Resigned Cricket World Cup Chairman Brancker Called For “due diligence and forensic audit” In 2005

A Reminder From Ricky Singh – This Fiasco Was Predicted Years Ago…

I’ve been meaning to mention Ricky Singh’s excellent piece in The Nation News and other regional papers.

Here’s an excerpt…

For their part, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) cabinet ministers and even a few heads of government have been openly pouring blame on the ICC and WICB when the reality suggests that, ultimately, the region’s governments cannot honestly escape their own failure to show sufficient interest and competence in the long period of negotiations that had followed our successful bid in 1998 to host CWC 2007.

For example, when governments were alerted to circumstances that forced Barbadian business executive and former cricketer Rawle Brancker to resign in September 2005 as chairman of the board of CWC West Indies Inc., and his subsequent suggestion for an independent “due diligence and forensic audit” to determine transparency in management negotiations in the best interest of the host countries, they reacted with a surprising hands-off attitude.

Two prime ministers were to engage in a semantic exercise about government interference in the internal management of a private entity like the WICB.

Now that cries of dissatisfaction are erupting all around from the primary stakeholder in West Indies cricket – the people, in whose name at least US$500 million was invested in CWC 2007 – government ministers who were themselves deeply involved in planning arrangements would like us to think they were “misled”, as they come to realise their mistakes.

Who “misled” them? When was this “discovery” of expediency made, having for so long sat with the WICB’s representatives and their principal negotiator, Chris Dehring, in compliance with ICC demands that had the effect of seemingly treating the ICC as a sort of supra-government as they surrendered the region’s sovereignty in preserving cherished cultural traditions?

… read the entire article at The Nation News – World Cup Fiasco

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