Lost or Stolen – 73,135 Cruise Ship Passengers

According to moderator Dennis Johnson on the popular Down to Brass Tacks programme, Friday 13th April 2007, the six cruise ships currently berthed in the Bridgetown Port accommodated a total of 1,865 passengers.

Sea Dream – 38, Galaxy-682, Blue Moon-675, Carnival Destiny-350 and Silver Wind-120!

Right up until 25th March 2007, when the Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch, appeared on the Sunday Down to Brass Tacks programme he was still boasting that ’75,000 cruise ship passengers’ would be here for the CWC event.

In addition to ’90,000’ visitors for the final week!

Where can these other 73,000 passengers be?

Adrian Loveridge
14 April 2007


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30 responses to “REWARD OFFERED For Lost Or Stolen

  1. Rumplestilskin

    I told you before that some of the Ministers seem to have developed a board game ‘Barbados’ and in playing too much seem to have got lost in mixing reality in their work and fiction in playing the game.

    Explains why we can borrow constantly from the ‘bank’….thinking that the time will not come when we have to repay.

    Also explains the highly entertaining but sad numbers being thrown out above.

    I hope that at least the relevant persons have registered the patent for the game internationally…that patent may actually bring in more funds than CWC.

  2. De Orginal

    The Tourim minister should resign or be fired telling lies. So too should Stephen Alleyne. Check out this Nation Article disgraceful .

    Oval open to all
    Published on: 4/15/07.


    The Barbados Local (LOC) Organising Committee is throwing open the gates to Barbadians for today’s Cricket World Cup Super 8 match between Bangladesh and Ireland.

    A Press release last night from the LOC stated that from 11 a.m. today cricket fans can come to Kensington Oval and watch the match, free of cost.

    This offer is being made because even though about 22 000 tickets were sold for the match in anticipation of it being an India versus Pakistan clash, thousands of supporters from those countries cancelled their plans, leaving hundreds of seats available.

    Chief executive officer of the Barbados LOC, Stephen Alleyne, said his committee had “decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity” by allowing people in free to fill the empty but paid-for seats.

    He added: “While the expected clash between rivals Pakistan and India has not materialised, the fixture between Bangladesh and Ireland has the potential to be a competitive and exciting match.”


    Alleyne also said it was important to remember these seats were paid for and it was necessary to ensure which ticket holders intended to access their seats. The open day would therefore commence from 11 a.m.

    People who wish to attend from the first ball are still able to purchase from the remaining unsold match tickets.

    Open day vouchers will be distributed at all Park-and-Ride sites and at the Pelican Ticket Centre. (PR/AL-F)

  3. Anonymous

    When THAT amount of people ‘go missing’
    we need to file a Missing Persons Report.

    Do so at your nearest Police Station.

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    It will stop.


  5. Jerome Hinds


    Please do a check to confirm the following :

    1.**** Was the CWC 2007 schedule a guarantee for INDIA & PAKISTAN to play each other in Barbados on 15th April 2007…?

    2.***** The Barbados LOC giving away tickets FREE for the Barbados match on 15th April 2007 has NOTHING to do with INDIA & PAKISTAN being knocked out….?

    3. ***** Were not all ticket purchases non – refundable as a RULE by the ICC…….?

    4.****** So if the INDIANS & PAKISTANIS bought 22,000 tickets for the match on 15th April 2007 …..where did Steven Alleyne now get this MOB – A – TON of tickets from all of a SUDDEN…?

    5. ****** Is it not FAIR to conclude that sales for this match as EVIDENCED by previous CWC 2oo7 games were never too GOOD…?

    Let us all check these issues and others surrounding CWC 2007….!

  6. Pogo

    I am holding out until they pay me to go to the cricket matches. Plus I want free beer.

    After all everyone officially involved with this sad spectacle has long since been paid off and, so as not to be unmasked, they are desparate to fill the stands any way they can. So I insist that they have to share with me, or should I say, give me back some of my own money.

    I will pay for a ticket however, if all the officials who organized this disaster will line up between the wickets and take a bow. Turn up the music real loud to drown out the jeering.

  7. Dude!

    Pogo is De MAN!
    He says he’s waiting til they pay him to go Cricket,
    AND they have to give him free beer,too!
    Nuff Respeck!

    If Bajans had any cajones, they’d STILL boycott the whole event despite free tickets,
    but yuh know Bajans…like manicou behind dead fowl,
    and once it free, they’ll be droves
    (like the NATION’s ‘droves’ of tourists,mentioned last week)

  8. Jerome Hinds


    That is the truth , the big boys Stephen Alleyne, Chris Decaires , Vancourt Rouse etc done get their money up front.

    The Goddard Group also get their money up front.

    Vendors had to pay $ 8,000.00 up front for stall spaces. Now the Barbados LOC giving away tickets free on Sunday 15 th April , 2007 and tell spectators bring your Sunday lunch with you .

    Goddards Group smiling all the way to the bank… save their loot..!

    Kensington Vendors grumbling all the way to the bank…to borrow money to settle their debts..!

    Too bad if the banks realise that your are black…no loans..!

    This is Owen’s BLP legacy of CWC 2007…!

    Give Owen a 4 th TERM…!

    Let’s hear it for the BOYS…!

  9. Jerome Hinds

    Well we all look to God everyday in our lives , or we all should , at least.

    In light of the free ticket offer to Kensington Oval on this sunday 15th April 2007,

    For God’s sake do not let Bizzy Wiiliams ( Dizzy Bizzy ) nasty prediction come to pass..

    That Bajans only want Hand – outs and Freeness from Arthur and his gov’t….!

    Try and stay home and enjoy the cricket and your food…!

  10. De Orginal

    I agree wid Jerome

  11. Pogo

    It gets worse. We look like thieving rip off and scam artists right about now.

    This morning talked to a tourist who paid US$175 per seat on the web for his CWC tickets before he flew in to pay inflated prices for his room.

    Now he knows he could’ve gone to the matches for free and stayed on a cruise ship real cheap just like is happening now.

    I tried to cheer him up by telling him the tickets that were being given away so called free were costing Bajan taxpayers about $20,000 each and probably a lot more so he was getting away cheap.

    He wanted to know how much the free tickets he got to the Graeme Hall Bird Sanctuary (which he loved) were costing the tax payer. I couldn’t answer that one. Does anyone know?

    He not happy. I say at least give the man back his money and maybe he will forgive and someday come back to visit.

  12. Bajanboy

    It will be funny that even if with free tickets, the stands remain empty. As Pogo says, the next step with be incentives to attend. I think this has to be the first time in the history of world class sporting events where you can attend for free.

  13. No - Name

    They are waiting until 11 a.m when the free ticket offer kicks in.

  14. Ask me again

    Had I been one that paid US $ 100 for my tickets and now find them being given away I can tell you that I would be very upset with the various Gov’t ministers including the PM the Deputy PM the minister of tourism and the LOC for creating such a fiasco as this is turning out to be.

  15. Where's the cash?

    Someone was talking, I overheard, and it made me wonder what’s really going on?

    Many of the hotel and villa packages bought by the Indians were paid (in full) in advance, even though they didn’t come.

    Is it possible that these payments (for local service) were not made to companies in Barbados, and the cash is somewhere else?

    Don’t you think this bears looking into?

  16. Ask me again

    Where’ the cash you ask a very good question as is the case in the hotel sector many of dollars earned never make to local bank accounts they get paid by tour operators offshore and that is where the money stays you just have to ask a hotelier in the north of the island where he amassed his wealth that allowed him to see after Beverly and Owing when he was about to quit poltics and even clothed Owing in hard times those dfays are long gone for Owing he has amassed a personal wealth somewhere in the vacinity $ 60 mill so help is no longer needed from the hotelier but Owing knows only to well where and how the hotelier amassed his wealth, from his hiding funds in offshore accounts.

  17. No - Name

    The LOC certainly nees to address this tremendous fall out with persons who bought expensive tickets and the vendors who paid to rent the stalls. The Ministry of Tourism will have to do serious damage control. We will see in the months ahead how visitors respond to this fiasco.

  18. ??

    Jerome Hinds.. This one is for you in a language you understand.

    Your comments are uninformed, idiotic and total nonsence.. as usual.

    Ever thought of writing a book it might make a great laugh!!!!

    Grow up and get real

  19. True Native

    Watch out, decent folks – the bees just get let out from the hive and they flying ’bout.

  20. Ask me again

    ?? are you Mottley from your style you seem agressive and bombastic like it is.
    Actually his comments are quite to the point the only problem is that they are directed to the ills of your party and you find the truth hard to swallow.

  21. No - Name

    ?? is trying to tell you how effective and factual your postings are.
    Do not be distracted. You have them on the run. The new spin as articulated by Alleyne is that they have already made their money hence no need to worry about the BDS$30 mil.

  22. GreedIzGood?

    All incumbent political parties in these Cricket islands have a PR nightmare on their hands – not just Barbados’ BLP.

    After the CARICOM Commission of Enquiry, insisted upon by Caricom citizens(wait for that to happen), it will transpire that personal greed led to party greed led to island-nation greed led to major letdown
    – as God’s reward for the whole damned lot of ya BEING GREEDY, in the face of your already-untold wealth stashed up, Wherever!

    May you live long and suffer ’nuff!

  23. Jerome Hinds

    Well we all look to God everyday in our lives , or we all should , at least.

    In light of the free ticket offer to Kensington Oval on this sunday 15th April 2007,

    For God’s sake do not let Bizzy Wiiliams ( Dizzy Bizzy ) nasty prediction come to pass..

    That Bajans only want Hand – outs and Freeness from Arthur and his gov’t….!

    Try and stay home and enjoy the cricket and your food…!

    ?? Question Mark,

    Too bad for you….you depend on Owen & Bizzy Williams hand – outs….!

    The rest of us on this BFP site is above that…!

    That’s maturity…!

    You remain a BLP minnion…!

  24. Andrew

    Thousands of seats still empty, three hours after
    gates open for free at Kensington.

    I wonder when they are going to start giving away the free beer and t-shirts??????????

  25. Andrew

    Not sure if this is official, but T Cozier give a total of 15000 at Kensington (54%).

    So much for freeness

  26. Get In The Action

    Hey, we found the first 1,000 of the 75,000. They opened The Oval for free why not open the ships as well.

    Bajans enjoy cricket, cruising
    Published on: 4/15/07.

    WHAT A GALAXY! The real spicy Super 8 matches in the Cricket World Cup (CWC) in Grenada have attracted some new spectators, and from Barbados, to boot, which is also hosting similar second-stage games.

    An offer as low as $199 was just too good to miss, resulting in more than 1 000 Bajans sailing from Barbados to Grenada on board the Galaxy cruise liner yesterday

  27. What_a_loser

    Unfortunately I paid US$100 for my ticket to the Oval today. Can anyone tell me what legal recourse if any that I may have against the LOC to reclaim some of my money since they decided to open the gates for free after 11am.

  28. Jerome Hinds


    April 16th, 2007 at 1:05 am

    Unfortunately I paid US$100 for my ticket to the Oval today. Can anyone tell me what legal recourse if any that I may have against the LOC to reclaim some of my money since they decided to open the gates for free after 11am.


    Please accept my sympathy.

    I am sure those tricksters at the Barbados LOC like Alleyne , Decaires , Rouse et al would tell persons like you who have been so disadvantaged to please…..Leave Oval Calmly…( LOC )..!

    After these tricksters agreed to leave the Caribbean flavour ( drums & food ) out of CWC 2007..!

    I wish there was a way you could sue these tricksters….!

  29. Stuart Heaslet

    Pogo wants to know:

    The free tickets from Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary didn’t cost taxpayers anything. Giving them away, and providing periodic free admission days to the public is the right thing to do. It has been wonderful to see adults and children having so much fun.