Carlos R. Todd, Barbados Native – Appointed President Of American Association Of Anger Management Providers


The American Association of Anger Management Providers appoints a number one rated Anderson and Anderson anger management provider–Carlos R. Todd, Barbados native as President.

Carlos R. Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF, the energetic psychotherapist, named as the number one Anderson and Anderson anger management provider for the first quarter of 2007 has been appointed President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers–the organization representing anger management providers nationwide.

The American Association of Anger Management Providers was organized in 2001 to become the single voice to express the concerns of trained anger management providers nationwide. There are hundreds of certified anger management providers across the nation who everyday are at the front lines dealing with individual, familial and organizational anger. The AAAMP is the single voice representing this movement of trained providers.

… from a press release of the American Association Of Anger Management Providers (link here)


Well, I didn’t expect this number of comments to my “angry” little piece!

I guess I should have thrown in one little thing at the end and my intent would have been a little more obvious,

So here it is…


Some of you folks are way too serious!

… but I’ll have to take some of the blame as my intent didn’t come through… An angry response to an anger management guy… I had to get a drink and started yelling at my woman. Don’t you get it?

Original Article…

What The @#$!

THE NERVE of these guys just busting in here and posting a press release on our website. And on the “Hot Issues” section as well. Like this announcement was a “hot issue”. Right.

It’s a good thing good old Carlos isn’t back at St. Lucy’s like in the old days wetting his pants on Sunday morning ’cause he couldn’t hold it anymore. Anger management, indeed. What a crock! Like anyone would need anger management. Stupid career choice, Carlos old boy – and stupider still when you have to resort to posting without permission. Makes me sooooo pissed off. Good thing you’re not here or I’d give you wha for, sur’nuff.

Anger management indeed. Guys like that just tick me off and set my blood to boiling. Get all sweaty an everything. Now YOU CARLOS HAVE SPOILED MY DAY. Yes YOU!

Darlin’ …. bring me a Banks, quick like.

No… cancel that. I am so worked up over this idiot. Never mind the rum, neither. Break open that bottle a Jack Daniel’s that Robert brought back from America.

‘An make it snappy!

Anger management, indeed…



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76 responses to “Carlos R. Todd, Barbados Native – Appointed President Of American Association Of Anger Management Providers

  1. inappropriate commenting

    if u dont like his post, simply remove it. you are in charge of your own website,are u not? you sound vindictive and this sort of commenting does BFP’s stature no good whatsoever.
    i expect to see this post removed by noon today, for the good of, the integrity of, the credibility of BFP.
    frankly, I’m amazed you didn’t just remove it.
    – not good.

  2. Straight talk

    Methinks “inappropriate commenting” requires some of Carlos Todd’s anger management expertise.

  3. inappropriate commenting

    This morning’s prime post has reduced the credibility of the BFP site and if I were on its board of management or whatever passes for such, someone would be getting a strict talking-to, all now so!!

    NEVER have I seen anything so personally inappropriate as this response to an unauthorised post!
    I know neither the victim nor the perpetrator, and frankly don’t care to, but this sort of spiteful derisive post is UNbelievable at a BFP,now starting to make its way in this world.

    Let me put it to you this way.
    A UK friend of mine was here recently. I suggested BFP website as a reasonable source of information.
    He poo-poohed the site as a partially-gossip site, like so many other tawdry ones: I thought him a bit harsh, but maybe he’s right !!
    I’ll direct his attn. to this latest post, and see if it’ll change his mind.

    This nasty distasteful post is RIGHT UP THERE with the animal porn posted, first day out, on that other Bajan website BU – it’s that bad, perhaps worse, coz at least animals making love could be seen in a positive light,
    but I see zero positivity in this post above,
    and I repeat my noon deadline for prompt removal.

    Somebody screwed-up BIGTIME!

  4. True Native

    BFP: I went to the link provided by you to check out this character, but the info. I got was that the site was not available! Now, why wasn’t I surprised.

  5. John


    I get the point. Here is a guy who is in the top of his field of anger management who turns around and does something that would make people angry!! …. perhaps without thinking, comes kind of natural!!

    It is a bit of a joke.

    Anyay, …. enjoy your Banks, I enjoyed your take on how an anger manager can do the opposite to what he is supposed to be an expert at, managing other peoples’ anger.

    Good one!!!!

    Maybe that is how he gets his business!! … creates the demand.

  6. crossroads

    Have to agree with inapp. comm. you went to far in your comments. BFP criticized him for posting under “hot issue” and now strangly they are turning it into one. ha ha funny.

  7. No - Name

    I am surprised some bloggers did not see the humour in the comments from BFP! Lighten up and contact Carlos for some professional tips on how to respond to things that make you madddd.

  8. Anonymous

    BFP has been reduced to a gossip site. great pity

  9. Rodney R.

    Barbados Labour Party are this morning rolling on the ground laughing at BFP and rightly so. The one serious thorn in their side has now shown itself to be what they reckoned it was along – bare boo.

  10. True Native

    Good morning, John. I had to wait until you sprang to life this morning before telling you you were right (well, sort of!) over the Football World Cup with Germany. I’ve checked it out and it was not the World Cup – it was the European Football Cup. My apologies!

  11. John

    … no problem, for one moment I was thinking I was even more mad (not the sort of mad we are speaking of here) than I thought I was.

  12. John

    Where are my manners …. Good morning True Native.

    Sometimes the old brain isn’t in gear before I start to talk/write.

  13. True Native

    Sometimes my old brain doesn’t get into gear even AFTER I start to talk/write!

  14. Bajanboy

    The web site is if anyone wants to have a look.

  15. John

    Ok, so the first attempt at anger management made some people more angry.

    Perhaps this may qualify for entry into a further edition of “The Book of Heroic Failures”

    I read the book way back when and never laughed so hard. I’ll see if I can find some of the anecdotes which it contained published on the net.

    Perhaps we may find that some of our ministers will also qualify.

  16. True Native

    Since discovering BFP, I no longer listen to any of the daily Call-In programmes – they are so boring it isn’t funny. As to the Sunday ones, (except for the one when Barney got blistered!) they should be awarded first prize for total boredom. The most lively person – and the only one I miss hearing – on Brass Tacks is Vincent Layne from St. Philip.

  17. John

    Here is a link to some examples from the book of Heroic Failures.

  18. John

    … also came across this story with morals which some of our staunch party supporters would do well to read.

  19. I am Carlos Todd. I woke up this morning checked my Google alerts on anger management as I usually do and to my surprise this is what I find? While I did not post this PR on BFP I am baffled by the comments. The internet is a free and open society and, as usual, if a posting is considered offensive or out of context the administrator has the right to remove it.

    The person who posted this message, George Anderson, is regarded by many as the world’s foremost expert on anger management. His organization is the largest provider of anger management services globally and I am SURE that his intent was not to offend. He was just trying to let Barbados know what many others already know. He understands that I represent the most highly trained and experienced anger management providers globally and he felt the need to share it with those in my homeland. I think that this is a big misunderstanding. We post on sites sometimes daily news in the anger Management world and invariably there are times that the posting is made in hot news/breaking news.

    My credentials are credible. The state of North Carolina has licensed me as a Professional Counselor License # 5046 ( I was named as the top provider of anger management services in the entire US ( I am also a Nationally Board Certified Counselor ( ).

    I really don’t understand what is going on here. The references to a gossip column I find fascinating. To compare this posting to animal porn is breathtaking. It will take me a while to digest that one. We have sent similar PR to thousands of news organizations worldwide and only in my homeland I get this. Hmmmm…. To those who we have offended we extend out deepest apology.

    Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

    President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

    Carlos Todd is an Anderson and Anderson Anger management provider in North Carolina

  20. I am sorry to see the response to the announcement which I sent regarding Carlos! appointment as President of the AAAMP.
    It was not Carlos who posted this announcement. As the Executive Director of the association, I posted this announcement without understanding anything about your cultural sensitivities.
    Please visit my website to make your own determination about my credibility: . You may simply google me at George Anderson, anger management.
    I sincerly apologize to all of you who are offended by my mistake.

  21. John


    Some may think that we are at heart angry people here on this blog.

    We always complain about something.

    …. but we enjoy a light moment when it comes along.

    It is soothing.

    Take no offence at what BFP and we bloggers have done but realise that sometimes in life even the best meaning of intentions can be misinterpreted.

  22. Get In The Action

    I think BFP may have gone overboard with its criticism of your post but you are doing yourself no favours with this ridiculous self promotion. There are other sites where you can peddle your wares.

  23. Justice

    Carlos, do you have any qualifications that we could recognise? NCC? CAMF?

  24. Bajanboy


    The BFP post was meant to be taken in jest because your link did not work, and that was annoying.

  25. Bajanboy

    Justice, have you never heard of CAMF?

    Everyone knows that it stands for The Canadian Association of Metal Finishers.

    And, of course NCC means that he belongs to the National Conservation Commission.


  26. Citizen First

    The BFP guys were being funny …yuh know like pretending to be angry, in keeping with Mr Todd’s profession.

    To Mr Todd, all success in your endeavours. It is always a pleasure to hear of the success of Barbadians both at home and abroad.

  27. I am embarrassed about the trend of this discussion. An email just confirmed that months of work to bring the world’s foremost expert on anger management-George Anderson- has just crumbled because we have portrayed ourselves as inhospitable. You guys are right I will have to find somewhere else to ply my “wares.” Tell this to the Government of Barbados in whom we were in negotiations. Thanks my fellow citizens.

  28. Justice

    My bad, Bajan boy, my bad. Seriously though, BFP, are you that worried about this matter? Mr Todd has reached the lofty heights of his profession. This is to be commended. Seems like you might need his help in future.

  29. inappropriate commenting

    Dear Mr. Todd,

    I did not take offense at what was posted on your behalf. I don’t know you, and now I certainly don’t want to know the BFP commentator hosting such weird thoughts festering in his mind and memory,all these years now: whatever did you do to cause him/her such angst, decades later?
    in short, he/she carried on their tirade quite long enough: must’ve been a bad hair day!

    I’m having difficulty accepting as valid the simply awful response of someone@BFP, which entailed immature schoolboy experiences that should have been long forgotten, and certainly not mentioned now we are all adults,allegedly.

    Yes, with this new low thrust, BFP has now relegated itself to the enviable status of a Gossip Column, and any comparison with an ‘animal porn’ entry (garden snails mating,it was) in a similar Bajan Gossip Column has nothing to do with you,sir, or your valid profession, or the post that was made on your behalf: only of the choice of BFP response-language being aired on a public website seeking credibility, but now in some considerable doubt!

    It will be interesting to see what happens to this particular post of BFP’s.
    If it is not withdrawn in the interests of decency in human relations, not to mention libel or slander, it would then be reasonable to assume that ANYthing goes on Barbados Free Press, from this point on
    and I’m sure there are many out there who are having a chuckle, not at me or at you, but at BFP!

    I rest my case, Mr. Todd. If this is the sort of personal verbal assault BFP wants to run against childhood enemies, then so be it.

    I imagine that”Aunty Moses”, that paragon of virtue, must be finding it difficult to reconcile her protests and blocking of distasteful posts
    with BFP’s constant references to Rum, Banks beer (now Jack Daniels,too) in order to quell the anger started by your friend’s post – enough to warrant concern that someone at BFP has a substance abuse problem
    – and a hangover from to much Cricket Consumption,yesterday!

    Today has not been a good day at Barbados Free Press.

  30. Straight talk

    It is not the GoB who require Mr Anderson’s specific skills, it is the electorate fulminating against their elected representatives’ lack of integrity and accountability (incl. wasting hard earned money on expensive consultants to counsel Rawle Eastmond).

  31. Anonymous

    my my we seem to have a lot of angry people on this blog this morning. Hope no one bites their dog as a result of this incident!..What started as a light harded joke is rapidly becoming a real case for anger management.

  32. Justice

    Why would it take a month of negotiations to bring an expert on anger management here? This is getting curioser and curioser, as Alice said. Don’t we have any such persons in Barbados? This government, I tell you….

  33. Lollipop

    inappropriate commenting

    look go and drink some kool aid, do.

  34. Great post

    It’s great. Great posts today!

    Lack of press freedom, propaganda, World Cup drizzling, fleeced population and treasury.

    Bring Mr Todd home on a free ticket and let him stay at a Gem. We need him now.

  35. Get In The Action

    This all sounds highly suspect – a couple comments on a blog and this guy cancels a visit to Barbados? I think we all can see right through this.

  36. BK

    I am amazed that Mr.Todd would react in this way. It seems puerile to me Mr. Todd if we take what he said at face value that an obvious prank by John would have led to the knee jerk reaction. In summation, if Mr. Todd’s capacity as demonstrated this morning is the limit that it would be ultimately shapped by opinions expressed by less than 50 people on a blog then maybe you should extend your service elsewhere.

    The positive is that it is always good to see a Bajan flying high : – )

  37. As a born and raised Barbadian I sometimes forget that we can say the harshest things in love. Funny in it not? Our humor can be very complex to the outsider.

  38. Anonymous

    Get a life!

  39. Justice

    Mr Todd, have you or Mr Anderson tried anger management yourselves?

  40. Please post my apology for my lack of sensitivity to the people of Barbados. My last effort did register. I did not mean to offend your sense of appropriateness.

    George Anderson

  41. John


    I must have got up on the wrong side of my bed this morning. Apologies if my humour was a bit off colour.

    But please see the lighter side if you can and do come to Barbados.

    There is a great deal of seething anger at what has been perpetrated here by our Government. The thing is we put them there and they represent us, so we also are angry at ourselves.

    Congrats on your qualifications and best wishes in your endeavours.

  42. BFP

    Hi Mr. Todd

    You appear to have taken the brunt of my failed attempt at humour, when in fact I was trying to highlight your success in your field. (Heck, I still think it is funny, but obviously a comedian I am not!)

    I am upset that my readers, who know how I love my wife and my son, would even THINK that I would be serious about yelling at my wife to “make it snappy” and get me a drink of Jack Daniel’s. How could they not see that for what it is?

    But there is an opportunity here for you, and it was revealed by the angry nature of the comments. There is something about our attitudes as a people that could use a little work.

    I don’t know how else to describe the totally unexpected response to what was supposed to be a bit of humour.

    If anything, this whole incident has proven that your skills are needed here on Barbados.

    Again, my apologies that this failed attempt at humour has caused you concern, but once again, I see it as proof that your services are needed.


  43. In face to face conversation is very easy for me to decipher Barbadian humor. However in message boards there are no facial expression. This makes communication so much more complex. Now we see how easy it is to have aggression played out in our daily lives. I am guilty of the same offence because the other day I had to explain a comment I made to a non Barbadian. I appeared upset but I was not. As fun as it is our dialect can be it is at times harsh.

    I still love my homeland regardless and want to do what I can to address the disturbing trend of school violence. I don’t have all the answers. As a matter of fact there are many very smart people and organizations in Barbados who we want to partner with to find viable solutions to the trend of aggression-especially in the schools.

    To answer you question justice. Maybe we all can do with a bit of AM. Myself included. Anger is a normal emotion which we all need to express. It is inappropriate anger that violates the rights of others that is troubling. Overt aggression, passive aggression or just verbal negativity is 100 percent of the time a sign that some emotional need is not met. Improving stress management, anger management, emotional intelligence and communication skills are all important in managing anger. But what do I know 🙂

    We intend to come to Barbados sometime in the summer if all goes well.

  44. Straight talk

    Don’t attempt to patronise us on here, Carlos, the emotional need most of us want addressed is good governance.

  45. Bajanboy

    Group Hug!

  46. Justice

    And we’ll welcome you with open arms, Carlos. Nothing touches me as much as seeing one of our own (and I don;t just mean Barbadian) do well abroad. Looking forward to hearing or reading you.

  47. BFP

    Oh… about the press release.

    Our readers should know – should have known – that we receive and publish them all the time.

    Heck… we even publish them for Ian Bourne and the garbage-pickup guys.

    We are happy to publish them and we were happy to receive yours.

    I am just so sorry that I didn’t do a “straight” cover story of your media release.

    Of course – if I have of done that, nobody would have read it… and now folks are talking all over the island about you and this incident.

    Do we need to lighten up on this island and get our anger under control?

    Obviously so!

    Good luck,

    Mr. Todd

    oh… for the record, I don’t know Carlos Todd and I don’t know if he ever wet his pants as a child (I did) – that was just more failed humour.

    Darn, I blew this one.

    Darlin… PLEASE get me a Banks, will ya honey?


  48. Great post

    Todd the man is great too.

    Add a BMW!

  49. Honey

    Get it yourself! And while you’re at it, bring one for me!

  50. After I got over the initial shock, I must say that this has been the most fun I have had on the internet in a long time. George Anderson ( has been watching this too. He is a bit confused but I have been trying to explain the dialogue. The internet can be a bewildering place. Thanks for all the support and the criticism. It all eventually helps to make us better people. No matter what I do in this world I still want to feel at home and supported in Bim. BFP great moderation. Maybe now you guys can get back to the politics of the day. I hope that all the money spent on cricket was worth it

  51. What Is Psychology?
    Psychology has as its aim the understanding of human behavior, and as a secondary goal, the treatment of behaviors deemed abnormal. Almost immediately upon the formation of the field, efforts were made to place psychological studies on a scientific basis. Early psychological studies were conducted by William Wundt at the University of Leipzig, Germany. One of his students, G. Stanley Hall, then went on to establish the first American psychological laboratory at Johns Hopkins University.

    Then, in 1900, Sigmund Freud introduced psychoanalytical theory in his book “The Interpretation of Dreams.” This was the first ultimately large-scale effort to apply psychological knowledge to the problem of treatment or therapy.

    Human psychology and the related fields of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy achieved their greatest acceptance and popularity in the 1950s, at which time they were publicly perceived as sciences. But this was never true, and it is not true today – human psychology has never risen to the status of a science, for several reasons:
    Mr Todd: Can you tell us what the letters LPC, NCC, and CAMF stands for?

  52. Adrian,
    I find your expose on psychology and psychoanalysis interesting and well written.
    The American Psychiatric Association has appropriately determined that anger is not a pathological condition and is therefore not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Nervous and Mental Disorders. Anger is a normal human emotion. It is problematic when it is too intense, occurs too frequently, lasts too long, is harmful to self or others or leads to aggression or violence.

    Anger management is neither psychology nor psychiatry nor mental health. Unhealthy anger is considered by the American Psychiatric Association to be a lifestyle issue. The way one responds to anger in generally learned from one’s family or origin.

    Anger management is a course which teaches skills in recognizing and managing anger, stress, assertive communication and enhancing emotional intelligence.

    Anger management classes begin with an assessment to determine the students’ level of functioning in managing anger, stress, styles of communication and degree of emotional intelligence.

    The training which follows is designed to teach skills in the four areas mentioned above. After the course is completed, an assessment is given to determine the degree of change in these same areas.

    LPC means Licensed Professional Counselor. CAMF means Certified Anger Management Facilitator.

    George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF
    Fellow, American Orthopsychiatric Association
    Diplomate, American Anger Management Association

  53. Get In The Action

    Golly Gee BFP. I have some snake oil I want to sell as well. My press release is on its way.

  54. Yardbroom

    In the world wide scheme of things a PR announcement of a particular organization, or the ability of a talented individual in whatever field, might be taken for granted, as normal.

    Barbados Free Press has filled a void in the publication of information in Barbados, it has taken on a different dimension to other blogs, on the basis of its support and the impact on Barbados politics, within that context this issue has arisen about the Anger Management post.

    Now that the air has been cleared and we have managed our anger, perhaps we can move on. Mr Todd will leave with an unsullied character, the organization he is a member of – and no doubt an important member – has behaved admirably, and BFP has made its position clear.

    Perhaps we should all manage our anger with a little compassion.

  55. Holy Pallas Athene, I was the only person to realise BFP was playing the fool? Like their Toothless’ Auditor blogsite? Wunna remind me of the jokers from Zanz… Oh, BFP, thanks for issuing my releases even if you give me stick over them sometimes, LOL!

  56. Bajanboy

    I too am curious and to what those acronyms stand for. For LPC (I think): Licensed Professional Counselor.

    In Acronym Finder, NCC turns up 111 meanings. Check for some funny possible meanings (including Nashville Cowboy Church and National Chicken Council :). The most likely one in the list was National Certified Counselor.

  57. Adrian I am posting an answer to your question.

    LPC- Licensed Professional Counselor ( It requires a Masters degree in counseling or a related field plus over 2 years as an intern under a licensed and highly experienced clinician.

    NCC- Nationally Certified Counselor ( This is national recognition that an individual passed the national board exam for Counselors

    CAMF – Certified Anger Management Facilitator ( This designation requires certification training conducted by George Anderson or one of his faculty at Anderson and Anderson. CAMF is legally trademarked

    Adrian I like your discourse on psychology and yes some times respect is hard to come by. Consider the following facts.

    Inappropriate anger is a serious problem that can lead to destroyed relationship and for some even cause health problems. I am currently working with a woman who was referred by her doctor after her heart attack was linked to persistent anger. Anger is no joke

    It is important to note that anger management is not counseling. It is pscyh-education. There are also distinctions that have to be made between anger management and domestic violence interventions. These too two overlap but they are not the same. The development of standards for anger management providers in the US is in its infancy. Only two states-Texas and California are considering legislation. We expect the other states to follow. Oddly enough the states are looking to George Anderson to craft their legislation.

  58. Hants

    Carlos Todd.

    Prehaps you should have shown some qualifications that are more familiar. i.e.
    Bsc. from the University of Michigan or BA from Queens University.

    Barbadians are not yet used to the newer North American Acronyms that represent Professional Associations.

    They are also wary of the Marketing hype used by some organisations.

    However, most of us wish you continued success in your endeavours, but expect to be asked, “wha University you went to doh?” I in onstan nuh LPC, NCC, CAMF or nuffin so.

  59. John


    It must be because it is Sunday, or the day after World Cup or two days before May Day or …. but have a look over in this thread and see what happened today when people got down to discussing religion.

    We obviously have some unresolved issues here in Barbados.

  60. Haunt,

    That’s is funny. Well, dah fah lick dem. Stuff like that makes me tired. You missed a few questions. Who you muda an fada is and wha part of Barbadus you born? (I am not even sure I spelled the dialect right)

    I have had all these questions asked and most of it has happened in Barbados. All people care about here is that the state has seen it fit to grant you a license. Oh well all I can say is that this interaction has been very enjoyable.

  61. No -Name

    May I suggest that in the interim you get the answers to those questions or allign yourself to the right politician or political party or adopt a white family or maybe bring some white associates with you when submitting proposals to gov’t or private sector. Otherwise you better stay were you are!

  62. John

    …. like I was saying, we obviously have some unresolved issues here in Barbados.

  63. Mr Carlos Todd.

    Please come over to GhanaWeb and help us out. There is a Barbadian called Young Bajan on our message boards 24/7 who is always angry, usually for unexplained reasons. He attacks other posters constantly.

    Actually you do not need to come to Ghanaweb. Young Bajan reportedly lives in Workmans and if you do make the trip back to Barbados, seek him out and help him manage his anger.

    With your permission, may I post your info on the Ghanaweb message board where I can guarantee the Young Bajan will see it? Because he never posts comments on Barbados forums. He loves Ghana and he has a strange way of showing it- Anger. I think psychologists call that “Reversal” or “Displacement” or something like that


  64. Gbetormenyo,

    Are you trying to get me in more trouble?

  65. Dear Mr Todd,

    I promise you I am not. Just click on my name and it will take you to the Ghanaweb message board. At this very moment, Young Bajan is doing “battle” with several other posters and commenters and you will be embarassed to see the kind of language he uses.

    He is a potential client for you, if only he will recognize his anger. I mean, a patient has to recognize he has a problem first, before you can help him, isn’t it?

    sincerely, Gbetormenyo

  66. Anonymous

    can we get ‘Workmans’ a one-way ticket to ride?

  67. True Native

    BFP: What is going on here? Is this some huge practical joke, or should we be scared?

  68. Folks it would be in your interest to dismiss this Gbetormenyo doppledanger, this is a tired attempt on his part to get persons on Barbadians websites to visit his Ghana forum.
    No Mr. Todd there is a saying that respect is best earned. I am amazed that your services would be required for something that is so evident. What possibly could you do for this woman that she could not do for herself? at any rate would she not have to carry out whatever “psych-education” you in-part to her? and how much more effective can your intervention be as a teaching and learning exercise than the “heart attack” has been. You said you are currently working with this woman on her anger, I assume that she has scheduled weekly paid visits with you, what would the typical session consist of?

  69. Straight talk


    Welcome back to Bim.

    You have obviously successfully progressed in your chosen field. Well done.

    Unfortunately you have chosen a particularly inopportune time to promote your skills on this site, hence certain adverse comments.
    Recently we have suffered a surfeit of foreign parties and agenda-driven locals, giving us expensive and ill conceived advice on how to control our lives.

    We respect genuine professionals offering a service providing real value for our money, but no more will we tolerate over educated incompetents ( as personified by our sneeringly dismissive Tourism Minister ) telling us that they know best how to spend our tax dollars.

    If your return is with goodwill for your country, thank you, if it is for more long words, hot air and megabucks, no thanks.

  70. crossroads

    Holy cow! Mr Todd has just as many letters after his name as in his name. Anyways here a rose for all you angry people out there @——

  71. Adrian I don’t want to say much more about this case however I do encourage you to visit from more information how the model works. To read my blogs visit, and my newest site which will be launched in a few days

  72. Get In The Action

    Mr. Todd

    Maybe you should send an email advertising your site to every Barbadian, because there are some pretty angry people out there tonight.

    I’ve just finished my taxes – last minute as usual, and as I wrote the final tax calculation down I thought of what this government is doing with my hard-earned money, as it’s pissed away in the wind, now that makes me mad. When I think of my sweat, blood and tears going towards subsidizing a bloated inefficient civil service, especially towards funding the likes of Ikeal Tafari ranting his nonsense, that leaves me fuming. My money going down the drain and into the pockets of who knows in all kinds of dead from the start projects like GEMS, Greenland, GAIA, etc etc.

    I do my duty, work hard and pay my taxes, and I have to sit back and watch Government Ministers get richer by the day and then flaunt the lack of accountability they have to us. Do I need anger management – dam right I do, and tonight so does every tax payer in this country.

  73. John

    Anger management has been routinely practiced by Bajans for centuries.

    Today, these skills have been honed to a fine art where it is difficult to distinguish between cowardice and anger management.

    However, a message to the powers that be, do not make the mistake of believing the fine art of anger management is in fact cowardice!!

  74. rajan bajan

    didn’t you peoples know it was joking?

  75. Tee Gee

    Well, well, I declare! I am here over ‘n away, always telling people that Bajans have a way of calling people a fool and making them feel that they have been paid a compliment. Now it seems that we have developed the skills to verbally abuse someone, and say that it was not to be taken seriously. Mr. Carlos, young as you look, this is evidence that help in anger management is needed. Don’t let them get you vex.

    P.S. Don’t even bother to blister me, ’cause I can’t get back on site until more than a week from now, to hear what you have to say.

    Peace out!

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