Chinese Pet Food Poison Found In USA Human Food Chain

Thousands of pets worldwide have taken sick or died because of the contamination of pet food ingredients in Communist China. Further investigations have shown that the contamination has entered the human food chain in the USA.

We should pay attention to this situation because as a small nation, we don’t have the resources necessary to protect our population from this and other health threats. Like all small and developing nations, Barbados must rely heavily on standards and protections established by the larger nations.

Like it or not, when the USA’s standards and procedures fail, it puts Bajans at risk

I saw a piece on satellite television the other day that mentioned how something like 80% of vitamin C ingredients now come from China. Even if the vitamins are manufactured in the USA or Britain, 80% of the ingredients come from China.

This is a big concern, considering that a/ The USA has no regulations or inspection procedures regarding food supplements, and, b/ Communist China is notorious for heavy metal contamination of water supplies and other environmental nightmares.

Pay attention to this growing issue, folks. It impacts Barbados far more than you might hope.

From the Seattle Post…

More Tests At Quarantined Hog Farm

FRESNO, Calif. — The health risk appeared to be “minimal” for people who ate pork from a hog farm where an industrial chemical was found in its animals, state officials said Friday.

Tests of seven urine samples and two feed samples at American Hog Farm in Ceres all came back positive for the chemical, melamine, which has tainted more than 100 brands of dog and cat food, said state Veterinarian Dr. Richard Breitmeyer…

… read the entire article here


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16 responses to “Chinese Pet Food Poison Found In USA Human Food Chain

  1. Anonymous

    EVERYTHING is now made in China!
    because of monetary interests: the Chinese can make it cheaper than any other nation on the face of the Earth and if,in the process, we get contaminated, well then that’s just our rotten luck for being so damned concern about saving a few cents on the manufacturing costs of a product, isn’t it!?
    see where cheapness gets you?

    Isn’t it amazing what human greed and Love-Of-Money can do?
    And you thought Jesus was powerful?
    Ha! – not more powerful than money!

  2. J. Payne

    I have doubts that it is “Wheat Gluten” as the dog food companies say. The product is just another product that the dog food companies shovel into the food in order to boost the *appearence* of protine in the dog food. However some dog food companies which claim they don’t have it are pulling food and all type of other thing which leads me to believe either they’re scape goating…. Or else they don’t really know what making all them animals sick…

    Personally. I think they’ve been messing around with genetics of crops for too long. (The Wheats, the corns, etc. etc. and I more readily believe they probably changed something genetically that is having an adverse effect on the livers and internal organs of these pets. Its has been well know that US pharmacuiticals and food companies have long been bed budies and they have claimed that they can genetically produce a better bushell of grapes. These foods since they are un-tested so far could only be fed to farm animals. Through that we’ve seen Mad Cow Disease come and go along with Hoof & Mouth Disease. So these companies so far have not be able to temper too much with food for human consumption.

    Since all these food companies have been soo quick to dump all their foods off the shelf which they claimed for soo long to be safe I believe they have messed up something genetically and they killed some pets in the process. The US and Chinese government are both investigating that one farm in China and so far both have been mumms about what’s actually going on there… But on CCTV China says they’re being scape goated.

  3. Happy

    If anyone out there has any of the “Old Packages” of tainted dog food…l’ll gladly buy it off you…In my little area of Barbados…three or more families have dog pounds…(sending a cheque right now to the SPCA)….erog fix the rodents…
    As for the constant China/United States of the World stories….get use to them…
    News Flash….while the press picks up on useless blame games…the Gov’s spend our collective monies…
    And yes to the previous poster…the FDA has zero to do in China….they also have zero to do in the States….obivously…as the FDA was CEO-less for the past five years…just another broken Gov taxation scam….
    JMHO….but still happy…l don’t eat dog food…just Fish….and love your little Island

  4. Bajan George

    China trivia: It is the world’s biggest exporter of apple juice.

  5. jinx

    Dear Happy,
    You stated that “Three or more families have dog pounds”
    Please tell them to contact “The Hope” with regards to spaying . They have raised enough funds to purchase a mobile neutering van which is traveling throughout the island ,spaying and neutering at an exceptionally low cost to dog owners …. see website

    These people are the only ones that seem serious enough to do anything about the over population/cruelty to animals on the island.
    The rspca is a waste of time!

  6. Anonymous

    Barbados does love its pork. However, there is still much to be said for vegetarianism, in any country.

    As secondary/tertiary consumers, eg “hogs”, animals have to consume what they are fed by their “owners”, so they will build up by way of the laws of probability, a greater concentration of things like heavy metals and toxins that are hard to eliminate from animal systems. If “our” pets eat this, or if we do, then the toxins become ours.

    Vegetarian foods, if well chosen for its organic growth method, avoids this risk.

    Wild type foods, like fish, may be safer, but in the food chain, many fish at the top of the chain alkso can be a risk, eg the swordfish/mercury risk that we read about.

    Cancer is epidemic in Barbados and most countires world wide, increasing greatly, but the cause is hidden due to the lag time before the damage is recognised.

    Vegetarianism in 100 years (if we survive as a race that long) will most probably be the norm. Can’t believe it, can you?

    Enjoy your “food”, but choose wisely.

  7. J. Payne

    China is now the largest world exporter. (full stop.)

    After now that lead will just continue to grow… But hey… Empires come and they go…

    The Ottoman Empire came and went as did the Greek and Roman empires.

    Then came and went British Dominiation.

    Then came and went US domination.

    Now the new millenium is all about Eur-Asia.

  8. waffen

    Greetings and salutations all!

    A reply above stated something regarding empires. The common factor here is that they go. What we might want to be concerned with is “how” they will go. We are in a time of mass destruction. The weapons and capabilities of these nations will change what we know the world as. Unfortunatley, the world, is, without an army, without homeland security…etc…

    The ecosystem of the planet is out of balance, global warming, global dimming, overpopulation, animals and plants reaching extinction. If another war is to come, I predict that 90% of the worlds population will be destroyed. It aint gonna go down like saving private ryan this time folks.

    The planet is calling for its own revolution, events like the tsunami in Thailand, and the 9 predicted hurricanes to hit the eastern seaboard of the U.S. Are going to be the predecessors of a new kind of natural disaster.

    We who are of the generation x are in for some rude awakinings.

  9. Does this affect the UK at all? or is it it just the USA.

  10. jinx


    Please go the the website PETA.COM (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
    I´m sure you will find the info helpful.

  11. True Native


    I’ve signed. It is interesting to note that of all the signatories I read (many are still awaiting approval), not ONE was from Barbados, or any Caribbean island for that matter. Most of the signatories hailed from Portugal, England, U.S.A.

  12. jinx

    I am saddened that the plight of those sharing this planet with us humans seems not worthy of numerous comments on this forum, as are the utterings or carry ons of politicians.

    For anyone interested, please visit

  13. Thistle

    Jinx: Get real! Whales ain’t t’iefin nobody money! You think Bajans care about animals – except what they can use them for? Look around you and see the display of cruelty to animals on this island. I just visited but I did not see anything about whaling in the Caribbean. Do you think Henry and Patrick Ramage might be interested in the plight of whales in this part of the world?

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