New Feature: Read An Archived Post At Random

Hi Folks,

In the last fifteen months the writers at Barbados Free Press have published almost 1300 articles – so many that even we sometimes forget what subjects we’ve written about. The archives allow us all to dig into past articles in a linear fashion, or we can use the search function to locate specific topics, but sometimes we’d just like to flip through some older posts for amusement.

Ta Da!

We have just added a “Random” feature that will bring you an archived article – randomly 🙂 –

It is lots of fun and will let newer readers experience some of the BFP’s archives without much work. Readers who have been with us for a while will be saying “oh yes. I remember that” and maybe even asking for a follow-up story.

We beta-tested the Random feature yesterday and Auntie Moses reports that she spent two hours online flipping through old stories. Please let us know what you think.

Try it out by clicking HERE or at the top of the page where it says “Random”.

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