware with a briefcase of cash). Google those states and offshore or tax.

    To them its about competition and making their own industry, NOT tax avoidance as they pretend.

    In terms of Barbados forced to liberalise and more American companies, well it really does not matter, we are being shafted by the local profiteers and cartels as it is.

  17. J. Payne

    I hold no— party affiliation. B nor D. If a Third party says they have something better I’ll give them the chance to explain their party’s constitution, manifesto, and find out where they stand on various issues, and I’d ask them to reveal what they plan to use their influence of power to change in the Government…. I also want to know where they stand on Freedom of Information styled legislation. I fully support that as the way forward. I also would want to see how reachable/accessable their members of parliament will be once/if they were in power.

    I fully understand the gagged and robbed feelings some feel. And infact I think the BFP acts more like an opposition party for Barbados than the current opposition does.

    I know the IPI doesn’t actually guide US policy however the US does use it as a source. And once the USA ads something to their Worldfact book it is a real long time until they remove it. US companies do use that as one of their main source as well.

    Interms of exampls of US think-tanks and foreign policy strategists marrying what they want– from countries along with liberalisation theres quite a few cases of this. Russia/The former Sovie Union immediately comes to mind. Ummmm Mainland China……… Is another big one the US has completely looked the otherway on China because they push every liberalization reform the USA wants. But the day China says no… They will bring up “Communism”, “Corruption”, “Human rights” etc. etc. all over again. But not really until. They may say it but not with force like when Bush & Co. were pushing about Saddam’s human rights violations leading up to that war.

    The Dominican Republic and Haiti namely are both other examples of markets that liberalized themselves trying to quickly appease the USA and get back on their ‘good side’. Meanwhile the USA overlooked the disposal of an elected leader in exchange that the new government push and or keep the pro-US reforms.
    Another example is my coursebook titled — Building a Democratic Africa. I found some passages about the book here.

    See section:

    U.S. think-tanks regularly say liberalization cures all ills in the “third world”, because it is what the West wants…. open markets that are no longer able to tax U.S. goods or shut US companies out… The Iraq government is another example as long as that government continues to push liberalization reforms the USA will keep the money coming to them but the day they stop that will be the day the US will cut them off….

    Protests also would have been a good way of getting International attention on what’s wrong with the powers that be in the country. As opposed to n International report which tends to slam the whole image of Barbados which the USA tends to try and do.