Ezra Alleyne’s Spin Doctor Mathematics


I wonder if it’s too early for Government to be boasting about cricket ticketing revenue?

In today’s Daily Nation column, Issues and Ideas, Ezra Alleyne boasts ‘that ticket sales of the order of $24 million have been raked in by the Barbados Government, before a single ball was bowled at Kensington Oval’.

But what does this prove?

In an article carried by BBC News entitled ‘Cricket World Cup – hit or flop?’ by Soutik Biswas published 19th April 2007, the writer makes some interesting observations.

Take for instance the game that was played between Ireland and Bangladesh, which was expected to be an India versus Pakistan match.

According to Mr Biswas, ‘many Indian and Pakistani fans had snapped up 22,334 tickets for this match in advance, assuming it would be the clash of the South Asia rivals’

Then he surprisingly says that ‘the island (Barbados) was expecting 5,500 Indian visitors for these games’ and goes on ‘But Petra Roach of the Barbados Tourism Authority says only 800 have turned up’.

This despite Barbados tourism authorities having ‘made four trips to India’ in the run-up to the tournament to woo cricket fans and tourists alike’.

So 22,334 tickets pre-sold for a single match but only a total of 800 turning up!

So when Mr Alleyne declares Government had a ‘$24 million vision’, how does this vision relate to economic benefit to the country?

If the quoted figures are accurate, then some 21,534 out of 22,334 persons for one game alone would have not taken a taxi from the airport, stayed at a hotel or villa, eat in one or more of our restaurants, hire a car, taken a catamaran cruise or visited an attraction.

In fact the loss of 21,534 long stay visitors, based on average stay and spend would amount to a whopping US$23 million or a massive 75,369 unoccupied room nights.

So actual ticket sales gives absolutely no indication of exactly how well financially the country has done.

Adrian Loveridge
20 April 2007


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30 responses to “Ezra Alleyne’s Spin Doctor Mathematics

  1. ??

    Well Well we agree on something. Empty seats paid for is one thing loss of revenue from spending power of those people is another. I think Jerome made a good point in a recent post where he stated that we would only see the full results after the event…..

    Must have had something bad to eat I’m agreeing with Adrian and Jerome!….

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Spin , Spin and more Spin, when one views the BLP site and there they are speaking in glowing terms about the CWC and how successful it is, it makes one wonder how silly they think we are when there has been nothing successful about CWC despite all the rantings Owing made that he was in charge and intended to make it the best world cup ever.
    The people are not here, the yachts are not here, the ships are not here, the bars are not making the money the Taxis are not making the money, the people who borrowed money to extend their houses to provide accomodation are not making money, the restaurants are not making money, the on island tours are not making money, the stalls at the Oval not making money.
    The only people that have come out of this fiasco smiling are the politicians who have done their back hand deals and the cruise ships that Lynch masterminded to give them US $ 15 mill plus others he gave enticement money to be part of this great fiasco called CWC.
    Lynch,Mottley and Owing need to go they ought to resign or be fired by us the taxpayers of this land for gross mismanagement of our funds.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    ?? maybe you are waking up and smelling the roses now not a bad thing that to realise that the party in power is corrupt and stealing our dollars.

  4. ??

    WIV do not attempt to put words in my mouth, but admittedly there are valid concerns to be addressed. I am sure if the DLP was in power the situation would be no better.. Matter of fact with the slate of candidates proposed we would probably have been in a far worst situation.

  5. John

    Perhaps it is to do with Ezra talking about Barbados and Ken Gordon talking about the whole West Indies but here are some contrasting figures.


    This is a link to an article in December 2006 where no less a person than the CEO of WICB puts the ticket sales projections at US$40 million.

    He says back then that we are half way there, that is in December 2006.

    Unless I am misreading something or just plain foolish, in December of 2006 there was US$20 million in ticket sales.

    The Barbados sales are now put at $24 million and we are left to assume the dollars are Barbados dollars.

    Maybe Ezra is talking specifically about Barbados sales, $US12 million and Ken Gordon is talking about overall sales US$20 million for the region as of December 2006.

    If that is the case, then there should be bumper crowds at Kensington.

    Two things I would like Ezra to answer if he happens by here and that is how much was actually spent on CWC by the GOB and what percentage of this sum is the BDS$24.

    Secondly, what was Kensington suppsed to cost compared with his figure of $120 million?

  6. Wishing in Vain

    Not sure we would have ventured into this disaster zone to start with may have done what Trinidad did and watched from the side lines and smiled.
    The candidates are worthy of support if for no other reason to rid this island of this dangerous level of stealing we have reached, there is some great talent there just waiting to be unleashed who knows Mottley could be under a fair amount of pressure to keep her seat remember St.Lucia.
    The slate of candidates holds no fear for me nor should it for you these are all educated and bright persons with the urge to serve their country and further more they cannot steal as this bunch are presently doing if they only get 5 or 10 years in office, 15 or 20 years is a formula for corruption and stealing and arrogrance as we are presently seeing in this admistration.

  7. ??

    WIV, I respect your opinion but have reservations on the candidates. The electorate makes the decision so when the time comes we will know their decision and have to live with it..

  8. Warrior

    Has anyone considered Charge backs. (What is a “chargeback”? A chargeback is where the money paid to the retailer is reversed out of their account and refunded to yours. You are also refunded any interest charged).

    If I am not mistaken quite a good chunck of those tickets would have been purchased using credit cards.

    How much are we really going to rake in when these chargebacks are really accounted for.

    Has that 24 million total been hit by that reality or has it not been considered as yet

  9. ??

    Depends on the contract, remember the purchase of tickets was not a simple exercise, forms etc had to be completed, so I am sure chargebacks would have been covered. If seller can prove credit card client went into agreement under a non refund policy, chargebacks cannot be actioned

  10. anon


    Did you expect the Government to recoup the expense of constructing the oval from the just the world cup events? Come again with another!! If this was the case i would have invested directly in the construction rather than indirectly

  11. anon

    adrian l

    have you ever had anything positive to say about Barbados?

  12. Jerome Hinds

    I am asking again…!

    How could the Barbados gov’t boast of sales totalling $ 24 Million when Chris Dehring is reporting in the Jamaica Observer that CWC 2007 TOTAL sales so far for all 9 host countries has just doubled US $ 10.5 achieved for CWC 2003…?


    The claim by Chris Decaires in the story below is misleading when compared to what Mr. Dehring is saying…!

    Not surprised to see Ezra Alleyne following as well…..Ezra do not know what the truth looks like even if it hits him in the eye….!


  13. Adrian Loveridge

    Lots Anon…
    I do it everyday with lots of people.
    Thats why they come back to our hotel (and Barbados), year after year and why we have been full since October 2006.

    But if other people are going to start telling stories which simply are not true and prejudice the industry where I make my living. do you think I should stay silent?

    Lets say for a minute we believe Mr Alleyne and take his word ‘ $24 million has been raked in by the Barbados Government without a single ball being bowled’.

    Kensington Oval capacity = 28,000 persons
    7 days of cricket where each seat has been purchased = 7 x 28,000 = 196,000.

    196,000 x BDS$100 (average seat price) = BDS$19.6 million.

    Thats of course if every seat had been paid for.

    We know there were thousands of empty seats for the first four matches and we know Government gave away thousands of seats.

    So exactly where did the figure of $24 million come from?

    Perhaps Mr Alleyne could explain?

  14. ??

    Adrian have you factored in Luxury Suites, which were going at quite a rate? may not bring in 24M but will get it closer. Some seats for final were selling at US600.00 were they not.

  15. anon

    Adrian L

    How do you arrive at BDS$100 as an average seat price when I am paying US$100 for a seat in the north stand on saturday. What about the hospitality suites? What price are they going at? How much are you paying for your tickets? Why not go along an enjoy life at the cricket

  16. De Orginal

    Adrian your analysis as usual is correct but what can one expect from Ezra Alleyne and poeple like him who have no desire but to serve themselves and political masters for a hand out. I hope Ezra have a good pension plan because come elections he will ahve to get work based on merit . We all know he in trouble then.

  17. De Orginal

    excuse the type error meant “have” in the second last sentence………lol

  18. Chase

    De Original:

    Actually ahve sounded good concerning who we are talking about…..made it sound …….’original’.

  19. Anonymous

    It is hard to sit and watch.

    Spent 600 million, return 24 million (maybe).

    We can’t borrow for 5 years.

    Pay raises were 9-10% for 2 years.

    Government figure for 2 year inflation was 25%, but many think that this was not correct, the figure closer to 50- 100%.

    Once World Cup and electiuons are done, taxation, and what it means is a further inflation spiral, which will tell on the poor man.

    You the BLP spin politicians should go on a rice and mackeral diet for a couple of years, and then come and write on this blog.

    Then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

    Lord help us.

  20. credibility

    When anyone starts quoting Ezra Alleyne as a credible source, we are all in serious trouble.

    Mr Alleyne is and has been, unashamedly, an unprincipled
    yardfowl for the BLP.

    He has absolutely no ability to look at an issue critically and objectively or look at the facts.

    Integrity is not in his lexicon.

  21. Anonymous

    Listen to me now.

    Ticket sales 24 million

    Carnival Destiny 30 million.

    Now stop listening to me.

  22. henery george

    i need to know if the prime minister watch any cricket at the oval yet? ezra alleyne and c griffith are 2 of the biggest low life bastards the b.l.p has they call them self spin doctors they will tell a lie on anybody just to make a dollar so dont expect any thing good coming from there mouths the next time you see clyde griffith ask him why he leave the woman on eastern parkway any run down to barbados to married ms. king and she wont marry him because she knows he is a low life like the pm.

  23. Wishing in vain

    henery george yuh firing on all tonight but you are right Ezra is one that should be in jail for troubling client accounts using the peoples money, but yet Owing got him as a mouth piece birds of a feather flock together you know!!!!!

  24. Adrian Loveridge

    Hindustan Times April 15th 2007
    ‘Fans give short shrift to Contentinental Drift’

    ‘The ICC had indentified the teams in a schedule of matches on its website well in advance and took the names off only after realising it was premature, because even the group leagues were yet to start at that time’.

    ‘It sure did not strike the tourism department of the Barbados Government, which had gone on a promotional overdrive including trips to New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in February’.

  25. ??


    I think your average pricing is wrong a check indicates average is more like average US75 – $100. making your figure significantly in error… or as usual FICTION… why don’t you write a book. How to trick people with false figures.

  26. John


    .. so if we use your figure at double what Adrian used we get sales of $39.2 Million compared to the $24 million reported.

    The obvious question would then be, “what happened to the other $15.2 million?”

    This is looking worse by the hour!!

    Somebody is getting taken for a ride!!

  27. ??

    John, take your point maybe average is more US75, still a lot more that the fiction writer’s estimate.

    Taking into account sponsor tickets your number is a bit off as well. if we assume 75 as our average we are looking at 29.4M… for all tickets using -fiction writers formula which assumes all tickets are paid for ie excluding sponsorship tickets. Check with those who attended yesterdays match the majority paid more than the uS$50 the fiction writer has suggested and I have no reason to believe that other days were not the same.

  28. Anonymous

    ‘Now I do not, and so far as I am able, will I ever try, to breathe the same air as this minor innkeeper who dabbles sometimes in the difficult art of self-expression in writing’.

    Beautifully put, Mr Ezra Alleyne. Its sounds almost like a compliment!

    Ducking and diving and again missing the point.
    The $24 million you stated that the Government has ‘raked-in’ for ticket sales.
    Where are the benefits, if people have simply purchased tickets and not arrived?

    As another BFP reader pointed out, $24 million in ticket sales, $30 million to charter Carnival Destiny and I wonder what the losses were on the Air India charters?

    But then I forget your close colleage assures us that there will be ‘90,000’ long stay visitors here this week plus another ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’.

    Perhaps he should speak to Vancourt Rouse who yesterday said 25,000 visitors and 11 cruise ships (even if some of those are yachts) would be here by today.

    And Mr Alleyne don’t worry, we are never likely to breath the same air.
    Inch Marlow, so far, is free from political polution, you simply wouldn’t survive here without oxygen.

  29. ??

    Anonymous, you have obviously never been to Inch Marlow.. The Political stench is strong and tries to be overpowering. But then again you suggest the air there has no Oxygen, hence the delirium and fiction eminating from that area

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