Pretty Girl, Pretty Girl, Pretty Girl – Oh, She Also Blogs…


I Don’t Mean To Be So Shallow, But She Is Pretty…

Outside my window, the wind is whipping the snow into little white tornadoes that come and go across the dormitory parking lot. My room is cold. There is an Easter party in “the commons” featuring the movie “The Blues Brothers”.

The Blues Brothers for Easter.

Jesus wept.

Two more weeks and one more term paper and I can come home.

For those who sent their encouragement and admonishment – thank you. I needed both. The bottle of rum remains unopened atop the rattling “Westinghouse” refrigerator in the corner of my little “bachelor” apartment. The refrigerator is a horrible peacock blue and must have been here when the National Guard held target practice at Kent State.

McDonald’s downtown, Saturday afternoon: “You want fries with that, HUH?”

“… HUH?”

Dear God, get me back to Barbados!

Two more weeks.

Mail duty tonight for Barbados Free Press. I logged on and there she was … Caribbean Lionesse. A blogger from Barbados who appears to be a professional journalist – musing about the interaction between blogs and the traditional media.

The girl sure can write, and I really do her a disservice by mentioning how pretty she is, but I can’t help it.

I miss home. Two more weeks.

Value of this whiny, complaint post to the reader – Questionable.

Value of this whiny, complaint post to the writer – Immeasurable.



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5 responses to “Pretty Girl, Pretty Girl, Pretty Girl – Oh, She Also Blogs…

  1. akabozik

    Hang in there Clive! ONly 2 more weeks and then you will be free. I’ve tried to guess where you are. Are you in Ohio?

    Take care and leave that bottle of rum sealed!

  2. Blues Brothers.

    Whuh?.. We en’t ‘folks’, too?

  3. LOL! Should I be flattered or afraid? Narcissist I am, I’ll choose to be flattered.

  4. A Friend

    Caribbean Lionesse…

    Stay away from Clive girl! He will only break your little heart and he is not to be trusted!


    “A Friend”

  5. Cliverton? Finally met Amanda vis-a-vis over the weekend… The photo does not do her justice, she is even better looking in person 😛 (The encounter encouraged me to overlook the clash she and I had in Facebook, re: Jimmy & Cherie)