New Zealand Journalist – “Hopefully Had My Last Experience With LIAT Airline”

“Expecting Grenada to Barbados in 30 minutes. Silly us!”

Note to wealthy businesspeople with penchant for aviation; if you set up an airline in the Caribbean that regularly runs on time and doesn’t change destination mid flight, you’ll make a mint.

We’ve now had our last (hopefully) experience with Liat, the Caribbean airline.

I’m not sure what Liat is supposed to stand for but the variations include Leave Islands Any Time, Luggage In Another Territory, Look Its Another Timezone? the list goes on.

So you’ll be getting the gist that this is not the most reliable airline.

Today we were expecting a pretty standard journey, Grenada to Barbados in 30 minutes. Silly us!

… read the entire article at New Zealand Herald (link here)


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12 responses to “New Zealand Journalist – “Hopefully Had My Last Experience With LIAT Airline”

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  2. Acronyms


    Leave Island Any Time.

    Look Immediately for Alternative Transportation.

    Luggage In Any Terminal.

    Luggage In Another Terminal.

    Luggage Isn’t At Terminal.

    Lost In-between Antigua and Trinidad!

    Late If At T’all.

    Late Island Air Transport

    Last In Air Transport

    Lost In A Thunderstorm.
    (ref. to that flight lost in the Bequia Channel! Young ROACH lost!)

    Least Important Air Transport

    Let’s Infuriate All Tourists.

    Look – I Ain’t Travelling!

    LIAT Isn’t All There..

    – and very likely NEVER WILL BE!

  3. BeeWee's turn!


    Britain’s Worst Investment Abroad.

    Better Walk If Able.

    But Will It Arrive.

    Bound to Wait In the Airport.

    Better Wait In Airport.

    Best Women In the Air!

    Bailiffs Waiting In America.

    Big Woman Instrument Approach.

    Baggage Wasn’t In Aircraft.

    Black White & Indian Axxholes.

    Becoming Worst International Airline

    Best West Indian Aviators

    Bruds, We Igrunt Agen

    Best Word Is “Ayeeeeee!”

    Trust these will cheer up your Sunday morning.
    I know lots of you identify with one or other of these !

  4. Major Pull!

    Changing destination mid-flight could be as simple as what wife and I experienced coming up to B’dos from Trinidad.
    It was supposed to be a direct flight, PoS-BGI, but suddenly oops we had to route thru GDA.

    What happen?

    As it transpired, Grenada’s PM Mitchell need to get up to Barbados quickly, and he and his entourage boarded expeditiously at Pt.Salines, and we were on our way up to BGI, quickly enough.

    But it goes to show how easy it is to flag down a passing Air Taxi, when yuh need a drop, real quick!

  5. Jerome Hinds


    How about,

    LIAT = Lynch Imitates Arthur’s Tieffing….!

    After all the Bajan taxpayers money these 2 put in this airline…..look at the results still !

  6. anon

    inter regional transport is so bad, i cant get a flight out of tobago just after the jazz festival. any help welcomed

  7. Bajanboy

    Can you swim?

  8. Bajanboy

    Seriously, we need the fast ferry. It could help manage times of peak demand.

  9. Justasking

    Major Pull! – You think Mitchell and his entourage paid for that flight?

  10. J. Payne

    Its funny Air Jamaica turned their situation around. They used to be like the rest…

  11. No - Name

    Have you tried the ferry from Tobago to Trin idad/ Then you may be able to go directly or indirectly to Barbados!

    Failing that contact one of our local fishermen and see if you can connect with a drug boat that ply our seas daily (LOL) …..jUST A JOKE!

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