Will Barbados Tourism Minister Brag About Arrival Of Expensive Curried Fish Takeaway?


Mr. Minister: Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

With much fanfare, the world’s most expensive curried fish takeaway is on it’s way from the U.K. to Barbados for a visitor’s Cricket World Cup party. The genuine Bangladeshi dish is to be flown 4,246 miles to Barbados from a Newmarket restaurant at a cost of about £3,000.

The takeaway is being supplied by British restaurant owner Sultan al-Mahmood who is flying with the dish to prepare it for some filthy rich businessman who we would never have heard of except for this fish.


Expect Minister Lynch To Announce …

“A Real Cricket World Cup Success Story!”

“Curried Fish Takeaway To Provide Excellent Publicity & Long Term Benefits For Barbados!”

“Proof That Millions Of Bangladeshis Are On Their Way To Barbados For Cricket World Cup!”

We expect that Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch will be all over this story. After all, he’s had a rough time lately with very little good news coming out of Cricket World Cup – but the curried fish story could give a little boost for a few days if he would play it out in his usual style.

Don’t forget – the Minister is not really concerned with the truth: that this is a simple story of a rich guy with more money than brains.

In the Tourism Minister’s hands, the story of this overpriced fish will become proof that millions of destitute Bangladeshis have abandoned their burger-flipping jobs in Miami and are now swimming for Barbados just to see some cricket.

Like everything else he has said in the past, it is all about taking one small fact and “thinking positive” to portray the imminent success of Cricket World Cup.

Too bad for the Minister that reality has now caught up with the years of hype.

Story Link: Cricket fan orders a £3,000 takeaway


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7 responses to “Will Barbados Tourism Minister Brag About Arrival Of Expensive Curried Fish Takeaway?

  1. Tek dat

    BFP the following extract is going to cramp Lynch’s usual over the top boasting……
    “”He asked me to take it to Guyana originally, but I said it was would be easier to take the meal to Barbados because it’s less flying time.””

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    Will the reccepient of the takeaway have to pay import duties like most of us in the tourism industry for extra regional food (apart from floating hotel Carnival Destiny)!

    Or will the Prime Minister step in and wave all duties as if it were a BMW?

    Now just remind me, cricket will be over 17 days but the BMW’s are going to here for 120 days!

  3. Rumplestilskin

    When you got it…..

    May I have a curry mate, and a pint of lager.

    You just dont eat curry from anywhere you know, if you do you will spend a few days commemorating the decision.

    At least he knows that.

  4. Jerome Hinds


    I can understand from the photo attached to this article , why it is a fact the a FISH ” Rots from the HEAD ”

    How come this FISH has two horns….!

    Is it a ” BULL FISH ? “

  5. Adrian Loveridge


    Maybe a Bully-Fish

  6. Tandoori

    Such decadence. three thousand quid to fly a meal four thousand miles. hope it feeds five thousand.

  7. Discoveries

    Can you believe that the vessel Silver Wind that sleeps about 300 persons left Barbados last evening with the the grand total of 14 passengers and the Carnival Destiny is travelling with 300 guest are these part of the 90,000 visitors that we are having to our shores and part of the 75,000 on thew cruise ships?