Report: Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer Poisoned By “Harry Potter” Drug – Wolfsbane Aconitum Napellus


A British newspaper tabloid – The Sun – is unequivocally stating that Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer was murdered in Jamaica through the use of wolfsbane. Fueling speculation is the fact that the Jamaican police announced a delay in Woolmer’s inquest pending new information.

The whole thing kind of reminds me of the song with the words “The day the music died…” except replace “music” with “cricket”.

From The Sun…

Potter Drug Did Kill Woolmer

CRICKET coach Bob Woolmer WAS poisoned by the “Harry Potter” drug aconite.

Toxicology tests have confirmed “significant” traces of it in the Pakistan coach’s body.

The tests were ordered following an anonymous tip to Jamaican police — eight days after Woolmer died — that aconite had been used.

Aconite, which paralyses the nerves, normally takes only 30 minutes to kill. Victims suffer vomiting and diarrhoea before collapsing unable to breathe, to die in agony.

Experts say the drug causes a sensation like ants crawling over the body.

A neck injury — which caused police to say Woolmer had been strangled — is now thought to have followed a fall when he collapsed.

Detectives believe the drug, in the form of white powder, could have been tipped into whisky Woolmer was drinking in his room — or sprinkled over sleeping tablets and diabetes pills he was taking.

The ancient poison, also known as wolfsbane, is said to be perfect for concealing murder and has been used in several high-profile assassinations in Pakistan…

… continue reading this article at The Sun (link here)


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9 responses to “Report: Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer Poisoned By “Harry Potter” Drug – Wolfsbane Aconitum Napellus

  1. Hants

    BFP I have problem with any report coming from a “Tabloid” unless The Sun is different from the North American Tabloids.

  2. Jack 82

    Tabloids in the UK, while not as respected at the Broadsheet papers, are considerably more credible than American tabloids I have seen.

  3. Anonymous

    there probably is fire to the smoke. interesting that the substance suspected “has been used in several high-profile assassinations in Pakistan…” hmmm..

  4. Anonymous

    and such pretty flowers!

    but don’t worry, we have some lethal stuff right here on this island, so lethal that a professional botanist wanted to know ‘What did I want to know about that for??’ – which made me only more curious!
    Turns out it has ingredients capable of being at least as poison as Ricin, so I shall say no more, in case we have wacko’s present.

  5. Eve

    This story is so sad – esp for the family. CBC online reports snake venom was not the cause. I suppose we can’t dismiss anything these days – look at the poisoning of the Russian spy and the Ukranian politician.
    It is unfortunate that the Nation News online hasn’t reported on the story recently. It makes me wonder. Living in the US, I scan different sites daily and actually receive most of my information from Barbados Free Press – thanks!!
    Related question – Why hasn’t Nation News online reported on the three bodies found in the last few days?? Also, a 16 yr old has been reported missing last night. My friends on the island are very much afraid – I guess the closing ceremonies take priority.

  6. cs33ca

    Gee, I can still remember as a young “druggist”, when I was doing my masters in pharmacology in the UK I submitted an essay on Tinctures and Infusions that we had to compound (mix), because in those days, doctors’ Rx’s were either mostly written as Mistura (liquids) or Unguentum (ointments). Aconite was popular as an ointment for neuralgia and rheumatism. Even as a salve [in those days] we had to have a second druggist sign off on the prescription because tincture of aconite was very toxic if accidentally used on open or broken skin…(because of systemic absorption). In lay terms, aconite affects both the heart and CNS (central nervous system). Ref. BPC. British Pharmaceutical Codex. It has a rapid onset of action, and if ingested, orally, the heart is first slowed through the vagus centre, but can also affect the heart directly. In conclusion, if aconite was used, in this reported homicide, it had to be well planned and monitored by experts in pharmacology.

  7. Rumplestilskin

    Demso gambling mafia aint easy yuh.

    How many matches get thrown in the last ten years.

    And summa dem umpiring decisions dat give people out when de foot six yards down de pitch.

    Like when Lara di getting out a mile outside de stump, lbw.

    Reading recently, apparently one allegation is that usually one umpire and at least on captain are ‘in the know’.

    The captain brings the bowler from the end that the ‘participating umpire’ is controlling.

    Thus, how some of the ‘unfortunate lbw decisions’ occur.


  8. Yardbroom

    BBC Panorama television programme tonight, Monday 30th April, the death of Bob Woolmer, it will report that he was poisoned before being strangled, there is also the idea that there were tensions in the team, caused by the way religion was impacting on the teams’s performances.

  9. rasta man

    I think this ,more than anything else, is what CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007 ,will be remembered for