Nation News Tries To Use Cricket World Cup As Proof That CARICOM Works

The Nation News never uses the word “CARICOM” – but you’ll get the message loud and clear. Of course, for this bit of propaganda to work the reader has to agree with Prime Minister Arthur and the Nation News that Cricket World Cup was a huge success…

An excerpt…

Of course there were hiccups, challenges and questionable decisions made. But the fact that each hurdle raised was overcome, and we pressed on to achieve our goal, is testimony to our resolve to get this job done regardless.

On reflection it was, as Prime Minister Owen Arthur resolutely encouraged us to think, “an expression of confidence of who we are and what we can do as a people”.

Of course, today is more than just about what we as Barbadians have achieved.

It is about what the Caribbean has been able to accomplish despite the tremendous logistical and financial constraints that faced us when we started on making this Cricket World Cup dream a reality.

We came together in a manner that was never seen before by liberalising immigration restrictions, intensifying security co-operation and sharing skilled labour and expertise in critical areas.

Indeed, if there is no other legacy that has been left from the hosting of this Cricket World Cup, it will be the knowledge that Caribbean people can achieve great things as one.

… read the entire article at The Nation News (link here)


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5 responses to “Nation News Tries To Use Cricket World Cup As Proof That CARICOM Works

  1. La De Da

    I beg to differ– Let’s go back to FEDERATION– “One from ten leaves nought” through CARIFTA and CARICOM and the latest grouping du joure CSME. The average person in Barbados does not see what advantage it is to them. Barbados has always towed the line with the various rules in these arrangements, but remember when all kinds of things were banned from being imported and we used locally made things to support “manufacturing”, and some of the other countries were importing and relabelling. I will sum up my personal feeling by the present slogan of Trinidad and Tobago in their sponsorship of the BBC World Service weather news—- “Trinidad and Tobago,the true Caribbean” —- if they are the “true Caribbean”, what does that make the rest of us, “the FALSE Caribbean” ?? enough said.

  2. Anonymous

    I like the boast that each ‘hurdle’ was (somehow) “overcome” as it turned up.

    1. Hurdles should never have happened!
    2. “Spinning” is just not the same as overcoming.
    Sweet talk and ‘soothing ruffled feathers'(?)
    via PolitiSpeak, no longer works, fells!

  3. rasta man

    Received some news today which I had never heard before and wonder if anyone can confirm . Is it true that Brian Lara is gay? I heard he bought some taxis for a guy who plys his trade outside the Boatyard in Barbados. Really shocking

  4. J. Payne

    CARICOM is an interesting idea…. And speaks volumes of the true state of the Caribbean. It is funny. Years ago T&T and Jamaica announced they were NAFTA ready and would seek to join the USA, Mexico and Canada in NAFTA. Yet most CARICOM states don’t even want to conceed to other CARICOM states a fraction of what NAFTA covers. If CARICOM enters FTAA or NAFTA I can tell you- within the first few years some US company will sue Caribbean states that give subsidies to Univ. of the West Indies, or BWIA, or Caribbean Star or any other state manipulated company.

    I base that on the lawsuit between the US package companies (Federal Express, UPS et al.) Vs. the Government of Canada which was deemed as being too protectionist over the Canadian postal service.

    In turn it would be the Caribbean’s own decision on if to sue the USA over Agriculture subsidies or not. But Governments are not allowed to give any one company an advantage in NAFTA or FTAA so CARICOM will have to learn how to make UWI stand on its own before joining FTAA or NAFTA.

    The other thing is Canada and the USA are no longer willing to negotiate anymore on NAFTA. It was an experiment that became VERY unpopular in the USA and most Americans want nothing else changed about the agreement for fear more jobs will leave the United States.
    So that ship has sailed. You would have to find a crafty way for either Mexico, Canada or the USA to get you into NAFTA at this point.

  5. True Native

    BFP: Do we really need this kind of comment? What business is it of ANYONE’S if Brian Lara is gay?