Owen Arthur Cartoon #67 Most Popular Out Of Millions Of Posts!


Out Of 850,000+ WordPress Blogs & Millions Upon Millions Of Posts …

Barbados Free Press cartoon Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s Retirement Plan was #67 most popular post yesterday… world wide! (Check for yourself here)

How many folks around the world saw it?

Let’s just say “Lots!” 😉

If you missed the cartoon, click on the image below…



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2 responses to “Owen Arthur Cartoon #67 Most Popular Out Of Millions Of Posts!

  1. Yardbroom

    There are only a few people who can honestly say, they have made a distinct contribution to a country, which will outlast their lives. At the Barbados Free Press you have done so, perhaps future generations will admire your insight, which enabled you to lift the rock and expose the seediness and corruption of Barbados politics and thus opened the eyes of its people to see the murkiness that lay hidden.

    I was chastised sometime ago, when I said metaphorically ” the lions were at the gate,” but so they are, and the inhabitants on the hill by the will of the people, cannot lead us into an abyss of darkness.

  2. Jerome Hinds

    I was watching this DISREGARD by the BLP for the past several MONTHS !

    With a leader who CLAIMS to be for the CSM and has lead responsibility for its implementation can readers BELIEVE that the Barbados Government Blog…..DOES not provide a link to any regional on – line newspaper…..?

    Only the 2 local Barbados dailies are provided on their side bar…!

    But check out what BFP and the DLP has provided on their BLOG with respect to this ISSUE…!

    No wonder implementation of the CSM under Owen Arthur is in such a MESS…!

    No wonder Caricom Nationals do not feel the URGE to move among the islands…..simply because :

    1. Airfares to HIGH….!

    2. Not enough is been DONE to disseminate
    information about the ISLANDS among
    the PEOPLE….!

    No doubt seeing this, Royalrumble would come on this site and BLAME David Thompson and the DLP for the BLP INDIFFERENCE on this serious DISREGARD for the on -line newspapers from throughout the REGION….!