Several Hundred New Zealand Cricket Fans And Journalists Stranded In St. Lucia And Jamaica


No Grenada To Jamaica Flights Available For Semi-Finals In Jamaica!

No Jamaica To Barbados Flights Available For Finals In Barbados!

Hey, it’s a good thing that all those stranded potential terrorist-journalists and cricket-loving sheep farmers from New Zealand have their Cricket Visas.

Maybe they can use them for toilet paper so Mia Mottley’s and Noel Lynch’s insult to them will not be a complete waste.

Dreadlock Holiday

The Cricket World Cup in the West Indies has plumbed new depths on the travel front, with New Zealand cricket fans the worst affected.

Having forked out $15,000 a head, around 150 Kiwi cricket supporters will have to watch Wednesday’s World Cup semifinal between New Zealand and Sri Lanka sipping rum in pubs in St Lucia.

Three New Zealand tour groups – led by former test cricketers Gavin Larsen, Stephen Boock and former All Black Allan Hewson – took a calculated guess on the Black Caps finishing fourth after the second round and being involved in the 1v4 semifinal in St Lucia.

But seven wins from eight games has set Stephen Fleming’s men up for the 2v3 semifinal in Jamaica and the small scale travel system in the West Indies lacks the flexibility for last-minute changes.

Larsen said “four or five” of his 40-strong contingent were desperately trying to make their own plans to get to Jamaica, but for the others it was just a case of mass frustration.

“We are going to sit down in a pub in St Lucia and root for the boys, but I’d love for the group to be in Jamaica,” Larsen said.

“It is one of biggest days in New Zealand cricket for many a year and a lot of people have shelled out a lot of money and you can’t help but feel really sorry for them

(big snip)

The media has not escaped the travel nightmare either.

This correspondent was forced to leave Grenada before this morning’s game against Australia because no matter how much island-hopping you were prepared to do there were no seats on flights into Jamaica before the semifinal.

And to make matters worse, Cricket Logistics – the tournament’s organising company for travel and accommodation – claims there are no longer any flights available from Jamaica to Barbados for the final.

New Zealand Cricket chief executive Martin Snedden left for the West Indies yesterday morning promising to do his level best to get the small New Zealand media contingent on the team’s charter flight to Barbados should it qualify for the final…

… read the entire article at The Dominion Post (link here)


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11 responses to “Several Hundred New Zealand Cricket Fans And Journalists Stranded In St. Lucia And Jamaica

  1. J. Payne

    I can hear the ambasador from Australia laughing silently to himself again. The good news is the ICC might not ever pick the Caribbean again even if the Caribbean leaders don’t learn their lesson.

  2. Squeeeze!

    NO-one will EVER pick the backward Caribbean again, for anything.
    The rest of the world isn’t stupid, you know!
    They know a RIP when they see one!

  3. GonnaHURT!

    The entire history of this CWC-07 will be written
    after it’s all done, and everyone’s gone home.

    By about July-Sept., the history will be fully written.
    It’s going to be very very interesting reading all about it, not in patronising West Indian news-rags,
    but in real publications like the NYC and London newspapers and magazines.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will even do a hard-back BOOK, which’ll hang around for hundreds of years after we’ve burnt all the newspapers to destroy(alter!) the history.

    Ping!(idea!) – we get that most famous of history-benders into the act!
    God knows H.Beckles could use some diversion from his legal woes in Jamaica!

  4. Marcus2

    Sure that you have your “facts” right this time? Try not to end up with egg all over your face like the last article. Not that BFP minds, as long as you publish something you don’t care if it is right or wrong!

  5. Wishing in Vain

    You should take a rest from this forum as you seem absolutely out to sea on the reality facing this country, the damage your party has done to it maybe irrepairable for many years to come.

  6. munazza rashid

    Stephen Fleming should not be retired we like him as a captin he should not be lose his heart.

  7. Rumplestilskin

    To Gonna Hurt:

    Your last phrase was uncalled for. How some compassion, regardless of your perception of the circumstances.

    Life is not easy for any of us in todays environment, including many have lost family members to addictions (some permanently), they lose control under influence and literally cannot be helped after a point.

    Compassion and reserved comment, please.

  8. israel lovell

    Rumple good on you to slap Gonna Hurt in his face. Reading BFP blog which I enjoy you see many posts by whites. They are as predictable as night follows day. They never say anything positive or supportive of blacks. Mind you this reflects their real lifestyle where they dont patronize black businesses, they dont mix with blacks and they are rude arrogant and racist. Beckles said these things about them before he did a Mascoll and got promoted.
    Bizzy Williams nasty pronouncements that blacks looking for handouts is a very real true reflection of white thought in Barbados.

  9. Old Timer

    Israel Lovell, You really should change your name. It sounds a bit too “white” to me. Israel? Jewish? You could change it to Guedado. It is African and means “wanted by nobody”. Good day to you. By the way since you could see colour through these blogs what colour am I?

  10. Peltdown Man

    Old Timer, a good point. Israel has fallen into the same trap as those people in the States talking about Obama. How does he know which of us is black or white? Is it the way we write, that some of us don’t write “black”? The inference of that is that those who write “black” are less educated or literate – a racist notion, or does he think that it is the other way round? Either way, such notions are racist.

  11. Ali

    You are true that he should not lose heart – what about you – have you lost heart