“Greetings,” he said…

After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow. The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men.

The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Then go quickly and tell his disciples: ‘He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.’ Now I have told you.”

So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell his disciples. Suddenly Jesus met them. “Greetings,” he said. They came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him. Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.”

Matthew 28:1-10 (NIV)


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  1. Anonymous

    what a nice story

  2. Patrick Porter

    Thank you Lord Jesus for your love and companionship for us all. May your love shower this world with peace among men

  3. Anonymous

    I’m led to believe that most of these ‘verbatim’ quotations of what-he-said
    were in fact never committed to documentary form until some three generations (60 yrs.) after his demise…hmm…hardly the stuff of accuracy,
    and yet we hold to his every word, like someone was there with a tape recorder…
    but then it’s only a belief system

  4. Yardbroom

    Where there is faith, there is hope….

  5. No - Name

    If you are correct one can imaging what an indelible impression Christ made on his followers. ….and it has not waned over the centuries!

    If we truely believe in him no weapon formed against us shall prosper even the one manufactured by those thiefing BLP Ministers!

  6. John

    …. yup, belief is a funny thing!!

  7. Anonymous

    Yup. Coping Mechanisms work wonderfully.
    Ask your psychoanalyst.
    Play any headgame hard enough and it’ll eventually become ‘real’.
    Yup! belief is indeed a funny thing.
    Ask the Islams.

  8. Anonymous

    Confucius also made quite an impression, as did Buddha and Genghis Khan!
    All 3 of them were born before Jesus the Christ.
    As for Mohammed…he came 600 yrs. after JC
    and look at the impression HE left behind.
    1,400 yrs. later, he has his people flying aircraft into The Enemy’s buildings! – yoww!

    THAT is the impression these kinda guys left,
    and we are still slavishly believing their wildest imaginations, like… you can “escape Death” by making believe there’s an ‘afterlife’ after this one, so be a good boy now and be Civil, and we’ll let you into this imaginary kingdom of heaven after you croak. You’ll get to meet Peter Pan,even!

    Snake oil salesmen, every one of them, and we are all suckerrrrs! incapable of thinking our way out of the mental captivity that gives us such great solace.
    You guys are FEEBLE!

  9. BFP Cliverton Not Signed In

    Either Jesus rose from the dead, or he did not.

    There is no middle ground on that point.

  10. Yardbroom

    We can, or we cannot believe, but what is important, is that in our inner being we temper ourselves to a pureness of spirit, that does not bear anger or rancour, even to those who do not believe as we do.

  11. Double negative


    Bet you would have less trouble believing Noel Lynch, Owen Arthur, or maybe David Thompson or David Estwick. What they say is recorded with immediacy, so maybe you can swear by Hansard.

    Jesus h0wever, must be lying, the Bible is no Hansard. You have my prayers and sympathy…

  12. John

    Looks like the origianl Anonymous is back!

    G’day mate!

  13. Bakkra Johnny

    Well Said Yardbroom … its more what we do then what we believe that’s important. There are far too many “Sunday Christians” in this society.

    Anonymous, bless you son, for you seem to have figured yourself out of this mental captivity that us “feeble” folks are in. Now if you would only write a book so that we can all be enlightened ….. Never can tell … it may be a best seller in a thousand years time.

  14. Kathy

    Thank you, BFP. Years ago I made the choice between a “hopeless end” and an “endless hope”. I believe.

    Hey, suppose Anonymous is right and I’m wrong, I am enjoying a very happy life, and I’m not afraid of death. I lose nothing.

    But suppose I’m right and he/she’s wrong, look out, Anonymous.

  15. Bim

    ahh…the resurrection stories. I do so love the ways in which they differ- particularly in their treatment of women. Says volumes about their authors (who were NOT eye witnesses btw).

  16. John

    …. so is the bottle of champagne frozen solid?

    They never did get to shut down BFP!!

  17. Maat

    Cliverton not signed in wrote that either Jesus rose from the dead or he did not and there is no middle ground.

    Many people have died in a clinical sense and either been revived or returned to life. These are as much miracles as the one described in rather dramatic manner in the Bible. Take away the drama and modern medicine is an abundant source of instances of the dead arising again to life.

    The Biblical resurrection offers some symbolic message that is more about a dying of the human failings and weaknesses and a rebirth with spiritual strength that transcends death.



    No Maat

    Either he was dead and rose again as a miracle or not. It is a lie or it is the truth.

    Not a “little bit dead” or “faking death”… He either died or not. In your scenario, he did not die and the Bible lies.


  18. blackants

    The story of Jesus’ resurrection is told to bring hope to a human race that is cynical, corrupt and destructive. It is born of individual faith and as such cannot be seen or viewed within a collective. If I seek to folow Christ words that is my business. I must be held responsible for my words, thoughts and deeds. There is no need to deconstruct that which we do not understand. Faith can move mountatins and calm turbulent seas, but alas all ye of little faith will never be able to see the light.

  19. Inkwell

    “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

    The words of Karl Marx 164 years ago and for me still the most inciteful commentary.

    Religion tells people hang in there, endure the crap and you will have a perfect life, Paradise, when you die. It sure worked on the slaves…for a time. When finally they couldn’t endure hell on earth anymore or couldn’t wait any longer for heaven, take your pick, they did something about it.

    The Government had better legalize marijuana quick, cause the people need some opium. But that’s an aside.

    Cliverton, if you want to be practical… “Either he was dead and rose again as a miracle or not. It is a lie or it is the truth.” Tell me where does a flesh and blood body, which Jesus was when he died and and was resurrected, ascend to. I can’t understand this part and no preacher has been able to explain it satisfactorily. What happened to his body? Or do I just have to ignore the laws of physics and believe (more opium, please). Enlighten me.

  20. Nancy Stories!

    The Bible lied.
    Lot’s wife: a pillar of Sodium chloride. give me a break. There must be a hundred more that I simply can’t be bothered with…just TOO silly again!
    Did he die? did he not? does it matter? How seriously do you cling to your stories like children scared of the dark?
    I reckon there’s a darned good chance he didn’t quite die as in dead dead … came around and his people got him outa there, and away, back to India(a far more civilized place and culture TO THIS DAY), kinda like how if Morgan Tsangurai ever lives, he’ll get his a$$ outa Zimbabwe if he knows what’s good for him, and NEVER return.

    Hey! here’s an opportunity to perpetrate a fake “resurrection” and create a cult called Morgania.
    Anyone up for that one? FINALLY a black “Jesus” of sorts! – cool!

    Relax children, both resurrections are ALL STORY!

  21. Nancy Stories!

    Inkwell says (and he’s perfectly right!)
    “Religion tells people hang in there, endure the crap and you will have a perfect life, Paradise, when you die.”

    i.e. it’s what the Psychologists call a COPING MECHANISM – a headgame you play with yourself and your mind,
    to get you thru your miserable life of quiet desperation, rather than kill yourself!

    Jesus has saved many a suicidal person, by concentrating them on the new head-hobby of Christianity, or Buddhism, or Islam, or RC model cars or whatever takes your mind off your mind!

    It has worked for millions…nay, Billions,
    and shall continue to work for them, taking their minds off their minds – BUT IT’S STILL A PRETEND HEAD GAME.

    And what if I die and find their is an afterlife, and a big bad dread-a$$ “God”-dude of eternal judgement,breathing fire at me (I’m so SCARED!)…is this guy related to Hitler? Genghis Khan? Does your God need therapy? The way you guys see your God..no wonder people are turned off in droves!

    Do you think, really really think, that all the fire and brimstone rubbish that’ll rain down on my poor little head “for eternity” ..is REAL?
    Is God THAT sick?
    Does he HATE me that much?
    I thought this guy was Pure Love!
    You lot are sooo gullible, honestly.

    I have REAL problems with your Draconian God Of Love and his weird sense of priorities,
    especially for those thirsty for some smidgin of proof that there is ANYthing past this mortal existence,
    other than what’s scribbled in your BOOK of Doom,
    written by Jewish Males wandering in a delusional state, in the desert of the Middle East(just as they do today, with bomb belts strapped around their waists!) – oh what a pretty story it makes, nuh.
    get a LIFE: get an AfterLife! Buy one, get the other FREEE!

  22. YardFowl

    YardBroom wrote (and he’s entirely correct!)
    that ..”what is important is that, in our inner being, we temper ourselves to a pureness of spirit, that does not bear anger or rancour, even to those who do not believe as we do.”

    Excellent sentiment,sir! excellent.
    Now. How do we go about achieving this?
    Dale Carnegie’s Course? Introspection?
    “Finding Jesus”?
    There are many methodologies, all self-induced, to achieve this end.
    ALL are head games played within the mind. – ALL!
    Choose your head game. Yoga?

    My point is that all this self-modulation stuff is achieved via head-game and all I seek is a rational admission from “Believers” that this is the case.

    I don’t mind if you play your little head games in order to achieve Civility..(Jesus’ basic message: ‘stop being so barbaric, dudes!’)…just don’t come to my house with your BS literature claiming it to be “God’s Word” (printed in Pennsylvania? or wherever!),
    expecting Me (a thoroughly 21st.Century intelligent human with a zillion times the scientific knowledge of Bible-writers)..to believe your mundane little head-‘trips’!

    I now know and fully realize that its all a big pretense: you ‘believers’ are yet to arrive at that realization.

    And if you never do, that’s cool..I don’t mind voluntary intellectual lightweights, for they too have their place in my world.

  23. True Native

    Oh my! The devil busy as hell on here this morning.

  24. Inkwell

    True Native,

    A closed mind is worse than no mind at all. Has nothing to do with the mythical devil.

    You see, I can’t understand religion at all. The basic tenets of Christianity if they are to be condensed are “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12) and “love thy neighbour as thyself (Leviticus 18:19) If everyone would observe these dictates, Heaven would truly be here on earth. That’s in essence the difference between religion and Christianity. Religion creates bigotry. Christianity SHOULD create love and tolerance. Hey, wait a minute, Christianity IS a religion. I’m confused.

    Isn’t it ironic therefore that more people have been killed or made to suffer intolerable living in the name of religion than all the natural disasters put together? What dictate of Christianity were the enslavers following in relation to the enslaved? Didn’t they all go to church on a Sunday morning to profess their Christianity? When religion is used as a convenience and is a pretense I have a problem with it.

    We have been so brainwashed by religion being incessantly drilled into us over hundreds of years that we can’t think straight. We are taught that it is heresy to ask intelligent questions.

    The driving force behind the “faith” of many Christians …as evidenced by Kathy above “But suppose I’m right and he/she’s wrong, look out, Anonymous” is “let me pretend to be a Christian JUST IN CASE there is a Heaven and hell” and they think they can deceive an omniscient deity. The fear of “hell” is clearly stronger than the belief in “heaven”.

    And for those who fear for my immortal soul, I am not an atheist, just a simple, enquiring agnostic.

    Can’t hear you, Cliverton.

  25. The Devil(scary,huh?)

    Yes…”The Devil” rocks your boat.
    Maybe The Anti-Christ is here too!
    Sweet Jesus, this IS scary, and awfully backward!

    Prepare the stake to burn the Anti-Christ at, for he attempts to rock the sucker system that has been carefully set up and maintained,over the millenia!

    The battle between Logic/Science/Common sense and Archaic Beliefs takes a new turn on BFP,
    as those mired in beliefs of the past are reading unpleasant but obvious truths on the internet.

    Dear oh Dear: what to believe in NOW?
    Must believe in SOMEthing!
    Can’t simply stand here on my own two feet and face the reality of my own mortal death, and dat when I dead I done.. NO: I won’t have it!

    Noooo, I need to console myself that there MUST BE something else?
    I can’t just die like a mere dog, and be done?
    Surely my Jesus wun’t allow that?

    Religions are for people who have problems with Death, that final bodily function.
    Get over your Fear of Death, and you shall (like me) find it to be wonderfully freeing!

    No more guilt-trip, no more Fear, no more ponderous Biblical warnings of what will allegedly happen to you, no more suckerdom!

    MAN, what a transition,
    but are you brave enough to take this great leap of unfaith? away from your Book?
    What would you DO without your book to believe in?
    Are you real? or are you just a product of your Biblical belief system?
    Are you any different to the Muslims who believe that virgins and a ring-side seat at Allah’s great boxing match awaits them?
    What utter piffle!

  26. NATION today

    TONY BEST (writes that..)

    (1)BARBADOS may be a Christian nation
    but there are more non-believers in the country than many people would suspect.

    (2)And most of those Bajans with no religion are men, while women remain the backbone of the various churches.


    1. Yes, intelligent thinking Bajans are coming out of the woodwork, like never before,
    braving the labels of ‘The Devil’, and ‘Anti-Christ’ !
    Do I smell social progress here?

    2. Yes, it’s the girls that cling to the beliefs!
    Men have cars to fix and Real Stuff to do,ladies. We haven’t the spare time to luxuriate in Mills & Boon and other nancy stories,dear.
    We have just this one life,/b> and we need to get on with it, and write a will,
    so you and the kids(the only ‘afterlife’ you have)
    will have something to fight over, when I’m gone and six feet down. End of story. big deal.

  27. NATION today

    Please, someone correct that html slip-up made above. Please?
    – looks bad …you see where I left out the

  28. Maat

    It is strange how those that do not believe in God, or is it that they do not believe in religion, or Christianity,or is it the Bible, the Devil or an afterlife? Yet you believe that an aeroplane will take you safely from continent to continent, that the doctors medicine will work, that the information you read in your education is true.

    Everything that is true is not tangible, believing otherwise is spiritually infantile. Many people that refuse to investigate God outside of the Bibles references believe that they are the enlightened ones, yet they believe in many strange stories and theories. The important word here is “believe” as many of us believe and develop and shape our lives around what we believe, be that the text books of our education (science for instance is constantly been revised) or the guidelines and principles of ancient texts.
    The fact that so many people chose to enter this subject with a negative viewpoint may indicate that they hope for an answer that does give them more hope than that of this tired and bankrupt world of economics murder and greed.
    To put the image or nature of God into a more scientific explanation that may get closer to satisfying those of us who absorb information more readily from this angle, let us consider the nature of vibrationary physics. To a point this holds that all things in the universe have one thing in common, they all vibrate at various rates.Vibration in turn is considered as sound, much of which is inaudible to the human ear but can be recognised in various forms, some are not even recognisable by the naked eye, or even by delicate instruments, but can only be assumed because of their interaction with other more tangible objects. Consider it like this; each colour is a vibration (sound), metals vibrate at a particular rate as does the human body. Even the common rock is vibrating and that vibration manifests as its colour, density, weight etc.
    Every word that comes out of our mouths is a vibration (sound) and we know that we can pitch this sound to break or interact with solid objects like crystal.
    The Bible states that in the beginning was the word (a sound) and the word was with God and the word was God and all things that came into the world came through the word.
    The Bible also mentions an intriguing character called Melchezideck and claims that Jesus was a high priest after the order of Melchezideck. The order of Melchezideck is one that professes a knowledge of the power of vibration and the ability to manifest or invoke manifestation of different things, both tangible and otherwise.

    There is much to learn


  29. No - Name

    NATION today,
    Speak for yourself. I believe in God and love him/her with all my heart! He is my reason for living. Even if you do not believe in God it takes some faith for you to believe in the big bang theory or whatever you believe.