Barbados Tourism Minister Storms Off Radio Show – Audio Now Available!


Listen Online To Minister Lynch Running Away From A Citizen’s Question

On March 25, 2007, thousands of listeners of the Down To Brass Tacks radio show were stunned as Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch ran out of the studio after being asked on air to comment about his personal wealth and Integrity Legislation. The emailed question from a listener and comments by moderator David Ellis abruptly ended the Minister’s participation as he angrily ripped off his headphones, stood up and left the studio.

Barbados Free Press has been covering the story from the start. We have also covered the threats and intimidation faced by Voice of Barbados radio journalist David Ellis when the corrupt government again showed that they will tolerate no questions about integrity legislation, conflict of interest, freedom of information laws or any other initiative that would force the political elites to be held accountable to citizens.

We have now uploaded the audio clip of David Ellis reading the email and the angry response from Minister Lynch. You can listen to it by clicking HERE or on the photo of Minister Lynch at the top of this article.

Sorry it took us a while to put it up, but Marcus has been missing in action for a few weeks and we are doing the best we can until his return.

History Of The Brass Tacks – Noel Lynch Walkout

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48 responses to “Barbados Tourism Minister Storms Off Radio Show – Audio Now Available!

  1. akabozik

    THank you for posting it BFP. What a snake! Can you post the whole radio programme? We must hear him squirm to the questions.

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    May I suggest BFP readers listen to ‘Best and Mason’ CBC radio Tuesday night at 8pm unless the media is again threatened between now and then!

  3. A Friend

    What is happening on Best and Mason, Adrian?

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    A Friend..

    Hopefully we will get some answers to a number of burning questions concerning CWC!

  5. Pogo

    Noel Lynch:

    Fess up and tell us where you got your money. If it was from honest work then we applaud you. If it was from exploiting your power as elected official give it back.

  6. ABC123

    Pogo, don’t be silly now. Gone are the days when a man might work from sun to sun and get somewhere.
    The inflationary cost-of-living takes care of that!

    You HAVE to be doing some kinda SkullDuggery deze dayz, in order to get through, you know that.
    You KNOW that!

  7. Lady Anon

    Can anyone help? I read over the weekend that Mr. Lynch indicated (my paraphrasing) that Barbados cannot in essence become the “shopping capital” of the caribbean. But I am sure that somewhere earlier he indicated that the intention was to make Barbados the shopping capital.

    Can someone please clarify for me or was I in a time warp?

    I tried searching Nation archives, but cannot find anything.


  8. No - Name

    Lady Anon,
    There was an article dated November 19, 2006, titled ‘Brief Big shopping plans’ by Sanka Price.In the article Senator Eastmond told the SUNDAY SUN, “If we have the will to do it, it can be done, especially now that we’re redeveloping Bridgetown,” she stressed.”
    I am not sure Lynch said anything about this but since he is usually out of control where his mouth is concerned he just might have.

  9. Lady Anon

    Thanks…will check

  10. Adrian Loveridge

    Lady Anon..

    try ‘Big shopping plans’ by Sanka Price
    Daily Nation 19 November 2006
    Nation archives type ‘big shopping plans’

    Senator Lynette Eastmond, I think was speaking on it.
    I have also heard the PM speak on the same subject, but cannot remember any utterings by Minister Lynch.

  11. Bajanboy

    That montage is very well done. It would be great if you could do another one with all of the inflated numbers that Barney promised.


    Much Talk about Bridgetown magically becoming Shopping Capital of the Caribbean!
    How’s that gonna happen? Not even at our allegedly-attractive Duty Free prices can goods in B’town be more attractive than equivalent goods in St.Maarten or in Chaguanas,Trinidad(where simply NO-one goes to shop, or are you fooling yourself,badly?)
    TRINIDAD, Dear Friend, is the shopping capital of the S.Eastern Caribbean.

    Prettying-Up a city with cute boardwalks and potted palms does not a Shopping Capital make!
    The attraction is PRICES – LOW prices!
    and Barbados has a ways to go yet in that respect,
    but the BLP continues to pat Barbados on its back, making us believe our own tourism propaganda, a technique that works quite well, in fact..
    Believe what you want to!

  13. Millenium Guard

    The shopping capital non issue was not Lynch. It was Lynette Eastmond another politician who gives her mouth a lot of liberty. Lynch out of control mouth is like Poonkas duck. All over the place. Most of the time I have no idea what point he is trying to make. I remember him and Dale Marshall holding forth on topic of social democracy. Their views were so much baloney they dont not merit repeating.

  14. Hants

    Some things are so easy to do.

    Mr.Lynch can show leadership, honesty and character by declaring his assets and showing how he acquired them.

    That would probably ensure his re election.

    He could leave a legacy as the first Government Minister in Barbados to publicly show an unprecedented level of honesty.

    If he did this he could even become a future Prime Minister.

  15. "Mr.SoundBite"

    One gets the impression that Mr.Lynch is a “man of the sound-bite” if you will, in that he knows he shall be selectively quoted by the BLP Press(local newspapers) the next day,
    with Headline trumpeting this or that catch-phrase of his.

    So any public utterances of his are not aimed at you, or at logic, but at Reporters hungry for tomorrow’s front page story, nothing more.

    Tired tell y’all… doan tek dem too seriously, and still wunnuh expecking valid stuff from them.
    From now on (until his ouster in the v.near future) Lynch should be referred to as Mr.Sound Bite.

  16. Adrian Loveridge

    I don’t always agree with Allen Chastanet, St. Lucia’s Minister of Tourism, but I like the forthright way he says things.

    Todays quote was interesting – ‘I don’t believe anybody built anything specifically for World Cup Cricket. I think people took advantage of the incentives that were provided for the World Cup to expedite some of the developments they were doing’ he said.

    ‘While cricket was a catalyst’ he said, ‘nobody in their right mind would make million dollar investments for 14 days of activity’.

    The other thing that caught by eye was the Port of Call notice in todays newspaper.
    ‘Today will be a very quiet day at the Bridgetown Port today. NO cargo or cruise vessels will be calling’.

    Still trying to find other other 73,000 cruise ship passengers.
    Any ideas anyone?

  17. Peltdown Man

    TRINIDAD, Dear Friend, is the shopping capital of the S.Eastern Caribbean.
    I agree that price is important, but to become a shopping “Mecca” for tourists, you need quality as well. In this regard, Trinidad falls down sharply. Most of their “cost effective” goods are down and out junk, which is dumped by Far Eastern manufacturers, whose quality has had their shipments rejected by U.S. and European clients. These goods are either sold direct to E.Caribbean merchants by the container-load, or brokered through so-called “free ports’ such as Panama and Curacao. In the past, the Prime Minister has said that he has no intention of allowing Barbados to be a mass importer of low quality merchandise. The signs are, however, that the new mall being constructed by Trinidad’s Mouttet, and C.O.W. will find Barbados overrun by Trinidadian traders peddling junk, just as they do in Trinidad.

  18. Discovery

    Here we have a minister of Gov’t who has been put there by the taxpayers of this country generating a serious amount of wealth out of nowhere and when he is asked where it has come from he gets on his high horse and walks out of the studio, it certainly would be the last time he did that to me if I was the interviewer however our media is so controlled by the ruling party that we have the reverse happening we have the censorship of the moderator this is a sad day indeed for we the people of this island when polticians can exhibit such a level of control that mutes the voices of the people.
    I guess this can be considered Owing following in the footsteps of the Beast of Roebuck street Tom Adams who ruled with terror and vindictivness and stopped at nothing to destroy those who were not his lackeys, this is very siminlar to the way Owing and Mia etal are operating.

  19. Gossip

    Ah boy…Tom was not cute! Treated his many women bad! (sorry for his poor long-suffering wife!!)
    They found him blue, collapsed in his office, literally blue in colour. = BIG heart attack.
    In an hour or so he was gone and Bree was informed that he had Had Greatness Thrust Upon Him.!
    Bree cried out in anguish at the news, for he did not want the responsibility of Big Chief, tried to refuse it,even
    but alas he had to step up to the plate and tekkit,
    after all, that’s what is expected of the office of Deputy PM, if/when the sand hits the fan, and it did.
    A relative of Bree’s was asked to sign the Death Certificate, and wisely refused point blank, asking if they thought he was mad or what(no way he was being involved in dat!)
    It is believed that heart-Dr.Hassel then did those ‘documentary’ honours,instead.
    Men in rumshops hoisted glasses in celebration of the sudden demise of the dreaded Tom.
    That was a weird day we shall not forget in a hurry!

  20. No - Name

    Who said Tom died of a heart attack. Someone in the BLP said he died in the bed of a woman after consuming drugs!

  21. Wishing

    Gossip, Maybe you may have a better handle on the happenings on the day than I do but can you explain why it is that they never carried out a post mortem on Tom seeing that he was the PM at the time and there was some doubt as to if he died of natural causes or was poisoned or killed by the mafia??? Surely as the leader of the country the correct thing to do would have been a post mortem!!!or would this have been to revealing ??? This BLP is surrounded by these events that are all to worrysome.

  22. True Native

    Wait! Somebody gave the Bees croton oil this morning?

  23. No - Name

    True Native,
    You might be right! I just heard Sandra Husbands saying that we should not make CWC a political issue…that it is a National issue.

    Say also said Errol Barrow would have supported it. The Bees really trying hard to put a spin on this CWC fiasco.

    Had it been successful it would have been a big political issue for the BLP.

  24. Wishing

    The BlP lives in a state of constant confusion remember their role and the role of the St.John’s in the Pele Parris murder???Their ineffectivness in dealing with the Cubana crash and many more issues.

  25. Lady Anon

    Thanks all…for your help…found the article.

  26. True Native


    She said Errol Barrow would have supported it? What would she know about what Errol Barrow would have supported? The late great gentleman is not even here to defend himself. He may well have done so, but it would not have turned into the mess it has. Furthermore, you think Lynch would still be around all like now? Remember DaCosta Edwards?

  27. No - Name

    True NativeThe BLP have no shame…To think that school children and poor people would not have seen the inside of the Oval had CWC been a success. Had it been successful possibly a lot of those people who went to the Oval would have been looking in from the outside.

  28. Gossip

    JMGMA died of a heart attack, even if that heart attack was occasioned by his being “.. in the bed of a woman after consuming drugs!” but i suspect you have it half right half wrong. he was indeed a great womaniser,BUT… and I could name the trusted near-person who acquired and supplied the white devil south-american powder,but shall not(no point), but let’s do some forenzics…
    he had been out the night before, until 3 or 4 a.m. so he was toughing out a sleep deficit.
    he had an important cabinet meeting that afternoon, scheduled for around 3p.m.
    that pleasant after lunch period he was allegedly chillin in his study with his beloved stamp collection, when he perhaps thought he could use a lil picker-upper, in prep for the rigors of the Cabinet Meeting to come, in 2 hrs.time or thereabouts.
    Heart attacks are like that. They come on you suddenly,when you least expect it.
    I leave it up to your imagination why the wife said NO post mortem, when in such a surprise death a post mortem would have been de rigeur, simply pointing out to you that a blood sample would have been taken to ascertain the levels of this and that in his blood stream, at time of death.
    He was a known user and if you know anyone in the US Foreign Service, he had been spoken-to by them, and made aware of their knowing of his personal usage situation, and of their dislike for a national leader (under their influence) to be dabbling in such undesirable consumptions.
    but that was all twenty years ago so let’s forget it

  29. Wishing

    Very interesting account matters, I have always wondered why there was never a post mortem.
    Is there any truth to the story that he was banned from entry into the USA because of his dealing in the drug cartel and for having allowed Barbados to be used as a transit point for shipments into the USA.

  30. Anonymous

    he died in the bed of a woman – after consuming drugs!

    you may be confusing leaders
    One incident (the former bit)happened at Bath
    the latter bit already clarified.

  31. Anonymous

    because of his dealing in the drug cartel
    -and for having allowed Barbados to be used as a transit point for shipments into the USA.

    VERY much doubt the former –

    but could easily see the latter, since that is done every day (it’s called turning a blind eye: easiest way for any Authority to make a quick easy buck, and say he din’t see nuffin!) – or to ensure steady supply for Enduser

  32. Anonymous

    Wunna en mekking no sport this year.

  33. ?

    How about Neville Maxwell the bankrupt Speaker of the House? Bree’s good friend.

  34. Anonymous

    Can’t help ya there, but I could point out that instructions were emplaced to have all drug seizures sent to Oistins Police Sta. for security reasons ( a central place to stash the stuff)
    and oh shimons lookah dat! the back gate to Oistins Pol.Sta just happens to open out onto the dead end of the Enterprise Coast Rd.
    3 or 4 houses down from where Mum & Dad have lived for years(nice house,actually, pleasant neighbourhood,quiet street!).

    Talk about location location location!
    Bryte choice!

  35. \\//Vv\/

    and then there’s the story about the bullet riddled Mercedes(lucky it was armoured!) incident. Seems a few rds. were fired by someone impersonating a BDF body, and thus the law was quickly enacted to forestall such an unfortunate thing happening again.
    Why would anyone shoot at the PM in his car?
    he must’ve been a very naughty boy to deserve that tsk tsk

  36. /\\/

    and the pretty Indiangirl announcer at cbc who endup in qeh wid she hand brek. cuhdear. he nuzed to play too rough wid dem doah

  37. Anonymous

    will the fish stack properly?

  38. No - Name

    …and what about Ralph Gonzales of SVG who Tom run out of Barbados because of the woman I told you about recently? Everybody in SVG knows why Ralph had to leave Barbados…….she was a real pretty girl…may she rest in peace

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