Carnival Destiny Cruise Trip Cancelled!


UPDATE: Carnival Destiny did NOT sail. See our article Carnival Destiny Fails To Sail – Scores Of Cricket Fans Stranded In Grenada

Original article…

Cruise Cancelled “To Meet International Standards” …. ?

The Carnival Destiny was scheduled to depart Grenada on Monday night for a cruise to Barbados – with a return to Grenada on Wednesday morning. That trip has been cancelled, and the ship will apparently stay in port in Grenada until it’s scheduled Wednesday night to Friday morning cruise.

The “official” reason for the cancellation is “to allow for the cruise lines to meet international standards”.

Huh? (as they say in America)

The “Once In A Lifetime” cruise opportunity was announced by a desperate Barbados Tourism Board last week, so it is highly unusual that they would cancel a cruise “to allow for the cruise lines to meet international standards”.

What “international standards” came up this week that did not exist last week?

Perhaps we will get the real story, perhaps not.

But don’t worry dear, everything gonna be just fine with all that tax money that THEY spent on Cricket World Cup. Does anyone really know how many hundreds of millions of dollars THEY spent? Do THEY know themselves?

Lord, have mercy on us poor taxpayers, and our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and all the generations.

From the Grenada Broadcasting Network…


Local agents Geo. F. Huggins and Co. Ltd. has announced a change in plans for travel on board the Carnival Cruise lines to Barbados

According to Marketing Manager Denise Parke, the trip which was scheduled for Monday night to return on Wednesday morning has been cancelled.

This is allow for the cruise lines to meet international standards, and those who had planned to travel on the second leg now have the option of using the final leg which runs from Wednesday night to Friday morning.

Meanwhile people who made the first trip from Saturday night to Monday morning have been congratulated on their behaviour after a weekend cruise to Barbados.

Huggins along with the Barbados Tourism Board announced the once in a life time opportunity last week.

… read the original article at Grenada Broadcasting Network (link here)


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59 responses to “Carnival Destiny Cruise Trip Cancelled!

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    Just remind me exactly how much of the US$15 million borrowed from ScotiaBank by ‘our’ Government/BTA is being paid by the Governments of Grenada and St. Lucia and their tourism organisations?

    Its just unbelievable and to think just three weeks ago ‘our’ Minister of Tourism was denying there was (categorically) any such loan and that the Carnival Destiny was ‘80% sold’.

  2. Patrick Porter

    My first post in awhile. Have to take it easy. I have sent the BFP an article I read in the Advocate today. I think that all should read it very carefully. Especially those on the opposite side of the fence. The article says that the IMF
    I shall quote my letter to BFP
    “The IMF is on the way please read the piece in the Advocate
    It seems as though a warding has been sent by the IMF to all CWC stakeholders
    The last part of the article is very interesting where it states that expenditure is 100% of GDP
    The currency will have to be devalued to pay for this show of shows,you may have millions in the bank but chicken will cost $100.00 a pound
    Thank you Mr. Arthur and your band of bandits for this mess. Crime will get worse as people starve, you know the old saying “a hungry man is a dangerous man”. Barbados there are troubling times ahead and you had better wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late, if it isn’t already. The wolf is at the door and only needs the invitation to come in.
    Many on this site have talked about the IMF, but the truth is that he is in the house already and only a matter of time before he bites
    All those like Royalrumble etc on this site, wake up and save your country and not your selves
    This article shocked me so much this morning I had to post something, my wife will give me hell for being on here, but my people are more important to me than anything else

  3. Michele

    Hi Mr. Porter

    Hope your doing well, take it easy.

    Can’t say anything can be done to save Barbados now. The people can only hope that those crooks don’t get away with anything, a little justice for the people would be good.

    Take care of yourself Mr.Porter, my little girl said to me yesterday “don’t worry be happy” we all have to try hard to feel that way.

  4. Wishing

    International standards what are these and did the Gov’t nor Carnival not know about International standards before the set about collecting money from people for these cruises?
    It sounds to me like a case of I got your money and I am going to do what I want, surely if they sit in port it is cheaper than flirting around these islands and burning fuel, Carnival must have decided not to move the ship as muuch as they wanted them to do.
    When will Owing , Mia and Lynch ever come clean with the people of Barbados regarding their involvement in this fiasco of CWC we need them to respond and to respond to us now not when it suits them to do so these crooks have many questions to reply to and one of these questions is where and who of their friends have benefited from these funds in particular who made money out of the $ 50 mill that was spent on security for this fiasco of CWC????

  5. Bajanboy

    So, where is the boat now? Did it never leave Barbados or is it stuck in Grenada until Wednsday?

  6. Anonymous

    Something tells me that this cancellation is of Carnival Cruise’s doing, not any island-government.
    Carnival Cruises has STANDARDS TO MAINTAIN.
    They are not black island governments like we are.
    They have white standards to maintain, and stuff needed for those high standards may not have been available in little Grenada

  7. Wishing

    Just another few nails in the coffins of Owing, Mia and MM Lynch they deserve each and everyone that they get none of them deserve to get back their seat in the next election they nee to be taught a real lesson about humility and honour.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s a ship. not a boat.

    A boat is something under 200 ft. LOA that you and I go fishing on.

    At about 900ft. LOA, Destiny is a Ship, indeed a floating city.

  9. ??

    Patrick, glad to see youposting again, Haven’t seen advocate will have a look and comment later.
    Hope you are feeling better.. keep stress down.

  10. Javon Griffith

    This is interesting. How exactly are the people coming for the game today to get here?

  11. Bajanboy

    OK, where is the ship now? Barbados? Grenada?

  12. Lady Anon

    Glad to have you back, Patrick. Get lots of rest.

  13. Patrick Porter

    Thanks a lot for all your kind remarks. I urge all of you to get your hands on an Advocate today. It is important for all of us to know what is going on. Have a great day all of you and may God in his wisdom look after all of you

  14. jinxoo7

    Hi Patrick ,

    We too are wishing you well and looking forward to your posts……..and please try to keep the stress levels down….. heaven knows it can lead to all sorts of “problems”… (sort of like the ones we have right here in good ole Bim), but when the going gets rough……..
    “Empty your mind and let it be at rest”

  15. Bajanboy

    OK, so if the boat is staying in Grenada until Wednesday, what about the people on board who want to go to today’s match in Barbados? Will they have to fly here? And, of course, Barbados taxpayers are still subsidizing cruises for our Caribbean brothers and sisters (or in this case, subsidising the boat to sit idle).

    I would hate to be one of the people who paid top dollar for their cruise only to be stuck on board with the poor masses.

  16. Jerome Hinds

    Someone need to confirm, but I am told Carnival Destiny is docked in Barbados today ( 17th April 2007 ) .

  17. Wishing in Vain

    Will check and let you know in a while.

  18. Wishing in Vain

    Yes she is in port today.

  19. Patrick, the IMF isn’t saying anything that Owen Arthur has not said in his budget speech. Well the IMF is more blunt, but Owen pretty much told Barbadians that difficult times are ahead, of course he will not say that his gamble on CWC is the biggest factor, in the difficult times ahead.

  20. Jerome Hinds

    Jerome Hinds

    April 17th, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    Someone need to confirm, but I am told Carnival Destiny is docked in Barbados today ( 17th April 2007 ) .

    Wishing in Vain

    April 17th, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    Yes she is in port today.

    Wishing in Vain,

    Then Owen and his BLP gang must be hiding on board that’s why the ship cannot sail to Grenada…!

    Do you think the FBI has finally caught up with OWEN & his gang…hence Carnival Destiny claim…

    ” The “official” reason for the cancellation is “to allow for the cruise lines to meet international standards….. ??? ”

  21. BFP

    So is the Grenada article talking about next week’s cruise?

    This needs some input from our readers. Does anyone have any further information?

  22. Patrick Porter


    I agree with your statement. But what worries me is the fact that the whole thing as you say will be sugar coated and Bajans will not see through it. It is sad. I just read that the British bid for the Olympics has now risen from 2.9 Billion pounds to 9.3 billion pounds. The same thing has happened in Barbados with the CWC. They all thought it would be a cash cow, but unfortunately the cow turned out to be a bull, so no milk today. The part that worries me is the statement about 100% to the GDP, this probably does not apply to Barbados, but the smaller islands just can’t afford such expenditure. I wish all of this money was put into the QEH and other areas where we need it,instead of the CWC
    Hear you all tomorrow, as I am going to get a rest. Adrian I hope you are not having the terrible weather we are having here in Ontario

  23. Wishing

    BFP I am not sure International standards really means surely if the ship was cruising it would be fully equiped to carry out the charter and furthermore with as many as 40 containers coming into Barbados duty free they can hardly be short of supplies for the 300 odd guest that they are carrying and not being even close to the 3000 that they can carry when loaded this seems very strange to me indeed.

  24. No - Name

    Maybe Lynch is trying to negotiate a reduction in the $30 million and the Carnival Destiny’s response is that they are not moving until there is a guaranteed of the $30 million!

  25. Jerome Hinds

    April 17th, 2007 at 2:50 pm
    So is the Grenada article talking about next week’s cruise?

    This needs some input from our readers. Does anyone have any further information?
    BFP ,

    I do not think so because next week the cricket shifts to St. Lucia and Jamaica for the semi – finals.

    CWC 2007 games ends in Grenada this Friday 20 th April 2007 .

  26. Wishing in vain

    Seems to me that they all in hiding now from the ministers involved to the president of the ICC they all mess up the cup.
    Breaking news Percy Sonn, the ICC’s president who has been as high-profile as the invisible man, has appeared in the stands, the first sighting of him since the opening ceremony. He was horizontal and, as far as we could see, had trousers at full mast. He was holding a glass, but they are allowed in the VIP enclosures as the great and the good of the game are considered sensible enough to know how to behave and are trusted not to hurl them at any passing fielder.

  27. Interested person

    I just checked with two persons on the Galaxy, and the Carnival Destiny is NOT docked in the Bridgetown Port.

  28. Interested person

    The Galaxy is docked in the Bridgetown Port today, 17 April, 2007, and the Destiny is not there.

  29. Wishing in vain

    Please check the signal station I seem to think that they would have a resonable idea of which ships are in port and they have confirmed that she is in port.

  30. Jerome Hinds

    April 17th, 2007 at 2:50 pm
    So is the Grenada article talking about next week’s cruise?

    This needs some input from our readers. Does anyone have any further information?

    I think has to do with conscience….!

    Carnival Destiny just do not find the wisdom and economics to be sailing up and down the Caribbean seas with 300 people on board for…..US $ 15 Million…!

    Owen & his BLP gang may have lost their conscience….longtime ago….but not everyone in the world…!

    That is what Carnival Destiny maybe ALLUDING to when it states….

    ” The “official” reason for the cancellation is “to allow for the cruise lines to meet international standards….. ??? ” as well in addition to Owen’s FBI file…!

  31. Jerome Hinds



    I think has to do with conscience….!

    Should read : BFP,

    I think it has to do with conscience….!

  32. Jerome Hinds

    Interested person a.k.a Stuart Layne ( BTA )

    April 17th, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    The Galaxy is docked in the Bridgetown Port today, 17 April, 2007, and the Destiny is not there.

    Interested person a.k.a Stuart Layne ( BTA )

    You took very long to join the debate !

    You are on Board Carnival Destiny enjoying the BIG life forgeting you are still docked at the Bridgetown port today, 17 April, 2007…!

  33. Wishing in vain

    They all want putting in a barrel and burning the whole lot of them Owing, Mia Lynch, DeCaries, Layne all of them for destroying our childrens futures.
    Instead they will all walk away with pockets full of cash from their corrupt efforts.

  34. Bajanboy

    Does anyone know anyone who is booked on board Destiny? It would be interesting to get a first hand view of life on board the ship.

  35. challenge

    wishing, they will all walk away with pockets full of cash from their corrupt efforts.
    –> only if we let them

    Shall this be the first instance of a young West Indian island-nation NOT letting the thieves get away with it..just because they were politicians?
    Are we brave enough to can this lot?
    or will they indeed get away with it?

    I dare you.

  36. Patrick Porter

    Why doesn’t someone e-mail the Destiny and find out where she is . I am going to look on their web cam and will let you know shortly. By the way it is a ship, I served on board a US carrier in the 60’S and was very upset when they referred to it as a boat

  37. Patrick Porter

    There is a big cruise ship in the harbour in St. Georges, but the web cam angle it is very difficult to figure out which ship it is

  38. John


    Take care your wife doesn’t come home and catch you on the computer!!

  39. Patrick Porter

    She will soon be home so I am going to say goodnight. A woman’s fury hath no equal

  40. Patrick Porter

    The English are out of the CWC, so what happens now to their fans? I wonder if they are going to pack it in and go home

  41. Patrick Porter

    The ship is not in Grenada, a friend of mine just e-mailed me

  42. ??

    With flight penalties it probably means they are here to the end we hope.

  43. Patrick Porter


    A friend of mine in the travel industry in the UK says there is an out clause if the English were defeated. Now I don’t know how much this applies to all the tickets, so we will have to wait and see the outcome. Knowing the Brits as I do they are there for the fun and the sun, they may not go to the Oval, but they may remain in the island, depending on the ticket procedure

  44. Sunniebgi

    The Carnival Destiny is in Barbados as we speak at 530pm Barbados time Tuesday 17 April 2007 and has been here all day..

  45. Adrian Loveridge

    I think my point was missed.

    If Carnival Destiny is going ANYWHERE other than Barbados during the US$15 million contract period, what are the Governments of St. Lucia and Grenada contributing?

  46. $$$

    Barbados figures itself ‘rich enough’ to throw them a crumb, gratis. We think we are another Trinidad!

    Besides, SLU and GDA are not silly enough to fall for trix, like Oweing did

  47. I find it very interesting that the Destiny has supposedly been canceled due to “international standards”.

    After reading the posting here I went to the industry news sites and there is nothing on the latest saga of the Destiny, but here’s what I know about international standards and laws for the cruise industry . . .

    The Cruise Lines International Association – formally the International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) governs safety, environmental issues, the security and public health of cruise passengers and crew.

    Also included are standards such as gambling guidelines (no gambling while in ports), the quality of onboard medical facilities, sanitation of the cruise ship, passenger protection, legislative activities, and environmental concerns such as illegal dumping.

    Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise line in the world is incorporated in Panama, and operates under flag of the country of Panama. The company is headquartered in the U.S., and this arrangement is known as “Flags of Convenience: which allow Carnival and other cruise lines to pay lower registration fees, avoid U.S. taxes, and employ cruise workers without union representation, along with other benefits and standards covered by U.S. law.

    While the laws of Panama are recognized, cruise ships are required to be in compliance with SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) standards, along with other international laws regardless of the flag a vessel flies. Both the flag country, along with the ports the cruise ship visits have to be in compliance with international standards and law.

    Since most cruise lines fly “flags of convenience,” one of the main purposes of the International Association is to ensure all cruise lines comply with one international set of laws and standards to ensure the safety of the passengers, hiring standards of the crew, environmental issues and maritime laws, etc.

    Since these cruise ships are considered “foreign vessels”, the U.S. has enacted additional laws on ships sailing from U.S. ports.

  48. Anonymous

    was this whole cancellation thing someone’s red herring?
    was the ship’s trip up to Bdos actually cancelled?/ delayed? /never happened?
    and yet the ship is here in Btown Hbr. this Tues. morning?
    What’s going on? misinformation? disinformation?

  49. spicy,,2059731,00.html
    Scores of England and South Africa fans were stranded in Grenada after their cruise liner to Barbados was cancelled without explanation at the last minute.
    The Caribbean Destiny was scheduled to leave St George’s on Monday evening, prompting supporters to buy match tickets and Barbados accommodation before England’s game with South Africa. But it did not sail, further embarrassing World Cup organisers who have already faced criticism of a log jam in regional flights. One flight from Barbados to Grenada landed in Tobago because the pilot had not been informed of a change in schedule, and Indian passengers with valid tickets were bumped off a flight to Guyana so that ICC officials could travel

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  51. Paul Holmes

    I was a English cricket fan on Carnival Destiny.
    It was a complete and utter sham
    At times no one on board like a ghost ship,more staff than passengers
    Food boring,entertainment poor
    Great Bharat (Indian) fans God bless them
    Carnival American tosh!
    Decor garish,Loaded Casinos
    Dumping its waste at sea nice
    Dream on how much it was bankrolled
    Shame on you
    Paul Holmes England

  52. Adrian Loveridge


    First of all thank you for coming to Barbados.

    Even right up until today (28th May) ‘our’ Minister of Tourism is describing the Barbados hosting of the six Super Eight games and final as the ‘country’s finest hour’ despite the fact that overall attendance averaged less than 60%, for what should have been the most attractive matches.

    The Minister also promised us ‘90,000’ long stay visitors for the final week plus another ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’ and 700 yachts.

    ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’ is the equivalent to having 28 Carnival Destiny’s absolutely FULL.

    Even up until a few days ago the Minister was stating the Destiny achieved a 40% occupancy, yet you say there were more staff than crew.

    Who should we believe?

  53. Straight talk

    Adrian L,
    As long as Paul has not surprisingly acquired a Plantation House, I’m tending towards his eyewitness account.

  54. Adrian Loveridge

    Straight Talk…

    But, Minister Lynch is still saying ‘The Best by Far’
    and that CWC represented ‘Barbados finest hour’.

    Headlines front page Daily Nation today!

    Is it the Johnnie Walker speaking or does he need mental therapy?

    Oh Dear!

  55. Straight talk

    Adrian L,
    His loutish behaviour towards yourself and David Ellis in the Starcom studios has defined the minister in the majority of Bajan minds.
    In one of his sneering remarks he described himself as an economist, the only evidence of which I can see is his economy with the truth and reality.
    The man is a disgrace and an embarassment to us all.

  56. farmer


  57. Lady Anon

    Keep waiting, farmer. They probably in the BMWs

  58. No-Name

    By the way the BCA demanded that the LOC vacate their offices by the end of last week. This was done even though BCA is aware that LOC still needed at least another couple weeks/months to complete some administrative matters etc.

    The LOC was paying rent for BCA to occupy an office in Fontabelle during CWC. Apparently in no uncertain terms the BCA recently reminded LOC that this was only a temporary arrangement and informed them that they would be returning to their original home of abode.

    The battle is on… seems that BCA is taking advantage of their very strong position seeing that the oval is one their property. After all Owen can’t take it up and move like he does with the unbeakable WHITE RUM!…ESAF to be more precise.

    This is one time that all the cussing he did will not scare the BCA. As a PM he should really desist from cursing people so badly. He is the most fouled mouth P.M in the Caribbean.

  59. Rastaman

    But the BLP are offering him as a candidate for the next election.!!! Barbadians have really short memories so we shall see what happens.