Need Some Comic Relief In Barbados?


George has a mess all over the front of his shirt because he snorted coffee through his nose.

What was the occasion?

He went to the Barbados Labour Party blog and read some of the headlines.

Just make sure you don’t go there without swallowing first…. 🙂

Barbados Labour Party Blog Headlines

CWC A Tremendous Success!

Arthur Capable

We Need Some Captions For The Photo Of The PM – Any Ideas?


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29 responses to “Need Some Comic Relief In Barbados?

  1. FassBowler!

    It’s all in the SPIN!

    incredible spin, but Spin!

  2. Eeuuwww!

    Sorry bout the shirt, George.
    That’ll larn ya.

    Your mother always nagged you…
    “Don’t surf the internet while you’re eating or drinking,Georgie”, she said.

    but No-o-o. you had to disobey her.
    Now see whatchoo gone and done.

    Don’t expect her to wash that shirt for you, now.

  3. Jerome Hinds

    Arthur is capable of lying….tiefing…..abusing people……moving heaven & earth…!

  4. Jerome Hinds


    A good picture of Owen Arthur praying…………..Dear Father, do not let David Thompson expose that $ 750,000.00 Mega – Six cheque in muh bank account to the Barbadian people…!

  5. Economix

    no no.. let the danged cheque CLEAR!

  6. Bajanboy

    Its funny how 90% of the comments on the BLP’s blog are negative. No wonder they rarely update the blog.

  7. DearOleMum sez..

    check dat face!

    only a mother could love it.. – on payday!

  8. hard ears

    Da fu lick ye! My bank accounts full so I doan care wa happen ta ye now. Bunch-a stupid sheep. Ye cud talk all ye like, ye can touch mu.

  9. No - Name

    This is not a very flattering picture of Owen. When I first saw it my first reaction was that someone in charge of the BLP Blog was trying to embarash Owen…….because he looks like he is drunk!!!
    It certainly is not a picture of a leader…..he looks like an alcoholic

    Jerome/Wishing.Adrian ETAL

    I feel RR was responsible for publishing that picture….what do you think?

  10. Dave Crawford

    spin, spin and more spin. When will they stop?
    maybe after every young person looses complete faith in our political system and call for revoloutionary changes.

  11. No - Name

    April 16th, 2007 at 9:29 pm
    Its funny how 90% of the comments on the BLP’s blog are negative. No wonder they rarely update the blog.
    I have also observed this strange Phenomenon. It is as though the BLP members have deserted the Leadership. What is very strange is that they have not been challenging persons criticising them!

  12. reality check

    How about

    ” laughing all the way to the bank”

    ” so long you stupid naive suckers”

    ” enjoy the tax pain” ” I long gone”

    ” where’s my refill”

  13. Some1Sed..

    “….because he looks like he is drunk!!!
    It certainly is not a picture of a leader…..he looks like an alcoholic”

    In defence of the man I have to say Not This Time.
    That sweetness you see on the face is Pure Jesus,baby!
    Now we have gone over to Jesus, from the Dark Side, it can only get better. Forgiveness for all sins past present and future, and an Entry Certificate Exemp to Heaven. Beat dat!
    Man is good to go!

  14. Techie.

    I might visit the BLP website as observer status only
    but I wun’t be posting nothing there, positive or negative, coz I don’t want no worm or trojan horse or anti-verminser on my machine.

    No,beau, I ‘fraid their cookies.
    dey got some baaaad crackers wukkin fuh dem.
    dem men does write cruel code,den!

  15. Marcus2

    Take a bow, blessed Owen. The man with the Midas Touch.

  16. De Orginal

    Thes people sick I am convinced would you believe our friend Royal Rumble have surfaced…… No Accountability, Transparency and Integrity. But as Gran used to say “dem aint got no shame neither.”

  17. Dear BFP (and readers)

    Permit me to humbly present my captions:

    1. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! $750,000 for me! Thanks Santa! I always know dat I wuz a good boy!

    2. Bring drinks! De taxpayers goin’ pay!

    3. Fuh cup? Nah, is fuh me!

    4. Mmm…POWER…Mmm…Yummy

    5. Thank God! Dey servin’ proper drinks in de place!

    Thank you,
    The Bystander.

  18. No - Name

    True thing….I think yours is the most apt description if ever there was one of Owen.

    You might remember that King of Phrygia (OWEN) and in a way the personification of greed, when granted a wish from Dionysus (god of wine/ESAF), he chose to have anything he touched turn into gold (hence the $750,000 plus $60 mil).

    This proved to be an unwise decision, since even his food and drink was turned into gold when he touched it ( Holders Hill Land deal etc).

    To get rid of the curse, he took a bath in the Pactolus River, which ever since then was said to contain gold.

    Midas was also unfortunate enough to be chosen as a judge when Apollo and Pan competed as musicians. Because the king chose Pan, Apollo turned his ears into an ass’s.

    Midas hid them from everyone, but he could not avoid showing his ears to his barber, who whispered the secret into a hole in the ground.

    When reeds had grown over the hole and the wind blew, the whisper could be heard: King Midas has an ass’s ears…

    The original story about Midas is not so well known. According to it, the king had put wine
    (ESAF) in the well of his garden to trick the satyr Silenus into sharing some of his wisdom. He managed to catch him, and Silenus revealed that the best thing for man is never to have been born, and that the second best is to die soon if one has been born.

    This is most fitting for Owen, the man with the Midas touch……….

  19. Plumbum

    Maybe the Midas touch
    is turning into the Plumbous Touch – Lead, the heavy metal.

    A sort of reverse alchemy, now the Gods are against him.

  20. Centipede

    Suitable caption:

    Thank God for sex, money and power.

  21. Jerome Hinds


    April 16th, 2007 at 11:47 pm

    Take a bow, blessed Owen. The man with the Midas Touch.


    Your last line should read….

    The man with the Madass Touch….!

  22. paul sealy

    Or he could be saying “Lord,help me find the BFP and BU crew so i can silence them and continue to rule first world Barbados with ancient laws that oppress the average sheep(public) and continue to live high on the hog taking under the table goodies from my top contributor Don Cowleone”

  23. Jerome Hinds

    Owen prayer….. ” I have to keep Malik 2006 hit
    ” Everything fuh CUP ” banned from the airwaves…”

  24. Jerome Hinds


    April 17th, 2007 at 11:42 am


    Looking for ideas on development.

    What would the people of Barbados like to see on this website?

    Please share your input.



    Nate a.k.a Mia Mottley,

    This BFP site is a serious site !

    Not a recruitment centre for ” Girls ”

    Try a building opposite Hill’s supermarket in Roebuck Street…!

  25. No - Name

    I hear yuh and totally agree. I visit but there is no way I posting anything there especially if your ISP is sunbeach!
    Under the last management Sunbeach was a significant Financial Contributor to the BLP.

  26. Ask me again

    He appears to be under the influence of the ESA Field white but really these are tough times we are about to face no time for laughter, we need a new leader and a new Gov’t to take us forward minus this level of corruption.
    Owin , Mia, Lynch have put such a shafting in us the taxpayers of this land we have nowhere to run and hide they do thats the difference.

  27. Royalrumble

    To Jerome and the other DLP ******** on this blog can you all tell me where did thompy get the $5.2 million that is currently sitting in a Malaysian account?

    Is it true that just before the last General Election thompy had his assets transfered to the name of a very close friend of his? I am informed that he has now reclaimed them though with a little difficulty. Is this how the Integrity and Transparency legislation will work under thompy and DLP?

    How well does thompy know a Mr. L Riley from the USA? Has he ever given thompy any money? Has thompy had anything to do with the circus that came to Barbados? Does Hartley Henry know this Mr. Riley? Talk up now ya hear before it is too late.


    To RoyalRumble from BFP

    You MUST clean up your language or we will be totally banning you. We are posting this because it contains some detailed allegations against Opposition Leader David Thompson, but you WILL settle your temper or you will be blocked.

    That aside, please provide even more detailed information on Mr. Thompson’s assets if you have it. For instance, L. Riley’s full name and address and exactly what his association with Thompson is. Barbados Free Press will focus on any politician or public official who engages in unethical behaviour, and Thompson will suit us just fine as a target of investigation.


  28. DFX

    How about this for a caption..
    Forgive them Lord, for they know not what I do!

  29. Jerome Hinds


    After listening to the 5 : 30 pm news on VOB for 2007 -04 – 17 you need to change your article title above from….




    If you did not hear the news or do not have a tape recording…..

    Then ask Noel Lynch to STORM…VOB studios again and get it…..!