Barbados Blogs and Chats Becoming Bolder


Barbados Forum Photo: Shadowy Hallam Nichols – One Of PM’s Inner Circle

The Government Can’t Keep Bajans Quiet!

We can’t help but notice that in the short time since the Barbados Government slapped down Voice of Barbados radio journalist David Ellis, Bajans are becoming bolder on the various blogs and chat sites. They are naming names, asking questions and exchanging information about the political and economic elites who for so long have enjoyed immunity from real accountability.

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

… and it will be quite a job if the government decides to tries to put that genie back into the bottle.

The Barbados Underground today published an article on Hallam Nichols – one of the shadowy figures constantly seen hanging about in the background when the Prime Minister is handling any crisis.

This article was picked up by the discussion group over at Barbados Forum, who came up with the above photo of Hallam Nichols. The discussions at Barbados Forum are becoming much more freewheeling than in the past.

Bajans have obviously decided that enough is enough. Citizens will discuss political figures and politics in the manner and depth that they choose.

“The Government Can’t Sue Us All”

Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch made a big mistake when he stormed out of the Brass Tacks call-in radio show – but that was nothing compared with the subsequent pillaring of journalist David Ellis and his gun-to-the-head apology to Minister Lynch.

Barbados strongman Owen Arthur may find that his strategy of controlling the media, journalists and citizens by threats of legal action is becoming less effective as Bajans realise that it is nothing more than a sign of his guilt and fear.

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21 responses to “Barbados Blogs and Chats Becoming Bolder

  1. paul sealy

    As a democracy Barbados’ cannot afford to be taken for anymore rides by these criminals,BLP as i said before to try to stop bajans from talking we would have to have a CUBAN styled type of government,if this is where $eymour is taking us he and his top kachar Hallam are in for some rough waters from some very tired BLP runned citizens…keep trying to stop bajans from talking…keep it up.

  2. Patrick Porter

    That is what is called a free nation, where you can say anything against the Government. But in Barbados this does not exist as the papers and the everything else is controlled by them
    The Bajan people are suffering and they don’t seem to care. As long as they get the “corned beef and biscuit” promises they are happy. WAKE UP BARBADOS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  3. No - Name

    I hope Barbadians do like I have done an written to Transparency International as well as the Press Institute. We must alert the world that Owen Arthur and his ban of thiefs is attempting to set up a totalitarian Gov’t.

    In 1994 the voted the DLP out of Gov’t for implementing measures aimed at stabilising the economy and at a time when the economy was rebounding.

    They matched the DLP out of office in 1994 but in 2007 we will write the BLP out of office.

  4. No - Name

    By the way that is a pretty picture. Is’nt the guy to the left of Arthur someone who the police questioned sometime in the past about drug dealings? I may be wrong?

  5. Patrick Porter


    I just got a reply back from the Secetary General of the UN, re my request for overseers at the next Election I will quote from the reply

    “I have recieved your letter of concern and advise you that I have forwarded this information to the revelant Secitariats for their information”
    Should you have any more information please be advised to forward it to this office.”
    Thank you

    Secetary General of the United Nations
    As I said I wrote the letter and will forward up on it in the next couple of months
    I suggest that all on this site that care about Barbados do the same, write directly to the UN. I intend with my last breath to have the UN supervise the elections

  6. observant

    Well done Patrick! I wish there were more like you, Adrian and No-Name around. Barbados can no longer insulate itself and deceive the poeple. We take comfort in knowing that Bajans overseas still care about their country and are willing to help us who have to live here.

  7. "O$A"

    “Barbados Blogs and Chats Becoming Bolder”
    – not a good trend…don’t like These People finding their cajones
    The natives grow restless, I fear.

    Note to self: MUST find a way to close down this blasted blogsite, before any more gets mentioned ‘Out There’ and mars our carefully polished Bajan Veneer of ‘Respectability’ which’ll only bring the danged UN in for elections,
    and send us tumbling on TI’s new index for 2007
    (after having paid them all that money for slot No.24, dammit)

    What the he11 is going ON?
    My world is crumbling! soon time to pack.
    I’m glad I pack The Unbreakables!

  8. observant
    April 12th, 2007 at 1:43 pm
    Well done Patrick! I wish there were more like you, Adrian and No-Name around. Barbados can no longer insulate itself and deceive the people. We take comfort in knowing that Bajans overseas still care about their country and are willing to help us who have to live here.
    Observant I am an the eternal opposition, by that i mean i am never a fan of the Government of the day. A government is a necessary EVIL, never to be complete trusted, should be treated with high doses of skepticism at all time, and therefore requires constant monitoring. I wish to assure you that as long as our current system of government exist that i will pointing out its flaws that are bound to surface. I believe this BLP government needs to be retired, I also believe that any new government will be susceptible to the same temptations, actions, and subsequent failings as the one it replaces, I nevertheless see the change as a small step towards solving the bigger problem that is our system.

  9. Kem

    I would support any call for the monitoring of the next election. The BLP is like a drowning man who will do anything to stay above the surface taking anything he can to the bottom with him.

  10. John


    What a stroke of genius!!

    I support the call.

  11. reality check


    independent scrutineers will need to be hovering over the ballot boxes 100% of the time until the votes are counted ( no police or other intervention at any time to be allowed )

    whether it is OECD or the UN with Jimmy Carter or others there will definitely need to be international vigilance.

    the real political interference will come with the using of public monies to be used to try and get the BLP back in power. This is a crime and would be covered by Integrity legislation. Small wonder the local media is being quiet. They are getting ready for the spin and the windfall.

  12. ah REACH!

    It’s also indicative that, for the first time(?),
    there will be international scrutiny and supervision in a local Bajan election.

    We have at last.. “arrived” !

  13. Kreshtun

    Who are the other two ghosts in the blurred background?

  14. #
    April 12th, 2007 at 3:58 pm

    Who are the other two ghosts in the blurred background?
    Prime Minister Owen Arthur is seen here just after visiting Minister of Labour and the Civil Service Rawle Eastmond in Ward A6 of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday. Also pictured are (from left) chairman of Barbados Port Inc. Larry Tatem, and businessman Hallam Nicholls (right).

  15. Jerome Hinds

    The 4th person in the picture is Pearson McConney ( police Officer ) to the Prime Minister !

  16. Warrior

    Here’s the link for the International Press Institute – for those who intend to contact them

    here is a quote from the IPI watch list page.

    Does the list represent the very worst countries?

    No, the IPI Watch List is not a list of the most repressive countries. Instead, the list contains countries that might halt their attacks on the media; countries which retain the essential elements of democracy but which have entered a repressive phase. The overriding aim of the IPI Watch List is to identify these countries before they turn away from democracy and become harder to influence.

  17. Sick and fed up Sylvan

    Barbadians are taking back their country from the Ossie Moore bunch – i.e. the BLP who have abused our country and our people. World Cup is a big flop, even though Owing vowed to move heaven and earth to facilitate its success. You never thought it would have happened with Mia in the driver’s seat, eh?. Isn’t she supposed to be so brilliant or how she makes herself out to be? Well, she is now casting blame instead of owning up to the incompetence of the Caribbean government officials who went along with the World Cup foolishness. Our economy has been wrecked. Wait until after World Cup and you will see.

  18. No - Name

    The Prime Minister’s strategy for the last year seems to be to create an image of a mature family man even though he has publicly acquired three or so children in the last six months. He is of course being supported by Atherley who is being used as the moral barometer ( for those who know nothing about him) of the BLP. This therefore excluded Mia who is certainly no role model for anyone.

  19. ?

    Who in government is a role model for anyone? Not one person.

  20. ?
    April 13th, 2007 at 1:57 pm
    Who in government is a role model for anyone? Not one person.
    Everyone one of them are role models. Role Models are not always positive, good or normal. 😀

  21. Jamie

    As an overseas Bajan earning an average salary in Canada, I can no longer afford to come home on vacation with my family.

    And – from what I read in the press – in years to come when I retire I fully expect to be in the same position… if I enquire about purchasing property I fully expect to be dealing with non-Barbadians, since everything worthwhile would have been sold to offshore interests by then.

    Can you look back in time and see Castro’s vision of Cuba with the “ugly” Americans buying and corrupting everything? I don’t agree with Communism, but looking at Barbados now I can see why he felt that way.

    Foreigners seem to be able to arrive and just stay as long as they want as long as they put down roots. Can you do that in the USA? Canada? England? France? Germany? Anywhere else?

    Bajan airwaves have always been controlled… just remember the (British-owned) Rediffusion, then CBC came along, and under independence broadcasting licences were impossible to get. Things are changing, but there are long gouges in the asphalt and the anchor is still dragging.

    Remember “Buy Local”? The days when the supermarket shelves were bare? We managed to start our own industries – like flaked yams, to make mashed potato – but then import licences started again and local industries could not compete.

    It’s about money, it’s about power, and these folks are big fish in a small pond. Bajans have long been complacent and opposed to making a fuss, but when you squeeze most people in a corner they will bite you.

    But who is going to do the biting? I hear during rush hour you can’t move on the roads for the SUVs, Mercedes and BMWs idling in traffic. And I also hear rush hour pretty much starts at 5:30am and runs all day into the night now.

    Things too good, Bosie, you are not going to find any revolutionaries to rebel against this system… Whether the PM is Owen, Dipper, or anyone else, lower down the ladder there will be people scooping up the baksheesh like it is raining from the sky.

    Some of those will be able to keep their new wealth quiet, but there will be one or two who just can’t help themselves and MUST have that Mercedes and lifestyle NOW.

    Maybe you folks back in Bimshire should be talking to your friends at Internal Revenue and putting them on the tracks of people with obvious new-found wealth. The police could not touch Al Capone and the Teflon Don, but the IRS could!

    And keep in touch with your friends in the banks to be on the lookout for suddenly fat bank accounts or money being siphoned out of the country. Now you can put that into the IR Department and see if the politicians have pull there, too…

    Whether it is a privacy issue or not, you CANNOT depend on the Police to track everything, it is the people themselves who MUST maintain their own Democracy.

    Whoever is in Government will have a number of opportunities to make their reign a dictatorship. It is the vigilance and insistence of the people themselves – NOT any appointed watchdog – to ensure that the leaders FEAR the repercussions of taking such an opportunity. Therein lies an actively free press and a vocal public.

    Do your thing, talk your talk, say what you have to say. Take it offshore if necessary. But in all ways be responsible… the first lie that comes out of any one person’s mouth implodes the very foundation of everyone else’s credibility.