Barbados Tourism Minister Said 90,000 Visitors, Then 75,000 – Now Paper Says 25,000


The spin never stops

In a bold headline entitled ‘Cruise Rush’ carried in today’s Saturday Sun, Sanka Price states ‘6,000 cricket fans coming in Wednesday for World Cup’.

The writer goes on to say ‘The first rush will be felt here from Wednesday when about 6,000 cruise ship passengers, half from the two CWC chartered cruise ships, will come into the Bridgetown Port’.

‘Cricket tourists for the remaining Super 8 matches will fly in on Tuesday on a charter from India, and its near 400 passengers will take up lodgings aboard the chartered Carnival Destiny’.

Yet in a political meeting held in the St. Michael West constituency recently, Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch admitted ‘that Barbados had to cancel two Air India charters’. (see Barbados Advocate 3 April 2007, story by David Hinkson).

Ms Price adds ‘for the matches here, on April 13, 15, 19 and 21 four cruise ships, including the two chartered ships will bring in a capacity 6,000 passengers’.

This despite, that we are told finally by the Minister that the Carnival Destiny is only 40% sold after previously being 80% sold.

The article continues ‘However, the biggest fan influx will be coming in for the April 17 clash between South Africa and England, and the final on April 28. Nine ships with a full house of 9,000 are scheduled to come for the former, while 11 are set to be here for the final along with more than 10,000 passengers’.

The wording of the article makes it difficult to factually establish the total number of cruise ship passengers that will be here for the seven days of cricket.

But even if you generously add all the figures mentioned together that still only amounts to a total of 25,000.

That’s a far cry from the ’75,000’ quoted recently by the Minister of Tourism.

Hopefully, an objective journalist will question Martin Ince of Foster and Ince Cruise Services, Freda Nichols of Barbados Port Inc and any other spokesperson to establish the real number, so the taxpaying public can finally establish the true number.

Adrian Loveridge
7th April 2007

Title by Barbados Free Press, photo by with photo title by Shona


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29 responses to “Barbados Tourism Minister Said 90,000 Visitors, Then 75,000 – Now Paper Says 25,000

  1. Will we ever take Ministry of Tourism figures seriously again?

    Unlike the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer, or those signs that say “if you break it, you’ve bought it” we cannot rely on what “Sold” means today.

    Block bookings are made and counted as fait accompli, only to evaporate mysteriously at a later date. Reservations are made and cancelled, deposits lost.

    Only after the event do we know if an “arrival” ever arrived, and was then counted only once.

    There are still unanswered questions on the dependability of Min of Tourism “statistics”, and it will be a long time before trust is restored. There should be an independent bureau to keep proper tabs.

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    What fee was paid by the BTA, Ministry of Tourism and/or Government to Landry and Kling Cruise Event Services for:

    ‘Ship procurement’
    ‘Contract negotiations’
    Itinerary and logistics planning’

    in relation to the charter of the ‘80% sold’ Carnival Destiny?

    I have asked Joyce Landry, their CEO (twice) but Ms Landry seems reluctant to answer!

    And HOW was this fee paid?

  3. BK

    If the Minister’s reluctance to answer on GEMS is anything to go by we will not be getting answers to many of the questions which you ask Adrian.

  4. Rumplestilskin

    One of Thompson’s Manifesto inclusions MUST be the committment to the ollowing:

    – as a special project, a full financial assessment, specifically audit of the GEMS project and report, published including the financial statements since inception and detailed analysis of amounts paid for hotels originally, valuation at the time, monies spent on improvements and to whom paid including the principals of the respective contracting firms and current valuation of the project.

    In addition, a specific plan to sell the hotel group to a viable and established international chain.

    – an assessment of the flyover project, including original engineers report, contract tenders, quotations and contract negotiation review.

    – general legislation governing major projects, including contract negotiation and liability for overruns, tender process, periodic public audited financial reporting and contract approvals.

    – a committment to put the contract loan process for loans in excess of Bds$25 million under the assessment of a special committee, including PM, Deputy, Finance Minister if other than PM, Opposition Leader, head of the senate and at least three private sector heads all from the financial services industry.

    Loan approvals in excess of Bds$50 million to go through Senate also.

    – Financial Reporting of all statutory corporation or quasi-Government corporations to be published and available to the public at Government Information Service every year, including detailed analysis of amounts paid for work/consultancy greater than Bds$20,000 for any one area or to any individual or company.

    Lets get accountability, its our right.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    You might be right, but Landry and Kling is a company registered in the United States and they have to publish audited accounts (unlike HRL/GEMS) which become a matter of public record.

    Therefore it should be possible to identify commissions received and exactly who paid them.
    A simple financial report through one of the accounting agencies should do it.

    After all if you have nothing to hide, why should it be a concern to divulge this kind of information?

  6. Adrian Loveridge


    Love the picture..
    But will it fly, or sail?

    I think from now on, we should re-name Carnival Destiny,
    Carnival Fanatasy!

    If it wasn’t costing the taxpayer so many millions, it might actually be funny, but its not Government’s fault (any of it) is it?

  7. Jerome Hinds

    A Blessed Easter to all.

  8. Jerome Hinds


    Your amphibious portrayal of Noel Lynch UNIQUE mode of transport as shown in the photo above….is the EPITOME of his handlingof the Ministry of Tourism….!

    We are never sure when he SPEAKS….if the TRUTH will FLY…..or…FLOAT….!

    What we do KNOW…however…is that UNDER his tenure…..Tourism at MOST times have SUNK…and…..CRASHED….!

  9. Anonymous

    GREAT Graphic! Keep those Photoshop skills UP, girl!
    Notice that although the B.747 is going forward,
    the alignment of the cruise ship is backward,
    again entirely indicative of what’s going down,
    and I mean down.
    In response to Mr.Loveridge’s question
    “After all, if you have nothing to hide, why should it be a concern to divulge this kind of information?” …
    I hope this little lawyer joke helps put it in perspective.
    Q:Why don’t Sharks attack Lawyers, when they’re in the water?
    A: Professional Courtesy !

    This too is the reason why no answer is immediately forthcoming from the lady:
    – you’ll just have to wait a year or so, on your Annually-published Audited Accounting thing to spill the beans on that one.

  10. Free the press!!!!

    Like to pick up on Rumplestilskin’s idea of having opposition leader in ternders committee. This is a GREAT idea for honesty and transparency for government expenditure.

    Wow! Love it!

  11. reality check

    in case you hadn’t noticed the leader of the opposition is in the same boat as the present gang of privileged pals.–the silence is deafening for so many things that are offside.

  12. Free the press!!!!

    Hi Reality
    Guess you’re getting piece too…

  13. John

    Love the photo. Says it all.

    Guess Minister Lynch is becoming an amphibian, … with the stress on phib.

    Looks like he might earn a new nickname, “The Phibian”.

  14. Plagiarism Threat.

    Her Majesty’s Opposition remains quiet and ‘low key’
    becoz it cannot come out with inspiring new ideas, that will not be immediately seized upon by The Plagiarists, and you know who they are.

    Look for all sorts of (strangely-)parallel ideas and thrusts, two to three days before Election Day.
    As we know, Government is bankrupt, both of funds and of new ideas, and they await the DLP to come up with something new, that the BLP can seize as ‘their own’.

    So don’t be expecting to hear good stuff from an Opposition now holding its cards VERY close to its chest, because you’re not going to!
    These are NOT normal times, so don’t expect normal behaviours.

  15. Marcia


    Do not worry about the minister’s figures. Somebody says that he has the “foot in mouth disease” and may not recover until after the next election.

  16. Linchh

    I think that we should give the DLP Opposition time to acquire a good understanding about what has caused all the glamourous expectations surrounding CWC2007 to unravel. Clearly all the money that has been spent by the GoB are cost that have been sunk in Kensington Oval and all the ancilliary facilities. There will have to be a full accounting for the expenditures, and anything that is unsavoury will have to be fully investigated. It is only against that background that any remedial action can be developed.

  17. Paddy O'Furniture


    Love the picture!

  18. Dave Crawford

    I believe that one of Carnival’s ships is called ” Imagination” perhaps this great ship was named for Minister Lynvh.

  19. BK

    Adrian Loveridge
    April 8th, 2007 at 10:19 am

    You might be right, but Landry and Kling is a company registered in the United States and they have to publish audited accounts (unlike HRL/GEMS) which become a matter of public record.

    Therefore it should be possible to identify commissions received and exactly who paid them.
    A simple financial report through one of the accounting agencies should do it.

    After all if you have nothing to hide, why should it be a concern to divulge this kind of information?

    If I am not mistaken the financial rules of government calls for all quasi type companies like HRL Ltd to table their financials in parlament. The fact that they have not would suggest that that the GoB is breaking the law!

  20. Littleboy

    Is the name “Barney” or “Blarney”?
    The man has certainly embraced the “Blarney Stone”!!!!!

  21. Rumplestilskin

    Advovate demage-reduction/ suck up editorial today states ”Regarding filling the seats at Kensington Oval, officials seem to have tackled that issue in a strategic manner. They are now allowing school children in free, relaxing policies regarding bringing food and re-entering the Oval and tickets to matches at lower prices. Seems a good strategy too ”

    Huh? Backed in a corner results in the only obvious solution. ‘tackled that issue’ ? and ‘seems a good strategy too”?

    Usually advocate editorial verbiage.

  22. Lady Anon

    FYI…Sanka Price is Mr. Price

  23. Adrian Loveridge

    Thank you Lady Anon.

    My sincere apologies to Mr Price.
    No disrespect intended.

  24. ??

    Shame on you Adrian, and all the time we thought you really read newspapers. Sanka Price Jr has been at the nation for a very long time… I thought you had contacts… sorry maybe its fiction again.

  25. Adrian Loveridge


    At least I admit when I make mistakes.
    Its a trait that others might like to follow?

  26. True Native

    In BARBADOS, Mr. Loveridge? Will o’ the Wisp. Ignis fatuus!

  27. vortex

    The one thing they cannot do is blame the DLP for being unpatriotic or standing in their way.

  28. Adrian Loveridge

    Well you heard it for yourself!

    How many passengers does the Carnival Destiny have on it ?

    Remember this is the ship that the Government/BTA chartered for US$15 million!

    Answer: 350

    And what about the other 74, 650 passengers promised us?

    Well according to Dennis Johnson on todays Down to Brass Tacks programme.

    Sea Dream – 38 passengers
    Galaxy (also CWC chartered) – 682
    Blue Moon – 675
    Silver Wind – 120

    So a total of 1,865 passengers.

    The Minister seems a tad off the mark!

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