Voice Of Barbados – Talk Show Ratings Tail Spin?

A source emails us…

Outside of “latecut” (6:00pm) VOB talk show numbers are in a tail spin according to inside info. Regular callers complain the show is so disjointed with “blank-outs”, that it lacks continuity. Can you research or confirm this?

What do you think folks? We present this for discussion as we have no recent inside information on VOB’s stats.


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35 responses to “Voice Of Barbados – Talk Show Ratings Tail Spin?

  1. I don’t know about ratings, but i do know that there are some scared arse people running VOB, and also that since the incident that saw David Ellis being taken to task for doing his job the “cuts” have increase in frequency. I experience it first hand. It is sad if this is indeed the case, as the only winners would be the BLP.

  2. jinxoo7

    This is why i have no more time for call in programs lately.. Without the caller even mentioning a name, you can almost always feel the “bleep” a moment before it happens. Very frustrating!

  3. Straight talk

    Welcome to “Down to Brass Tacks” the show that gives you the chance for a ful*(beep), fai*(beep), fra**(beep) exchange of vi***(beep). This is Denis Johnson (go Denis boy) /or David El***(beep) and, if you could see the switchboard here, you will realise that there is not one Bajan whohas contrary views to those of our glorious government here in our paradise, Oceania.

    What a wonderful situation, and now for an exciting one hour special on yet another record breaking 20 year sugar productivity plan.
    God Save Barbados.

  4. Pogo

    Dear Government. Say it ain’t so. Say that VOB and its listeners can speak their mind. Say that you did not threaten, intimidate, and censor this valuable program.

    Say that you did not beat down David Ellis because he asked Minister Lynch a question we all want answered.

    From where we sit if you say nothing we hear you loud and clear.

  5. Rumplestilskin

    ”I want a plantation, want it at any cost,
    to exploit the poor population..”

    Is John King not a prophet?

  6. paul sealy

    Noticed it on thursday with Marshall and the MH LICKS,him…or who ever does the blanking out blanked out so many comments by callers it wasn’t funny some being cut for close to 20 seconds or more…sad days Barbados reach boy..poor VOB.

  7. paul sealy

    From now on look for topics not concerning government or ministers for people to call in for,plus the Nation and the other rag will print more gossip and bulls##t,to sway the mind of the electorate….please wake up BLP your game is up,the electorate ain’t so stupid anymore,he has felt the brunt of your wicked ways and wants you criminals out.

  8. Daivd Ellis was wrong to read that e.mail on air the minister was there to deal with world cup matters not his personal business.Ellis should stop pulling in at stanmore to fill up with u know what .why he dont ask David Thompson about the old lady house in the pine.

  9. Free the press!!!!

    Snarlcom downpresses free speech!

    Free the press!!!!

  10. De Orginal

    The press in barbados have suffered because of political ownership and control. It is a sad day. The police afraid to do their job because of political interference re lack of support from senior oficers. It is a sad day. The World cup losses rolling in it is a sad day. I say these things occur because Barbados have sought not to put in place the required legislation which insist on Accountability, Integrity and Transparency. I say to all Bajans join with me in calling on the current government to address these as a matter of urgency.

    To “motherb” I say to you any government minister should be held up to scrutiny as they spend our money. If the legislation was in place there would be no need for David Ellis to ask that question. The appropiate athourity would have dealt with any suspected cases of mis use of government funds and corrupt practices.

    The corruption legislation is outdated and have no teeth to deal with this type of theifing that going on. No attempts made to update it although several calls from international organsations over the last 6 years to do so.

    CHAPTER 144
    An Act to provide for the prevention of corruption. 1929
    [ 2 1st June, 1929] Commencement

    This is a clear indication of how government feels about the recent allegations of corruption. No attempts to rush through the legislation.

  11. SLJ

    This is a prime example why B’ds will never make it to ‘developed’ status. In developed countries there is corruption, yes, although never so blantant, but there is powerful legislation in place to deal with it.

  12. No - Name

    Have any one noticed that Sunday’s Brass Tacks is not on today?

    Perhaps the Bees have given a directive to pull it off the air! It could also be a result of the observation of Easter Sunday.

  13. jinxoo7


    Surely the “Easter Holiday ” must be the reason for the absence of “Brass Tacks Sunday” today,….. if not however, i would´nt be surprised either…..

  14. J. Payne

    hmmm. Howcome their studio graphics /sound interludes are like from the disco era. Like 20+ years old??? ,-)

  15. J. Payne

    VOB should do like I95.5 fm in Trinidad if that station has a question for a member of government they will call up that minister’s office **on air** and ask to speak with the minister directly or else to their spokesperson.

    If the secretary gives some run around answer like “He’s not in the office yet” They’ll ask something like It is a quarter to 11 why is the minister not in the office yet? And they’ll call back about a half-hour later to see if he’s available and keep trying back until it becomes obvious that minister is purposely trying to dodge the public’s question. VOB needs to get more hands on if it wants to remain the dominant station.

    I95.5 — http://www.i955fm.com/

  16. No - Name

    I 95.5 is no comparison to StarCom Brass Tacks…the presenters are fearless.

    I have even heard church ministers criticise politicians and call them by name on air….but that is a different society…….it is a place where policitians sometimes go to JAIL for receiving gift and out of the ordinary bank accounts!

  17. BK

    I suspect that if the public gets wind at all that the GoB is trying to stop the call-in it can have a backlash effect. Of late I notice that David Ellis has been producing the shows. Is this a transition from the chair to oblivion of Barbados most popular journalist?

  18. True Native


    You is de mother dat hatch all dem t’iefing stinging bees?

  19. Dave Crawford

    we need to call in and demand the immediate re instatement of David Ellis as moderator to the program and such demands should be accompanied by a boycott of both Starcom and the Nation we have to stand up and show these folks who really has the power.

  20. No - Name

    Dave Crawford,
    Are you saying that David Ellis is not allowed to host call in programs?

  21. Jerome Hinds


    Just be careful when you leave your HIVE…..the SMOKE from your BLP colleagues TIEFFING activities may just…..SMOKE you OUT…!

  22. Lady Anon

    On Monday last week, I tuned in to hear Mr. Ellis and heard Patrick Hoyos…I don’t think David was on VOB as moderator for the entire week!

  23. No - Name

    To David Ellis,
    Can you tell the members of this blog whether or not you will be hosting any of the call in programs in the near future? Or not Why not?

  24. Warrior

    I have boycotted the Nation newspapers, its quite easy to boycott Starcom, they just give you fry soup anyhow

  25. Warrior

    I’ve also boycotted the Advocate. If I happen to see them I might read read them but I refuse to give them my money. I am saving up for the devaluation.

  26. J. Payne

    LOL. Warrior you say- you boycott’n de Nation, and you boycotting de Advocate. I take it- you snapping up that new Sentinal paper when it reach? Or else you going cold turkey and just reading the BFP alone?

  27. No - Name

    Read the newspapers on line

  28. No - Name

    Sems as though Ellis is off the radio as predicted. The BLP have gotten what they wanted at least in the short term. So much for democracy! They have either shut him up or he has been told by market vendor VIC to stop hosting the show or maybe he is afraid to continue.
    If we boycott the show and show support for Ellis Starcom and the Nation as well as the powers that be will recognise the power of the people.

    On the other hand this may be what the BLP was hoping for ….an end to the call in programs.

  29. Jerome Hinds

    No – Name,

    Check and see how Robert Mugabe did it in ZIMBABWE….!

    It was a deliberate and systematic process…!

    Everyday in this country over the past few years we see direct displays of such action by this BLP government…!

    That David appears to be on the recieving end at this time…..only goes to show that on this occasion GOLIATH…is the VICTOR…!

  30. Free the press!!!!


    It said that today’s ‘producer’ was David Ellis. We do not know the significance.

    The power of the people is only miniscule, without a voice of any media source, such that we must continue to try to get our views onto the talk shows. Unless we march again, or do a 1937. We are not (yet) this hungry. Give it time.

    If they censor your statement, and you do not think it libellous, bring the issue and statement to a blog; bringing forth the concerns to the general public.

    As you do, I also believe that Starcom and the papers (and CBC too- my views on this are based on a separate logic requiring balance to local media) are manipulating local news, also suppressing free speech and truth- as you have stated.

    Why do they censor? Are we not free to ask any question, like in the western developed nations?

    ‘Big up’ those who show independance in the face of an oppressive system, like David Ellis did (though he only did it once), and bring freedom to the press.

    PS. I think Barbados is the opposite of Zimbabwe. The private sector controls almost everything. To me the model appears different.

  31. No - Name

    You are so correct.
    I found this article on the internet about Mugabe:
    The octogenarian leader, in power for more than 25 years, works to silence all opposition voices through a tame so-called press court and his intelligence service. In 2003, after getting rid of the foreign media, he targeted the independent paper The Daily News. Despite several court orders allowing the paper to reopen, the government has stood firm and done everything it can to prevent the paper reappearing. The government’s repressive machinery to spy on and punish independent media outlets grows each year.

    But there are others like Mugabe and the BLP. Pakistan President since being the target of several Islamist attacks, Gen. Musharraf has attacked media outlets that have argued against his alliance with the United States and also investigative journalists who have criticised abuses of power by politicians. His secret police kidnapped several journalists (including Rashid Channa in Karachi and Hayatullah Khan in the tribal areas) for interrogation. Musharraf, in power since a 1999 coup, pushed through an electronic media law in 2005 that partly liberalises the situation but allows radio stations to be arbitrarily shut down.

    Then there Kim Jong-il General secretary of the Korean Workers’ Party The heir of his father, the “eternal president” Kim Il-sung, features on the cover of the official manual for journalism students, which says that the “Dear Leader” encourages them to write good articles “the masses” will approve of. Kim Jong-il ordered the secret police in 2005 to step up inspection of radio sets, which can only pick up the state radio, to prevent the population getting news from abroad. Kim accused the US TV network CNN of “digging its own grave” after it broadcasted a programme about human rights in North Korea…

    Finally there is Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali President of Tunisia, reelected for a fourth term in 2004 with 94.48% of the vote, controls the media with an iron hand and cracks down hard on journalists. Tunisians have no access to independent news in the local media and the press, radio, TV and the Internet is under the president’s control. Journalists and media are actively discouraged from being more independent by means of bureaucratic harassment, advertising boycotts and police violence.


  32. Jerome Hinds

    No – Name,

    That is the point we all have been making over the past several years !

    This BLP gov’t regards itself as the owners of Barbados..!

    Press freedom is severely under THREAT…!

    Why don’t we know :

    1. Who were these supposedly POWERFUL security guards working at Millenium Heights….?

    2. Why no CONDEMNATION of the ZIMBABWE situation by the Owen Arthur Administration…?

    3. Why does the DLP and its candidates get no favourable showing from CBC…..?

    4. Why have Owen Arthur & Mia Mottley openly despised the calling programmes…?

    Wake up Barbados……Owen Arthur REPUBLIC is coming…!

  33. No - Name

    Fellow bloggers,
    We need to take action and start bombarding Transparency International with emails concerning the incident with David Ellis. I already sent one a few days ago.

    Here is the address for their website: http://www.transparency.org/

  34. True Native

    Thank you for that tip, No-Name. I’ve put it on my Bookmarks and will work on it tomorrow.

    ??: What did anyone know about Owen Arthur before he became P.M. of Barbados, except that he mashed up the economy of Jamaica. Yet no one bellyached and moaned and groaned like some people are doing over the DLP candidates. No questions were asked and he won by default because Henry Forde, who should have been in line for P.M. was not in good health. I can tell you that people in other Caribbean islands were open-mouthed with amazement when it was announced that the tongue-tied unknown Arthur was P.M. of Barbados. He was called the Caribbean Clown. Furthermore, the BLP have their jump-up loud-mouth braggarts, and their wimps too. Different strokes for different folks.

  35. No - Name

    We can also email the Press Institute. The web site is http://www.freemedia.at/cms/ipi/freedom_detail.html?country=/KW0001/KW0202/KW0035/
    They have said this about Barbados:

    During the year (2005), representatives of the ruling Barbados Labour Party criticised the island’s many popular radio call-in programmes for failing to educate listeners and for spreading ill-informed criticism of the government. Writing in the Nation newspaper in January, political correspondent, Albert Brandford, defended the radio discussion programmes, describing them as an “essential element in a modern democracy.” While recognising that some reform of the format may be necessary, Brandford concluded that without them, democracy would stagnate, leading political parties to become “tired and repressive.”