Gillian Taylforth’s Violent Lover Held In Assault On Barbados Hotel Clerk


Abused Actress Cannot Escape Violent Relationship

Last November, Geoff Knights smashed TV actress Gillian Taylforth in the head so hard that she needed stitches. It appears that Taylforth is trapped in an abusive relationship with a violent man because Knights and Taylforth were vacationing in Barbados when Knights again showed his violence a day ago.

It is alleged that he threw a telephone and hit a 20 year old female clerk at the Tamarind Cove Hotel.

Why he did it doesn’t matter one bit.

IF Knights is found guilty and sentenced to be a guest of Barbados for a few months, no doubt he will meet some chaps who will be only too pleased to give him a little advice on manners with the ladies.

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10 responses to “Gillian Taylforth’s Violent Lover Held In Assault On Barbados Hotel Clerk

  1. more,,30200-1259928,00.html

    World News
    Taylforth and Geoff Knights Knights On Assault Charge
    Updated: 11:34, Tuesday April 10, 2007

    The partner of actress Gillian Taylforth is due to appear in court in Barbados charged with assaulting a young woman.

    It has been reported that 52-year-old Geoff Knights allegedly struck Cyanda Phillips, 25, around the face with a rolled-up T-shirt before hurling a telephone at her head.

    The incident was said to have happened at the luxury Tamarind Cove Hotel at St James on Saturday evening.

    Fellow guests wrestled Knights to the floor where he was held by hotel security until police arrived, The Sun has reported.

    The alleged assault occurred after the receptionist told Knights his son Harrison, seven, was too young to use the hotel’s computer room, it added.


    The police spokesman confirmed that Knights is on bail.

    Taylforth, 51-year-old star of Eastenders, The Bill and Footballers’ Wives, told the newspaper: “I’m just trying to have a holiday with my kids.

    “I wasn’t there when it happened. I was by the pool with the children. It’s ruined my holiday.”

    She added: “The claim she was assaulted is absolute rubbish.”

    The newspaper said Knights could face jail if found guilty, but was more likely to be fined and deported.

    Knights and Taylforth have been in the headlines many times over the years because of their occasionally stormy relationship.

    The loss of a 1994 court case, after it was claimed she performed a sex act on Knights in a Range Rover parked in a lay-by, left them facing a legal bill of about £500,000.

  2. jinxoo7

    Oh Realy ? !!????%%%&&&/””#¤¤?
    The Barbados police acted rather swiftly in this matter to “show what the police can do”, what of that poor woman in Millenium Heights? A British celebrity will be punished here one way or the other , we presume. His name is being plastered all over the globe as we speak, one “well to do coward” beats a woman in a Barbados gated community but ……hush hush now…. Can´t let the public know his identity …….After all, it´s HIS reputation at stake. And the BEAT goes on………………………………

  3. jinxoo7

    My above post should have stated “The lover of a British celebrity”
    I write too quickly when i am distressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lady Anon

    Stupse…the way our court system is going, just now he will be out on bail, back in England and it will be hell o hell to get him back in Barbados to face charges. Remember the 5 men on kidnapping charges? Went home for Christmas 2005…yet to return. Remember the Sedgleys? Back in England…yet to return.

    I will not hold out hope.

  5. A Friend

    At least the police DID SOMETHING this time when a woman was assaulted instead of saying “de b*tch deserve she got” like they normally do.

  6. Anonymous

    Such a pretty girl. (see pic)

    HE however is a spoilt-brat throwing temper tantrums! Glad he was forced to see some consequences locally. Clearly he has ‘issues’!

  7. jinxoo7


    I´m sure there is just as pretty a lady nursing her wounds right now , (hopefully long gone from Millenium Heights), her abuser has NOT !”been forced to see some consequences locally” ……..Clearly HE has serious ” issues”! but is obviously “to good ” for jail!!!

  8. D'Arts

    Some women just really be asking to conked on the head with a cell phone

  9. jinxoo7

    D´Arts ,

    Hope to goodness that you`re not the one ( nor ever has been) brandishing said cell phone !!!!

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