Report – EarthRace Gives Up On Record


Biodiesel Boat Gives Up On Record, Says Report

An effort to set a record for circumnavigating the globe and make a statement about the environment is over, according to a news report from New Zealand.

TV 3 in New Zealand reports that Pete Bethune, captain of the Earthrace, has conceded that it will be impossible to beat the record.

The Earthrace, a boat that runs on biodiesel and employs other green technologies, launched on March 10 from Barbados. Since then, it has been plagued by mechanical problems and also got delayed by a wreck in Central America. For the past several days, the boat has been stuck in Palau foraging for parts.

“Even if we had a perfect run from here, there’s no way we’d get the record by Barbados,” Bethune, who is from New Zealand, wrote in his blog. Bethune’s last post was April 26, on the early side of the International Date Line. The TV 3 story was posted April 27, New Zealand time…

… read the entire story at Cnet News (link here)

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One response to “Report – EarthRace Gives Up On Record

  1. William

    Total lack of preparation and inept operation of the boat,not bad luck,has destroyed this effort!
    Crass blogs published on the web site have cost the operation various sponsors,donors and supporters.
    Such an attempt should never have occured without full funding and planning.How could anyone expect the rest of the world to support the partying, round trips to New Zeland,and many other extravagances of the owner, in addition to the fuel?